Walkthrough Romance Club. Soulless season 2


Walkthrough Club Romance. Soulless Season 2

Detailed guide and walkthrough of the Romance Club. Soulless Season 2, using which you will be able to find out what answers and decisions you should make in order to see the desired ending and start a relationship with the character you like. We will tell you about all the options for action that make it possible to increase the Pride, Lust, Envy and Skill of the main character.

The second season continues the story of a demoness without a soul who finds herself in an unknown and incomprehensible world. She is trying with all her might to survive in it, gradually adapting to the changed conditions and making new acquaintances. However, one cannot do without hunting for human souls…

Walkthrough of the Romance Club. Soulless Season 2

We remind you that in this game you will not be able to immediately go through all the available routes, so we strongly recommend that you choose as early as possible for yourself a favorite, storyline and characteristics for development. We usually don’t write down answers that have no impact on the plot.

Visual novels, as a rule, have a huge number of different branches, which makes it very problematic to consider them all in one article. If you have information on any branches or answers that are not in the guide, you can tell about it in the comments to the material.

Link to the passage of the 1st season

Series 1

A detailed walkthrough of the first episodes will appear after the release of the update, which is scheduled for release on June 20-21, 2024…

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