Walkthrough Romance Club. Heaven's Secret – Requiem Season 1


Walkthrough Club of Romance . Secret of Heaven – Requiem Season 1

Detailed guide and walkthrough of the Romance Club. The Secret of Heaven – Requiem Season 1, thanks to which you will be able to find out what answers and decisions you need to make in order to get the desired endings and begin a romantic relationship with a particular character. We will also tell you about all the options for increasing the Voice of God, Whisper of the Devil, Adaptation and other characteristics of the main character.

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The new story is a spin-off of the second part of the main story. After the arrival of the horsemen of the apocalypse, chaos began not only in heaven, but also on Earth, where terrible demonic creatures and the infected appeared. Humanity is on the verge of complete destruction, but love can arise even from the ashes.

Walkthrough Club of Romance. Secret of Heaven – Requiem Season 1

We will warn you in advance that in this visual novel you will not be able to move along all existing routes at once, so you should choose your main favorite, storyline and attributes to improve as early as possible . We also usually do not write out answers that do not affect the plot in any way.

Episode 1 – Open your eyes

First, you have to choose the name of the main character (we left the default option – Lane), as well as her appearance and hairstyle (do not affect the story, so choose based on your own preferences). Then decide what love lines, romantic scenes and clues will be present in the game – they are all described in detail, so we will not dwell on them.

So, we encounter an immortal, which greatly surprises us, but then this feeling gives way to fear when a huge abomination appears in front of us. What will we do?

  • Save (we will be able to escape from the monster).
  • Approach the creature (we approached the monster, and it did not kill us; the man will remember our action) .

Someone will hit us in the temple with a butt and we will lose consciousness. We wake up in an unknown place and choose new clothes and hairstyle (they do not affect the plot). What should we do next?

  • Consider a man (spend 45 crystals and attract the attention of a man who will remember us).
  • Wake up with a question (does not affect anything).

We will be taken to the general . Dmitry hit us on the head. How should we answer the question?

  • Keep silent (doesn’t affect anything).
  • I don’t want to talk about it.
  • I can’t disclose information (Lane will receive +1 to Adaptation).

The information received will shock us. Are we still us?

  • I feel like we are (Lane will get +1 to Voice of God).
  • I feel that it is not (Lane will receive +1 to the Devil's Whisper).

The man will try to calm us down, but panic will begin to grow along with a feeling of anxiety. What will we do?

  • Try to pull out the hand (spend 45 crystals and find out that Dmitry will remember the expression on our face for a long time).
  • Put the glass back (does not affect anything) .

Walkthrough Club of Romance. Secret of Heaven – Requiem Season 1

We are taken to the restroom, where Anna will then come. We try to wash ourselves, but suddenly we find a cross lying on the tile. What should we do?

  • Take (spend 27 crystals and select a cross, receiving a new decoration for your wardrobe; later we will receive +1 to Adaptation).
  • Do not take (no matter what has no effect).

When we almost fall, we will be picked up by Cain, who will lower us to the ground. What will we do next?

  • Turn around.
  • Give a slap (Lane will receive +1 to Adaptation; Cain will be interested in us).
  • Throw snow in the face (does not affect anything).

We understand that it is necessary run, but the statue will lure us, attracting our attention. We decide what to do:

  • Remember it.
  • Write it down (may have an impact on the story in the future).

We learn that Dmitry's words turned out to be true. We look at our grave and try to understand what happened to us in the past. Suddenly another person will appear. What should we do with the piece of paper?

  • Look (Anna will be angry with us).
  • Do not touch (Anna will be grateful to us).

When we try to return to safety, we will fail. What should we do?

  • Call Anna (Lane will receive +1 to Adaptation).
  • Pull the handcuff towards yourself.

If we reach we took the cross, now we can open the handcuffs, which will reward us with +1 to Adaptation.

Having solved one problem, we move on. Soon we heard the sound of an organ – someone was playing a musical instrument nearby. What will we do?

  • Listen (we will improve relations with Cain).
  • Do not be distracted (does not affect anything).

This will bring the first chapter to an end.

Episode 2 – You can’t tell the truth by lying

We say that he…

  • Close to the truth (we can improve relationship with Greg).
  • Seems like a nice guy.
  • Ordinary.

We believe that celestial beings are beautiful and what attracts us most to them is:

  • Their strength (Lane will receive +1 to Devil's Whisper).
  • Their appearance (Lane will receive +1 to the Devil's Whisper).
  • Their ability to soar in the sky (Lane will receive +1 to the Voice of God).
  • Their status (Lane will receive +1 to the Voice of God).

If in the first episode we decided “Don't touch”, we can influence Dmitry, so he will treat us less harshly.

If in the first episode we decided to “Watch,” now Anna will be more favorable towards us.

What shall we say?

  • She remained silent.
  • Simply felt weak.
  • I remembered something (Dmitry will appreciate that we told the truth).

Next, we choose a room for ourselves (will not affect the plot) and ask Greg everything questions that interest us (does not affect anything).

We want to plunge into the water, however, before that…

  • First, douse yourself with water (Lane will receive +1 to Adaptation ).
  • Climb immediately (does not affect anything).

What will we do?

  • Don’t look away (spend 63 crystals and find out that Anna will remember this incident in the bathhouse for a long time).
  • Low your gaze, but continue the conversation.
  • Silently turn away (doesn’t affect anything).

What should we do?

  • I’ll wait for Anna here (doesn’t affect anything ).
  • I'll look for Anna.

Then we select new clothes and hairstyle (they do not affect the story). What will we tell our new acquaintances?

  • I will be honest with him (Greg will be pleased that we are honest with him).
  • I will only tell you the details.

What will we do?

    < li>Inspect the area (Lane will receive +1 to Adaptation).
  • Wait in silence.

We can do the following:

  • Grab Cain's hand (we'll improve our relationship with him).
  • Don't touch (we'll miss the opportunity).

Next, we ask Cain all the questions that interest us (doesn't affect anything). Now we can look through:

  • Maps of the area.
  • A book with an erased cover (does not affect anything).
  • The history of Rotkov.

If we were able to get close to Anna, we will see a sign indicating that we have formed a good relationship with her, which is why she did not lock the door.

What should we do next?

  • It is worth staying (we spend 63 crystals and we see that Dmitry is interested in where this night conversation can go).
  • It is worth leaving (does not affect anything ).

At this point, the second series will come to an end.

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