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What is about to come is a wall of text, which can be broken down to a short list of recommendations:

  • PVP gives the best rewards, and artifacts/prisms don’t affect pvp, so don’t spend much flooz on them
  • Places to spend flooz: crusher chests, hero slots, and art slots (9-12).  Blitz chests are great if you’re a whale or you have about 2 mil hero power
  • Pick SG (Skeleton Giant) or Spike, and focus on that one until he is 7/5/7 (///).  Focusing on a hero means spending almost no materials on anyone else.  Spike, SG, Dragon Bot, and Bat are the best commons, so you’ll want those to 7 star before working on any other commons
  • Pick one epic for Sunday Epic request, and get it to 7).  Focusing on a hero means spending almost no materials on anyone else.  Spike, SG, Dragon Bot, and Bat are the best commons, so you’ll want those to 7 star before working on any other commons
  • Pick one epic for Sunday Epic request, and get it to 7 before working on another. I recommend Scud
  • Daily Dungeons aren’t for artifacts, they’re for medals, so focus on dark dungeons (even if you have a ton of dark materials)
  • Only awaken your arena team. Once you get extra do crusher heroes and blitz tanks too.  For blitz you just need one or two per element for a while
  • Save golden dungeon tickets for 2x dungeon events
  • Save time jump and 2x prisms for ascend event 
  • It’s worth buying one set of extra dungeons each day during the 2x event
  • Save expedition speed ups for the 2x expedition event
  • Runes and team make up are more important than team power, if you build your team correctly, you can take out teams 2x or 3x your power, when they build it incorrectly
  • Use blitz coins on viking chests, nature chests, and assassins chest – you can add Navarre chest and Solar/Ice chests later on
  • Use arena coins on Dark Hunter (DH), he’s one of the best heroes in the game, and fairly easy to get to 7 by using arena coins only
Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

Starting Out Guide

When you start the game, you run to the right, clearing different stage levels.  This is known as staging.  It’s very important at the start, but staging becomes less important the longer you play.  Once you become (player) level 15, you unlock all the modes of the game.  Once this has occurred, your priorities may change.

There are two groups of activities: PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player).  In general PvE activities help other PvE activities.  PvP activities help all activities.  That is why most people recommend focusing on PvP activities.  That said, if you love staging, or another PvE activity, do what you enjoy.  The PvP activities include: Arena, Blitz, and Guild Wars.  PvE activities include Staging, Daily Dungeons, Guild Slay Events.  In neither/both of these categories there’s Expeditions, which give materials required for awakening your heroes and upgrading your weapons.  

In the PvP group, Arena gets you star shards for awakening heroes, Blitz gets you rune chests for runes, and Guild Wars gets fewer star shards and rune dust (for upgrading runes).  All these things are very important.  In the PvE group, Staging gets you prism levels, which help you in Daily Dungeons, which get materials to upgrade your artifacts, which help in Guild Slay Events. 


Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

Before we start talking about the different modes of the game, it is important to discuss flooz, which is the primary in-game currency.  It can be used to buy pretty much any other material.  While gold may sound like an important currency, it only affects staging, and therefore is not nearly as important as flooz.  The different ways to obtain flooz are as follows:

  • Performing the daily challenges (~25 flooz / day)
  • Reaching new max stages every 500 stages
  • Achievements –  by reaching certain milestones, you can receive flooz
  • Login Rewards, every 5 days there is a flooz reward
  • Lucky Spin (slot machine) can turn lucky tokens into flooz and other goodies
  • Chests – clicking on a gold chest and watching an ad can give you different amounts of flooz based on how many chests you have opened and RNG.  Some brown chests will also give flooz
  • Slay boss events will give you up to 50 flooz for reaching the highest tier, plus any personal and guild rewards at the end of the event
  • Blitz Tier 1 can give you flooz based on your rank, it is not suggested you focus on this, as higher Tiers give more important rewards, as discussed below
  • Guild Wars earn 80 for a win, 60 for a draw, and 40 for a loss
  • Guild War chests have a chance to have 150 flooz
  • Expeditions can give flooz as a bonus reward
  • Tournaments give flooz based on your rank and player level
  • Spending real money at the flooz shop or other event chests

If you decide to spend money, the CTA Discord community has calculated the efficiency of each option as follows:

Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

How you should spend your flooz is a little complicated.  It depends on your flooz income, or how much flooz you earn each week.  Two f2p (free to play) people can have different incomes if one plays more than the other.  And if you spend money, different people will spend different amounts.  Therefore I cannot tell you exactly what to buy, in what quantities. Yung has a great YouTube video on the subject. 

Generally over the long term, you will want to spend most of your flooz on hero medals. There are two, and sometimes competing, concepts: good hero pools, and high medal to flooz ratios. Here are the items you’ll want to consider:

  • Crusher Chests – Crusher chests are available during the slay event.  A new slay event happens every 4 days. You will want to buy at least Tier 1 (the first available chest) for each event. The chests reset between events, so you will always start at Tier 1 (which is a good thing). All Crusher Chests have small hero pools, and all have a chance to get an epic hero, which gives them above average hero pools.  Sorrow chests have the best hero pool in the game, so it is suggested you buy Tier 3 sorrow chests.  Furiosa and Atlantus are the next best,  so it is suggested you buy Tier 2 of their chests if you can afford it.  Crusher chests start with decent medal to flooz ratios, but by Tier 4 it is pretty bad. I wouldn’t buy any Tier 4 except for sorrow’s, and only if you’re spending money on the game.
  • Hero Slots – There are 10 available hero slots, and this affects the Arena much more than it affects staging.  It is important to get all 10 slots, but you do not have to get them all the first week. It’s more important that you get Tier 1 crusher chests than getting all 10 slots as soon as you start
  • Artifact Slots – Artifacts only affect PvE.  If you participate in any PvE, you will generally want between 9 and 12 (normal) artifact slots.  You will also want around 6 event artifact slots. Just like hero slots, they don’t need to be unlocked immediately.  There is not much of a reward for using artifacts, you can get higher leaderboard rewards, but it’s only a boost of about 5 flooz per Slay Event.  For me, it’s more fun to have some artifacts, and it definitely helps with leveling up your shops.
  • Ultimate Slots – There are 5 ultimate slots. If you actively stage, or participate in Guild Slay events, you will want to unlock all 5. Just like hero slots, they don’t need to be unlocked immediately.
  • Premium Chests – Premium chests have the highest medal to flooz ratio, but sadly one of the worst hero pools. They can be useful for building up Blitz and Guild War teams, and getting crit buffers for the Guild Slay Event. Generally there are better options despite the high medal to flooz ratio.
  • Blitz Chests – Blitz chests have a poor hero pool, and mediocre medal to flooz ratio.  What they do have is the only way to get more Blitz hero medals.  I recommend buying at least one chest the first time you attend each Blitz, just to unlock that hero.  Namida and Frost Queen are very good crowd control heroes, and their crowd control is unlocked at 2.  So you can buy a total of 3 Namida and 3 Frost Queen chests to get these heroes to 2.  So you can buy a total of 3 Namida and 3 Frost Queen chests to get these heroes to 2.   As Vlad is very popular in Arena later on, eventually you may want to buy more Vlad chests.  I recommend spending on Vlad if you consider yourself a whale, or you have 2 million hero power.
  • Fortune Chests – Generally I recommend avoiding Fortune Chests.  The one exception is if you need to unlock a hero.  Hikari and Tesla are the only two heroes that cannot be unlocked in other ways as a f2p.  Hikari can be unlocked in a start pack for someone not f2p.  For whales or those near the end game, you can use Fortune Chests to get higher on epic heroes.
  • Runes – Runes are very important in the game, but most f2p players do not need to spend flooz on them.  For late game f2p and for whales, Epic Rune Chests are very important to buy at all stages.
  • Big Pile of GoldAvoid
  • Blitz Tickets Avoid
  • Arena TicketsMostly Avoid.  If you are in Platinum 3 or Diamond 3 with 1 day and XX hrs remaining, and you can beat the opponents there, it may be worth spending flooz to get to Diamond or Legendary respectively.  
  • Arena RefreshesAvoid, except for whales in Legendary, I won’t tell them what to do.
  • Lucky CoinsAvoid
  • 2x PrismsAvoid
  • Dungeon TicketsAvoid except during the 2x Dungeon event
  • Featured Special Offers – Grow Your Beloved Heroes can be useful early on for all players.  F2p will want to wait until later in the game to buy any other offers.  F2p generally is only interested in the Expedition offer, and maybe the Rune offers.  Whales are interested in those plus Weapon Upgrade and the hero awakening offer for the star shards.
  • Anything else that hasn’t been mentioned – Generally best to avoid, since I have forgotten about them, but you can ask in the Questions sections in the CTA Discord.


Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

Expedition is a neutral category, it’s not PvP or PvE.  In expeditions, you get materials used for awakening heroes and upgrading your weapons.  The amount is based on the star level of the expedition and the duration of the expedition.  To awaken or upgrade a weapon, each hero requires two types of materials: an element based material and a class based material.  You can have 3 normal expeditions, 3 rare expeditions, and the magic medal expedition (which counts as rare for the quest), for a total of 7 expeditions.  

If you do not currently have the normal expeditions that you need, you will need to refresh the expedition.  It’s random, so it may take some time to get the expedition you need.  If you complete an expedition, you will get the same expedition back with either one star higher, or one star lower.  Based on the topics covered below you will want either Dark (for Skeleton Giant) or Light (for Spike), and Barbarian to start with.  Gunner would be a good third option, as you’ll most likely want to build Dragon Bot next.  It’s worth it to point out that there are two classes that share each of the Relics.  Barbarian and Brawler both use Heavy Fighter Relics.  It’s important that you get the Barbarian Expedition (King’s Landing) instead of the Brawler Expedition (Ring Rock).  This is because you’ll get a buff from Barbarians on the Barbarian Expedition, which will get you more Heavy Fighter Relics.  Likewise you’ll want the Isle of Tears Expedition for Gunners.  You’re going to stick with these expeditions for months, so it’s worthwhile to spend time up front and get the correct ones.

If you get 3 stars on the normal expedition, it will increase in tier, if you get less than 3 stars, it will decrease in tier.  Just having a hero in the normal expedition will guarantee you 50% of the reward.  The remaining reward is evenly distributed by power, so if you’re 25k/50k, you’ll get 75% of the rewards.  If you find a tough expedition, and you put in 5 heroes and only get 51% of the rewards, well you might as well just put in 1 hero and get 50% of the rewards.  The stars do not mean anything, other than 3 stars will increase the tier for the next expedition.

For rare expeditions, the reward is evenly distributed by power, there is no minimum reward %.  That said, the % is always rounded up, and this is important for magic medals, chests, and catalysts.  Putting in 1 hero will always get at least 1 reward.  If the max reward is 2 magic medals, if you get 51%, then it will round up to get 2 rewards.  0.51 x 2 = 1.02, which rounds to 2.  If there are 5 catalysts, every 20% gets another catalyst, so 1%, 21%, 41%, 61%, and 81% are the breakpoints.


Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

Arena is the best place to get star shards.  Now that Guild Wars has been added, you can get some there too, but you can get many more from Arena.  Star shards are required to awaken heroes (), and each ), and each multiplies your base stats by 1.5, which affects every aspect of this game. They cannot be bought with flooz, and that makes them very valuable, and that makes Arena very important.  When you start out, expect to lose a lot.  Wins don’t matter as much as the daily and weekly rewards of star shards.  

The best way to progress in Arena is to pick either Skeleton Giant (SG) or Spike, and focus on them until they are 7/5/7  (/// – you’ll want weapon level 9 eventually).  SG does more damage, and Spike has more HP.  Head to head, they are fairly even early on.  They both fade when you start getting rares to 7 – you’ll want weapon level 9 eventually).  SG does more damage, and Spike has more HP.  Head to head, they are fairly even early on.  They both fade when you start getting rares to 7.  If you follow everything in this guide, SG will have a slight advantage over Spike.  Make every guild request from Monday to Saturday with the hero you have chosen.  Spend all your star shards on this hero.  Upgrade his weapon as much as you can.  Give him your best runes.  For runes you’re looking for Damage then Vitality sets with AOE primaries if you can, Attack Speed, Att, Crit Dmg, or HP if you cannot.  Both of these heroes have a very large and powerful sp2 AOE, and if you boost the AOE range, it can clear out an entire opponent team.  Sunday you can request epics in your guild request, and I suggest Scud for his % Att team buff.

You will want to build your Arena team around the hero you selected.  Use buffers that buff his attack, attack speed, and crit damage; debuffers that debuff the opponent’s attack, attack speed, or HP; or crowd control that prevents this hero from being damaged.  Buffers/debuffers must be 4 to activate their buff.  Most crowd control heroes use their sp2, so they need to be 2 to activate their buff.  Most crowd control heroes use their sp2, so they need to be 2 or higher.  Useful buffers include: Scud, Onyx, Monki Robot, Monki Mortar (for SG), Thor (for spike), Krunk (for spike), One Eye (for spike), Valkyrie, and Alda.  Useful debuffers include: Dark Hunter (DH), Kage, Kasumi, and Vlad.  Useful crowd control include: Monki King, Namida, Circe, Frost Queen, Xak, Goddess, Ra, Petunia, Bungun, Ser Shu, Trickster, Valkyrie, anyone with stunning, or any water with chilling.  Since we’re focusing on one hero, if that hero gets crowd controlled, you’re going to struggle.  Try to avoid teams with Monki King or a lot of crowd control heroes.

Once you have one 7 tank, you can either get the other one or work on Dragon Bot.  If your tank is getting crowd controlled a lot, then Dragon Bot would be able to keep attacking.  Many crowd control abilities would affect both tanks at the same time.  On the other hand having both SG and Spike is very powerful, as both will be dropping large sp2 aoes.  SG, Spike, and Dragon Bot are the three best commons, so work on them, one at a time, until each is 7 tank, you can either get the other one or work on Dragon Bot.  If your tank is getting crowd controlled a lot, then Dragon Bot would be able to keep attacking.  Many crowd control abilities would affect both tanks at the same time.  On the other hand having both SG and Spike is very powerful, as both will be dropping large sp2 aoes.  SG, Spike, and Dragon Bot are the three best commons, so work on them, one at a time, until each is 7.  I suggest using Magic Medals (MM) on 1 or 2 to help get them to 7.  After that transition your MM on a good rare hero such as Gladiator. If you spend enough money on the game (near whaling territory), you can skip the MM on the commons, and go straight to Gladiator.

As you progress you’ll start to work on better heroes, you will have to choose where to spend resources.  In the CTA Discord there is a PVP tier list created by two long-time and very knowledgeable players, and I’ve copied the current one below.  I’ve created a document that describes the current Meta.  I’ve also created a Hero Encyclopedia that may help.  Once you are done spending MM on commons, you’ll want to spend them on Tier A rares.  Also consider Spark if you are working on Gladiator, as spark provides protection against fire for Gladiator.  While this is in the Arena section, it applies to Blitz and Guild Wars too.

PVP Tear List

Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

You should primarily use your star shards on your arena team, so you can obtain more star shards.  Once this is done, if you enjoy the Guild Slay Event, you can awaken your crushers.  Awakening a few tanks that are used in Blitz is also very valuable.  You do not need to awaken backline heroes for Blitz.  One or two tanks per element is all that needs to be awakened.

Other than star shars, you also get Arena Coins from the Arena.  You will want to unlock Monki King, then spend the rest of the coins on Dark Hunter.  Dark hunter is an amazing hero and will be able to easily reach 7 with the help of arena coins only.


Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

Blitz will get you Blitz hero medals, but more importantly, weapon catalysts and Blitz coins.  Certain weapon catalysts are required to upgrade your hero’s weapon, which will give you access to more runes and higher tier runes.  Your first week of Blitz, you should use the Blitz coins to unlock Thor, Merlinus, and Kasai, then save any remaining coins for rune chests.  Blitz coins are your best access to runes.  While whales can buy Epic Rune Chests, it’s usually better for the rest of us to get runes from Blitz.  Once you’ve been playing a week or so, if you participate in Blitz fully, you should be able to afford 6 rune chests (three of 2 types) each week.  Viking and Nature (available Wednesday and Thursday) are the two best, followed by Assassin, then Navarre, then either Solar or Ice depending on your tactics.  I don’t recommend buying Valken, as burning is not very good.

In Blitz you face other teams for trophies and blitz coins.  There are three tiers that are limited to heroes with a certain number of .  The higher the tier, the more blitz coins you will receive on a win.  Each tier also has Tier Rewards, where you receive weapon catalysts and blitz coins for obtaining a certain number of trophies in that Blitz Tier.  Because of the weapon catalysts, it’s important to perform some attacks in higher Blitz Tiers, even though this may give you fewer total trophies.  

As you win in Blitz, you fill up a Win Streak.  Once it fills you will move to the next “Blitz Level” which has slightly better opponents, and a trophy multiplier.  In order to obtain the better Tier Rewards, you are going to need to get to higher trophy multipliers. If you lose, you will either lose all of that level’s win streak, or if you’re at no Win Streak, lose a level and go to a win streak of 2.  

Blitz tactics get pretty deep, so I will just point you to other resources.  In the Citadel under BLITZ > blitz, there are two useful Blitz Guides that talk about tactics.  You just want to make sure you use all your heroes, and push to higher tiers for the better catalysts.  It is also worth noting that in Blitz, you want teams strong for their power, because you are matched by power.  So things that work great in Arena, may not work as good in Blitz, and vice versa.

When your first hero becomes 5, it can get you epic catalysts with 4, it can get you epic catalysts with 4 and level 3 weapon.  You will have to use most of your Blitz tickets on this one hero.  Use them up to and including when it costs 5 tickets per battle.  It’s best to hold off upgrading other heroes to 5 until you can get a full team.  Otherwise the trophies you earn per Blitz ticket will decrease, and you may no longer be able to get epic catalysts.  

Guild Wars

Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

Guild Wars is where one guild competes against another guild.  While who competes against who is somewhat random, you only compete against guilds that are closely ranked to you.  Therefore, over the long run, most guilds will have about a 50% win rate.  So you will lose a fair amount.  What your guild can control is the activity points that can get you rewards that are used to buy rune dust and rune chests.

It’s important to work as a team, and follow your Guild Leadership’s strategy.  It’s important that you defend and attack, even if they’re losses, because of the activity points that you get from it.  There’s not one strategy that works for all guilds and all opponents.  I don’t think there is a good Guild War strategy guide out there that I can point you to.

The rewards from Guild Wars are the War Chest Keys and Guild War coins that look like a crown.  You will get 3 War Chest Keys for a win and 1 Key for a loss.  Once you get 6 keys you can go to the Guild War Shop by going to Shop > Event > Guild War (the one to the far right).  Also here you can use your Guild War coins.  If you are new, you can use your Guild War Coins on the Viking and Nature rune chests (available Wednesday and Thursday), but most people will be better off with the Rune Dust.  Rune Dust is used to upgrade runes and is a fairly slow process to obtain from breaking runes.  


Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

The goal in staging is to boost your prism level.  This in turn helps with Daily Dungeons, which helps improve your artifacts.  Each time you ascend, you’ll get prisms.  The number of prisms you get is based on your stage reached and your prism multiplier.  The number of prisms you get per stage is not linear, you get more from stage 1000, than doing two runs to 500, so it’s recommended to ascend near your max stage.  The stage difficulty is exponential (every 14 stages, the HP and attack doubles), so you don’t slow down until near your Max Stage.  Therefore you can get to stage 1000 for approximately the same amount of time as two 500’s, but get more rewards.  I always aim to get 16/16 in my ascend reward wheel, and that is achieved at your Max Stage Reached minus 20.  

Starting at stage 600, at every 100 stages, there is a boss immune to all but one element.  It goes Water > Earth > Fire > Light > Dark.  It’s most efficient use of your prisms if you get your water hero just high enough to beat the water stage, then the earth hero just high enough to beat the earth stage, and so on.  Therefore you end up staggering your prism levels.  It’s best to only use one her per element.  If you use more, you’re either spending prisms to make them useful, or slowing down the spawn of a useful hero.  It’s fine to use just Luka as the only staging hero until you reach stage 600.  

The maximum stage you can reach is approximately your gold level (levels you get by using gold) + prism level (levels you get by using prism).  Stars and artifacts come into play too (1 yellow star is worth 14 stages, 1 pink star is worth 8 stages), but let’s ignore those for the moment.  When you start off, you only need to use Luka.  You start with Luka, and you need him to beat stage 600, as the stage 600 boss is immune to everything but water.  If you can get 150 gold levels, then you need approximately 600 – 150 = 450 prism levels to beat stage 600.  Then with an earth hero, you’d need 700 – 150 = 550 prism levels to beat stage 700.  Then 650 for fire, 750 for light, 850 for dark.  If after you get fire to 650, you can now get 200 gold levels, you can make your light hero 700 and get past stage 900.  I wouldn’t reset your fire hero just for those 50 prism levels.

There are two types of staging: online (where you have your screen on the game) and offline.  Online staging is generally faster than offline staging, unless you use a Princess Dream to speed up your offline staging.  For online staging, you want heroes that are fast: Luka, Pinky, Monki King, One Eye, and Kasumi are generally the fastest.  Once you get Hikari to 4 stars, you can replace One Eye with him, as that will boost the team’s speed.  If you don’t have those heroes, just use the ones with the fastest movement speed that you do have.  For offline, the hero doesn’t really matter.  You can choose the hero with the highest , as that will allow you to get to higher stages.  

There are 2x prism events.  I suggest saving any 2x prism items, time jumps, and princess dreams for these events.  Be sure to use a princess dream before using time jumps, so you can jump more stages.

During staging, you will see gold chests and brown chests.  It’s important to click on these for their flooz.  You are limited to 40 gold chests a day, or 80 a day during 2x.  Increasing your movement speed and game speed is important, as the more stages you see, the more chests you will see.  Therefore it’s beneficial to increase the attributes through your library and event artifacts (below).

Daily Dungeons

Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

Daily Dungeons get you hero medals and element materials used for artifacts.  The hero medals are more important, and therefore I recommend you do the Dark daily dungeons whenever they are available.  The Dark team is very versatile right now and has many good heros.

Starting at Daily Dungeon 16, you will receive two hero medals.  One will always be a common hero and one is random.  It’s important to push to this level as a new player.

There are 2x Daily Dungeon Events.  Really it’s +100%, which does get you 2x medals, but does not get you 2x element materials.  Since hero medals benefit the most, I recommend using all your attacks on the Dark Daily Dungeon.  I also recommend saving your gold Daily Dungeon Tickets for this event.

Guild Slay Event

Guild Slay Events get you materials used to buy and upgrade Event Artifacts (talked about below), give you flooz, and Guild Coins.  For Guild Coins, I recommend spending them on activating Guild Quests and on hero medals.  For hero medals, I recommend getting all three heroes to a cost of 1000 coins.  If a hero you like is in the shop, and you have spare Guild Coins, feel free to spend more on that hero.  

For the actual event, you want to spend most of your energy on the main boss.  It gives you the materials for the event artifacts.  Summoning minions when you can no longer 1 shot them will help prevent people from wasting energy on the minions.  Usually this is requested of people in the lower half of the guild.  Feel free to lower the boss level to survive, you will get less rewards, but you’ll usually get more rewards than if you die early.  You can survive level 20 bosses with only Gold Skin artifact, and that is enough to max out your tier rewards.

Runes Guide

Runes are very important for both PvP and the Guild Slay Event.  In the Guild Slay Event you are either trying to survive, or trying to do damage.  For survival, the Nimble set is good.  For doing damage, swift, precise, and rage are all useful.  Merlinus and Groovine can use intelligence runes to get their support ultimates more often.  Again, since PvE is not as rewarding, don’t spend too many materials on these heroes.

PvP is more complicated.  If you are going the SG or Spike route, and focusing all your resources on them, then they will want the vitality and damage sets first.  The third set depends on what runes you have, but swift, precise, and rage are all useful.  You want some AOE primaries, so that they can hit the back line heroes.  HP, Att, Att Speed, and Crit Dmg are also good.  For Dragon Bot and Bat, they need dps runes: damage, swift, precise, and rage with Att, Crit Dmg, and Att Speed primaries.  This can be used on any dps hero.  Later on Spike can be transitioned into a pure tank with Vitality, Guard, and Nimble.  That works for any barbarian tank.  For Knight tanks, Vitality, Nimble, and Phalanx are good.  For crowd control heroes, it really depends on the hero.  Monki King is a very popular crowd control hero, and Dazed, Swift, and Splash with AOE and attack speed primaries and some attack range secondaries are ideal for him.  Early on, Vitality is fine to keep him alive longer.

Rune Dust is used to upgrade runes, and is difficult to come by.  Therefore, except for your first set or two, you really want to only upgrade good 4 star and above runes.  It is fine to horde rune dust at the start, while you are looking for higher star runes and better versions of those runes.

For more details on which runes to use, I suggest looking at my Hero Encyclopedia, where I provide recommendations for runes for every hero.  


Artifacts are broken into 2 categories: normal artifacts and event artifacts.  They only affect PvE.  With normal artifacts there are multiple tiers.  At the start, you have access to tier 1 through 4.  To unlock the 5th tier, you need to max a 4th tier artifact.  To unlock the 6th tier, you need to max a 5th tier artifact.  To unlock the 7th tier, you need to max a 6th tier artifact.  It is a long process to unlock the 7th tier, with many steps.  I cannot tell you each step, but I can tell you the first and last steps.  Here is a link to the beginner artifacts.  Below are the recommended endgame artifacts for survivability (taken from the CTA Discord).  Most people will need survivability as there usually are only a few hitters per guild.  

Crush Them All — Most Fullest Guide in the Internet

The beginner artifact link has the suggested event artifact list, but I want to highlight the Flip Flops of Speed, Cloak of Speed, and King’s Gloves.  These help in speed things up, which helps all PvE endeavours, but they really help stage clearing speed.  And stage clearing speed translates into getting gold and brown chests quicker, which is very useful to max out your daily gold chest limit, or just increase the number of gold chests you get through in a day.  

In order to buy 5* artifacts, you will need T4 art stones.  The best way to get these are by maxing 4* artifacts.  It’s very easy to max these, so I recommend maxing all your 4* artifacts before buying any T4 stones in the arena shop.  Same thing for T5 and T6 artifact stones.This way you will be able to spend more arena coins on hero medals.

Personal Library

The personal Library provides bonus stats based on the level of your account.  The stats are broken into 6 orbs as follows:

  • Blue Orbs – Used to increase the Prism Rewards per ascend
  • Green Orbs – Either gives a chance to randomly skip a stage, or increases game speed.  While both are good, increasing the game speed affects all PvE aspects, while skipping a stage only affects staging.  I recommend putting most of your green orbs into game speed and rely on artifacts for skipping stages.
  • Yellow Orbs – Either gives Princess Dream Duration or Offline Speed.  If you save all your Princess Dreams (PD) for the 2x event, you will have plenty without any PD duration for the event and time jumps.  Offline Speed will make your PD skip more stages.  Therefore I suggest spending most of your Yellow Orbs into offline speed, and possibly some into PD Duration.
  • Purple Orbs – Either gives Dungeon Tickets or Dungeon Rewards.  Since Dungeon Tickets give more medals, that is the primary focus.  Max that, then work on Dungeon Rewards.
  • Red Orbs – Either increases your Max Guild Energy, or increases the Energy Charge Speed.  The table below (taken from the CTA Discord) has the time for your energy to fully recharge.  Basically the goal is never to fully recharge and have the most Regen.  Since you have so many orbs, you will compare a diagonal.  Say you have 5 orbs, then you can look at (5 Regen, 0 Max) of 7.58 hours, (4 Regen, 1 Max) at 8.49 Hours, (3 Regen, 2 Max) at 9.43 hours, and so on.  If you sleep 8 hours a night, then  (4 Regen, 1 Max) at 8.49 Hours is your best choice.  If you also work 9 hours without having access to the game, then (3 Regen, 2 Max) at 9.43 hours becomes the best choice.
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  • Silver Orbs – Either increases expedition rewards or expedition number of slots.  I recommend putting 3 into the Number of Slots, then the rest into the rewards.  At the start you will have 1 hero that has a lot of power, and a bunch that do not.  Adding a lot of low power heroes on top of the 1 powerful hero, will not help much.  Therefore you don’t need many hero slots.


I want to reiterate that more information can be found at the CTA Discord or the Citadel.  All the information found in this guide comes from these sources, with a little of my experience added in.  There will be slightly different views on some things, but the recommendations in this guide will get you 99% of the way there.  The CTA community is great.  They have been very patient with my learning, and always willing to share their knowledge.  I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do.

By MrMoogle, aka EMoogle

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