Ulala Idle Adventure — Starter Guide for Beginners

Ulala Idle Adventure — Starter Guide for Beginners


You can click and drag skills to change the order of them quickly.

Click the upgrade button in the skills menu to use extra spare skills to upgrade that skill SLOT. This will give a % boost to the skill in that slot every 5 lvls. The upgrade skills showing are extras and you don’t have to sort through them. The game will automatically choose the highest of each skill that you have. If you click the By Quality button in the upgrade menu, you can choose the skills you want to use as fodder by grade.

Ulala Idle Adventure — Starter Guide for Beginners

There are 2 different skill tabs. Hunting and AFK. Hunting is for bosses including Mystic Realm and Arena. The AFK skill set is only for the minion waves. It is recommended that you set these AFK skills to all AoE offensive skills. This is to maximize your rewards/min, which is shown on the combat screen. a 20 second clear for a minion wave is a good time.

The skills that you choose in a battle are more important than which ones are the highest grades. Each boss has different strengths and weaknesses in their fights, so you want to choose your skills accordingly. You know that annoying turtle that keeps spinning around? Interrupt and Silence abilities will stop that, and he will take extra damage if you stop him. If a boss is using cast ability, it will show a blue charging bar, then you will want to interrupt or silence them. If they have a bunch of minions around them, then you will want to use some AoE abilities to take them down. This also means that you will have to change your teams abilities a lot of times. If you click on the Teams tab, then go into My Team, it will show each of your team members and their pets. To the right of their name is a little finger. If you click that you will be able to change their abilities and their pets. This is crucial to pass multiple bosses.


You need to cook food in order to get pets. Each time you cook the grade of the food can change, and there is a chance to get legendary. You can do Tasty Fruit for 980 Pearls/Starfish, but this does not guarantee a legendary pet. The same thing goes for the 980 Capture.

Ulala Idle Adventure — Starter Guide for Beginners

Each pet has different elemental stats. This means you will want to change your pets for each fight. If you click on the Exp/Min section of the Combat Screen, it will bring up your battle info. The first screen, Battle Log, will show the Time of the fight and each characters DPS. The next screen is the Pet Details screen, which shows how strong your pet is against the current boss. Having a strong positive % against the boss will help you defeat them. The last screen is the Skill Serial Number screen. This screen is very important for defeating bosses that you want to interrupt, silence, or even debuff. Using this screen will tell you if you need to change the order of your characters abilities.

Training Pets, or spending Rare Fossils will upgrade your overall pet stats. This is very important. You can get Fossils by releasing pets. If you have 100 Normal Fossils you can combine them in your storage to get 1 Rare Fossil.

The Explore section of the Pet menu is very useful. You can reset these to get Epic or Legendary rewards, which also includes skills.

Ulala Idle Adventure — Starter Guide for Beginners

If you click on the Map in the top right of the screen you will be able to see your team and what AFK 3x reward you would like. This depends on your team’s current need. You can also see the current boss and if you click on it, you will see its stats and abilities.

Clatter cards are very helpful. Below are some recommended cards for each class. Thank you SpicyPudding. Clatter cards will start to unlock with each region that you pass. If you get 3 of the same 1-star cards, they will combine into a 2-star card. Get 3 2-star cards and you get a 3-star card. I do not recommend resetting the timer, or using the storage unless you have to.


I am going to attempt to explain seasons and the generations. Every few days a new season will open up. That season will be on a separate server for the first 15 days. During that 15 days, rewards will be sent out on the 5th 10th and 5th day of that season. After that 15 day season ends, you will join the main server as a new generation.

Since season 1 just joined the main server a few days ago, they are the 1st generation in the 1st Era. Every 3 days a new generation will be created, so every 3 seasons will be in the same generation. Seasons 1-3 Generation 1 Era 1. Season 4 will be the start of Generation 2. After 10 Generations a new Era will start. So every month a new Era will begin. You are able to jump generations and get extra rewards, but I am not sure about information on that.


Tempering gear slots is very useful. You will get 3 different temper slots that you can change to any stat that you want, but you can only have that same stat once on that slot. So Attack can only be on your weapon temper slot once, not all 3 times. The last temper slot is unlocked at Gear Enhancement lvl 59. If you upgrade your 1st gear slot before you unlock your next slot, when the next one is unlocked there is a chance that your 1sts enhancement level will be reduced. This can happen if they are uneven, one is purple grade the other is green. This is why people recommend not to put a lot of shells into it early, because you will lose resources when the last one is unlocked and the other 2 get reduced a lot.

The recommended temper stats for DPS and healers is ATK, CRIT, HP.

The recommended temper stats for Tanks is HP, ARMOR, BLOCK. (if this is wrong for glads let me know)

Mystic Bosses

A spreadsheet is being maintained that has strategies and specific skills for Mystic Bosses.


Stat Distributions

Everyone is always asking what stat distributions should they choose, then they ask what 3 0 2 means. Each class has similar stat choices. The 1st stat is going to be that classes damage stat. INT for magic classes, STR for physical, and AGI for Hunter and Assassin. The 2nd stat is Stamina for all classes, and the 3rd is Tech for all classes.

Ulala Idle Adventure — Starter Guide for Beginners

Right now the meta for DPS and Healers stat distributions is 3-0-2.

Warriors is 0-2-3 and Gladiators is 0-3-2

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