X-HERO: Idle Avengers — Early strategy guide for beginners


I have been playing this game for a while and here I will share some personal experience.This is guide completely for beginners, I hope it can help you guys. Many of the resource output in this game X-HERO: Idle Avengers is related to the progress of the X-WAR.There are several important points about this.

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for X-HERO: Idle Avengers
  1. The higher levels you pass, the better the auto-yield reward.
  2. The earlier you clear more levels, the faster you can unlock more functions,such as home-world spaceship weapons, time travel and space discovery.These can bring you abundant resources to upgrade.
  3. The stage chest and star chest rewards brought by levels are also very rich.

First, meta of heroes.

Tier List of Heroes

The progress of my account’s X-war record in one day is 9-25, and the progress of Galaxy Wanted is layer 80.The resources obtained are all free, I think this game can be happy even if played for free.The hero I have is shown below (only played for one day)

The key points to clear the level are as follows:

The qualities of Heroes X-HERO: Idle Avengers

  1. We must upgrade the quality of heroes!!
  2. We must upgrade the quality of heroes!!
  3. We must upgrade the quality of heroes!!

This is so important so I emphasize it three times.

The quality of the hero is related to the ability of the hero.The place to upgrade the hero’s quality is Lab of Awakening, and the required materials are cards with the same faction.The following figure is the formula for upgrading hero quality:

rare+=rareX4    excellent=rare+X2    epic=excellentX4

Let’s forget the higher level of quality first, because there are not so many resources can be used to upgrade.

On the first day, I got 3 Epic heroes. My gold and hero exp. are mainly used by these three heroes.

The level of heroes

Needless to say, the hero exp. is definitely used to upgrade your main (3 epic) heroes in X-HERO: Idle Avengers.

What hero should you upgrade first?

There are so many heroes, everyone can get different heroes.But in the early stage of the game, I recommend a few heroes who can clear the level quickly. Even if the quality is upgraded, it is not wasted, and it can be used as a hero upgrade material in the later period.

Don’t mind the quality of the hero used in the example icons. Those are screen-shots with the heroes I have.

Hero selectionHero positionDescriptionUpgrade priority
Desperate Crow DPS,AOE,Restore HPShe is an A-level hero, but she is definitely the MVP among the heroes you can get before level 180!There are 3 reasons.1.Basic attack can hit multiple targets in the rear.2.The skill attack is AOE, and the damage is extremely high.3.Can recover multiple allies, whether she is stopped or not, this skill will be used in every round. She concentrated on 3 important characteristics of DPS, AOE, and treatment recovery! If she is mythic hero, I will definitely continue to upgrade her.XDXDXD Highest priority in S level,upgrade her first!!The core of the rear.
Bread Hero Treatment, SupportIn the early game, Bread Hero is a great support hero.She can restore a lot of HP, and have a very good skill, which can help allies in the front mitigating 15% to 20% damage received!With high priority in A-level. A strong support hero in the early game
Lady Ice Restrict enemies,AOEShe has pretty powerful AOE damage, both basic attack and skill come with a 25%-35% chance of freezing the enemy (the enemy cannot act)! Another thing is that the posture is very cool!!! XDMedium priority in B-level. Upgrade her when the first 3 heroes are hard to upgrade.
Master Program Restrict enemies,AOEShe can restrict the enemy. When an ally uses skill, she has chance to stun the target. This is very useful! Sometimes it works! Medium priority in B-level. Upgrade her when the first 3 heroes are hard to upgrade.
Abyss Titan Restrict enemiesTankIf there is no available tank in the early game, then choose it!It is not a bad tank, and an enemy would definitely stunned by each use of its skills.Low priority in C-level. If you don’t have Blaze Centaur, just upgrade him instead. 
Blaze Centaur Restrict enemiesTankCounterattack stun+Skill stun+20% damage reduction.This is a mythic hero that can be used to the end of the game. Why do I recommend him? Because he is easier to obtain (easy to upgrade the quality).  You would definitely get him in the first 10*summon. We also can redeem him in star store.Trust me, he is one of the main must-get heroes in this game. High priority in A-level.The core in the early game.

How to get resources for upgrading heroes

Gold, hero exp. , Enhancement stone

If red dots appear in these following places, just go and get it as soon as possible!

7-days challenge  Finish the task and you’ll get rewards. More task finished, more rewards given!
Stage chest  The reward is very generous, remember to take it whenever you can.
Fast reward  Take it once in a while to upgrade your heroes.
Quest  You need to check some tasks on how to complete them.  Sometimes a series of tasks is not completed just because one incomplete. After completing the mission, you can get a lot of rewards.
Galaxy Wanted  Clear more levels ASAP. Sweep once you reach the higher level, and you can get more resources.
Star Trek  After you finished Star Trek, you can use the coin from Star Trek to buy a S-level hero, Blaze Centaur.

How to get a hero in X-HERO: Idle Avengers?

Hero pieces are the most important resources in this game!!! (It can summon rare heroes, which is blue. And blue heroes can upgrade to purple, purple can upgrade to yellow). The following table lists the main sources of pieces in the previous period.

Summon Tower  The main way that we get heroes. There must be a Blaze Centaur in your first 10*summon. (The best tank in S-level)
Shop  Different currencies can buy different type of goods in the shopping mall. As pointed in the pictures, there are some we as new players can get at the early stage.
Star Chest  The rewards for clearing certain amount of levels are essential for upgrading and summoning heroes!
Galaxy Wanted  Enhancement stones, hero pieces and hero exp. can be found here.
Arena  The stage reward generates a large number of blue hero pieces, one of the main sources of pieces in the early game.
Cyber Bar  You can send you heroes out for tasks and retrieve them back for resources.

The other ways to get stronger

One thing is gear. Every hero in the game can equip gear, so just try to find high-level equipment for them.

Another thing is spaceship.There are not only heroes can attack in the battle, but also the spaceships, which are easily ignored by many of the players.

When one of my hero with the highest damage reached 10,000 attack power, the spaceship was already 24,000! ! ! It can often be very helpful in battle! !

  You can get a spaceship in home-world.

Anyway, If there is a red dot, just click to check it. Generally, it is reminding you to collect your resources.

If you want to pay a little bit of money to grow, what should you buy?

(Free players please ignore the following content XD)

Personally recommend 2 packs here

First recharge gift

First recharge gift should be the most cost-effective. It provide a S-level hero, Mother of Swarms. She has high ATK ability and HP, and also can decrease enemies’ armor. The pack also provide 10 summon scrolls and 4 S-level gear.

Growth gift

You know it when you see it. It provide lots of hero pieces and scrolls and diamonds, which is helpful in providing lots of upgrading resources.

Once we know the rules, we new players could also enjoy the game! Hope this would be helpful for you guys XD!

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