Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from a nutcracker


Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from a nutcracker

In Lethal Company, the shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons, with which you can easily destroy many monsters in the game. It can be obtained either by examining the complex or by using a special modification. In this guide, we'll show you how to obtain this double-barreled shotgun, use it, and find ammo for it.

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How to find and use the shotgun in Lethal Company

At the moment, you cannot buy a double-barreled shotgun in the game without mods. You can only get it in one way – by finding the Nutcracker and killing him. The required weapon drops from it. Next, we will tell you where you can find this monster and how to kill it.

How to kill a nutcracker

You can only encounter this enemy inside the complex, and most often he appears in the mansion, then you should look for it on Titan, where the probability of the corresponding location appearing is almost 19%. He looks like a big tin soldier from a fairy tale and is armed with a shotgun.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how get from a nutcracker

You can find out about the approach of this enemy by the characteristic clicks and sounds of a wind-up toy. It only reacts to movement, so if you stand still, the nutcracker is likely to pass by you.

However, beware of his eye, which appears when the monster raises its head – if you get into its line of sight, you will immediately become its first target. In this case, he will try to kill you, even if you freeze in place.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from a nutcracker

If the enemy notices you, then try to quickly hide behind some kind of cover, for example, a column or a box, so that the soldier cannot kill you with a shotgun. Then wait until he approaches you and fires two shots. When you hear the sound of reloading, immediately run out of cover, hit the enemy 1-2 times with a shovel or a road sign, and then hide again. Try to hit the nutcracker's open eye. Usually he dies from 4-5 hits with a shovel.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get it from a nutcracker

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how get from the nutcracker

Note that he is affected by flash-noise grenades and a stun gun: the first blind him, and the second paralyze him for several seconds. Use this weapon to slow down your enemy and give you time to find cover. If there are other players on the team, you can distract him so that your ally can sneak up behind him and quickly destroy his eye.

Note: You can try to steal the shotgun directly from the nutcracker's hands (sneak up to him undetected, and then press the “E” key). However, if successful, the monster will begin to chase the thief everywhere, trying to engage him in close combat. His kick instantly sends the character to the next world. Plus, you won't get extra ammo.

If you don't want to risk trying to kill the nutcracker or steal his double-barreled gun, then you can simply use it by setting it on other monsters. The fact is that the soldier will attack most of the monsters he meets on his way.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from a nutcracker

When the nutcracker is killed, you just need to take the double-barreled weapon from his hands. You can also pick up two Shotgun Shells for him. The shotgun itself may also contain bullets. As a result, your ammunition can range from two to four shells.

How to use a shotgun

To fire a shotgun, you just need to click on the left mouse button. You can fire no more than two shots at a time, after which you need to reload by pressing the “E” key by default. It will be carried out if additional cartridges are available.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how get from the nutcracker

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from the nutcracker

You can put the weapon on safety using the “Q” key – this will reduce the risk of you accidentally firing a shot. In addition, without using the safety, the shotgun can fire spontaneously if you throw it on the floor, killing your ally.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from a nutcracker

The double-barreled shotgun has a small radius of destruction, so you should shoot at enemies from as close a distance as possible (about 2-3 meters). Otherwise, you will only waste shells. But thanks to the wide spread, you can kill several enemies at once in one shot if they are close to each other.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from a nutcracker

If a centipede gets on your head, you can shake it off by simply firing a shotgun. Unfortunately, due to a bug, the first shot may not hit the enemy. If you notice this error, try opening fire on the enemy from a different angle. Let's add that this weapon allows you to kill most of the monsters in the game:

  • Nutcracker – dies with 1 shot if you hit the eye.
  • Masked – dies with 1 shot.
  • Jester – cannot be killed.
  • Coil-Head – cannot be killed.
  • Flea -trap (Snare Flea) – dies in 1 shot.
  • Ghost Girl – cannot be killed.
  • Bracken – dies in 2-3 shots .
  • Hygrodere – cannot be killed.
  • Spider – dies in 2-3 shots (most likely he dies in one, but hitting him is sometimes problematic).
  • Forest Keeper – most likely cannot be killed or requires a lot of ammo.
  • Blind Dog – most likely cannot be killed or requires a lot of ammo.
  • Thumper – dies in 2-3 shots.
  • Worm – cannot be killed.

Let's add that double-barreled weapons cost 30-90 credits, so if you can't meet the quota, you can try to sell them.

How to get ammo

Unfortunately, you can't buy them without mods It's not possible in the store, so the only way to replenish your ammo is to find and kill nutcrackers, which are guaranteed to drop 2 rounds. Plus, you can pick up the second double-barreled gun if it has bullets.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how get from the nutcracker

Shotgun mods in Lethal Company

If you want a double-barreled shotgun to appear in your store, then we advise you to download the BetterShotgun custom modification. You can read about how to install it in this article. After installing the mod, open the store on the terminal and find Shotgun in it, which can be purchased for 700 credits.

Shotgun in Lethal Company: how to get from a nutcracker

In addition, you can customize this mod, by enabling the ability for the shotgun to be located on moons, disabling misfire and friendly fire, and also activating endless ammo and the ammunition check animation. Note that this modification also adds cartridges for double-barreled weapons to the store, which cost 50 credits per piece.

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