Walkthrough Romance Club. Ideal Season 2


Walkthrough Club of Romance. Ideal Season 2

Detailed guide and walkthrough of the Romance Club. Ideal Season 2, using which you can choose the answers and solutions necessary to get the desired ending and start a love relationship with your favorite. We have indicated all the options for actions that allow you to increase the Senses or Intelligence of the main character.

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It should be noted that the second volume tells a completely new love story with a different heroine, so the events of the previous season have practically no effect on the current plot. Once again you will play as a young girl who was lucky enough to get into a popular reality show.

We will add that in this visual novel you will not be able to immediately follow all possible paths, so you should select the main branch in advance and indicators that you plan to improve. We also for the most part do not describe answers that do not have any impact on the plot.

Walkthrough of the Romance Club. Ideal Season 2

You should also understand that the story in this game has many different branches, so study them all in within the framework of one guide it is extremely difficult. If you have information on any branch or solution that is not in the manual, you can tell us about it in the comments.

Link to the passage of the 1st volume of the story

Episode 1

So you will need to again select the appearance (physique, face, hairstyle) and the name of your heroine (we left the default option – Kiana). Please note that these actions do not affect the plot, so you can choose any options. Immediately after this, your new adventure begins.

The passage of new episodes will appear in the very near future…

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