Wave-cutting fin in Genshin Impact: how to get and who to use


Genshin Impact Wave-Cutting Fin: how to get and who to use

The Wave-Cutting Fin is a 4-star spear in Genshin Impact that can be a great alternative and even replacement for other 5-star spears for certain characters. Find out how to get the Wave-Cutting Fin, how to upgrade and awaken it, and who is best suited for this spear.

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How to get the Wave-Cutting Fin

The only way to get Wave-Cutting Fin in Genshin Impact is to pray at the “Incarnation of the Divine” weapon banner. This spear is not available on the standard banner and you can't craft it or get it during the quest. The weapon banner changes roughly every 16-20 days and the Wave Cutter Fin is not available in version 3.2.

Wave-cutting fin in Genshin Impact: how to get and who to use

The main characteristics of the spear Wave-Cutting Fin

  • Rarity: 4 Stars
  • Basic Attack: 620 at Ascension 90
  • Attack Power: 13.8% at Ascension Level 90

Passive Ability: The damage of the wielder of this weapon's ultimate is increased by 0.12-0.024% for each unit of the total elemental explosion cost of all team members. The bonus thus does not exceed 40-80%.

Wave-cutting fin in Genshin Impact: how to get and who to use

How to upgrade the Wave-Cutting Fin

You can upgrade the Wave-Cutting Fin using the materials shown in the image below:

Wave-cutting fin in Genshin Impact: how to get and who to use

Pay attention to the bottom line with the total number of materials. If you're planning on getting this spear in the future, you can farm enough resources ahead of time to max it out.

In order to max out Waveslash Fin, you'll also need an enhancement ore or a 3-star weapon, which can be processed into experience.

Below are all the places where you can farm Masks, Hidden Claw and Guards.

  • Evil Warlord Mask/Tiger Maw Mask/One Horned Mask and Kijin Mask can be farmed in the Flowing Sand Dungeon in Inazuma every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. gap that live in Inazuma: on the island of Seirai, Tsurumi, Kannazuka, on the islands of Yashiori and Narukami. A limited amount of this resource can be exchanged for Stardust at the Paimon Store and crafted at Alchemy.
  • Old Guard/Kageuchi Guard and Illustrious Guard can be obtained from Nobushi and Kairagi, which are available in Inazuma territory, and can also be exchanged for stardust in the Paimon store and crafted in Alchemy. You can see the locations of these enemies on the Inazuma Interactive Map.

How to Awaken the Wave-Cutting Fin

In order to awaken the Wave-Cutting Fin to the fifth level, you will need copies of it. The way to get duplicate spears is the same as in the case of the original – prayers in the weapon banner of the “Incarnation of the Deity” event, which at the time of version 3.1. does not include Wave Cutter Fin.

 Wave-Cutting Fin in Genshin Impact: how to get and who to use

Which characters will use Wave-Cutting Fin

The most ideal option for this spear would be characters who rely on one-time damage from the ult. Pay attention to the key point where the damage increases depending on the total cost of elemental explosions of all members of the squad. At the fifth awakening rank, the damage of the elemental explosion can be increased by a huge 80%.

However, it is important to understand that if the squad has characters with an ult cost of 40 units of energy, then this spear will be inferior in damage to many other types pole weapons. By adding Raiden with her elemental burst of 90 energy and other heroes with a Q-piece cost of 80 units, you will make the Fin shine.

 Wave-Cutting Fin in Genshin Impact: how to get and who to use

The best characters to equip the Wave-Cutting Fin spear are:

  • Raiden Shogun. If you have equipped your Raiden with the Catch and think that it suits her perfectly, then do not rush to conclusions. With a signature set of artifacts and hours to restore the energy of the most necessary characteristic in the form of EP, the Electro Archon will already have enough, but the attack power will not be enough. This is where the wave-cutting fin will shine. The spear will not only add ATK, but also significantly increase the damage from the explosion of the elements, so in terms of one-time damage, this weapon will significantly surpass the Catch.
  • Xian Lin. If she has enough energy recovery, and all allies in her squad have a high cost of the ult, then it's time to increase the damage of her Fireworm. However, unlike Raiden, Xiang Ling's Wave Cutter Fin is still not the most practical option.
  • The Rosary. The wave-cutting fin will increase the damage of her elemental explosion if you have collected this young lady in Cryo DD or sub-DD. This spear will fit perfectly on Rosaria if played purely from elemental blast where her ultimate damage is required.

Wave-Cutting Fin can also be given to Saino, Shen He, Hu Tao, Zhong Li, Tome, Yun Jin, Candace and Xiao, but only if you do not have better alternatives for them or really need to increase their attack power and ult damage.

How to use Wave Cutter Fin

To get the most out of Wave Cutter Fin, you need to put together the right squad. Firstly, your character should rely on the damage from the ult, because the spear does not provide other buffs. Secondly, in order to effectively play from the elemental explosion, it is advisable to take care of your own energy recovery, which will allow you to ult immediately after the skill rollback. Thirdly, characters with expensive elemental explosions must be present in the squad.

 The wave-cutting fin in Genshin Impact: how to get and who to use

For example, in the national team Raiden + Xiang Ling + Xing Qiu + Bennet, the wave-cutting fin on the shogun will fit perfectly, given the high cost of explosion energy elements of the squad's characters (except for Bennet) and the fact that Raiden will instantly restore the ultimates of the entire team. Bennett can be replaced with Sarah (especially C6) and then this spear will reveal its full power. If the team lacks energy and does not ult after the cooldown, then the overall damage will be significantly reduced.

Please note that if your character does not play from the explosion of the elements, then this spear will not give anything to him or his squad. Despite the high base attack, there are much better options. However, if you put together the right group and take care of the HP of each of its members, you can count on huge damage.

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