World 9 in Honkai Star Rail: how to open and pass


World 9 in Honkai Star Rail: how to open and pass

In Honkai: Star Rail, World 9 is part of the Virtual Universe and a kind of dungeon, after completing which you can get a variety of rewards, including planar decorations ” The World of Izumo and the Kingdom of Takama” and “Barren Sigonia”. During its passage you will have to fight two elite enemies and the meme of the memory zone “Something to die.”

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To successfully clear this level, you need to wisely select characters to create a powerful squad, choose the optimal Path, and also adhere to a certain strategy when choosing blessings and fighting the boss. In this guide, we will look at all these aspects in detail, which will allow you to pass World 9 without any problems.

How to pass World 9 in the Virtual Universe

How to open World 8 in Honkai: Star Rail

Before you can take on the first difficulty level of World 9, you will have to meet several conditions, namely:

  • Achieve at least level 34 Mastery level.
  • Complete the exploration mission on Lofu Xianzhou called “The Water Flows, the Land Calms Down.”
  • Clear World 8 on any difficulty level.

Once you have met the specified requirements, simply go to main menu of the Virtual Universe and select the desired dungeon – access to it should already be unlocked.

World 9 in Honkai Star Rail: how to open and pass

Basic information

< p>First, let's look at the basic information on this test. The level of your enemies will depend on the selected difficulty. In the first squad loading menu, you can see four elite opponents, two of which you can face in their respective arenas (selected randomly), and a boss, whose role will be played by Something to Death.

Detailed information on clearing World 9 will appear after the release of update 2.1, which is scheduled for release on March 27, 2024…

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