Mobile Legend Band Bang — WanWan — Full Complete Guide

Excellent in hidden weapons, this girl, brought up in Bashu Region, with a crossbow in hand, moves agilely.
The final member of the Oriental Fighters, the Agile Tiger, Wanwan is here! A member of Oriental Fighters (White Tiger/Baihu) along with Zilong, Baxia and Ling.

Story of Wan wan

In the south of the Cadia Riverlands lies a picturesque land where the civilization of Ba and Shu lived. “The Land of Abundance” was what the natives called this place. Tangmen, a faction that was known for their hidden weapons and skilled craft, originated from this land. However, Tangmen’s new leader found that many people often used Tangmen’s crafts and hidden weapons to do evil, which was running against his will. Because of that, he decided to disband his faction and exiled himself to the forest, in a place of solitude with his daughter.

Since birth, Wanwan lived together with her father. The forest was her home and she spent a lot of time hunting and training there. On her fifth birthday, her father gave her a set of needles as a birthday gift that was made from a particular silver found at the bottom of the sea. That day, he also revealed the history of Tangmen to her. This set of Needles was a valuable and secret weapon created by Tangmen, which consisted of a total of 81 needles. Tangmen’s skilled craft forged the Needles into a lethal weapon, killing anyone who dared to challenge its power. Wanwan’s father told her to use the weapon only if she was in danger. That’s the first lesson her father taught her. One day, Wanwan and her father found Black Dragon at the bottom of a cliff. It is the first time that Wanwan saw a person who was injured so badly and she couldn’t bear to leave him alone. With the help of her father, she carried the Black Dragon to their home and took care of him. The Black Dragon was moved by this kind-hearted girl and opened his mind to her. He spent many hours with the young girl, telling her his story, his dream, and his ambition, teaching her how to become more powerful. However, the Black Dragon left Wanwan a few months later without leaving any word, which made Wanwan sad for a long time.

Ten years later, Wanwan grew up. Her skills with the darts became more pronounced, being able to split a drop of dew a hundred steps away into 2 with a single dart. Her father told her not to show her formidable skills to others and to keep away from trouble. But Wanwan was too curious and she wanted to travel the world. On the day Wanwan started her journey, her father gave her the most precious craft of Tangmen – the Crossbow of Tang, which could launch a rain of arrows to attack the enemy, and its power could scale along with the power of the handler.

At the beginning of her journey, Wanwan heard a piece of astonishing news – The Black Dragon wanted to destroy the Dragon Altar and dominate the Cadia Riverlands. Wanwan couldn’t believe that the once closest friend would do such a thing. She decided to find the Black Dragon and seek out the truth.

Mobile Legend Band Bang — WanWan — Full Complete Guide

  • Role : Marksman
  • Speciality : Reap/Burst
  • Cost : 32000bp / 599

Skill Explanation

Passive — TIGER PACE

When WanWan deals damage to an enemy, it reveals 4 weakness points around them. If she hits the weakness points with her skills or basic attack, it deals extra true damage based on 2,5% of target’s max HP. After hitting all weakness points, she will deal extra 30% to the target for the next 6 seconds. After using a basic attack or skill, WanWan will dash for a short distance in the direction of joystick.

The speed of the dash depends on her attack speed. Higher attack speed = faster dash.

Passive ~ TIGER PACE Wan Wan


This skill deals physical damage to all enemies in it’s path. After a second, this skill returns back to her. If the returning daggers hit the same enemy twice, the target will be stunned for 0,5sec. This skill can hit the weakness points, it also slows down the enemies by 30% for 0,5 sec.

Skill 1 ~ SWALLOW'S PATH WanWan


This skill removes all the CC effects on her immediatly . It also deals physical damage to nearby enemies and can also hit their weakness points.


Skill 3 — Ultimate — CROSSBOW OF TANG

This skill becomes available ONLY after hitting target’s all weakness points. WanWan continuously shoots arrows for 2,5s. The amount of arrows she shoots depends on her attack speed.

If she kills the enemy during this skill, she switches to the nearest target and increase the skill duration for extra 1 sec. and also temporarly increase her attack speed by 40%.

Each time she gets a kill, she dashes once in the direction of joystick.

During this skill, she becomes completely invincible.

If the target goes out of your ultimate range, this skill will be canceled.

Battle Spell Explanation

For this part, I will take them one by one. There are 3 spells that can be usefull for WanWan so I will explain every single one. You chose which one is best suitable for you!

  1. Inspire works really well on her. Using it with ultimate will increase the arrows she shoots. So, in my opinion, this is the best suitable skill for her.
  2. Use Aegis to increase her survivability and for an agressive playstyle.
  3. Retribution — this spell is usefull if you want to farm faster in early game.

Emblem Explanation

My emblem suggestion for WanWan is ~ Custom Marksman Emblem . Spend talent points on critical chance and attack speed. Playstyles are different so even if this emblem set suits me, you guys might use different emblems or different talent points for Marksman Emblem. So please feel free to share your style.

emblem suggestion for WanWan

Item Build

Item Build WanWan

Skill Combo

BASIC ATTACK (reveals weakness points) -> SKILL 1 (make sure it hits the weakness points behind the target) -> BASIC ATTACK (position correctly to hit the remaining weakness points) -> Ultimate

SKILL 2 use inbetween if you get CC’ed (ex. stunned).

First time is always hard so don’t get youself beat up if you fail, practice makes it better! Or you can just spa skills.

Skill update priority

  • First skill you need to max is the First (skill1).
  • Ultimate will be upgraded whenever available
  • Skill 2 will be maxed last

Tips and Tricks

  • The lane you should chose should be side-lane. You can also chose to go midlane if there is no Mage or Assassin in your team, which i honestly doubt since 1-3-1 is kind of Meta composition now. For lower tiers, things are different, rotation can be an Alien thing there so just use any lane and chose to rotate as much as you can.
  • Skill 1 has a long range so you can use it often to harass enemies while laning (but remember, you can run out of mana pretty easy).
  • Aim skill 1 correctly, in order to trigger the stun effect.
  • WanWan needs farm. As any other Marksman to be honest. So remember to farm as much as you can. Clear minion wave then farm the jungle. Farming is your main objective, in early game especially so focus on it.
  • Dashing animation from her passive will add a delay between you attacks so, while farming, just stand still, don’t move around with your joystick .
  • Don’t run away from melee heroes. WanWan is actually pretty strong against them. Just trigger your passive, hit them and constantly move to get out of their attack range.
  • Always remember you have Skill 2 against CC enemy heroes. So use it properly, timing is important!

Counters of WanWan

I noticed that, ingame guide for WanWan states that Pharsa and Gord are counters for her. I highly doubt that to be honest, because she can easily dodge them..Also, her skill 2 get her out of Gords stun .

Counters -> She can’t escape from those CC skills that have 2 effects, like CC + pull or CC + stun2 effect together.

Zilong. She can cancel 1 skill but not 2. Also her 2nd skill CD is not that low so she can’t use it again fast.

Franco. Another good counter for her. She can escape hook or ulti, but she can’t escape his 2nd stun.

Kaja. WanWan can’t cancel Kaja’s ultimate.

LOLITA. BEST WANWAN COUNTER. My love Lolita, once again one of the best tanks ! I don’t even know how to explain how perfect Loli is. Her shield can block WanWan’s first skill and basic attack. THIS SHIELD EVEN BLOCKS WANWAN’S ULTIMATE SKILL.

Dominance Ice Item. If enemy team has WanWan, buy this item. Not only that it gives you physical defense, it also decrease enemy’s critical chance and a 30% decrease of enemy’s attack speed. It also decrease 10% of enemy’s movement speed so yeah, this item is just OP.


  • JUMP AFTER ATTACK ~ Higher attack speed, the further she can jump! Plus, a very good way to dodge enemy skills!
  • Easy harassement with her skill 1. Great range + it hits all enemies in it’s path, even when the skill comes back to her so that’s 2x damage with 1 skill.
  • PURIFY with her skill 2. How OP is that? xd A low CD skill that removes CC effect and also damages enemies heroes near her.
  • OP damage with Ultimate Skill . Untargettable and Unavoidable when she is using this skill for a few seconds. Not to mention if she kills 1 enemy while using ulti, the daggers will move to the next nearby enemy.
  • VISION on Marked Targets. If she hits and marks you, you will be visible even in bushes.


  • Ultimate is hard to activate. You need to hit the target from 4 different directions in order to trigger this skill ~ 3 in the front and 1 in the back. That’s tricky.
  • Less control on dashes. Her dashes can be hard to control for casual players. Not to worry tho`, practice makes it better, as I always say.
  • Squishy. Had to mention this one. But aren’t there all Marksmen squishy?

Well, that’s was all for this WanWan Guide. If you guys have any other useful information about WanWan, or a different build recommandation, feel free to share it with us.

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