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Pokemon Masters Best Guide Guides

Hello, today we will be going over a guide for Pokémon Masters to get you prepared for when the game launches globally!

Before that a quick way to get 600 free gems is to sync your Nintendo account to the game we recommend it so you can save up to summon! Be warned, only link the game after global launch, linking it before official global release can cause location problems that could lead to the banning/deletion of the account.


You can start grinding for materials as soon as you finish chapter 2.

Level Up Manuals

Used to level up Sync Pair.

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • 1 ★ Level Up Manual – Level Up Course Easy/Hard
  • 2 ★ Level Up Manual – Level Up Course Hard/Very Hard
  • 3 ★ Level Up Manual – Level Up Course Very Hard


Power Ups

Used to increase Sync Pair ★s.

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • 3 ★ Power Up
  • 4 ★ Power Up
  • 5 ★ Power Up
    • Obtained after maxing sync move level of a trainer and getting additional dupes.

Aid Ades

Used to increase the level cap and unlock moves of Support type trainers

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Aid Ade – Support Course Easy/Hard. Support SuperCourse: Easy/Hard
  • Great Aid Ade – Support Course Hard/ Very Hard. Support SuperCourse: Easy/Hard/Very Hard
  • Ultra Aid Ade – Support Course Very Hard. Support SuperCourse: Hard/Very Hard


Buff Blends

Used to increase the level cap and unlock moves of Strike type trainers

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Buff Blend – Strike Course Easy/Hard. Strike SuperCourse: Easy/Hard
  • Great Buff Blend – Strike Course Hard/ Very Hard. Strike SuperCourse: Easy/Hard/Very Hard
  • Ultra Buff Blend – Strike Course Very Hard. Strike SuperCourse: Hard/Very Hard


Tech Tonics

Used to increase the level cap and unlock moves of Tech type trainers

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Tech Tonic- Tech Course Easy/Hard.Tech SuperCourse: Easy/Hard
  • Great Tech Tonic – Tech Course Hard/ Very Hard. Tech SuperCourse: Easy/Hard/Very Hard
  • Ultra Tech Tonic – Tech Course Very Hard. Tech SuperCourse: Hard/Very Hard


Training Machines

Used to unlock Sync Pair moves and passive skills.

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Training Machine – All Type Courses: Hard/Very Hard.
  • Super Training Machine – All Type Courses: Very Hard. All Type Supercourses: Easy/Hard/Very Hard.




Exchange in the shop for Coins.

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Pearl – Worth 1000 coins. Coin SuperCourse.
  • Big Pearl – Worth 3000 coins. Coin SuperCourse.



Evolution items

Used to play Sync Pair stories where Pokémon evolve.

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Evolution Shard – Exchange in shop for coins.
  • Evolution Crystal – Exchange in shop for coins.




Gym Leader Notes

Used to unlock Sync Pair Level Caps

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Exchange in Shop. Co-op Hard missions. Very Hard Supercourses (Except Level-Up and Coin)





Skill Capsule

Used to unlock Sync Pair moves and passive skills

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Type SuperCourses: Hard / Very Hard. Type Courses: Very hard




Sync Pairs

This is a list of all sync pairs currently in the game

3★ Strike

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Barry – Piplup / Prinplup / Empoleon
  • Brock – Tyranitar
  • Bugsy – Beedrill / Mega Beedrill
  • Hapu – Mudsdale
  • Iris – Haxorus
  • Korrina – Lucario / Mega Lucario
  • Main Character – Pikachu
  • Norman – Slaking
  • Pryce – Seel / Dewgong
  • Roark – Cranidos
  • Tate – Solrock
  • Wulfric – Avalugg

3★ Tech

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Brawly – Makuhita
  • Brock – Onix
  • Brycen – Cryogonal
  • Candice – Abomasnow
  • Clay – Palpitoad
  • Crasher Wake – Floatzel
  • Erika – Vileplume
  • Flannery – Torkoal
  • Janine – Ariados
  • Lt. Surge – Voltorb
  • Mina – Granbull
  • Ramos – Weepinbell
  • Winona – Pelipper

3★ Support

Pokemon Masters Best Guide

  • Cheryl – Blissey
  • Liza – Lunatone
  • Marley – Arcanine
  • Marlon – Carracosta
  • Maylene – Meditite
  • Misty – Starmie
  • Roxanne – Nosepass
  • Skyla – Swanna


4★ Strike

  • Bruno – Machamp
  • Clair – Kingdra
  • Flint – Infernape
  • Gardenia – Roserade
  • Hau – Raichu (Alola Form)
  • Kahili – Toucannon
  • Marshal – Conkeldurr
  • Noland – Pinsir
  • Roxie – Whirlipede
  • Shauntal – Chandelure
  • Siebold – Clawitzer

4★ Tech

  • Agatha – Gengar / Mega Gengar
  • Blaine – Ponyta
  • Grant – Amaura
  • Lorelei – Lapras
  • Sophocles – Togedemaru
  • Thorton – Bronzong
  • Whitney – Miltank
  • Wikstrom – Aegislash / Aegislash (Blade Forme)
  • Will – Xatu
  • Nanu – Persian
  • Viola – Surskit

4★ Support

  • Drake – Salamence

5★ Strike

  • Karen – Houndoom / Mega Houndoom
  • Kris – Totodile / Croconaw / Feraligatr
  • Olivia – Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
  • Brendan – Treecko
  • Blue – Pidgeot / Mega Pidgeot

5★ Tech

  • Acerola – Palossand

5★ Support

  • Phoebe – Dusclops
  • Rosa – Snivy / Servine / Serperior
  • Cheren – Stoutland
  • Lyra – Chikorita / Bayleef / Meganium
  • Hilbert- Oshawott

A single pull costs 300 gems. A multi with 10 characters costs 3000. Chances are, at the moment:

  • 3★ 73 %
  • 4★ 20 %
  • 5★ 7 %

5★ Guide

This is a small section to explain each 5★’s usage so you know who to aim for

Kris – Totodile / Croconaw / Feraligatr

First off we will start we will start with the Crystal’s long missing female protagonist! She is one of the best if not the best attacking unit, she has high physical attack and one of her passives further helps her stand out as it turns Mega Kick into a water type move. She strongly benefits from teammates that can boost her Attack stat even further.

Olivia – Lycanrock (Midnight Forme)

The Alolan Kahuna is a heavy Rock type physical hitter. Her passive skill increases her Pokémon’s speed when it crits, while one of trainer moves increases her critical hit ratio and her 3 gauge attack also has higher critical hit chances, making for a pretty good combo.

Karen – Houndoom / Mega Houndoom

Johto’s Elite 4 member is the best unit in the game in a team alongside Rosa. Her Houndoom is already strong, but when it Mega Evolves with her sync move gets an even greater increase in power and an AOE move which makes farming and rushing stages super easy. Her trainer skills are also basically designed to boost Mega Houndoom’s power.

Phoebe – Dusclops

Hoenn’s Elite 4 member’s kit overall is really good, especially in co-op as one of her skills creates amazing team synergy by taking hits to herself. Her 1 gauge move is also guaranteed to never miss which might be advantageous in specific stages.

Brendan – Treecko

Norman’s son and Hoenn’s male protagonist is a mixed attacker that is already a beast despite being unevolved. His second trainer move increases his own stats based on the amount of gauge consumed making him a good option to use with trainers that give gauge such as Rosa.

Blue – Pidgeot / Mega Pidgeot

Oak’s grandson is a really good attacker, especially once his Mega Pidgeot is unleashed. While Hurricane doesn’t have perfect accuracy his Smell You Later move covers that particular weakness. Will be updated on actual release.

Lyra – Chikorita / Bayleef / Meganium

Lyra is a must have support her kit is really good and she has the highest health in the game and her sunny side up skill is insane her dire hit is okay but not the best. Her skill sunny side up boosts all allies with decent buffs but when the sun is out they double! Her light screen is also amazing for defensive plays.


Hilbert and Oshawott are pretty good support they are quite literally the opposite of Rosa and Snivy. His “in this together” Skill boosts attack for all sync pairs depending on how low his health is. His impervious passive is also really good it prevents stat reduction.

Free Sync Pairs

Now we will take a look at the free Sync pairs you will be getting in your adventure in Pasio!

Chapter 1 – Main character/Pikachu, Brock/Onix, Misty/Starmie, Rosa/Snivy

We would recommend using Rosa on your team she is a really good support and lets you spam move gauge if you are going F2P you are going to want to put her with the next unit we are going to talk about!

Some other units you might wanna invest in from this chapter are Protagonist and Misty.

Chapter 2 – Barry/Piplup

Barry is a really good F2P DPS he goes along pretty well with Rosa. His first trainer ability full heal is great for stages where your opponent abuses abnormal conditions, while his second one greatly increases team speed, making him a good addition for speed based teams.

Chapter 3 – Flannery/Torkoal

Although Flannery may seem lackluster, she is able to use will o wisp and abuse her Sync move as it powers up when your opponent is burned, making her ideal for fights against Grass types early on.

Chapter 4 – Erika/Vileplume

The Beautiful maiden Erika is very similar to Flannery in that she may be less useful, as you have Rosa and her skills are similar to Flannery. The difference being that she stuns the opponent and raises special attack instead of critical hits.

Chapter 5 – Skyla / Swanna

The Flying Gym leader of Unova is hands down one of the best free units in this game mainly for her ability “Take flight,” which let’s her raise her allies defense and speed which is really helpful and let’s your units tank a lot, while synergizing well with Rosa and one other free sync pair we have yet to talk about.

Chapter 6 – Korrina/Lucario

The Mega Evolution expert Korrina is pretty good, her moveset has both special and physical attacks and her second ability increases team speed allowing you to spam moves faster. However, the best part about her is her sync move! “Give it all you got power up punch,” lets her mega evolve her Lucario into Mega Lucario drastically increasing it’s stats and powering up it’s basic move.

Chapter 7 – Norman/Slaking

Brendan’s father Norman is overall an ok unit with a decent passive which powers up moves but there are better options. His body slam is pretty good, while his first skill is the same as Rosa’s but weaker.

Chapter 8 – Pryce/Seel

The Ice Cold Gym Leader isn’t bad and will help you especially if you’re having a hard time with ice weakness stages since his passive boosts ice type move and his ability helps with that as well, despite his stats being overall low.

Chapter 9 – Iris/Haxorus

The Dragon Master and Unova Champion Iris is a glass cannon as she has high attack while having a low defense, and her abilities further increase her attack stat. Being the first Dragon Type you get, her Haxorus will help clear any dragon weakness stages.

Chapter 10 – Hapu/Mudsdale

The Alolan Kahuna Hapu closes a gap in your team as she is the first Ground type you get.  Her second skill drastically increases both her attack and defense allowing her to be used as a defender and an attacker thanks to her first skill.She is best used after unlocking all her attacks.

Chapter 11 – Hau/Alolan Raichu

The main Rival in the Alola Region is the best F2P DPS in this game. His discharge move deals high damage to the whole enemy team. He is great on a team with Rosa and Skyla, as well as with anyone that increases his special attack stat.

Chapter 12 – Flint/Infernape

One of Sinnoh’s Elite 4, Flint isn’t the best DPS since Hau has a much better kit, but he has his uses. If you need a stronger Fire user than Flannery and can help with the Brendan super course if you are having trouble.

Chapter 13 – Clair/Kingdra

In the final chapter of the demo. you get the dragon gym leader of Johto, Clair!

She is really good as a unit since her skill can cancel out her debuffs and give herself increased crit after using draco meteor, but this is usable twice only. Her X Special Attack buffs her attack even more and she is great on a team with Rosa.

Chapter 14 – Viola/Surskit

The Kalos region’s Bug type Gym Leader, Viola. Though a Surskit seems like a rather weak Pokemon to begin with, it can be evolved into Masquerain. She is able to offer your team a sustainable tank-like kit. “Just Fantastic” can boost her Sp. Def and her “Terrify” passive will lower the Attack of all opposing sync pairs when entering the battle. If you decide to not use Rosa, then Viola could be a decent alternative as Tank Support.

Chapter 15 – Nanu/Alolan Persian

Nanu is one of the Kahunas of the Alola region and his ace Pokemon is Alolan Persian. He has Bite which can proc Flinch and Screech to lower his target’s Defense by 2 stages. With “Just Warming Up”, Alolan Persian’s evasiveness sharply increases. The move also makes his next attack a critical hit. This plays well with his Passive, “Critical Sting 1”. When a critical hit lands, Bite has an increased chance to flinch! This is very useful for Dark-advantage co-op content like Acerola.

Chapter 16 – Koga/Crobat

Koga, the former Poison type Gym Leader from the Kanto Region, brings along his Crobat to Pasio. As the ninja he is, this sync pair heavily relies on their speed and evasiveness; hitting their opponent before they can and evading attacks. “Move Like a Shadow” and “X Speed” are the moves that will enable this. Crobat also has Venoshock and “Modern Ninja Sludge Bomb” , which increases the damage when the target is poisoned. Crobat also has Poison Fang, a move with a good chance to poison.

Chapter 17 – Acerola/Palossand

Acerola is another Island Kahuna featured in the Alola Region. Her Palossand has Sandstorm, a weather status that does continuous damage. It does damage to any Pokemon without a passive that prevents damage from Sandstorm. Acerola has a passive that prevents her stats from being lowered while Sandstorm is active. Her problem, however, is that she gets damaged by her own Sandstorm. She also has a taunt, “Over Here”, that pulls all AI aggro towards her for a brief period of time. Her lack of high defensive stats does not allow her to abuse this properly.

Chapter 18 – Cheren/Stoutland

Cheren is the Normal-type gym leader of the Unova Region who brings along his Stoutland. His kit revolves around Stoutland being inflicted with a status ailment and outputting damage. He also has tools to support his teammates like “Outrun 4 that quickly charges move gauge when Stoutland is afflicted with a status condition. Though this sounds good, Stoutland cannot stay alive for long when he is suffering from status tick damage and damage taken from opponents. His impracticality leaves a lot to be desired.

Interlude 1: Brock’s Grit – Brock / Tyranitar

Brock’s Sygna Suit variant featuring Tyranitar. He is the F2P alternative to Olivia if you do not have her, but only for lower difficulty content. In content like Blue or Blaine’s challenge events, he works very well due to his Rock Slide AOE. “Rock-Solid Finisher!” makes his next move a critical and sure hit along with increased Defense. He also has a Passive, “Sand Fortress”, that prevents him from being damaged in a Sandstorm.

Guaranteed Tutorial Summon – Whitney/Miltank

While Whitney is your first four star besides Barry, she probably won’t see much usage as Miltank is normal type and in the early and especially late stages, type advantage is important. That being said, her skills increase the team’s speed and her own attack, but this also done better by other characters, such as Barry or Korrina, etc.


Events in Pokemon Masters so far have been straightforward; complete story missions, go to co-op and obtain the event currency, then buy out the event shop. Training events work differently. Training events feature a training area for a specific Pokemon type. In these events, you can obtain manuals and heaps of exp points for the specified typing. Training Events also feature co-op stages to grind a similar event currency just like normal Events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Pokémon Masters been out for?

A: The game was officially released worldwide on August 29th.


Q: Does Pokémon Masters have PvP?

A: No, Pokémon Masters is PvE and Co-Op PvE only, for now and DeNA has said they most likely will not add PvP.


Q: How can I unlock my Sync Pair’s level cap?

A: Finish Chapter 4, go to Training Area, last mission is Special Training, complete that and Level uncapping will be unlocked in the Pokémon Center.


Q: How can I increase my Sync Pair’s stars?

A: Once you get 5 dupes of the same character, the following dupes transform into Power-up cards. Each dupe is one Power-up card. You need 20 to increase a Sync Pair’s stars. Star-up is whale only at the moment, but this is likely to change on full release.


Q: How do I unlock Co-Op?

A: Finish Chapter 10 and Interlude 1.


Q: What Pokémon evolve in the game?

A: Only Piplup, Totodile, Seel and Snivy evolve at the moment. Other evolutions have been datamined and should arrive later on in the game’s lifespan.


Q: How do I complete Get Stronger with Gear to unlock Very Hard Co-op?

A: Get Stronger with Gear is unlocked after defeating Hard Cheren in co-op. Afterwards you are given a single piece of gear and can start doing Very Hard Co-op and EX Challenges to obtain and upgrade gear.


Q: What team should I use?
A: If you were unlucky enough to not get any good sync pairs from summons, the current “Free To Play Trinity” consists of Hau as Striker, Rosa as Tank and Skyla as Support.


Q: What are sync pair scout points/how do I get them?

A: 40k gems to get 400 Scout Points (almost $400 worth of gems). If you’re still here, then Scout Points are this game’s “pity system” which allows you to pick any sync pair you like that is featured on that banner. Sync Points DO NOT carry over to other banners, so it’s either whale or get deal with what you get.


Q: What does speed affect in Pokemon Masters?

A: Speed affects your turn rate as well as the rate at which your sync bar gauge fills up. The sync bar gauge’s rate of increase will only be affected by the current Pokemon chosen during battle. For example, if you have Pidgeot and Dusclops, staying on Pidgeot will fill the bar much faster than if you were on Dusclops.


Q: Should I buy the extra sync bars in the shop/what are the sync bars for?

A: Yes you should, there to increase the amount of sync bars you have available in battle.

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