Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase


Speed in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

Speed ​​in Honkai: Star Rail is a game parameter of allied and enemy characters that affects the frequency of moves and the amount of time between the initial and next actions. Thanks to this indicator, you can reduce the gap between the moves of one hero, which means increasing the number of his actions during the battle.

Manipulations with this important characteristic can greatly change the course of the battle, sometimes completely depriving the enemy of the opportunity to attack. In this guide, we will discuss how to calculate the value of speed, what can be used to influence this value, and who in the squad should increase it.


Speed: application and calculation

Honkai Star Rail speed: how to calculate and enlarge

The speed indicator in the stats of the heroes affects the order in which and how often they will move. At the beginning of the battle, the game system calculates action points (Action Value or AV), based on which it determines the order of moves of allied and enemy units.

Please note: In battle mode, speed is displayed as a numerical value around character portraits. If there are no values, go to Settings -> Other -> “Display action points during battle”, and select the affirmative option.

By itself, this numerical value is just one of the components of the calculation of game speed during the battle. The number that the player sees in the stats of the heroes, first of all, determines who will go first.

Honkai Star Rail speed: how to calculate and increase

Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

Determining the speed can be divided into 2 steps:

1. Calculation by formula.

Honkai Star Rail speed: how to calculate and increase it

S (speed) is equal to the multiplication of the base value (individually for each hero) + the sum of one and % speed (obtained from relics) + speed in numbers (also from equipment). This formula is used by the game system to calculate the actual amount of speed. All numbers are rounded up.

2. Calculation of AV – the order of actions in the battle.

Honkai Star Rail speed: how to calculate and increase it

AV is the final indicator that is visible to the player during the match. It is he who is displayed near the icons of the characters.

Honkai Star Rail speed: how to calculate and increase it

If you depict the course of the battle of two opponents in the form of straight parallel lines (1), and place gaps on them, meaning segments of speed (2), then you can see that the character with the lowest value will move earlier. The lower end score is especially useful in longer fights: speed denominators can end up in a situation where the hero will, for example, move twice, while the opponent only moves once (3). This will give the team extra moves.

Tip: pay attention to the speed stat when going through the Hall of Oblivion: both the DMG of the pack and its speed are very important in the memories. But if the heroes are strong enough, it makes sense to take a closer look at the relics for speed – this can help get the stars missing in the passage.

Next, let's look at how this characteristic can be changed.

Change in speed during the battle

The fight will go faster if you learn how to operate with the parameter under discussion. This way you can change both the speed of team members and the speed of enemies.


The main way to change the speed of allied units is to apply buffs. The skills of characters such as Asta and Armor can affect the acceleration of the entire squad.

Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

The speed buff is best given AFTER the team's actions (or while the enemy is performing the action) – this way the bonus will have time to work to the fullest. And if you press it before the move of the ally, then there will not be much use. Speaking of the buff from Asta's ult, there is a little life hack: if her ultimate is ready before the start of the fight, try to squeeze it right away. The game may not have time to calculate AV and will focus on the values ​​from the gain.


You can influence the speed of an enemy squad by:

  • skills of some characters, which themselves can slow down the actions of the enemy.
  • breaking through the vulnerability, in which all elements, except for the imaginary and quantum, delay the action of monsters by 25% of their base number.
  • freeze status, leaving which, the enemies move their action back by 50% of the base value of their speed.
  • imposing debuffs, while the higher the speed of the monsters, the more effective the weakening will be.

Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

Breaking a vulnerability with quantum or imaginary elements has a greater impact on how long the opponent will not move. If you are faced with the task of delaying the action of enemies, break through their vulnerability with these elements.

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Speed ​​is an important parameter for many heroes. But not all Paths will suffer colossal damage from the lack of this characteristic. Let's consider who will benefit from the stat increase.

  • Buffers and debuffers. Speed ​​will allow such characters to walk earlier, which means that they will quickly apply bonuses from their skills.
  • Heroes of the path of the Hunt. Most often focused on increased speed and are able to delay the moves of enemy units due to skills and talents. These currently include: Dan Heng, Zele, Yanqing, and Sushan.
  • Characters of the path of destruction. Their base haste is usually quite low, and increasing it will allow them to deal significant damage more often. These currently include Pathfinder (Physical), Arlan, Clara, and Hook.

Speed ​​Up

Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

Pay attention to the following categories, thanks to which you can both pump up the speed of individual heroes, and contribute to an increase in the frequency of moves of the entire squad.


Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

Many heroes, to one degree or another, are able to influence their own speed, as well as allies or enemies. Let's analyze each one separately:

  • Asta. Her ultimate increases her burst speed by 36-57 for 2 turns.
  • Welt. The Edge of the Void skill, with each hit, with a 65-80% chance, allows you to reduce the speed of targets by 10% for 2 turns. Casting a Technique has a 100% chance to inflict Conclusion, delaying monsters by 20% and also reducing their speed by 10%.
  • Dan Heng. Add. ability, at crit. hit, reduces the target's speed by 12% for the next 2 turns. Shadow of Despair trail gives the Hero 50% chance to gain 20% Haste for 2 turns after making an Attack.
  • Sushan. The Conqueror ability allows the heroine, using a skill or a Q-piece, to advance her action by 15%, provided that there are opponents on the field with broken stamina. At the same time, her speed will increase by 15-22.5% for 2 turns.
  • Zele. Using the Sheathed Blade skill grants 25% haste for 2 turns. Passive allows you to get an additional action point when destroying an enemy, and additional. The Water Ripples skill grants 20% forward movement after a melee attack.
  • Armor. When using Q, advances his next turn by 15%. One of the features of E-shka causes an allied team member to immediately take an action.
  • Hook. Thanks to the “Playing with Fire” trail, gains a 20% advance in the queue and 5 energy points after consuming a superpower.
  • Silver wolf. When the heroine attacks, her passive skill, with a 60-78.8% chance, randomly imposes one of three “mistakes”, among which there may be a decrease in the enemy's speed by 5-12.5% ​​for 2 turns.
  • < li>Tingyun. The Keeping the Good Mood trail increases the character's Haste for 1 turn after using the E-shki.

  • Yanqing. On crit. hit, gains a 10% speed buff for 2 turns.

Honkai Star Rail speed: how to calculate and increase

In addition to leveling skills that affect speed, obtaining Eidolons can also strengthen the following heroes: Dan Heng (E4.6), Himeko (E1), Welt (E4), Zele (E2), Pela (E2), Cheetah (E2.6) , Sushan (E6), Tingyun (E1), Yukong (E1).


Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

When choosing items of equipment, pay attention to the Wild Wheat Shooter set, which, when fully assembled, provides a 6% speed buff. You can get relics from the set in the Wandering Path Corrosion Cave challenge.

The top speed stat can be found in the legs, regardless of the relic set. If someone in the squad lacks acceleration, and the set does not provide for improving the progress of the hero’s turn, then pay attention to this piece of equipment.

These planar decorations can provide various boosts depending on the speed indicator:

  • A fleet of ageless ones. A full set grants an additional 8% to attack power if the hero has at least 120 speed.
  • Waist is the land of bandits. A full set grants an additional 20% penetration effect provided that the character's speed is at least 145.
  • Wonwak is alive. A full set allows you to get 40% promotion at the beginning of the battle, provided that the carrier speed is not lower than 120.
  • Space sealing station. A full assembly grants an additional 12% attack power if the wearer's speed is greater than or equal to 120.

Light Cones

Speed ​​in Honkai Star Rail: how to calculate and increase

Light cones whose stats contain various speed-boosting effects:

  • Consonance (3★). Grants a 20 speed boost at the start of a battle. for the whole team.
  • Confrontation (3★). When defeating an enemy, increase the wearer's speed by 10-18% for 2 turns.
  • Spring streams of rivers (4★). At the beginning of the battle, buffs the owner's speed by 8-12% until the hero takes damage, and returns at the end of the next action.
  • In the night (5★). Increases the attack power of E-shki and Q-shki by 6-10% if the character's speed during the battle is not less than 100. Also grants 12-20% crit. superpower damage for every 10 points exceeding the speed limit. The effect stacks up to six times.


Honkai Star Rail speed: how to calculate and increase

In the Synthesis section, you can create consumables that have acceleration bonus:

  • Topological acceleration bar. Grants a 24% advancement buff for 2 turns.
  • Very Pollen. Gives a 12% Speed ​​buff for the duration of the next fight.

That's all the important information about Speed ​​in Honkai: Star Rail. We hope it will help you customize your heroes more effectively to win monster battles more often.

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