Tavern Challenges in Genshin Impact: How to Beat Cats in Cards


Genshin Impact Tavern Trials: How to Beat Cats at Cards

In Genshin Impact, Tavern Trials are one of the Sacred Summon of the Seven modes in which you have to play a card game with cats – duelists to receive various rewards, including monster cards. In this guide, we will tell you how to open this mode and defeat all opponents.

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How to unlock Tavern Trials

Of course, the first thing you need to do is unlock access to this new activity by completing the “Come Play Holy Call of the Seven” tutorial mission. The next step is to reach player level 3 – we've covered how to do that in a separate guide.

 Genshin Impact Tavern Challenge: How to Beat Cats at Cards

After leveling up, go to the Cat's Tail establishment located in the city of Mondstadt and talk to the black cat Prince. Then select the dialogue option: “Start the challenge in the tavern.” As a result, you will be able to take on the first duel with the cat.

Note that these fights can be of two difficulty levels: simple (Friendly duels) or difficult (Serious fights). It is for winning the first ones that you will receive new character cards (bosses and enemies). To unlock talent cards, you will need to complete certain objectives.

Genshin Impact Tavern Challenges: how to beat cats in cards

By winning in Serious Bouts, which can only be accessed at player level 7, you will receive additional lucky coins needed to purchase new cards and designs in the store. Next, we will take a closer look at duels with all cats.

How to defeat dueling cats in Tavern Trials

Note that if you have difficulty defeating a particular character, then study our guides to the strongest decks and best cards in the game.

Oceanid Doubts (Rhodium)

  • Deck: Rhodium with 30 HP
  • Required player level : 3rd
  • Victory Reward: Rhodium Character Card and Explosive Flux Talent Card
  • Challenge Goals: Win within 5 rounds while losing less than 2 characters
  • Special Rule: Rodia gains immunity to Knockout, Freeze, and Petrify, and also starts the fight with a Hydro elemental creature and the Explosive Flux card.
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To fight this opponent, we advise you to take Pyro and Electro characters to create Steam and Charged reactions. Taking Hydro heroes is highly discouraged, since the enemy is immune to this element. Among the starting fighters, you can take Dilyuk, who can deal huge fire damage, and Fischl, who can summon Oz's assistant, who also deals Electro damage.

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 Tavern Challenges in Genshin Impact: how to beat cats at cards

They can be accompanied by Xiang Ling, who, with her elemental explosion, can deal Pyro damage even in an inactive state thanks to the creation of a Firevortex. In its absence, you can take Bennett or starter Sucrose.

Note that the enemy, using his skills, will constantly summon Hydro Mimics that can deal additional damage to your characters in the final phase. For this reason, we strongly recommend adding action cards such as Guardian's Oath (use it when there are 2-4 mimics on the field) and Last Ride to the deck. It's best not to hurt Oz.

Genshin Impact Tavern Challenge: how to beat cats in karts

 Tavern Challenges in Genshin Impact: How to Beat Cats at Cards

You can also take cards that allow you to create universal dice (Paimon, Timmy, Li Ben, The Best Companion!) and dice of the desired element (Weave Pyro and Electro) so you can make the most of your characters.

We advise you to start the fight with Fischl in order to immediately call on Oz. Then switch to Dilyuk for Pyro damage. Try to quickly build up energy for him, using appropriate action cards if necessary, and use his ult. If you're lucky with dice and cards, you might not even be able to switch to Xiang Ling and Sucrose by finishing Rodia with Diluc.

Trial of Agent Fatui

  • Deck: Two Fatui: Pyro Agent
  • Required Player Level: 4
  • Victory Reward: Fatui: Pyro Agent Character Card and Reckoning Talent Card
  • Challenge Goals: Win within 5 rounds, losing less than 2 characters
  • Special Rule: Pyro Agent Fatui will start with the Reckoning talent card.

With Reckoning, both Pyro Agents will be able to increase their shields and deal 1 more damage, even with normal attacks will start to deal Pyro damage, so we do not recommend taking characters whose abilities impose additional effects on them (for example, Barbara).

 Tavern Challenges in Genshin Impact: How to Beat Cats in Cards -genshin-impact-kak-pobedit-kotov-v-karty-72fcb99.jpg

Due to the fact that the opponents have shields, we advise you to play against reactions or Penetrating damage. A good option in this case would be an Overload deck consisting of Ke Qing, Fischl, and Xiang Ling. Duel the latter to create an Elemental Blast Firestorm, then switch to Ke Qing and use her elemental skill to trigger a reaction and deal increased damage.

Change characters often to prevent one of them from dying. To do this, use the Thunder Stiletto and action cards that reduce the cost of changing heroes. As in the battle with Rodia, try to take cards that give more Energy and dice the necessary elements with you.

 Tavern Challenges in Genshin Impact: how to beat cats in cards

We add that Pyro agents are also well opposed by Freeze decks, for example, a pack of Mona, Ayaka and Gan Yu. The fact is that opponents can use their burst of elements quite early, dealing as much as 5 units of Pyro damage, since they only need 2 Energy to summon it. If you keep them frozen all the time, they will be less likely to use their ults.

Gan Yu can also deal Piercing damage that ignores shields. You can optionally change it to Fischl to create the Superconductor reaction, which also deals piercing damage.

Mirror Maiden's Journey

  • Deck: Two Mirror Maidens
  • Required Player Level: 5
  • Victory Reward: Mirror Maiden Character Card and Mirror Cage Talent Card
  • Challenge Goals: Win within 5 rounds without losing a character
  • Special Rule: The Mirror Maiden starts with the Mirror Cage talent card.

Due to availability both talent card maidens will often have your characters under the effect of a cell that increases the cost of changing heroes from 1 dice to 2 dice. For this reason, we don't recommend decks that need to change fighters frequently to realize their potential.

 Tavern Challenges in Genshin Impact: How to Beat Cats in Cards -genshin-impact-kak-pobedit-kotov-v-karty-c638cc9.jpg

We recommend choosing characters that deal good damage even with normal attacks, so as not to be heavily dependent on the rolled dice. These, for example, include Eimiya, whose elemental skill increases the damage from simple blows and at the same time turns him into a Pyro. A good option would also be Fatui: Pyro Agent, who takes less damage when Stealth is active and deals +1 more damage with any attacks. Plus, his elemental blast only costs 3 Pyro dice and 2 energy.

The character Xing Qiu can keep them company, which will allow you to often trigger a powerful Melting reaction. As for choosing the first active character, make it the one whose talent card you got in your starting hand. Otherwise, we advise you to start with Xing Qiu in order to quickly apply Hydro status to enemies.

Genshin Impact Tavern Challenge: how to beat cats in cards

As action cards , as usual, you should take those that provide universal dice, dice of the elements you need and additional energy. We also recommend picking up Mint Meat Rolls to reduce the cost of normal attacks, and Crane after returning to bypass the increased cost of changing heroes.

In general, you can choose a deck with frequent character changes, but you need to reduce the cost of switching fighters in advance . For example, add Ke Qing, whose Thunder Stiletto allows you to return to her at no additional cost, and add a Change of Duty card to the pack, which reduces the cost of replacement.

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