AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide and All Labyrinth Relicts

AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide: Beginner Guides

Labyrinth is a unique feature of the game AFK Arena. A valuable form of resources, and a farmable one, at that. In fact it resets once every two days.


What is Labyrinth in AFK Arena

Its style is unique:

  1. If a hero dies in a battle, he will not be available for the rest of the labyrinth run unless resurrected.
  2. Health does not replenish after each battle.
  3. Energy gathered remains after each battle.
  4. After each battle you’re granted a relic, which is a buff that remains until the end of your labyrinth run. Relics can be rare, elite and legendary tier. Higher the rarity, higher the boost.

AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide: Beginner

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The main goal is reaching the third floor by progressing through the blocks. Each block can contain regular camps, a camp with a brown flag, in which you will fight a regular battle; the reward for defeating a regular camp can give you a relic that can vary from rare to elite rarity, a praetorian camps, camps with a red flag, the reward can vary from elite to legendary; a fountain camp, it heals your heroes by 50% of their maximum health; the mystic, it resurrects a random hero in your entire roster, the abandoned cart, it allows you to pick one out of a small bundle if heroes for the whole duration of the labyrinth run, and lastly, the boss battle, it’s harder than praetorian camps and the rewards are always legendary rarity.

During the labyrinth run there will be many occasions in which one or more of your favourite party members will die. In those cases you can either reset the fight before the unit dies, in order to try again with a different formation, or utilize a consumable item, the Dura’s Tear, to resurrect every dead party member and fill their energy bar up.

Dura’s tears can only be obtained through weekly quests.

Knowing your Options in Labyrinth

Every block in the labyrinth is filled with a specific structure, may it be a battle camp, a structure or a boss battle: battle camps and boss battles will drop rare relics and currency, whereas support structures will not. Enemies will become stronger the further you progress.

Common camp

Common camp - AFK Arena

Your heroes will find five enemy units that will issue a battle. If your heroes will come out on top, you will be rewarded with a relic. The reward’s  rarity may vary from common up to Élite.

Praetorian Camp

AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide and All Labyrinth Relicts

Your heroes will face a party of five stronger heroes, looking for a fight. Winning won’t be easy, but the reward will definitely be worth it! The rewards rarity may vary from Élite to Legendary.

Fountain of Vitality

AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide and All Labyrinth Relicts

Your heroes drink from the healing waters of the fountain of vitality. It’s reinvigorating waters will heal your heroes by 50% of their maximum health, but will not resurrect fallen heroes, so be carefu! Your heroes’ do not gain energy.

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The Mystic

AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide and All Labyrinth Relicts

This ambiguous figure will resurrect one of your fallen allies chosen at random. Their health will also be restored by 100% of their maximum health, but their energy will me resettled to 0.

The Abandoned Caravan

AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide and All Labyrinth Relicts

Your heroes will meet some new traveling companions, one of which will help them throughout your journey to the top floor. The chosen hero will leave your party only when  the labyrinth run will be completed, and can only be used in the labyrinth.

The Traveling Merchant

AFK Arena — Labyrinth Guide and All Labyrinth Relicts

It seems there’s a someone else around here. It’s a merchant! This shop is exclusive to the labyrinths second and third floor, and you will find some really rare gear at a very low price in here. The items purchased are permanent, and will cost diamonds, so shop wisely!

Labyrinth Relicts

Name of Relic Description Legendary Elite Rare Affects
Arcane Spellbook Intelligence based heroes deal +30% damage. Crit Rating +10%. 30% damage
10% increase crit rate
20% damage 10% Mages
Beast’s Claw Agility based heroes deal 30% more damage, Life Leech +10% 30% damage
10% Life Leech
20% damage 10% DPS
Blessed Hammer Has the chance to cause additional damage for every successful attack. Enemies
Blinding Brilliance Belinda’s “Blessing” ability is shared with all of her teammates Belinda
Branch from the Yggdrasil All surviving heroes recover 25% of lost HP after battles 40% 25% 15% All Heroes
Call to Arms At the beginning of battle your side has their energy replenished by 120 points 120 60 All Heroes
Carnal Grip Restores 24% of your hero’s total HP when an enemy is slain 24% 16% All Heroes
Death’s Bite Kaz’s attacks become poisonous and the poisonous effects can be stacked Kaz
Deathly Embrace Enemies with less than 15% of their max HP are sent to an early grave by a deathly apparition. Enemies
Eagle Strike Arrows rain down upon enemies every 15 seconds, inflicting damage upon them. Enemies
Firebringer The Firebringer has the chance to reduce enemy Attack Ratings each time your heroes cause damage to them until the end of the battle. If you already possess Icebringer your heroes’ Attack Ratings will also be increased. Enemies
Frozen Star When an Allied hero receives fatal damage the Frozen Star forms a protective shield around them for several seconds and heals them over time (can be used once per battle) All Heroes
Goblet of Resurgence Restores an additional 50% health and energy when you use the Fountain of Vitality 50% 25% All Heroes
Heartseeker Increases critical strike damage by 60% 60% All Heroes
Heaven’s Grace Increases the wearer’s health regeneration by 80% 80% All Heroes
Hogan’s Fortitude Reduces the damage Hogan receives by 80% when the damage he receives is less than 6% of his max HP Hogan
Horn of Replenishment Heals teammates for 10% of their max HP at the beginning of battles All Heroes
Hunter’s Grasp Deals more damage to the enemy the more HP they have. Damage is increased by up to 25%. Enemies
Icebringer The Icebringer has the chance to reduce enemy Defense Ratings each time your heroes cause damage to them until the end of the battle. If you already possess the Firebringer your heroes’ Defense Ratings will also be increased. Enemies
Lament At the beginning of a battle Grezhul is able to use his “Reanimate” ability without using any energy Grezhul
Lightbearer’s Loyalty Lightbearers’ Defence Rating +30%. Energy recovery +30% when injured. 30% defence rating
20% energy recovery
10% defence rating
15% energy recovery
Lion’s Might While Brutus’ “Last Grasp” ability is in use its invincibility effect duration will be refreshed every time he makes a kill or kill assist Brutus
Mauler’s Treachery Raises Mauler heroes’ Attack Ratings by 20% and Life Leech by 20% Maulers
Moonstone Revitalises allied heroes, allowing them to recover health over time if their energy is above 50%. Already possessing the Sunstone doubles the health recovery rate of the Moonstone. All Heroes
Nosferatu’s Fang Life Leech +15% 25% 15% 10% All Heroes
Pendant of Betrayal If an enemy is injured within the first 10 seconds of a battle, all of their allies will also received 15% of the damage dealt. Enemies
Pendant of Force Reduces all enemies’ health by 35% at the beginning of battles. Enemies’ health will gradually be regenerated within the first 10 seconds of battle. Enemies
Poisonous Embrace Hero’s normal attacks have a chance to poison the enemy. Poison attacks can be stacked. All Heroes
Praetorian Helmet Damage received -25% 25% 15% 10% All Heroes
Ragespike Raises your heroes’ Attack Ratings by 5% for every battle they win, an can be raised by up to 40% 5% Attack Ratings
40% Maximum
4% Attack Ratings
20% Maximum
3% Attack Ratings
12% Maximum
All Heroes
Relic Chest Raises the Health and Defense Ratings of all allied heroes by 2.5% for every Elite or Legendary relic that is possessed, an can be raised y up to a total of 30%. 2.5% Health and Defence
30% Maximum
1.5% Health and Defence
15% Maximum
All Heroes
Restorating Crystal Heals a teammate for 4% of HP per second over 20 seconds when their health drops below 40% HP (can be used once per battle) All Heroes
Sands of Time Time is sped up increasing your team’s Haste for 10 seconds All Heroes
Shadowfall Crit rating +15% 25% 15% 10% All Heroes
Shield of Fortitude Raises your heroes’ Defense Ratings by 5% for every battle they win, and can be raised by up to a total of 40% 5%, 40% 4%, 20% 3%, 12% All Heroes
Silver Arrow Additional 50% Damage to factional damage advantage. 100% 60% 40% All Heroes
Spider Thread Gloves All enemies are cocooned in spider’s silk for 8 5 seconds. If a certain amount of damage is dealt to enemies the effect will end earlier. Enemies
Statue of Retribution When a hero dies all attributes of all surviving heroes are raised until the end of the battle Survivors
Steel Cuirass Strength based heroes get +30% Defence. Restores 1% of max HP per second. 30%, 1% max HP restore. 20%. No restoration. 10% Def. No restoration. Tanks
Sunstone Reinvigorates allied heroes, allowing them to recover energy over time if their health is higher than 50%. Already possessing the Moonstone doubles the energy recovery rate of the Sunstone. All Heroes
Supporter’s War Flag Backline heroes Attack Ratings +20%, Crit Ratings +30% 20% Attack, 30% Crit 10%, 15% 5%, 10% Backм
Talonstrike Vurk will fire 3 bolts per shot when using his ultimate ability “Mania” Vurk
The Carnal Desire Raises all teammates Life Leech by 8 points for every Mauler hero that is on the battlefield 8 5 3 All (needs Maulers)
The Coral Vow Increases all teammates’ Defense by 10% for every Lightbearer hero that is on the battlefield 25% 15% 10% All (needs Lightbearers)
The Devoted Whisper Increases all teammates’ Attack Rating by 10% for every Graveborn hero that is on the battlefield. 10% 6% 4% All (needs Graveborn)
The Diligent Vow Restores the weakest teammate’s HP by 30% after 15 seconds of a battle 40% 30% 20% Individual
The Glistening Leaf All of Nemora’s teammates benefit from her “Life Force” ability after she uses her “Wild Wonder” ability Nemora
The Pearl Oath Deals more damage the lower your hero’s HP falls. Damage is increased by up to 35%. 35% 25% All Heroes
The Silent Hope Allows a hero to recover 700 energy over 5 seconds the first time they cast their ultimate ability in battle 700 energy
5 seconds
350 energy
5 seconds
All Heroes
The Silent Promise Raises all teammates’ Dodge by 12 points for every Wilder hero that is on the battlefield. 12 8 4 All (needs Wilders)
The Sinful Heart Shemira is able to use “Soul Siphon” to leech life from 3 enemies at the same time Shemira
The Tainted Desire Isabella is able to hit 3 enemies at the same time with her “Void Barrage” ability Isabella
The Unmounted Heart Causes massive damage and stuns all enemies once within first 25 seconds of battle. Enemies
Thunderburst Strikes enemies periodically, causing enemies to be damaged and stunned Enemies
Tome of Necromancy Reduces a Graveborn’s hero’s Cooldown period by 20% and restores 20 energy points per second 30%, 30 20%, 20 10%, 15 Graveborns
Ulmus’ Breath Allows Ulmus to use his “Deep Roots” ability without expending energy points Ulmus
Vambraces of Accuracy Accuracy +50, Crit Rating +10% 50, 10% All Heroes
Vanguard’s War Flag Frontline heroes’ Defense Ratings +15%, energy recovery rate +20% when injured 25%, 40% 15%, 20% 10%, 10% Front
War Horn Raises all allied heroes’ attributes each time an enemy is slain until the end of the battle Survivors
Wilder’s Wisp Increases a Wilder’s hero’s Crit Rating by 20% and Haste by 20% 30%, 30% 20%, 20% 15%, 10% Wilders
Windforce Lyca’s normal attacks and “Rapid Arrows” ability are able to hit 3 enemies at once Lyca
Winged Spurs Dodge +40% All Heroes
Wristguards of Invigoration All heroes energy recovery rate +40% when injured 40% All Heroes
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