Age of Magic — The Full Detailed Guide

Age of Magic — The Full Detailed Guide

Information compiled from in game experience and some other guides. Yay. Firstly, this guide is more about what to do as opposed to what things are. Explanations on what things are are very brief. Check out for a preview of all heroes skills, comparison of attributes, and where to obtain their shards. Information on where to obtain heroes was mostly obtained their.

This guide is prioritizing on reaching the end game as quick as possible for high ranks in the arena.

This guide is also separated by levels. See the range of levels you’re at for what you should begin to do at that level (assuming you also do the stuff in the previous levels).

If you’re looking for information on something specific Ex/ “Tournaments” Search for it under “Tournaments”, as it will be listed under the level range that is unlocked at. There may be more than one part to tournaments that each contain new information based on the level range. Check all parts for all information.

Age of Magic — The Full Detailed Guide

Levels 0-9

Welcome to age of magic. The first thing you need to know is that this game is long term with slow progression. Progression is nowhere near as fast as it is is now than it will be when you run out of energy. You will eventually drop all of the starting heroes in the light campaign.
Purchases you won’t regret:

  • * Starter chest ($2.39 CA)
  • * Lucky one time offer ($6.99 CA)

When grinding, focus on repeating stages that will give you equipment to equip onto your heroes. Prioritize on leveling Roland and Tenada. Only spend extra resources on him. Swap out Rogar as soon as you get a 6th light campaign hero. Then swap out either Tenada or Bellara. Roland and Kharannah you will keep for a longer term. It may take awhile before you get a 6th light campaign hero but, keep this in mind.

Bellara can be later used to grind for an event hero called Siegfried (See Events P2 levels 40-49) later in the game. If you plan on going for Siegfried, it may be helpful to keep Bellara on the main lineup for a short while.

You will unlock

Age of Magic — The Full Detailed Guide

  • Rogar in act 1 stage 3
  • Taneda in act 1 stage 6
  • Bellara in act 1 stage 8

Kharannah will come later on.

For stages that you’ve never completed before, the general rule is to always target the healers or weaker heroes first (not always the case but usually true). Do not auto play unless you’ve 3 starred the stage before. You’re likely better than the AI.

If you’re lazy and decide to auto play anyway, you can click on an enemy for the AI to target.

Gold P1

Always, always spend your gold on 50g campaign energy refreshes. Do not spend it anywhere else unless you have extra to throw around casually. Once you reach level 60, you can consider other areas of spending (see Gold P2 Levels 60-69). Energy refreshes will also keep giving you a good amount of memory spheres that you will eventually start accumulating so you don’t need to grind everything manually.

Upgrades P1

Level up/upgrade your heroes whenever you can.

Prioritize on the heroes mentioned earlier (Roland, Tenada, and Kharannah). Check the market for equipment you can purchase with silver that can be equipped on your heroes.


Do them. Free energy will arrive 3 times / day.

Common Questions

Q) How can I change the position of my heroes in battle?

A) You can’t. It has no effect on game play anyways, so don’t worry about it.

Q) I’m F2P; Where can I obtain gold?

A) Primarily tournaments and Arena leaderboard rewards. Other sources include daily logins, ToH (Tomb of Horrors) final battle and first time rewards from challenges, and events.

Levels 10-19

Keep grinding until you unlock friends. Once friends is unlocked, go to the global chat and add as many friends as possible. Just don’t be annoying about it (don’t spam). You can use their strongest hero once per ~1 or 2? days to help you push further in campaign much faster. This will increase the rate you progress at significantly.

Note that the global chat has been bugged for a very long time. If the messages does not update; go to the settings and turn chat off, then back on again. Or, go your devices home screen and back onto Age of Magic. This will refresh the chat so you can talk like a human.

Purchases you won’t regret:

* Azariel one time offer ($29.99? CA)

You will unlock

  • Torak
  • Grok in Act 1 Battle 1 (Heroic) Light campaign
  • Sharazar in Act 1 Battle 1 Dark Campaign

Valley of Treasure (VoT) P1

VoT is basically a campaign that offers high silver, cubes, and a separate way to farm shards.

Grind the furthest stage you can. Use friends to push you as far as possible. If friends are used, prioritize in VoT as opposed to campaign. Save VoT coins until you decide on which Event hero you want to obtain (See Events P1 Levels 20-29).

Skill cubes P1

You will have a short supply of skill cubes I. Use them sparingly on heroes you plan on keeping for a bit longer. As you level, do the same with higher level skill cubes until you have a larger supply of the lesser leveled cubes.

Common Questions

Q) How often can I use friends?

A) 24h since last using them

Levels 20-29

This is where the real choice begins.

Start working your way into the dark campaign, if possible. You will have or be getting infernus, abyssal hound, Torak, Grok, Jagg, Sharazar, Kharannah. A set of dark and light campaign heroes.

You will unlock

  • Abyss Hound from Level 20 reward
  • Eraser from Level 20 reward
  • Kharannah in ????


Fight other players squads to get higher up in the rankings, for an increasing daily reward. Arena offers a good passive gold income, so you want to try and get high in these rankings.

Age of Magic — The Full Detailed Guide

When arena is unlocked you will be placed in a pool of up to 20, 000 players that also unlocked the arena near the same time as you. At first, leader boards may be jumbled with a variety of power rating. Refresh the list of opponents until you find players with less power rating than you that are beatable. Your defending squad will be the last squad that you attacked with.

A strong defense is what will keep you up the leaderboards. Teams with lots of combos may suffer due to the defending AI miss playing moves.

Clans P1

Get into an active clan asap. Go to global chat and find someone looking for members of your level. You may have a hard time finding active clans through the clan search.

Lucky is the suggested hero to spend clan tokens on in the clan shop; for now.

Lucky is a top tier healer with high dodge, resurrection, and AOE damage reduction.

If you do not see Lucky in the clan shop then save up and do not spend anything. You must reach a certain level (Don’t remember what it was, sorry) before being able to purchase lucky from the clan shop.

Complete clan quests. Check what quest your clan had and make sure to do it. The more you clan does the more coins everyone gets.

Maximize your participation

Check the next quest that will occur. Save all or some resources that correspond to that quest until that quest begins. For example, If later today comes a quest for completing challenges. Then, I should save my challenges. When the quest begins, I complete all of the challenges, and when reset happens i’ll complete them again.

This will effectively double the amount of participation you have on this quest; giving you and your clan more clan coins.

*Note* You can effectively triple participation in the tombs of horrors quest by completing 36 stages for the clan quest (see Clans P2 in Levels 40-49), even though one round of ToH has 12 battles.

Go to Help in the settings, Clans, clan quest hints for a table description.

Grinding shards

When autocompleting stages for shards in campaign, avoid completing the stages 4 or 5 battles at once. Auto complete 1 battle. If you obtain a shard from this battle, then continue completing all of them. If you do not obtain a shard from the first battle, complete 1 stage at a time until you obtain the first shard. Then, stop and spend the energy elsewhere. Odds are you will not get that 2nd shard. Wait until reset before grinding this stage again. You can only grind shards on heroic difficulty in campaign.

Grinding shards

Events P1

If you have certain heroes become strong enough in an event, you will unlock an ‘event hero’.

The two event heroes you should focus on trying to get are either

Rok or Succubus

Rok – Has an AOE sleep spell that puts all enemies to sleep. High critical damage and chance. Very strong on any lineup. Low HP.

Succubus – Can prevent up to 3 heroes from using skills (2 being random targets); this is great lock down. Very high single target DPS.

Succubus will be much more difficult to obtain than Rok. That is, a longer grind.

Rok is a more common and the suggested choice due to being a much quicker grind. Although, Xaart is a top tier hero that will be necessary for succubus and can be used in the late game. Heroes used for Rok may be left late game. Jagg is however decent with high single target damage. Soothsayer can also be used for mid-end game bomb lineups that are immensely powerful. Full Kobold and Demon teams are strong in the mid game but not advised later on.

See meta (levels 70-79) for a tier-list and top heroes that may influence your decision.

Only choose one of those two heroes for now.

If you chose Rok

Age of Magic — The Full Detailed Guide

You will need 5 heroes from the Kobold faction to reach 5 stars, level 50, and equipment level 5.

Get Jagg, Soothsayer, Torak, Shni, and Grok

Do not get Wyrm Priest or Kobolock

Kobolock and Wyrm are much more difficult to grind and will make Rok take longer to obtain. Both heroes will be left in the end game. While Wyrm can make some line ups powerful mid game, that is not the aim of this guide. Wyrm will slow progression tremendously. You do not need Kobolock for the sake of having a healer in the event fight.

Wyrm is obtainable in the arena shop for 320 crystals, and raid shop for 950 tokens.

Kobolock is obtainable in the arena shop for 280 crystals, and grind able in Act 2, stage 4 of VoT. If you choose Kobolock, you will need to spend arena crystals on him as apposed to a different Kobold, as VoT shards are slow to rely on.

If you’re not interested in following the Meta and wish to try Wyrm for fun, consider this lineup:

  • Wyrm, Rok, Angrim, Hagrim, Velunder
  • Dominates mid game
  • Falls off late game due to dodges and damage not scaling well
  • Poor arena defense
  • Lots of combos that are insanely strong in tournaments

Additionally, Kobolock can make a full Kobold team very strong mid game.

Where to Grind

You can obtain Grok from the VoT shop for 4400 coins, and he is grind-able in both act 1 battle 5, act 1 battle 14, and act 5 battle 3 of the light campaign. This Kobold is very weak, and will be dropped as soon as Rok is obtained.

You can obtain Jagg in the Arena shop for 240 crystals, 725 raid tokens, and he is grind-able in act 1 battle 1, and Act 1 battle 10 of the light campaign. As mentioned before, Jagg has strong single target DPS and may be worth keeping for longer.

You can obtain Soothsayer in ToH shop (See ToH Levels 40-49), VoT shop for 5100 coins, and is grind-able in act 1 battle 7, act 1 battle 15, act 4 battle 5 of the light campaign, act 3 battle 4 of the dark campaign, and act 1 battle 6 of VoT.

You can obtain Shni in VoT Shop for 3650 coins, and is grind-able in act 1 battle 4, act 1 battle 9, act 3 battle 2 of the light campaign, and act 1 battle 4 of VoT. Do not bother grinding him in VoT.

You can obtain Torak in the Arena shop for 200 crystals, and is grind-able in act 1 battle 2, and act 1 battle 13 of the light campaign.

Complete all stages in Act 1 Heroic of Light Campaign.

For Effective Grinding

ToH is the easiest place to grind. Soothsayer will be the easiest to obtain shards for (from ToH shop). You do not need to prioritize campaign or VoT energy on her. You can spend extra resources on her grind and when you reach level 40, ToH crystals.

Spend arena crystals on Jagg and Torak shards.
Spend Valley of treasure coins on Grok and Shni.
Do not bother grinding shards in VoT, stick to the furthest stage available unless it is near the shard to grind anyway.
Grind for their shards in the campaign. Prioritize energy in the order of, Jagg, Torak, Grok, Shni, Soothsayer.

If you chose Succubus

You will need 5 demons to be 5 starred, level 50, and equipment level 5.

You must grind Abyss Hound, Eraser, Gatekeeper, Infernus, Xaart.

You can obtain Abyss Hound in the arena shop for 240 crystals, and is grind-able in act 2 battle 4, act 2 battle 11 of the light campaign, and act 2 battle 8 of VoT.

You can obtain Eraser in the arena shop for 240 crystals, and act 2 battle 8, act 3 battle 13, act 5 battle 6 of the light campaign.

You can obtain Gatekeeper in the arena shop for 280 crystals, VoT shop for 5100 coins, and is grind-able in act 2 battle 10, act 3 battle 11, and act 5 battle 12 of the light campaign.

You can obtain Infernus in the arena shop for 280 crystals, VoT shop for 5100 coins, and is grind-able in act 1 battle 10 in VoT.

You can obtain Xaart in the arena shop for 320 crystals, VoT shop for 5850 coins, and raid shop for 950 tokens. Remember, he is also a top tier hero.

Complete all stages in Act 2 Heroic of Light Campaign.

Complete all stages in Act 3 Heroic of Light Campaign.

You will not be strong enough to grind shards in act 3 or act 5. Try to get friends to push you through act 3 with extra unused energy so you can grind gate keeper and eraser in the extra stages (It may take awhile before you can do so).

For Effective Grinding

Spend arena crystals on Xaart. Spend all VoT coins on Infernus. Do not grind him to much in VoT if you can reach act 3. Grind for their shards in the campaign. Prioritize energy in the order of, Eraser, Gatekeeper, and Abyss Hound. If necessary, you may need to distribute arena crystals towards Eraser or Gatekeeper.

Common Questions

Q) Why can I not level up my hero past 20?

A) Once you reach level 20 the maximum level of a hero is equal to your account level. You must first level up.


Challenges are extra daily battles (5) for more rewards.

Not much to say here other than do the latest stage you possibly can.

Some heroes are recommend to aid in getting further in challenges that have helpful rewards. For example, Ambor (See If You Chose Kage in Events P2 Level 40-49) is useful for the sharpshooter challenge in obtaining skill cubes.

Levels 30-39

Keep doing the suggested things stated in prior levels and grind for the chosen event hero.

This will be the slowest part of the game, with the exception of the new game mode available:

Tournaments P1

The tournament is a one day weekly game mode where you fight other players heroes for greater rewards.

Tournaments are very important due to how significant the gold reward is for the top players.

Follow these tips to assure you make a top spot.

Save all upgrades until the tournament begins. Yes, I mean literally do not upgrade any (of your top 5) heroes. Save everything for an entire week including, levels, equipment, and star upgrades. You won’t need to upgrade if you’re grinding for Rok or succubus and using friend to progress anyways. This is the biggest factor that will get you high up in the tournaments. At the start of a tournament you are placed with players such that their top 5 heroes have near the same strength as your top 5. When the tournament begins, upgrade. Your heroes will be one week’s worth of upgrades stronger. Only upgrade heroes that are not and will not be in your top 5.

The goal in a tournament battle is to get 3 stars (no heroes died). Health of heroes does not refill after each fight. Do not fight to win, fight to survive. Healers are essential. If you went for Succubus, use Xaart and a 2nd healer. Cool downs for skills will refresh every fight so if possible, heal before you win a fight. If you are losing a fight leave the battlebefore a hero dies, your heroes will not die if you leave.

Always target weaker opponents. The points you earn is equal to the total power of the squad you beat. But, remember the goal is to survive. Be careful fighting against high burst heroes that can pick you off such as, Taneda or Jagg.

Be Patient. Wait if there are no other sure win targets. You can fight the same person up to 3 times if you start the tournament early and end late.

If you lose your main heroes, swap to your weakest hero and only fight with them. When you lose, the hero will defend. Other players will not obtain many points for beating you. Since opponents will also be searching for weak enemies this can prevent giving free points away if your defense is sure to lose.

To combat the previous point, you can fight other members who swap to their weakest heroes to heal your heroes. In the future, you can try and prevent opponents from following this tip and healing up by using heroes with heal prevention (see Levels 40-49 Tournament P2).

Valley of Treasures (VoT) P2

Grind or work towards the final stage. This stage gives the best rewards and as an added bonus, shards for Arkhon Guard. Arkhon Guard is a strong tank, especially in the mid game. Swap out a starting hero for Arkhon Guard if you’re still using them. The priority is still the event hero though.

Skill cubes P2

You know the drill. This time the short supply is likely skill cubes III. Use them sparingly on heroes you plan on keeping for a bit longer, similar with skill cubes IV later on. You may start to accumulate skill cubes I. When upgrading for skills, start looking at the next levels to see what bonuses are applied if the skill is upgraded. Upgrades that reduce cool downs, apply marks, or increase durations may be more significant.

Levels 40-49

Closer to the end of this stage you should be nearing some of the requirements for acquiring either Rok or Succubus. You will still need the level requirement but, you may be able to start distributing resources into other areas.

Encase you want to figure out how long it will take to reach level 50 for the event hero, it takes 23,950 total experience to go from level 40 to 50.

1900, 2010, 2120, 2230, 2340, 2450, 2560, 2670, 2780, 2890 xp for each level from 40 to 50 respectively.

Events P2

When you reach or are near some of the requirements for Rok or Succubus then it’s time to distribute the extra resources but first, you need to make another choice.

Rok or Succubus or Kage or Siegfried

Start spending the extra resources on the next event hero you plan on grinding. Once you get the event hero, start fully grinding for the next one.

If you went for Rok, consider Succubus.

If you went for Succubus, consider Rok.

Or head for either Kage or Siegfried.

Kage – A rogue that is essential for the META. Has a skill that prevents healing or resurrection. His passive allows him to attack if another rogue attacks, giving him extra base attack turns. Low hp.

Siegfried – The strongest tank in the game that makes for META defensive line ups. Siegfried taunts at the start of battle, preventing opponents from picking off targets right away. High base hp.

Kage is the suggested next route to take as he is much easier to grind for in comparison to Siegfried (See ToH P1), puts you closer towards the rogue lineups, and whose required heroes are very strong mid game.

Rok and Succubus can make for very strong lineups such as, Rok, Succubus, Azariel, Xaart, Lucky.

Swamp killer is a very strong late game rogue that is required for getting Siegfried.

Kage and Tsuna events only come around once every 3 months, as opposed to Rok, Succubus, and Siegfried that happen every month.

See meta (levels 70-79) for a tier-list and top heroes that may also influence your decision.

Note: You’re still spending main resources on acquiring your first event hero. Only spend extra resources trying to reach these requirements or make your way into the effective grinding section. Once you obtain your first event hero is when you will start spending the majority of your resources onto your next event hero; where you will fully focus on the effective grinding section of the next event hero. If you previously went for Succubus it may take longer.

If you chose Rok

See Events P1 (Levels 20-29) for who and where to grind. Note that most Kobolds are grind-able in Act 1 of heroic. This means you will be earning less rewards since you can grind further stages.

Jagg can be used on your main lineup when you acquire Rok. Soothsayer can as well if you decide on going for a combo team. She may also be strong against Dwarve teams.

If you chose Succubus

See Events P1 (Levels 20-29) for who and where to grind. You may be able to grind demons in Act 3 now.

Xaart can be used on your main lineup when you acquire Succubus. Infernus as well if you don’t have many other heroes. Though, Infernus will likely be swapped later on.

If you chose Kage

You will need to grind dwarves for Kage.

Grind for Gassar, Velunder, Angrim, Hagrim, and Ambor.

Gassar can combine with kage’s passive mid game.

Velunder and Angrim have a solid AOE combo in mid game. Hagrim and Velunder as well.

If you went for Rok, finish getting Soothsayer to 5 stars before spending primary resources on these two heroes. Remember to still keep priority on your first event hero. This is extra resource spending.

Ambor provides high single target DPS that can ignore dodge. He his decent mid game but, a primary target due to being a ranged damage dealer. Later in the game, the final level of skill cubes become very difficult to obtain but, are accumulated much quicker if you are able to complete the 2nd last sharpshooter challenge. Whether or not you will use him in your main line up, he will be helpful in the future for the challenge.

Grind all dwarves to 6 stars, level 50, and equipment level 6. These are the requirements for getting Kage at 6 stars. Do not grind dwarves to 7 stars. The cost of silver is to high for the benefit, and we will be replacing dwarves for rogues in the end game. Getting a Kage from 6 stars to 7 stars is going to cost just over 41 million total silver.

Where to Grind

You can obtain Ambor from the VoT shop for 5100 coins, and is grind-able in act 3 battle 15 of the light campaign, act 2 battle 15, and act 4 battle 13 of the dark campaign.

You can obtain Angrim from the ToH shop for 450 crystals, clan shop for 600 tokens, and raid shop for 725 tokens.

You can obtain Gassar from the VoT shop for 4400 coins, ToH shop for 450 crystals, and is grind-able in act 3 battle 8 in the VoT.

You can obtain Hagrim from the Arena shop for 240 crystals, ToH shop for 450 crystals, and is grind-able in act 3 battle 6 of the light campaign, act 2 battle 9, and act 3 battle 15 of the dark campaign.

You can obtain Velunder from the ToH shop for 525 crystals, and the clan shop for 675 tokens.

Complete all stages in Act 3 Heroic of Light Campaign.

Complete stages in Act 5 Heroic of Light Campaign.

Complete all stages in Act 2 Heroic of Dark Campaign.

Complete stages in Act 3 Heroic of Dark Campaign.

You will not make it to act 5 heroic anytime soon at this level. Prioritize on act 2 and act 3.

For effective grinding

Grind Hagrim in arena shop. Hagrim is solid for tournaments if you did not grab lucky. Especially with Xaart. You will need the extra healer. If you’re still using Karannah and another healer, perhaps swap her out for Hagrim.
Grind Ambor in VoT shop.
Grind Angrim and Gassar in ToH shop. May want to leave room so you can also obtain shards for Rok / Succubus when you acquire them.
Velunder in ToH shop as well, or Clan shop if you are not planning on exhausting resources for Lucky.
Grind for their shards in campaign. Prioritize energy in the order of, Hagrim, then Ambor. Drawves will mostly be grinded from shop.

If you chose Siegfried

You will need to grind Barbarians for Siegfried.

Grind for Bellara, Silver moon, Aratar, Swamp Killer, and Atiles.

Bellara will only be grindable in lesser stages that may impact how many resources you obtain. If you feel necessary, and you did not use her much as a starting hero; perhaps swap her for Atiles or Denaya.

Denaya is a very strong boss hero that is useful mid game and even later on. However, she will take longer to grind. So, she is not the suggested hero. Additionally, bosses have much higher overall power rating than other heroes. As a result, having her as your strongest hero may place you against higher rating opponents in the tournaments where your other heroes may fall behind.

Nonetheless, she is a viable option. As such, if you choose to grind Denaya, swap her for Atiles (or Bellara as mentioned earlier).

Grind all barbarians to 5 stars, level 50, and equipment level 5. These are the requirements for getting Siegfried.

With the exception of Swamp Killer, whom can be kept for the end game and grinded further.

Where to Grind

You can obtain Bellara in the VoT shop for 5100 coins, and is grind-able in act 1 battle 8 of the light campaign, act 1 battle 9, and act 3 battle 8 of the dark campaign, and act 3 battle 6 of VoT.

You can obtain Silver moon in the ToH shop for 525 crystals, and clan shop for 675 tokens.

You can obtain Aratar in the VoT shop for 4400 coins, and is grind-able in act 5 battle 14 of the light campaign, and act 4 battle 7 of dark campaign.

You can obtain Swamp Killer in the VoT shop for 3650 coins, clan shop for 500 tokens, and is grindable in act 5 battle 10 of the light campaign, and act 4 battle 11 of the dark campaign.

You can obtain Atiles in the VoT shop for 4400 coins, and is grind-able in act 5 battle 8 of the light campaign, and act 4 battle 15 of the dark campaign.

You can obtain Denaya in the clan shop for 775 tokens or the raid shop for 950 tokens.

Complete stages in Act 4 Heroic of Light Campaign.

Complete all stages in Act 5 Heroic of Light Campaign.

Complete all stages in Act 4 Heroic of Dark Campaign.

You will not be able to get this far in campaign yet. Just keep it in mind.

For Effective Grinding

You must reach level 65 to purchase barba from VoT shop. This list assumes they are purchasable.

If you are not going Denaya (Suggested, quicker)

Spend clan tokens on Swamp Killer.
Spend ToH crystals on Silver Moon.
Spend VoT coins on Aratar and Atiles, priority can vary.
Grind for their shards in the campaign. Prioritize energy in the order of, Swamp Killer, Bellara, Aratar / Atiles.

If you are going for Denaya (and keeping Bellara)

Spend clan tokens on Denaya. You can prioritize Denaya with raid tokens later on to make Siegfried a quicker grind however, Maedb or azariel are still the suggested priorities (See Raids P1 in Levels 50-59). Spend ToH crystals on Silver Moon. Spend VoT coins on Aratar and Atiles, priority can vary. Grind for their shards in the campaign. Prioritize energy in the order of, Swamp Killer, Bellara, Aratar.

If you chose Tsuna

Choose Kage instead. She a bit behind the other event heros. Although, Arekhon shadow, Arekhon Guard, and Blood Mage are very strong, and she can make for high damage end game lineups.

Nonetheless, if you’re interested you can find where to grind Arekhon shards here

Tomb of Horrors (ToH)

You unlocked ToH, perfect!

The Tomb of Horrors is 12 linear stages that progressively get more difficult, with higher rewards the further you go. The difficulty of the stages scales based on the total strength of your top 5 heroes. So, having more heroes near the same strength makes tomb of horrors easier to complete. A strong team of 5 with at least 2 healers is sufficient enough to not have to intentionally level up other heroes to make them usable in ToH.

Reach the final stage. The final 3 stages are what makes the rewards worth the effort.

If you went for RoK, spend ToH crystals on Soothsayer.

Extra crystals or if you just went for succubus, can be used to start bringing up dwarves.

Dwarves are very strong mid game with the combos built into their faction. Hagrim is a strong healer that combos with Xaart, turning Xaart’s resurrection into a permanent resurrection. Velunder and Angrim can combine for a high damage AOE combo that dominates mid game.

If you went for both lucky and Xaart, perhaps consider spending the resources on Velunder and Angrim. Hagrim is grind-able in campaign, whilst, Velunder and Angrim are not.

If you did not go for lucky, consider Hagrim as you will need another healer for tournaments, arena, and ToH.

Upgrades P2

Flasks to level up heroes may become scarce depending on how you’ve been upgrading them. Start leveling heroes more sparingly, equipment is more important. You should only be upgrading heroes that either help you get the event heroes (for their requirements) or other end game heroes that you may have chosen to grab such as, Xaart or Lucky.

Tournaments P2

Stick with all tips mentioned in P1.

If lots of users including yourself are starting to replace their heroes with their weakest heroe to prevent attackers from getting score, attackers can still utilize these battles to heal their heroes.

You can try using either Blood Mage or Arekhon Shadow, whom both have skills to prevent healing as defense to prevent attackers from healing. Both heroes are strong throughout mid to late game.

Clans P2

On Mondays (Or Tuesday¿ depending on timezone) a quest for ToH battles completed will appear. A day before this quest starts, save your battles so that you can do 12 and are unable to refresh the battles available. Next day (reset), you will be able to refresh the battles. This should be the day right before the clan quest to complete ToH appears. When the quest appears, complete all saved 24 battles before reset. Then, when reset occurs you will have another 12 battles to fight. This way, you have 36 battles completed in the ToH quest.

Levels 50-59

Congratulations, 50 is a big milestone. Hopefully you managed to or are waiting for the next event to obtain your Rok or Succubus.

If you didn’t get Rok or Succubus on time or are still missing requirements do not give up. Continue until you fully reach the requirements and only spend extra resources elsewhere. Do not leave Rok or Succubus half complete and transition to another event simply becomes it’s coming up sometime soon. The event will come around again. Complete them first then move on to actually transitioning into the effective grinding stage for your next event hero (see Events P2 Levels 40-49).

You should have either Rok or Succubus soon. When they are unlocked, you can purchase their shards. Both Rok and Succubus shards will cost 600 ToH crystals. They will also be available in the Arena shop for 320 crystals if you are not already spending that elsewhere.


You are likely now strong enough to begin helping your clan with raids.

Raids are basically a multiplayer ToH. Your clan will work together to complete all battles. There are different paths within the map, and you can only follow the path you have selected from the start. There are three sets of rewards.

  • Tier 1 rewards are given if the raid is 30% complete.
  • Tier 2 if the raid is 60% complete.
  • Tier 3 if the raid is 100% complete.

Assure the clan uses portal stones. Staying at 36k makes your clan lose anymore stones that are obtained. If your clan is near maximum portal stones open portal II as opposed to portal I. It will cost more, using those stones and allow all clan members to partcipate in the raid. You can alternate between portal I and the most difficult portal your clan can do for daily raids; assuming members are active in earning portal stones. Clans can earn up to 18,000 portal stones / day, with 600 per clan member. If your clan can defeat a portal with nearly 100% completion, odds are you will be able to acquire 30% in the next raids difficulty, which offers greater rewards.

Disperse members. If 5 members are on the same path, don’t take the same path! The goal is to complete as many battles as possibles.

Check out this guide (By Classic Pulcho) for an idea of how to disperse clan members based on the difficulty of the factions:

Portal I guide

Portal II Guide

Portal III Guide

Fight what you can. You’re likely only strong enough for the easiest battles in the easiest raid if your in the early 50s. So, stick to those battles.

Now you have to choose on what to spend raid currency on.

Azariel or Maedb

Azariel is another top tier healer that is necessary in top healer based teams. She is very self sustainable and difficult to take down later on. Additionally, she has a passive that prevents an allied hero from receiving lethal damage.

Maedb is a rogue that is always hidden that goes well with other top tier heroes such as Kage. She can prevent heroes from using skills and reset initiative for lock down.

Maedb is the suggested alternative as she follows the META (See Meta in Levels 70-79) and is strong against healer teams due to her lock down.

Azariel is likely the safer alternative, as she will be strong in just about any lineup and aids in all game modes. Maedb may need a team of beast man, rogues, or sleep oriented lineups to reach full potential. Azariel will also provide extra healing support in the dark campaign, which you may be lacking in if you went for Rok without getting Kobolock and do not have Xaart.

Tri healer teams such as, Rok Succubus, Azariel, Lucky, and Xaart, are very effective (as briefly mentioned earlier in the guide).

Maedb will cost 950 raid tokens. Only spend them on her.

Azariel costs 825 raid tokens.

You will not obtain either Azariel or Maedb anywhere else, so choose wisely.

Clans P3

You are now high enough level to purchase Myrddin in the clan store for 775 tokens. If you went for Maedb, consider him. Myrddin is a caster that counters ranged attacks and can put heroes to sleep, with the highest crit rate in the game. Maedb can buff Myrddin’s speed and vise versa as Myrddin sleeps. He can make for strong late game lineups but requires full commitment in the clan shop and a lineup to work with him. Additionally, he is strong against a lineup that contains Rok. This guide does not however recommend him, due to the commitment required to obtain him and lack of independence (he is not strong alone).

Levels 60-69

If you’re getting close to your second event heroes requirements and wish to start working towards your third event hero with extra resources, if desired. See the effective grinding lists under the chosen event hero listed in Events P2 (Levels 40-49) and Events P1 (Levels 20-29) for where to grind what heroes. Also see Meta, and make sure you work your way towards a team of tier 1 heroes.

Upgrades P3

The cost of leveling up in silver will skyrocket.

Do not level your heroes equal to your character level. You will run out of silver. Level them up as you reach the next equipment level that requires them to be a higher level. Save some silver to assure your main lineup can reach 6 stars. Top Tier heroes can be 7 starred (see Meta in Levels 70-79), although 6 stars is sufficient.

As you reach closer to the 70s, some or even most resources should be focused on getting higher equipment levels on heroes you plan on keeping. Equipment level is worth more than stars. 7 staring event heroes or heroes that will certainly be kept is okay, just be aware that it costs 6 million silver for a single upgrade from 6 to 7 stars. You may want to consider purchasing equipment from the shop in preparation for equipment level 8-10.

Gold P2

Silver will start to become scarce as you head into the 70s. As such, consider spending gold on 100g VoT energy refreshes as opposed to campaign energy.

One 100g VoT refresh provides 174k-175.5k silver.

On the other hand, Two 50g campaign refresh will provide at most 136.1k-136.9k silver; and you probably won’t be grinding the highest silver stages.

If you need the campaign energy for equipment, stick to campaign. Otherwise, try VoT refreshes to steady the silver intake.

Skill cubes P3

Skill cubes IV will be difficult to obtain. Try to complete the 2nd last stage in the sharpshooter challenge for an easier time acquiring them over time. If you went for Kage and grinded dwarves, Ambor will help with this challenge. Infernus and Torak may also be helpful.

Level 70-79

Getting close!

You will unlock

  • Purchasable equipment 8 in shop

Upgrades P4

Equipment will primarily be purchased from shops. An lvl 10 equip hero will have over 1m hp!

Once you reach around lvl 75/76 and start to hit the final equipment levels, you may start having extra silver that can be spent on leveling up heroes. Once your heroes are closer to the max you’ll acquire extra silver for this.

Most Effective Tactic Available (Meta)

You’ve reached or are reaching end game. It’s time to make sure you have a suitable end game lineup. Hopefully you’ve already set yourself up for one by following this guide.

As of 1.9.2

The endgame meta is Rogue based teams. Rogues are fast to attack, and are good at disabling healers. Kage, Maedb, And Succubus are common attacking and, Kage, Maedb, Succubus, and Siegfried are common for defending.

Top attacking Arena teams

  • Maedb, Kage, Succubus, Xaart, Swamp Killer
  • Maedb, Kage, Succubus, Swamp Killer, Azariel,
  • Maedb, Kage, Succubus, Lucky, Azariel?
  • (bomb squad) Soothsayer, blood priest, rok, azariel, siegfiend

Top defending Arena teams

  • Maedb, Kage, Succubus, Siegfried, Swamp Killer
  • Maedb, Kage, Succubus, Siegfried, Azariel
  • Maedb, Kage, Siegfried, Swamp Killer, Azariel
  • Siegfried, Wukong, Zhu, rok, Maedb ???
  • Maedb, Kage, Siegfried, Azariel, Wukong ??

Other solid top lineups

  • Rok, Succubus, Azariel, Xaart, Lucky
  • Maedb, Kage, Rok, Myrrdin, Xaart
  • Xaart, Succubus, Maedb, Myrddin, Kage

Variations of these teams may also work

Tier List

Heroes are not listed in any particular order

Tier 1 (Great)


Maedb, Kage, Succubus, Rok, Lucky, Azariel, Swamp Killer, Xaart, Siegfried.


Myrddin (May become common), Arekhon Shadow, Zhu???, Wukong???

Tier 2 (Good)


Blood mage & Arekhon Guard (Both Close tier 1), Jagg, Denaya, Velunder, Hagrim, Angrim, Soothsayer, Silver moon, Wyrm Priest, Infernus


Ambor, Raarspit, Tsuna, Torak, Gassar, Atiles, Taneda

Tier 3 (Balance much)

All others :P

Levels 74

You thought you were close to level 80?

Ayy lmao

Levels 80 – life

Okay you made it. Now cancel your debit card and see the the world.

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