Tap Titans 2 — A Beginner Guide for new players

Tap Titans 2 — A Beginner Guide for new players

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Sword Master

The main character is the Sword Master. You will need to tap on the screen to damage the titans ahead. Starting at level 10, and every 20 levels thereafter, he is given a milestone bonus that is multiplied onto his tap damage. In the beginning, your Sword Master will be the main source of damage. However, if you have the artifact the Master’s Sword or Maya’s hero skill from level 1000 (we’ll get to those later), Sword Master leveling is completely unnecessary, except for getting him to 500 (so you can prestige, which we’ll get to later).

Tap Titans 2 — A Beginner Guide for new players

Active Skills

A new type of skill system is introduced in this game. Skills still have their own individual cooldowns, but you also need mana in order to use them. When you use a skill, the amount of mana that is reduced in indicated by the number near the skill. Mana regenerates slowly overtime. New players begin at a rate of 2 mana a minute. There are ways to increase mana regeneration namely a pet (Fluffers), the Sorcerer skill tree (Limit Break), Hero abilities and an artifact (Mystic Staff).


You can hire heroes that will attack automatically. Heroes scale similarly to the Sword Master, instead of having skills that increase their own damage, they get damage multipliers at first every 20 levels starting from 10. They keep getting these multipliers as long as you level them, but the multipliers are spaced out more the higher you go (eg. every 30 levels, then 40, etc.) Heroes have attack types. There are Melee, Spell, and Ranged heroes and area types, Flying and Ground. There are many multipliers to a single type of heroes’ damage. You’ll usually just use the stuff that’s optimal for the hero just before your final hero, and later your final hero, when hero cost gets more spaced out. However, you will want to level all the heroes regardless of their type as they will have certain skills. You can buy them when you reach a certain level (20, 60, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000). All the heroes’ skills affect you globally. They can give gold multipliers, damage multipliers, extra Chesterson and Critical Chance, and damage for a particular hero type. Most of the skills are worth getting, but some are better than others. Heroes do not get attacked and thus will not die.

Hero Weapons

  • Weapons and weapon sets, like pets, are earned over time from tournaments, daily rewards, bought from the shop and opened in chests. Each full set you complete adds a strong compounding bonus and so completing sets is very important. Once again you must pray to RNGesus as weapons received are random. (With the exception of Fortune weapons which gives you a weapon you haven’t got yet or if you have them all, a weapon you have the least of). Once again, collect your dailies, try your hardest in tournaments and buy the odd one from the shop.
  • Having the weapon for a hero makes their abilities that you obtain at certain levels free and also makes them auto obtained when the hero passes that level. That’s one less click you have to do when leveling up a hero. This only matters for the first weapon obtained for each hero, so complete that first full set asap.


Equipment takes up a major role in TT2. Not only does it change the look of your character, but you also receive bonuses for various damage sources based on what type they are. The equipment will scale according to your Max Stage you have reached. Equipment drops as soon as you beat the stage 15 boss, then every 20 stages after. However, it only drops the first time you beat those bosses. They will have blue hp bars if they will drop equipment1. To have you get more equipment, you can get some by farming them during your runs. They’ll drop from random bosses between 80% and 99% of your Max Stage.There are a max of 5 equipment drops obtainable per prestige (lower with lower MS), with 20 farmed equipment daily as a max. Equipment that is dropped by bosses is flung from them and will drop down the the right side of your Sword Master. A mini beam of light over the equipment will show you where it is at. Clicking it will give you a random equipment, the level of which is determined by your Max Stage.

  • Shop Equipment is one of the most random, luck based parts of the game. It is not recommended to buy equipment from the shop unless you are at the current MS (Max Stage) cap as that is where you will get the best level for your diamonds, and even that said, equipment should only be bought if it completes a set or is part of a set, you have diamonds to spare or the equipment is substantially stronger than your current piece. (Note: x10 over your current equipment is still pretty average). Equipment bought from the shop is always at the best possible level for your MS, its values are including all artifact bonuses, and even drops won’t typically drop that high.
  • Secondary Effects With 2.7 we got secondary effects on items. There is currently have no way of re-rolling effects or upgrading currently owned equipment so for the time being it is recommended to keep both the item with the best primary stat and the item with the best secondary effects. If these are the same item then count yourself lucky. Mythic items have 3 secondary slots, Legendary 2, Rares and Event items 1 and Commons have none. If you are comparing two items and one has a better main stat with weaker secondary effects and the second has better secondary effects with a weaker main stat, it is best to go with the higher main stat almost 90% of the time.
  • Portar spawn chance is regarded as one of the best secondary slash effects to have. Make sure you always have a slash with this effect available, even if it is not for the damage type you are using, to speed up the early stages of your runs where you don’t require the damage boost from your main slash. Switch back to your main slash later when you require more damage to kill titans.
  • Daily equipment drops (20 per day). For 4 runs per day you will get 5 equipment drops around 80%-99% of your MS. (For example if your MS is 1000 you will get your 5 drops anywhere between 800 and 990). Stack your 5 equipment per run and collect them at the start of the next run to ensure the next 5 spawn for that run. If you are pushing it is best to stack as many equipment peices as you can and only pick them up after your prestige at your new MS to ensure the items roll with the highest levels possible. Nothing hurts more than grabbing your equipment after a 200 stage push and getting a level 300 item when it could have been 350.
  • Mythic equipment sells for 100 diamonds, Legendary equipment sells for 25 diamonds, Rare for 5, Commons and Event for 1 so sell those extra pieces of gear that you don’t need or when a piece is overtaken by another. NOTE: some event items like the Valentines sword and helmet are legendary or rare rarity even though they are event status. This doesn’t happen often but there are a few items like this.


Starting at stage 8, as soon as you kill the last non-boss titan, a cutscene will appear. A pet named Nova is trapped in a cage by the titan named Kage. This titan will only appear this one time. Pets are very important and every one of them is useful. Pets appear next to your Sword Master and when you tap 20 times, it charges them up to attack a titan. The attack is a multiple of your tap damage and crit damage. Once you reach 200 total pet levels, your pets will attack by themselves about every 2 seconds.


Every 500 total pet levels you receive, you receive a +1 to pet splash skip.

Pets provide active and passive bonuses. Active bonuses are used when you have selected your pet and it becomes your main pet. The other pets will gain passive bonuses once they have reached level 5. You will want to start off buying all pets in shop until they are at least level 5, so you can have a minor passive bonus. Next, you will want to buy handy pets until they reach level 100. A general consensus is mostly Fluffers, All gold (Bubbles and Polly) and All damage (Nova and Demos) are worth buying, though you can consider All hero damage for a Clan Ship build or Tap damage for a pet build. The other pets just don’t give you enough bonus to be worth. Reaching level 100 in all pets grants 100% active bonuses, in which case it does not matter anymore which pet you use as your main. You can consider it cosmetic at this point. Post level 100, your pets will receive a multiplicative bonus to their damage/gold/mana regen bonus every 50 levels. Fluffers ends at 500, the others at 5,000.

Pets are obtained mainly through the egg timer that automatically gives an egg every 4 hours. You can stack a total of two pets before the timer stops. You can also buy pets from the shop, for the cost of diamonds and also get them from tournaments depending on how high you can go.


Artifacts are items gained using Relics. They are powerful items that can change the game, such as increasing the amount of Gold dropped by Titans or making Skills cost less mana. The Tier List, created by /u/lemmingllama, will help provide you with information the different arts and the varying usefulness of the artifact.


Perks are a instant or temporary buff that are obtained from Tournaments, Daily Rewards, the Fat Fairy, or purchasing them in the Bear Shop. In the beginning, before you do your first prestige, you will be given a Power of Swiping perk for free. Make use of it as soon as you get it to make your game a little easier. This will last for 12 hours. Perk descriptions are listed in the Sword tab at the bottom left of the screen.


Clans are a very important part of TT2, where you can join a group of up to 50 players. The option to join or create a clan appears once you reach stage 25. Or you can go to the Sword Master tab and go to the clan crate option “Join a Clan” which you can join immediately without waiting until you are at stage 25. Once you join a clan, a ship will appear on your screen.
This ship does a multiple of your hero DPS (fires a shot) every 8 seconds. Joining a clan is incredibly important, as this ship will help you immensely against bosses. There is also a Clan Boss, which you attack as a clan. You can fight it for 30 seconds every hour, or more often if you spend diamonds.

The damage you do is the highest stage you’ve prestiged at, or 50, whichever is more. Every attack thereafter you are given a damage multiplier which will allow you to damage the boss even more. Once you defeat a clan boss, your clan damage multiplier and Advanced Start level (stage you start after a prestige) will increase and a new boss will spawn after 6 hours. The Clan damage multiplier gives you a bonus to all damage which is quite significant, but a high Advanced Start level is even stronger. It’s important to help kill the clan bosses as much as you can.

Bear Shop

The shop has six items which you can purchase with diamonds, and resets daily. It first becomes available once you reach stage 8. Most of the time it will sell pets, of which you can purchase a few levels at a time. Most of your diamonds should be spent on purchasing pets as they’re very important.

Equipment will sometimes appear in a few of the 6 slots. Equipment should only be bought from the shop if it helps you complete your equipment set. Other than that, it is never worth it to buy equipment from the shop. This is due to you being able to push past your max stage, therefore allowing you to gain more equipment via farming and having a chance at giving you a rare item anyway, that may as well surpass the 800 diamond equipment you got from the shop.

Fairy Children and Fat Fairy

Every two minutes, a fairy or a group of fairies will fly across the screen several times before disappearing off to the sides. These drops gold and active skills that automatically proc. Sometimes there are ad fairies that will give an even greater bonus if you choose to watch the ad.

Ad fairies only drop certain, usually quite large, bonuses. These are Gold Cost Reduction1, Activate All Skills2, Mana Potion3, 10 Diamonds4 and a large gold bonus.

Then, there is the Fat Fairy. Clicking her will give you a free perk. The Fat Fairy flies by to drop you a perk gift once every day.


There is a boss titan called “Portar”. Killing it advances you +50 stages, UNLESS you are less than 50 stages from your MS, then it only takes you up to MS. It can’t appear above your MS, and if you fail to kill it, the Portar will despawn.

In tournaments, Portar works in a similar fashion to Silent March. Portar will not spawn in the first tournament run. After you have completed your first tourney run, Portar will spawn up to the stage that is displayed on the tournament window.

You can increase the chance of Portar spawning with the secondary effects Portar Chance and All Probabilities (Varying % and multipliers) on Slash equipment, the Artifact Boots of Hermes (4% at max), and the All Probabilities Artifact Lucky Foot of Al-mi’raj (x1.1 at max).


The latest addition to the special Titan family is Snap. Unlike Portar, Snap is a non-boss Titan. Killing a Snap in battle removes half of your non-bossspawns per stage. Keep in mind that if you have 1 Titan Per Stage, Snap would reduce that to 0 and you would go straight to the boss.

Snap cannot spawn on a stage already affected by a previous Snap, and its effect will last for 50 stages.

Snap has been released in version 2.9.


Tournaments are competitions that happen on Sundays and Wednesdays where you are matched with anywhere from a few to 200 players (depending on how high your MS is, fewer for higher MS) with a similar Max Potential Stage (there is an algorithm which decides this, it is kept secret by the developers). Tournaments are a very important part of progression in TT2, as you gain rewards just by participating. On top of that, those rewards cannot be farmed like Relics. Your ultimate goal is to try and strive for rank 1 Undisputed Champion. For help on how to perform at your very best in a tournament, the subreddit and Community Discord have players that are always willing to lend you a helping hand. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Skill Tree Guide

The tree is broken down into 4 sections.

  • Knight (Red) (Tap)
  • Warlord (Yellow) (Hero)
  • Sorcerer (Blue) (Mana/Skill)
  • Rogue (Green) (Inactive)

Skill tree

The Skill Tree gives various effects to your pets, heroes, skills, and character. You obtain a Skill Point for every 50 levels starting from stage 50. At levels 50, 550 and every 500 levels thereafter, you receive one additional skill point immediately, but for the rest you have to prestige to receive them once you’ve reached a stage that’s a multiple of 50. Like equipment, you only get a Skill Point the first time you reach that stage.

If you wish to make changes to your Skill Tree, you must pay a fee of Diamonds to change it (exceptions are when Game Hive make changes to the skill tree, then the skill tree is forcefully reset for free). For each Skill Point you have, it will add 2 diamonds to the reset cost. For non-VIP players, this reset cost will cap at 800 diamonds (only 200 diamonds for VIP players).

Other ways to obtain Skill Points is:

As a Tournament Reward. From week two of Weekly Rewards. From the Bear Shop. (Currently not available for purchase) From the $5 USD Bundle available for purchase in the Bear Shop.

  • You can build your tree without hitting apply and setting it in stone so this means you are able to play around and see what you can afford without actually having to spend the skill points. The stats button in the skill tree will reflect changes you make in the tree. Use this to your advantage and spend some good time playing around seeing what you can get with your current skill point amount.
  • I would suggest also that you ask around in the general discord or your clan mates to get some help to better understand each skill instead of just trying them and in-turn having to reset many times and waste many diamonds. The community discord has a whole builds channel just for talking about builds and the players in there really know their stuff. Use the wealth of knowledge that surrounds you.
  • Many others have covered builds and due to the patches in the game the meta is constantly changing so I recommend checking those sources for information on builds and what’s currently the strongest/ most efficient build/s.

Video Tap Titans 2 Guide (1 h)


What should I spend my diamonds on?

  • Salvaging the first few artifacts to either get any A, S tier Artifacts, or Book of Shadows.
  • Buying pets in the Bear Shop until all pets are at least level 100.
  • Buy skill points, these are a must buy. (Currently not available for purchase in shop)
  • Relics are decent, saves you a prestige. (Currently not available for purchase in shop)

What equipment should I use for my build?

Clan Ship Builds

  • All Hero/Critical/All Damage Sword (pick whichever multiplier is higher!)
  • Your best hero helmet corresponding to your strongest hero
  • Any chest piece (base this off of your playstyle and build!)
  • Any aura (highest is best, though certain secondary effects might be worth it to use a slightly worse aura for)
  • Clan Ship Damage Slash

Pet Damage Builds

  • Critical/Tap/All Damage Sword (whichever is higher when you include secondary bonuses)
  • Your best hero helmet corresponding to your strongest hero
  • Any chest piece (base this off of your playstyle and build!)
  • Highest of Sword and Slash boost auras
  • Pet Damage Slash

Shadow Clone Builds

  • Critical/All Damage Sword (whichever is higher when you include secondary bonuses)
  • Your best hero helmet corresponding to your strongest hero/Sword Attack Damage (pick whichever multiplier is higher!)
  • Any chest piece (base this off of your playstyle and build!)
  • Highest of Sword and Slash boost auras.
  • Shadow Clone Damage Slash

Heavenly Strike Builds

  • Tap/Critical/All Damage Sword (whichever is higher)
  • Sword Attack Damage Helmet
  • Any chest piece (base this off of your playstyle and build!)
  • Sword boost aura or Helmet boost aura (pick with regards to the enhancements)
  • Any slash (it doesn’t matter, pick the slash with the best enhancements)
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