Walkthrough Romance Club. I'm hunting you season 2 2


Walkthrough of the Romance Club. I'm hunting you season 2 2

Detailed guide and walkthrough of the Romance Club. I'm Hunting You Season 2 2, thanks to which you can find out what answers and decisions you need to make to get the desired ending and start a romantic relationship with the character you like. We will also tell you about all the possible actions to increase the Logic, Intuition and Authority of the main character.

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The second season will continue the story of a young aristocrat who decided to open her own investigation bureau. Having successfully solved her first murder case, she and her team decide to take on the next crime, which, apparently, will be much more complex than the previous one.

Walkthrough Romance Club. I'm hunting you season 2 2

Let us remind you that in this project you will not be able to immediately move through all existing branches, so you should choose your favorite, storyline and characteristics for leveling up as early as possible. We also usually don't list answers that don't contribute to the plot.

In addition, visual novels tend to have a lot of different branches, which makes it difficult to cover them all in one guide. If you have information on any branches or answers that are not in the guide, you can tell us about it in the comments.

Link to the passage of the 1st season

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The passage of new episodes will appear after the release of the next update, scheduled for May 2-3, 2024…

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