Snezhnaya in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history


Snezhnaya in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

Snowy in Genshin Impact is one of the regions of Teyvat, fully living up to its name. This is one of the last countries in the world where the Traveler will end up during his adventures. In this article we will analyze all the known information about Snezhnaya, its culture, inhabitants and authorities.

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Location of Snezhnaya

The Krio region is located north of Mondstadt. According to the calculations of the players, Snezhnaya may also border on Natlan on the western side, despite the differences in climate.

Snowy in Genshin Impact : release date, location and history

Nature, cities and attractions

Snezhnaya is covered with eternal snow and is subject to frequent and long snowstorms. According to Nadia from Li Yue, surviving such a snowstorm is real happiness, and those who did not have time to stock up on food and other supplies face certain death.

Snezhnaya is the main city of the region. Here is the Polar Palace, where the Queen lives.

In the video “Lazzo on a Winter Night” a certain palace or cathedral was shown where the Signora is buried, but its name is unknown.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date , location and history

Some organizations founded in Snezhnaya have spread their influence to other regions. Among them:

Adventurers' Guild. It is interesting to note that the Guild can give instructions to destroy Fatui’s troops – probably in other regions the organization does not obey the Queen and the power of the Snow.

Bank of the northern kingdom. It has branches in Li Yue and Fontaine – all of them are run by Pantalone, whose goal is to crush the economy of Teyvat and make Snezhnaya the richest country in the world. The Bank provides for the Harbingers when they operate outside of Snezhnaya.

Snowy in Genshin Impact : release date, location and history

In the screenshot above you can see the Guild (left) and the Bank (right) adjacent to the Cour de Fontaine – perhaps the Hydro region felt the greatest influence from Snezhnaya.

Hearth House. This is a kind of orphanage where future fighters of Fatui are raised from orphans – or, at least, those who will be closely associated with this organization. Has a branch in Fontaine.

In addition to the main city, in the Krio region there is a peaceful coastal village of Moresand, where Tartaglia grew up.

Power in Snezhnaya


Cryo Archon, who took this post after the death of the previous God in the War of the Archons.

Initially, the Queen was the Archon of love, but gradually her heart grew cold, and now neither she nor her people love each other. The reason for such a change may be the disaster in Kaenri'ah, which the Queen considered a manifestation of injustice and cruelty on the part of Celestia. Due to the fall of the region, her relationship with Barbatos also deteriorated.

Tartaglia describes the Queen as gentle and kind, but forced to hide behind the outer cold.

The Wanderer, on the other hand, describes her as completely in another way: he believes that behind the ostentatious kindness the Queen hides a callous heart.

The main goal of the Queen during the events of the game is to hunt for the Heart of God of the other Archons. Having collected them, she wants to resist the heavenly order and burn the old world.

It is unknown what the Queen looks like, but players have theorized that she resembles Cocolia from Honkai: Star Rail, also the ruler of the cold region. Other possible options are Bronya Zaychik and Ana Shariak from Honkai Impact 3rd. Among the well-known details of her appearance, one can highlight a cold and stern look and a scepter, symbolizing royal power.

Snowy in Genshin Impact : release date, location and history

The Harbingers and the organization of Fatui

Fatui is primarily a military organization led by 9 (currently; the number changes throughout the story) Harbingers. The latter are close to the Queen and are her main assistants in the hunt for the Heart of God. In addition, they occupy important positions and determine the direction of the economic, cultural and other types of development of the country: for example, Pulcinella is the mayor of Snezhnaya, Pantalone is the chief banker, and so on.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

The role and abilities of some of the Harbingers (Colombina and Sandrone in particular) are still unknown, however, the game mentions that the first 3 Harbingers are equal in strength to the Archons.

We briefly described each of the Harbingers in our article about all the characters in Genshin Impact, where we gave them a whole section. It is worth noting that, due to her death, Signora cannot be considered an active Harbinger, however, the leakers have repeatedly talked about her resurrection in the future, and the developers hinted at an unexpected meeting with her.

We meet ordinary members of the organization everywhere. The fighters of Fatui are students of the Hearth House and the 4th Harbinger, Harlequin. Not all of them are hostile to the Traveler: in addition to fighters, there are many scouts and diplomats in the ranks of Fatui.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

By the way, you can get into the organization in other ways: for example, Tartaglia’s father sent him there, and in his remarks the young man himself invites us to join the antagonists. It is also interesting that many of the Harbingers came from other regions: Signora – from Mondstadt, Pierrot – from Kaenri'ah, Arlecchino – from Fontaine, and Dottore – from Sumeru.

Inhabitants of Snezhnaya

In addition to members of Fatui, in the game we often meet merchants, bankers and other businessmen from Snezhnaya. Even in warm climates, they prefer to wear fur coats, which makes them stand out from the rest.

Snowy in Genshin Impact : release date, location and history

Of the ordinary inhabitants of Snezhnaya we met Teucer, the younger brother of Tartaglia, and Scarlett, the successor of J. from the Sabbat of Witches. They are also distinguished by their love of large fur hats at any time of the year.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

Snowy in Genshin Impact : release date, location and history

Apparently, Fatui and the ordinary inhabitants of the Krio region have almost no interaction. Members of Fatui see themselves as the “dark side of the Snowy” and usually do not want their family to have to deal with this organization.

Eyes of God and Eyes of Corruption

We will make a separate point about the design of the eyes God of the inhabitants of Snezhnaya and the eye of Corruption.

For now, we can examine the eyes of God from two residents of Snezhnaya – Arlekino and Tartaglia. Their “frame” resembles a kind of bud with 4 sharp petals on the sides.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

The Eye of Corruption can take completely different forms. It is an invention created from the remains of dead gods. It endows a person with special elemental power, while little by little taking away his life. In addition to the Harbingers, the Queen awarded the eyes of Corruption to only a few worthy people. The eye of Corruption can even help them – for example, the Cryo eye of Corruption of Signora restrained her powers, not allowing the woman to die from her own fire.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

Ordinary people are unable to cope with the power of the eye of Corruption, and it affects everyone differently. Teppei, a commander from Inazuma, began to age rapidly from the effects of the eye. Crepus, Diluc's father, practically died from a single use of the Eye of Corruption.

Snow Culture

It is obvious that the culture of the Krio region is heavily inspired by Russia and Slavic traditions and beliefs in general.

Outside of the game, we received official art a couple of times for Maslenitsa featuring Tartaglia. The description of the drawings does not indicate whether the holiday has the same name in the game world.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

It is also unknown whether other familiar festivals are celebrated in the Krio region. Ivanovic mentions the festival “Krsnik nok” (or Ice Hearth Festival), which is probably a summer festival.

The unique drink Snezhnaya comes from Russian culture – fire water, or, more simply, vodka. Like the original alcohol, fire water is so intoxicating that residents of other regions tolerate it extremely hard – remember the story about Dilyuk, who, after tasting fire water, fell asleep for 3 days.

As for the cuisine, in Snezhnaya, According to Tartaglia, borscht, pies and seafood are favorites. Perhaps Tartaglia's passion for fishing is due to the coastal location of his village, so it is impossible to say for sure what residents of the center of the region prefer.

Residents of Snezhnaya attach great importance to moral values. They especially value cohesion, which is vital in such a cold climate. The ordinary people of the Krio region are extremely straightforward and honest; for them, breaking a promise means passing a death sentence on themselves.

Natives of Snezhnaya are loyal to their ruler until the end of their days. It’s interesting to consider this in conjunction with the game’s teaser: it says that the residents do not like the Queen, but are ready to follow her if she finds the strength to resist the heavenly order.

Technological development of Snezhnaya

Robots and a kind of artificial intelligence are one of the main achievements of Cryo scientists in the region. It was from there that Katerina came to all other regions along with the Adventurers' Guild, whose unnaturalness the Traveler notices only upon arrival in Li Yue.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

Snezhnaya, according to Alice, is filled with all sorts of factories and factories. Sandrone is mainly responsible for this area of ​​Snezhnaya's development. We could also notice Dottore's interest in robots when we found ourselves in his warehouse of the Guardians of the Ruins in the Tartaglia legends quest, but this hobby of his, apparently, was temporary.

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

In addition to robots, scientists from Snezhnaya are creating high-quality weapons that allow fighters to attack with the power of the elements.

Snezhnaya release date

Snowy in Genshin Impact: release date, location and history

The Traveler will get to this region towards the end of his journey through Teyvat, after visiting Natlan. Regions are released once a year, so Snezhnaya’s appearance in the game should be expected in late summer 2025. The plot of the Krio region will be the VI chapter of the game, designated in the teaser as “Ruthless Frost.”

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