Torchlight: Infinite Beginner’s Guide – Trophies and Currency

Torchlight: Infinite Beginner's Guide - Trophies and Currency Torchlight: Infinite

Like many Action RPGs, in Torchlight: Infinite players must collect loot and earn currency to make their characters stronger. In this beginner’s guide, you can learn basic information about the types of currencies as well as the trophies you get during the game.

Trophies: Equipment

The most commonly dropped trophies are equipment items. They come in the following qualities:

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  • The normal ones are gray and without any affixes.
  • Magical – blue with 1~2 affixes.
  • Rare – purple with 3~5 affixes.
  • Super rare – pink with 6 affixes.
  • Legendary – with special exclusive affixes, but cannot be used for crafting or enchanting.

Most equipment items require identification after they are received. You can only find out the following characteristics of an item’s affixes after it has been identified.

  • Number of Affixes – The more affixes, the more useful buffs the item gives.
  • Affix Levels – Click on the item and then on the icon with three bars, then select “Details”. This will tell you the affix level (T1 is the highest).
  • Affix Types – Check to see if the affix characteristics match your build and skills.
  • Unused legendary items can be stored in your inventory. Different characters on the same account share inventory, so items can be transferred between them.

Unnecessary equipment can be sold to the merchant in the shelter, exchanging it for the remains of the flame, which can be used to exchange for Flame Dust – the basic material for crafting.

Trophies: Merchandise.

In addition to equipment, trophies can include embers, crafting materials, oblivion waters, energy cores, fossils, and underworld resonance. Goods are required at all stages of the game, including endgame, so don’t miss out on any of them!


There are over ten types of embers in the game. Embers are crafting materials, and their types determine affix directions during crafting, helping to improve the performance of certain aspects.

Craft Materials

There are currently 3 types of craft materials:

  • Flaming dust – used to create items with 0-1 affixes.
  • Flaming Sand – used to create items with 2-4 affixes.
  • Flaming Elemental – very rare orange material, used to create items with 5-6 affixes.


There are currently 2 types of fossils:

  • Sharp Fossil – increases the probability of adding a new affix during crafting.
  • Spiral Fossil – increases the probability of creating higher level affixes during crafting.
  • Both types of fossils are very rare and have an orange quality. Use them wisely.

Resonance of the underworld

Basic affix for upgrading stages of the underworld. Widely used in the endgame.

Energy Cores

Used to regenerate energy for equipment. Widely used in midgame and endgame.

Trophies: Cards of Fate

Destiny cards are very important trophies. Collect various types of Destiny cards to trade with your merchant for ember, crafting materials, common equipment, and legendary equipment.

Trophies: Lighthouses

Beacons are important trophies that serve as tickets to opening trials of the underworld. Beacons are dropped in battles and have different ranks. The higher the rank of the beacon, the more difficult the underworld it can open.

Use 3 beacons of the same name and rank to trade a beacon from a merchant for 1 higher rank. Using 2 beacons of the same name and rank, you may only get a box with a random beacon of the same rank.

First Crystals

First crystals are currently the only paid currency in the game. They are converted into broken first crystals, which can also be obtained in-game. In addition to expanding your bag and inventory pages, they can be used to buy certain items in the Store:

  • Resurrection Tokens – can revive a character in combat, sparing him an experience penalty;
  • Oblivion Waters – Used to reset talent points;
  • Crystals of Illumination – used to gain contract spirits from the Gift (F3).
  • Crystals of Fancy – used to obtain outfits from the Gifts.

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