Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: a guide to the best builds

Strannik (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: Best Builds Guide

In Genshin Impact, Wanderer (Scaramuccia) is a 5-star Anemo character that uses a catalyst in combat. In a squad, he can perfectly serve as the main damage dealer. In this guide, we will tell you about his best builds, weapons and artifacts, as well as indicate the most optimal teams for him.

Note: Scaramuccia has not yet been officially released, so the data presented here is based on information received as part of the beta testing. If necessary, we will update the guide when the hero appears in the game. In addition, his banner with an increased drop rate will be launched on December 7th.

The main features of the Wanderer

How to get the Wanderer

In the first phase of Update 3.3, the former Harbinger of Fatui will appear in a banner, increasing its drop rate. In the future, this hero can only be obtained with the help of Prayers. Unfortunately, miHoYo has never hosted events where a 5-star fighter would be a reward, so you definitely won’t be able to get the Wanderer for free.

Wanderer stats progression

The table below shows how a character's base stats change as they level up.

Level Basic HP Basic Attack Basic Defense Crit Chance Bonus hits Crit Chance Hits Crit. damage
1 791 26 47 0 5% 50%
20 2053 66 123 0 5% 50%
40 4086 132 244 4.8% 5% 50%
60 6593 213 394 9.6% 5% 50%
80 8968 289 536 14.4% 5% 50%
90 10164 328 607 19.2% 5% 50%

< h3>Advantages and disadvantages of the Wanderer

Using his unique abilities, this hero can deal significant damage to both single targets and entire groups of enemies. Its advantages include:

  • Has a unique skill that allows him to fly short distances – this not only makes it easier to dodge some attacks, but also allows you to quickly get to hard-to-reach places.
  • Relatively high basic attack, making it easy to use as a main damage dealer.
  • It can perfectly play the role of a driver thanks to the catalyst, that is, constantly being on the battlefield and imposing an Anemo status on enemies, thereby dispelling various elements.
  • Passive talents greatly enhance the elemental skill, allowing you to combine it with other elements (Electro , Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro) and increasing damage dealt with wind arrows.
  • As the hero rises, so does the chance of dealing critical damage, which is an important parameter for the main damage dealer. Therefore, it will be easier for you to balance his stats with weapons and artifacts.
  • Pairs well with a large number of characters, helping to create reactions.

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

However, there were some drawbacks, namely:

  • Has a low base health, which can lead to the need to keep a good healer or shield in the team.
  • You will have to keep him on the battlefield almost constantly – not everyone may like this kind of gameplay.
  • Out of habit, many may have difficulty controlling the Wanderer in flight mode. In addition, you will need to keep an eye on the rapidly declining “stamina” bar at all times.
  • During the flight, enemies can knock down the Traveler with powerful blows.

The Traveler's abilities

When performing a normal Yuban meigan attack, the character makes up to 3 swings of the wind blade in front of him, and when charged, casts a short spell that deals damage to Anemo in an area and spends some stamina. When attacked while falling, it gathers wind energy and lands on the ground, attacking all enemies in its path and dealing AoE elemental damage afterwards.

After using the elemental skill “Hanega: Windsong”, the hero hits Anemo with an area blow and enters Wind's Chosen mode, which unlocks certain mechanics listed below.

  • Normal and charged strikes transform into Kugo: Fusedan and Kugo: Tofukai, which increases their damage and damage radius, and the “heavy” attack stops wasting stamina. However, Scaramuccia loses the ability to strike while falling.
  • The hero takes to the air, but he cannot hover indefinitely – he will land on the ground as soon as the kugo-river ends (the scale appears on the right side of the character and replaces the bar endurance).
  • In the case of using a dash, an additional expenditure of kugo-reku points occurs, and the character performs a dash in flight. If you hold the sprint button, the hero enters the fast flight mode.
  • The jump button allows you to climb to a greater height, but additional kugo-reku points are spent.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/strannik-skaramuchcha-v-genshin-impact-gajd-na-luchshie-bildy-cd765a0.jpg" alt="Strannik (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: Best Builds Guide" />

The Wanderer exits the indicated state not only when the kugo-river is used up (100 units in the base), but also when the elemental skill is activated again. The cooldown of the skill is 6 seconds.

Kegen: Five Ceremonial Acts Elemental Explosion gives you the ability to deal five times Anemo damage in an area. It also ends the skill if it has been activated. The ultimate has a 15 second cooldown and a cost of 60 energy.

Not to mention Scaramucci's extremely useful passive talents:

  • The Lands of Whirling Winds – 50% less pesticide consumption when ascending Catalysts or Bows.
  • Jade Flower – when an elemental skill interacts with different elements, its effects change: Hydro (gives an additional 20 kugo-reku points), Pyro (increases attack power by 30%), Electro (successful normal and charged hits will restore 0.8 units of energy) and Cryo (increases critical hit chance by 20%). You can only gain up to two Buffs at a time.
  • Dream Storms – Normal and Charged Strikes after using an elemental skill have a 16% chance (increasing by 12% each time it is not activated) to gain a Descent effect. If you dash in the air while it is active, the hero will fire 4 wind arrows that deal Anemo damage. The haste will not cost any stamina, but will end the effect.

Constellations of the Wanderer

To open them, you need to accumulate the Luck of the character, issued when duplicates of the hero fall out, which, of course, is random. Given the small chance of getting 5-star heroes, you will need to spend a lot of time and money to unlock all the constellations. Although even without them, Scaramuccia can perfectly play the role of the main damage dealer.

If you still decide to try your luck, then we recommend that you stop at C1 and C2, which will bring you maximum benefit with a minimum of cash costs. The list below shows all the constellations and their bonuses.

  1. Seban: Lush Plume – Increases normal and charged strike speed by 10% in Chosen of the Wind. Wind arrow damage is increased by an additional 25% of attack power. Allows you to increase the number of attacks inflicted during the duration of the skill. Good constellation, but not vital.
  2. Niban: Moon Island in White Waves – Elemental explosion damage is increased by 4% for each point of difference between current and maximum kugo-reku. If you cast an ult near the end of the elemental skill, then its damage will increase by 200%. Gives the player the motivation to use Q-Shield at the end of each rotation.
  3. Samban: Lunar Flower Kusemai – Elemental Burst Level increases by 3. Maximum level: 15th. Increases damage, but not as much as previous constellations.
  4. Emban: Adrift to Spring – In addition to the two possible elemental skill buffs from other elements, it provides another random unused buff. Randomness makes this constellation not a very reliable source of increased damage, but it is definitely not useless.
  5. Matsuban: Ancient light from another land – elemental skill level increases by three. Maximum level: 15th. The weakest constellation that only increases damage by 3%.
  6. Shugen: Sad Curtain Sweep – When hit by a normal attack while an elemental skill is active, the hero makes another hit, dealing 40% of the original damage. If the kugo-reku scale is below 40 points, then the Wanderer gets 4 points. This bonus can be activated up to five times within a single Wind's Chosen. Gives the highest damage bonus of any constellation.

How to play the Wanderer

Scaramuccia resembles a hyper carry in many ways (for example, Saino, Eola, Xiao and Itto can be attributed to them). We are talking about the main damage dealer, who needs to be on the battlefield much longer than the rest of the team. It is he who deals most of the damage to enemies. Allies either deal out-of-field damage (using their abilities) or buff their main damage.

Hyper carries are different from normal ones in that they have to constantly be in the heat of battle. For example, Xiang Ling is considered a carry, as she often deals the most damage in the group, however, you cannot add the hyper prefix to her, because she does not spend most of her time on the field.

Wanderer stands out from other Anemo damage dealers like Xiao in the fact that he can fly and hover while attacking. This makes him a great character to explore the world around him. He is also the only one with a Catalyst that specializes in normal attacks, allowing players to just have fun pressing buttons without thinking too much about rotation. That being said, gamers will always have options to increase their damage cap.

Unfortunately, to reach the maximum potential of the Wanderer, it is necessary to pair him with a 4-star support that debuts in the same banner as him. We are talking about the archer Faruzan. The thing is, she offers Anemo DPS support that other currently released characters (without opening constellations) can't provide.

It should also be remembered that the Wanderer is quite energy-intensive, so he often needs a second Anemo character that will generate particles for him if you are going to use his elemental explosion a lot (relevant at C2). In some cases, his energy recovery should be 180-200%. With a second Anemo, battery, or fighter equipped with a Favonia weapon, the HP requirement is reduced to 150-170%.

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

If you don't have the 2nd constellation, then we recommend not increasing the energy recovery at all, focusing solely on strengthening Scaramucci's normal attacks – this way you can achieve more damage.

As for the rotation itself, it is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge:

  1. At the beginning, sub-DDs and supports use abilities that buff the Wanderer or allow you to deal elemental damage out of the field.
  2. Switch to Scaramuccia and use his elemental skill to soar above the enemies and start hitting them with regular and charged blows. We advise you not to press the jump and dash buttons (unless the Descent effect is active) so as not to increase the spending of the kugo river.
  3. If you have the 2nd constellation open, then be sure to use an elemental explosion in the second, then the end of the Wind's Chosen to deal maximum damage with it. Otherwise, you can use your ult after the end of the E-shki.
  4. Then repeat the rotation from the first step.

Let's add that the priority of absorbed elements by the Jade Flower is as follows: Pyro > Hydro > Cryo > Electro. At the same time, it is very difficult to control which elements will be absorbed (with the exception of Pyro), since this is strongly influenced by the factors of the surrounding world. For this reason, we do not advise you to try to build the entire team around a particular infusion.

Best builds for the Wanderer

The best weapons

When choosing a catalyst, priority should be given to those that increase attack power, crits and elemental mastery, as well as enhance normal and charged attacks, since you will mainly play from them. The table below shows the most interesting options.

Name and rarity Statistics (level 1 -90) Passive

Strannik (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: Best Builds Guide

Memories of Tulaithulla (5 stars)

Crit. damage: 9.6~43.9%

Basic attack: 48-674

Increases normal strike speed by 10~20%. When using an elemental skill, normal attack damage will increase by 4.8~9.6% per second for 14 seconds. In addition, successful hits will instantly increase the damage of normal hits by 9.6~19.2%. However, within the scope of the bonus, damage can be increased by a maximum of 48~96%. If the hero leaves the battlefield, the effect will disappear. A Signature Catalyst for the Wanderer that significantly boosts his DPS by increasing his critical damage and buffing his normal attacks. In general, an almost perfect weapon for him, regardless of who is present in the squad.

Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide

Sky Atlas (5 stars)< /p>

Attack Power: 7.2~33.1%

Basic Attack: 48-674

Increases elemental damage by 12-24%. When hit with a simple attack, it has a 50% chance to create a blessing of clouds that attacks nearby enemies for 160-320% damage over 15 seconds. The effect can appear once every half a minute. A good option for greatly increasing a hero's overall elemental damage. True, you will have to look for artifacts for crits.

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Prayer to the Holy Winds (5 stars)

Crit Chance: 7.2%~33.1%

Basic Attack: 46~608

Increases the character's movement speed by 10% and increases their elemental damage by 8%~16% every four seconds. The effect can be stacked up to four times, but disappears when the hero leaves the battlefield. Increases the already considerable chance of a character's critical hit, so you should look for artifacts to increase crit. damage. It also boosts elemental damage if the hero is on the battlefield most of the time – Scaramucci will definitely have no problems with this.

 Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide

Kagura Truth (5 Stars)

Crit. damage: 14.4%~66.2%

Basic Attack: 46~608

After using an elemental skill, the skill's damage is increased by 12%~24% for 16 seconds. This bonus stacks up to three times. At the third level, the hero gains a 12~24% damage bonus from all elements. The secondary characteristic of this catalyst is extremely important for the Wanderer, but he is unlikely to be able to use the passive. The fact is that he deals the main damage with ordinary attacks, and not with elemental skills. In addition, it will stay in the air for 12-15 seconds, so by the time the character reaches the 3rd level of the effect, the battle will most likely be over.

Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide

Song of the Wanderer (4 stars)

Crit. damage: 12%~55.1%

Basic attack: 42~510

After switching to a character, a random melody starts playing, which can increase attack power (by 60 percent), elemental damage (by 48 percent), or elemental mastery (by 240 points). The effect lasts for 10 seconds and can appear once every half a minute. All melodies in one way or another will strengthen the Wanderer. True, if you do not plan to play from reactions, inflicting only Anemo damage on enemies, then the bonus to elemental mastery will not be very useful to you. But even in this case, the DPS of the hero will increase greatly due to the increase in crit. damage.

Strannik (Skaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Solar Pearl (4 stars)

Crit Chance: 6%~27.6%

Basic Attack: 42 ~510

On a normal hit, elemental skill and explosion damage is increased by 20 percent for 6 seconds. This also works in reverse. Increases the already considerable chance of a character's critical hit, so you should look for artifacts to increase crit. damage. You will also benefit from the passive if you have enemies near you when you activate an elemental skill, as this will increase the damage of normal attacks.

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) Genshin Impact: Best Builds Guide

Dodoko Stories (4 stars)

Attack Power: 12~55.1%

Basic Attack: 41-454

When hit with a normal hit, increases the damage of a charged attack by 16-32% for 6 seconds, and hits Charged Hits increase ATK by 8-16% for 6 seconds. A good catalyst for a main damage dealer that boosts his overall damage output. You will have to use Kugo: Tofukai more often to get the bonus from the passive. Unfortunately, this weapon was only obtainable during the 1.6 update event.

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide to best builds

Naval Atlas (4 stars)

Elemental Mastery: 24~110


Basic attack: 42~510

Increases elemental damage by 8%~16% for 10 seconds after triggering an elemental reaction. The bonus stacks up to two times. A good catalyst if you're playing from reactions, as you can increase your character's elemental damage significantly.
< p>

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide

Eye of the Mind (4 stars)

Attack Power: 12~55.1%

Basic Attack: 41-454

If you hit with a Normal or Charged Hit, you have a 50% chance to spawn an Eye of Mind that deals 240-360 % damage from ATK. It can bounce from enemy to enemy up to four times. The effect appears every 12-8 seconds. A budget version of Sky Atlas with the same advantages and disadvantages (requires crits).

The best artifacts

The best option would be the “Chronicles of the Halls in the Desert” set, 2 parts of which increase the Anemo damage bonus by 15%, and 4 parts increase the speed of normal attacks by 10% for 15 seconds when a charged attacks on enemies. Damage from basic, charged and falling attacks is increased by 40%. Can be found in the new dungeon.

If you have not farmed the above set yet, you can take the full set of Shimenawa's Memories, 2 parts of which increase the attack power by 18%, and 4 parts – in the case of using an elemental skill, the character spends 15 units of energy (if any), and damage from normal and charged hits is increased by 50% for 10 seconds. The bonus does not stack. It can be obtained from the Maple Hall dungeon.

You can also combine two sets, for example:

  • Emerald Shadow (2 parts): Increases Anemo damage bonus by 15% . Dropped from the Valley of Memories dungeon.
  • Gladiator's End or Shimenawa's Memories (2 pieces): Increases attack power by 18%. The first one drops from elite bosses.

As for the choice of the main characteristics of artifacts, the hourglass should be taken for ATK%, the goblet (cup) for the Anemo damage bonus, and the crown (hat) for critical damage/critical hit chance (2 to 1). If you are going to play from reactions, then take everything to the mastery of the elements. Among the additional parameters, priority should be given to elemental mastery, crits and energy regeneration.

The best commands for the Wanderer

Scaramucci needs supports and sub-DD that can buff his Anemo damage and normal attacks, and also deal Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro damage outside the field. In this case, priority should be given to fire and ice, as they increase attack power and critical damage, respectively.

However, the best support character for the Wanderer will still be Faruzan, so we strongly recommend that you add her to the squad. All optimal commands are shown in the table below.

Primary DPS Secondary DPS Minor DPS/Support Support

 Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: best build guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Xing Qiu (Ye Lan, Rosaria, Raiden, Yae Miko)

Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: best build guide


Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide for the best builds

Ye Lan

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide for the best builds


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide for the best builds

Xing Qiu

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide for the best builds

Zhong Li

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide for the best builds

Xing Qiu (Ye Lan, Rosaria, Raiden, Yae Miko)

< p>Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Yun Jin

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Zhong Li (Toma)

< p>Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide for the best builds

Xiang Ling

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide


Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: guide for the best builds

Layla (Diona, Kuki Shinobu)

Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: Best Build Guide


Wanderer (Scaramuccia) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Shen He

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) in Genshin Impact: best build guide

Faruzan (Genie)

Wanderer (Scaramuchcha) /></p><p>Kokomi</p></td></tr></tbody></table><h2>Wanderer Leveling</h2><h3>How to improve your skills</h3><p>Get ready to search for a wide variety of materials, which are listed below.</p><ul><li>Teachings, guidelines and philosophies about “Honesty” – obtained from Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the Tower of Ignorance dungeon</li><li>The Old and Famed Guard and the Kageuchi Guard – Drop from Nobushi, purchasable with Stardust, and crafted with Alchemy.</li><li>Empty Bell – Dropped by the weekly boss Seki no Kami.</li><li>Crown epiphanies – can be obtained during events, as well as by leveling the Sacred Sakura, the Permafrost Tree and the Dream Tree.</li></ul><p><img class=

As for the order of leveling abilities, first of all, increase his normal attacks to the maximum, and then improve the elemental skill and elemental explosion. If you have the 2nd constellation open, then the ult should be pumped before the skill.

How to level up the character

You have to collect a lot of different resources, the names and methods of extraction of which are indicated below.

  • First Ascension (Level 20; 20,000 mora) – 1 Vayuda Turquoise Shard, 3 Rukkhashava Mushrooms, 3 Old Guards
  • Ascension 2 (Level 40; 40,000 mora) – 3 Vayuda Turquoise Fragments, 2 Perpetual Gears, 10 Rukkhashava Mushrooms, 15 Old Guards 4 perpetual gears, 20 rukkhashava mushrooms, 12 kagueti guards
  • Fourth Ascension (level 60; 80,000 mora) – 3 pieces of Vayuda Turquoise, 8 perpetual gears, 30 rukkhashava mushrooms, 18 kagueti guards
  • < li>Fifth Ascension (Level 70; 100,000 mora) – 6 Pieces of Vayuda Turquoise, 12 Perpetual Gears, 45 Rukkhashava Mushrooms, 12 Illustrious Guards

  • Sixth Ascension (Level 80; 120,000 mora) – 6 Precious Turquoise Vayuda, 20 Perpetual Gears, 60 Rukkhashava Mushrooms, 24 Illustrious Guards

You can get Vayuda Turquoise from Hypostasis Anemo, Storm Dread Dwalin, Seki no Kami, Observation Operator's Semi-Eternal Matrix Algorithm, and Magu Kenki. They are also sold in the souvenir shop. Eternal Gears are obtained from the Dragon of Eternal Calamities. Rukkhashava mushrooms are a local curiosity of Sumeru. In a separate guide, we indicated their location.

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