The best class in Diablo Immortal: who to choose for start, solo and farm


There are many styles to fight evil, and it’s important to choose the right one, which is where this guide will help.

The best class in Diablo Immortal is half the battle to complete the campaign and win battles with other players. In total, the game features six choices: three melee warriors and three ranged fighters. Each of the classes has its own skills, features and a list of builds, allowing you to gather for your style of battle. The guide outlines the strengths and weaknesses of each option to help everyone choose their class.

Basics and tips for beginners in the Diablo Immortal guide

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Class overview in Diablo Immortal


It’s not easy to make characters strong in all directions, so choosing Barbarian in Diablo Immortal as the main one is a serious decision. The ability of this class to destroy crowds of enemies with area attacks (AoE) makes them a good choice for relatively quick leveling and farming.

Barbarian– A very aggressive class that constantly approaches enemies, coming close to carry out devastating attacks. Most likely, as the king of melee, you will have to regularly be in the thick of the battle, regardless of whether there are allies behind you or if it is a fight alone. It is for this class that a lot of different skills have been added that allow you to control the crowd, causing inconvenience to enemies.

In addition to the fact that the Barbarian is an excellent warrior on his own, he uses some of the best buffs per group in the game. As soon as you find the right legendary items, this class will become an integral part of team battles.


Barbarians– one of the fastest characters in the game and with the appropriate item can share their speed with partners. In addition to being insanely mobile, they are also incredibly strong and can handle any game content.

The ability to deal high damage in an area, as well as the ability to deal a lot of damage in general, makes them one of the most dangerous characters both for PvE and PvP content. If that’s not enough, it’s worth saying that Barbarian gives a 25% damage boost to his allies when using Commander’s Helm with Demoralization(Battlemaster’s Helm with Demoralize). All this makes the class a good choice for the team.


All pluses must have a downside, and BarbarianThe disadvantages follow from the advantages. This class needs to get close to enemies, and some monsters and enemies in PvP can hit really hard. Thus, the Barbarian is often at greater risk when flying into the crowd.

When the content becomes more difficult as the rating rises in the Test Rift, there will be a need to focus on their protection. This class can also depend on being able to quickly destroy an enemy, especially in PvP. This is where another weakness comes in: unfortunately, skills that involve high damage and mobility have a significant cooldown. When enemies try to catch up with the Barbarian, or else run away, this fighter can quickly be left without skills.

Best Barbarian builds in Diablo Immortal [PvE and PvP]


The best class in Diablo Immortal: which one to choose for start, solo and farm

Crusader in Diablo Immortal rushes forward on his celestial horse, leading the whole group. The class has high area damage (AoE), excellent movement speed and good buffs for the whole team. As a Crusader, you need to quickly crush crowds of weak opponents, since almost every skill at the disposal of the class deals splash damage.


Best class in Diablo Immortal: who to pick for start, solo and farm

Crusader in Diablo Immortal is a class based on melee and attacks area, with the highest movement speed in the entire game. Most crusader builds rely on Quartering(Draw and Quarter), as the main skill that allows you to quickly move and attack. Basic attacks alone on horseback, combined with the legendary items Besieger (Besieger) and Blade Leggings (Bladed Jambeau) will be enough to destroy waves of enemies on your own.
< br /> If taking damage becomes a problem, the Crusader has defensive abilities, in the form of Punish (Punish), increasing block chance, and Spells of Light(Conjuration of Light), which makes the group immune to damage for a while.

In the group Crusaders can use the skill Holy Banner (Holy Banner) to give all team members 100%chance of a critical hit for a short period of time. In addition, this class also performs the role of a scout, gathering and destroying weak enemies in its path.

In PvP, the Crusader has a number of dashes, control and other useful skills, such as Sacred Chains (Sacred Chain), Falling Sword (Falling Sword), Shield Charge (Shield Charge) and others.

Overall, this class is definitely good due to high area damage, incredible movement speed, impressive defensive skills, effective buffs for all party members, and a good skill pool for PvP.


Crusader’s dependence on steed(Draw and Quarter) exposes some of the weaknesses of the class. This skill is extremely vulnerable to interrupt and CC, causing the effect of the skill to disappear immediately.

Most builds involve using skills before the steed is called, which entails some loss of damage. If you use a mount for movement, then this means that the hero will be left without an escape route for a while. While on cooldown, enemies have a chance to trapCrusader.

This class’s damage against single targetis extremely mediocre, and the cooldown of skills is very long, which often leads to a situation where, of all the skills, only a not-so-best auto-attack remains. All this translates into the difficulty of destroying bosses and partial dependence on skills and allies.

Finally, don’t forget that the Crusader is a kind of scout. Such a role automatically implies that the player must move far ahead in order to complete a certain task. This means partial abandonment of the loot, since the scout needs to move forward, and not pick up items from the floor. As such, the Crusader often lags behind the rest of the group in material production by about 10%.

Best Crusader builds in Diablo Immortal [PvE and PvP]


Having strength a thousand and one gods in his hands, Monkin Diablo, Immortal weaves its attacks with the intent of destroying opponents, resulting in a fast and agile melee fighting style. They can move in and out of fights at the speed of light, rally foes and blast them with their AoE array.

A Monk is always welcome in groups due to their ability to protect and buff team members, helping them survive better. The battles for this class are full of action, the Monk combines various skills to create devastating combinations and jumps across the battlefield from target to target. And all this is done only with the help of fists and will.


Monks in Diablo Immortal is a melee damage class with the largest arsenal of group support skills in the game. This does not force you to take on the role of supportin battles, Monk can be on his own, but still useful in terms of effects. Even if you are not a full support, you can spend one slot on Zen Shield (Shield of Zen) or Inner Sanctuary (Inner Sanctuary) to protect or strengthen party members.

Hurricane Strike (Cyclone Strike) is very good for pulling a large number of opponents, so it’s worth using the skill even in single player. Monk’s overall mobility is high, Mystic Strike (Mystic Strike) has no equal among dashes, allowing you to perfectly control the course of the battle. In addition, there is Flying kick (Flying kick), Explosive touch, Flying dragon and even auto-attack. Fists of Thunder (Fists of Thunder) also act as a teleporter. Meanwhile, the Exploding Palm (Exploding Palm) skill will allow you to deal significant area damage (AoE), straining all enemies.

In PvP, the Monk has the ability to quickly engage in combat, control enemies while protecting the team from incoming attacks. Overall, it’s a well-rounded class with a great set of tools and different playstyles across different content types.


Best class in Diablo Immortal: who to choose for start, solo and farm

As previously mentioned, Monk has many skills, however most of them are highly situational, resulting in less variety in actual builds. This is especially true when playing solo, as DPS build options are extremely limited.

Explosive Touch (Exploding Palm) — a good skill that cannot be replaced. It’s just as hard to forego the mobility provided by Mystery Strike(Mystic Strike). The main single-target damage skill is Mystic Allies (Mystic Allies). This is a summon that has a long cooldown and if the summoned creatures are distracted, this results in a lack of damage against tank bosses.

Finally, it is worth saying that you will have to alternate skills in a certain sequence in order to use them as efficiently as possible. This makes the class difficult both to master and PvP, because interrupting the combination can be too expensive. Luckily, monk cooldowns are short, allowing you to quickly get back into the fight if something goes wrong.

Best Monk builds in Diablo Immortal [PvE and PvP]


Necromancer in Diablo Immortal – command the undead, rule over bones and decay, and, of course, summon creatures. Good area damage (AoE), control over opponents and summoned units that can deal and absorb damage. This class is almost always useful: strong summons make it best for solo content, and corpses is a unique resource available to this class. Necromanceris a flexible role that can both support and self-destruct combat.


Best class in Diablo Immortal: kogo choose for start, solo and farm

The strong point is definitely versatility. The Necromancer can also provide support, for example with Bone Armor(Bone Armor), or use Golem (Command Golem), which will provoke opponents and force them to attack themselves, giving a group of players a chance to survive. The class can also deal damage with skeletons (Command Skeletons), clear crowds of enemies with Corpse Explosion (Corpse Explosion), and control with Bone Wall (Bone Wall).

Bone Armor combined with a good Legendary such as Parting Gift(Parting gift), gives the Necromancer and his party a great effect with 5 charges. Each such charge can absorb one attack, no matter how great the damage. This is a very important ability for surviving raids and dungeons.

Necromancers also perform well in PvP, his Bone Wall (Bone Wall) ability can be combined with three rotting pillars (using Eskgumant’s Spine/Exhumant’s Backbone) which makes this ability incredibly powerful. At first, the pillars will throw up the enemies, and then they will slow down the opponents. In addition, the skill has spikes that can stun or knock back all enemies in the area in front of the character.


Mobility< /strong> – Necromancer’s Achilles’ heel. His only escape ability is Ghost Form(Wraith Form). The trouble is that the essence for it conflicts with other important effects. As a result, most builds forgo this skill in favor of more damage or better support.

Another weak point is range. Most of the Necromancer’s skills work at short or medium range, which will require you to get close to enemies, putting yourself under attack. This class can depend on corpses and has one of the extremely mediocre items.

Best Necromancer builds in Diablo Immortal [PvE and PvP]

Demon Hunter

The best class in Diablo Immortal: which one to choose for starting, soloing and farming


Very popular in Diablo 3 Demon Hunter appeared in Diablo Immortal . DH has a devastating array of ranged tools that can deal a lot of damage to opponents while the Hunterwill move around the battlefield, keeping a safe distance. All this makes the class attractive for leveling, farming and late game activities. DH is great at dealing single target damage, making him an important role for the team.


Best class in Diablo Immortal: kogo choose to start, solo and farm

Demon Hunterscan move freely during their auto-attacks, and Ravenous Crossbow (The Hungerer) pierces through enemies, allowing DH to deal damage constantly while moving away from danger. One of the Hunter’s best skills is Volley (Multishot), which can be used on the move, turning the character into a death machine. It’s also extremely fun

The best class in Diablo Immortal: which one to choose for starting, soloing and farming

Even if the damage is not enough now, you can use Retribution (Vengeance) and Shower of Vengeance (Rain of Vengeance) with Shoulders of the Skyfighter(Skystriker’s Pauldrons), becoming an extremely strong damage dealer. Since all weak mobs scatter very easily, it is worth giving preference to a single-target damage build.

DH does decent damage in PvE and is good at avoiding boss attacks. In PvP, this class stays behind, killing from afar and waiting for the moment to break in: if you enter the battle at the wrong time, then it will not always be possible to survive. Being behind the tanks, which will be the line of defense for the Demon Hunters, the DH can make a huge contribution to the battle.


Best Class in Diablo Immortal: Starting, Soloing and Farming

Demon Hunters are completely lacking in crowd control and other annoying abilities . The DH cannot easily enter or exit battles with players. Volley(Multishot), which is the best skill, will sooner or later go into a rollback and the Hunter will be left with only his auto attacks and his ingenuity. Due to the fact that DH is an extremely thin character, you will have to constantly keep a good position and think quickly, which can cause difficulties for beginners.

Demon Huntershave the worst mobility in the game: despite the fact that the DH can auto-attack on the move, this does not make him fast, rather the opposite. While shooting while moving, the character will move slower, and Daring Jump (Daring Swing) is essentially the only movement skill.

This skill works extremely controversial: if you encounter terrain, then there will be no movement, and the distance and speed lose both to the Crusader with his Quartering (Draw and Quarter), and the Enchanter with Teleport(Teleport). Also, stock up on shoes because DH will have to walk a lot. Demon Hunters cannot buff their teammates, which will also be a disadvantage.

Best Demon Hunter builds in Diablo Immortal [PvE and PvP]


Sorcerers in Diablo Immortal are a pure class of spellcasters who wield elemental magic with a large area of ​​effect (AoE) and crowd control, which is essential to stop the oncoming horde. Characters in this category are intended for strategic players who like to combine spells, control opponents, and deal devastating damage with well-aimed procasts.


Best class in Diablo Immortal: which one to pick for start, solo and farm

Wizards play well with ranged spells, dealing damage safely from behind tanks and up close like a battle mage. Their unsurpassed movement skill Teleport (Teleport) is used for instant repositioning in combat or to cover a huge distance. Black hole(Black Hole) will gather enemies in one place, allowing you to cast a spell on all enemies at once.

In addition, many of the Wizard’s skills synergize with each other. For example, Hungering Winds (Hungering Wind), (enhanced version of Secret Winds/Arcane Wind) cast on ignited ground creates a firestorm (Firestorm), dealing 50% more damage. The combination of Ice Crystal (Ice Crystal) and Ray of Frost (Ray of Frost) will increase coverage and range.

In PvP Mages – A flexible class with different play styles. Control builds can be an important trump card in the battle and allow you to win. Sorcerers have a whole arsenal of skills of this kind: chill, stun, knockback. Long-lasting skills like Hungering Winds (Hungering Wind) or Meteor (Meteor) are used to distance enemies from important objects. As a Battle Mage, you can rack up a lot of kills if you play as aggressively as possible.

Fire Orbs (Flaming Orbs) and Ice Armor (Ice Armor) can be cast on self before Teleport(Teleporting) to the enemy to deal incredible burst damage. Enemies will not have time to understand what they died from.


The best class in Diablo Immortal: who to choose for start, solo and pharma

Sorcerers also have weaknesses: a long cooldown of skills, which forces them to strategically manage resources. This especially affects skills that increase in combinations. This class is based on Intelligence, which means that they need to play accordingly.

Mages also lack group buffs: the only effect on the team is to increase the damage of allies by 10% from Disintegration (Disintegrate). This also affects the play style of sorcerers. In PvP, this class is very frail and relies mostly on hit and run tactics. Using teleports to survive is a common practice for a mage.

The best class in Diablo Immortal: who to choose for starting, soloing and farming

Most of the skills of such characters are skillshots(skills that require aiming). Poor marksmanship or a terrible execution resulting in a missed attack can simply kill the Mage. You will need to have a good reaction and be careful in battles to perfectly unleash the Wizard.

Best Wizard builds in Diablo Immortal [PvE and PvP]

The best class in Diablo Immortal: who to play as for beginners?

Having learned about the strengths and weaknesses of the presented classes, you can understand that each of the heroes can suit completely different playstyles, especially when it comes to team pastime.


Crusader excels in melee thanks to Quartering [Draw and Quarter]. The amazing “horse” won the hearts of many people due to high damage, which can be increased with the help of third-party buffs on movement and damage – yes, the abilities of the indestructible warrior are amazing even with this.

Monk, in turn, is not inferior to the above class but differs in more dynamic gameplay. He, being a “self-sufficient hero“, is perfect for playing the game in solo mode.

When it comes to rangers, you should pay attention to DH or Sorcerer. The peculiarity of the first is the ability to apply damage while moving, the second is versatility, combining high damage caused by elemental mastery and control.


By far the best tanking class in Diablo Immortal is the Barbarian, which demonstrates high damage, buffing abilities, and the ability to “trick” death thanks to the skill Endless Rage.

As a rule, it is this hero who takes the role of a true defender in many dungeons and raid events, and the correct pumping can completely turn a character into “immortal” warrior.

Universal Heroes

Actually, the universal class is count Necromancer. Excellent damage output, high mobility, the ability to summon minions (warrior skeletons, mage skeletons and golems), as well as nice buffs and debuffs.

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