The Lost Apocalypse in Genshin Impact: How to Start and Complete


Lost apocalypse in Genshin Impact: how to start and complete

In Genshin Impact, the Lost Apocalypse is a short quest chain for Sumeru, during which you have to help Lilupar and discover the ancient past of Gurabad. To do this, you will need to find and study chess pieces, as well as deal with the original structures and find new fragments. In this guide, we will tell you how to start the streak and provide links to walkthrough all of its quests.

How to start the Lost Apocalypse streak

Currently, it is not known exactly what exactly is needed do to open access to this line of tasks. Most likely, it will be possible to take up its implementation only after completing the “Bilcis Memorial Service” chain. v-genshin-impact-kak-nachat-i-projti-d2090a6.jpg” alt=”The lost apocalypse in Genshin Impact: how to start and complete” />

When all conditions are met, you will need to talk to Lilupar again. She will tell you that an unusual vibration has occurred on the ancient “training field”. In her opinion, it may be connected with the ancient past of Gurabad.

Memory of Gurabad

After talking with Lilupar, deal with the primordial construction and examine the chess piece that appears. Then open the gates of Gurabad and deal with another mechanical enemy. Take the new Lilupar fragment and talk to the genie again.

After completing all the tasks of the quest, you will be rewarded with 40 source stones, 300 adventure points, 20 thousand pestilence, 3 magical enhancement ores and 2 books of experience. A detailed walkthrough will be presented in a separate article.

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