Archero — Basic and Weapon Guide, Tier List and Gem Farming Tips

Archero — Basic and Weapon Guide, Tier List and Gem Farming Tips

Guide of some basics aspects of the game


They are 9 talents in the game. They are here to increase your base stats (life, damage, speed attack, damage resistance). You need to spend gold in order to gain 1 level of talents, the cost increase each levels, the maximum upgrade of talents depend on your level (number of talents you can buy = your actual level+1). The time reward talent allows you to gain gold over time (4/minutes first level), it works while you are not playing), you can recuperate it every hour, you can also gains scrolls randomly (scrolls are explained later in the gear section).

Archero — Basic and Weapon Guide, Tier List and Gem Farming Tips


Unlocked once you get your first item. You can equip a weapon, an armor, two rings, two pets.


There are 4 weapons, the basic bow, the tornado (often the best weapon because it has a built-in pierce skill), the scythe (also a great weapon), the saw blade (high speed attack but it has low damages). The best weapon depend on your gameplay, but it’s often between tornado or the scythe. Here you can find a very good guide for the scythe. One for tornado is coming soon.

Archero — Basic and Weapon Guide, Tier List and Gem Farming Tips


There are 5 differents armors, they have all specifics stats. Rings : there are 4 rings, they increase your damages on ground/distance/flying/melee monsters.


There are 4 pets, the bat (pierces walls), the elf (single attack), the ghost (deals splash damage), the scythe mage (pierce skill). The weakest is the elf.


You can upgrade your gear with gold, for that you will need scrolls that can be looted in dungeons or gain with the time reward. It will increase the basic stat.


You can fuse 3 same items with the same rarity that will result to one item with the upper rarity. The level of your item will be keept. If you place the item with the highest level in the first slot, the new item will retain that level. However if you place the highest level item in one of the other two slots, you get both the gold and the scrolls back. This way you can spend the resources on another item instead. (thank you to u/tarrgoth for this information).


Common, great, rare, epic (you can get it from chests), then you have perfect epic and legendary (only by fusing items). Every equipment has its own unique bonus. There will be no additional bonuses after Epic.


There is gold, that can be won by killing enemies, on the wheel on the beginning of stages, time reward, daily wheel with ads or you can buy it with real money. Then there is gems, you can won them on the daily wheel with ads, all ten doors you clear (only one time), by gaining a level, or buying it with real money.


There are two chests, the gold one that gives you a common or a great item, it cost 60 gems. And the obsidian chest that gives you a great, a rare or an epic item, it cost 300 gems. I advise you to always save for the obsidian chest. When you buy an obsidian chest, the next one is 20 gems cheaper (stack 2 times) so for the 3 first chests you can wait until you have 840 gems.


I recommend this tier list for skills made by u/ArcherOcafe thank you for him.

You will encounter differents characters during dungeons, first the angel, he appears every x5 levels (5,15,25,35,45), he offers you a skill or heal, depend on you for this choice, but when he proposes between heal or health boost takes health boost because you will gain the same amount of hp but you hp max will be augmented. Then there is the devil, he 100% appears when you beat a boss without losing life (thank you u/WingzOfLove), he offers you some unique skills like passing through walls/water) The last one is the merchant, simple advise : never take his offers, they don’t worth it.


You can’t reset your account, you can only create an other google/apple account and start again.

The Ultimate Weapon Guide

The Ultimate Weapon Guide Archero

Summary of Nado

  • Nado’s greatest strength is allotting players more skill options to choose from, since it already has two top-tier passives. In a game defined by rng skills, this sky-rockets the player to a more successful run. On its way back, the boomerang can connect for an additional 55% (66% for epic) return-dmg, having a diminishing return of -45% for every enemy it passes through (similar to Ricochet’s -30%).
  • Although Nado has a slight skill/dps lead, it actually ties with Blade on single-targets, and loses to Scythe’s headshot on mobs. It will however, start out stronger dealing with swarms. Note: Depending on the skill selection, Ricochet can be decent in rare scenarios, but not a preferred choice as it can skew the return trajectory.
  • [-20% base dmg ▪️ 1.73 AS] [Nado is Amazing in early-game ▪️ Good on most chapters ▪️ Strong in C7 ▪️ Require good skill rng for C5-8-10-11 to makeup for lack of knockback]

Cons for Nado

Despite being ahead on paper, Nado’s return-dmg doesn’t always connect with moving targets. Its actual DPS can be much lower, periodically doing less dps than its siblings. Because of the boomerang effect, there’s no knockback, putting players on their toes in melee interactions.

Summary of Blade

  • Although overlooked by beginner archers, Blade is often a weapon of choice for veteran players.
  • Being the King of agility, Blade shoots 50% faster than Nado/Bow, and 80% faster than Scythe! On the flipside, it has 20% less base dmg than Bow and 65% less base dmg than Scythe.
  • After getting Multi-shot, Blade ties with Bow for the 2nd best knockback, but what makes this dagger shine is its execution. The firing animation, projectile speed, and recovery animation are unparalleled. Having the best feeling and reaction time, Blade will successfully connect more often to moving targets, yielding higher DPS.
  • [-20% base dmg ▪️ 2.6 AS] [Blade is good in C3-5-8 with multi-shot-KB ▪️ Strong in C9 where mobility is #1 ▪️ Require excellent skill rng for C10-11]

Cons for Blade

May need Ricochet or Bounce/Pierce with “bonus arrow skills” for splash damage. Every now and then, players will find themselves having only enough time to throw one dagger in between moving and dodging. In these instances, Blade loses some value, as its main source of dps comes from its rapid-fire. Like Nado, every weapon has their own ‘checks and balances’ to make sure that no-one-weapon is OP.

Summary of Scythe

  • Scythe has the highest base dmg to compensate for the slowest attack speed. Its knockback effect and epic-ability “headshot” are unrivaled. Headshot has a 50% chance to instantly kill mobs at 30% health or lower. The value of this passive scales up exponentially.
  • At Epic+ rarity, Scythe is the King of bringing devastation to mobs. The knockback will keep melee troops at a safe distance until the headshot procs, all you have to do is look pretty 💃🏼. No other weapon can reproduce Scythe’s stage-clearing speeds, especially in the later chapters.
  • [+45% base dmg ▪️ 1.43 AS] [Scythe is strong on almost all chapters ▪️ Extra strong in C3-5-8 ▪️ Strongest end-game weapon ▪️ Amazing in C10-11 ▪️ However, weaker in C9]

Cons for Scythe

Starts out with the lowest AS (highly recommend ‘stutterstepping’ for a significant dps boost). Not ideal in stages/bosses where the player is under constant attack or projectiles are flooding the screen. While trying to avoid danger, Scythe will not have enough time to follow through with an attack animation, forfeiting dps

Summary of Bow

  • Bow uniquely has traits of the previous three. It reloads as fast as Nado; its projectiles travel as fast as Blade; and its epic crit-passive gives it a scythe-headshot kind of feel, but not as effective. Similar to how Falcon rings compliment the AS of Scythe, Wolf rings compliment the crit-dmg of an epic+ Bow. With the wolf-pack onboard, Bow finally catches up and outputs the same dps as the other three.
  • Note1: Wolves only increase dmg vs melee units. Not recommended for chapters 7+ where mobs are hitting for 1.5-3k
  • Note2: Serpents are the staple end-game accessory for their dodge perks and bonus dmg vs range.
  • [+0% base dmg ▪️ 1.73 AS] [Bow requires good skill rng on most chapters, and near-perfect skill rng on C10-11]

Cons for Bow

Minorly overshadowed, Bow has roughly 20% less dps than its siblings, 15% less with its epic passive (0% less if using wolf rings). Needs excellent skill RNG to come into fruition. If the devs ever get around to fixing Crit-Major — and players can manifest multiple crit skills in a run — then bow could be a contender. Until then, it could use a small AS buff.

Conclusion and Tips

 All weapons are phenomenal, each coming into their own spotlight depending on the situation. I believe this was by design, to encourage players to empty their wallets and level them all 💰🙃.

* Reminder: The weapon type is always secondary to the skills you RNG. One good or bad skill can change the tempo of your run.

* The difficulty level of the game is first determined by weapon lvl –> then equipment lvls –> then by RNG skills –> and finally by muscle-memory/reaction-skills.

  1. Tip1: The correct skill combination is paramount to overcoming a chapter.
  2. Tip2: Some stages you won’t be able to beat without a lucky wingman and (or) shield skill.
  3. Tip3: Certain bosses you won’t be able to beat without buying a 30-gem continue (recommended only for bosses 7+).
  4. Tip4: Dodge master and invincibility are very useful after you’ve picked your Top-Tier DPS skills, sometimes even better than taking HP Boost.
  5. Tip5: Stutterstepping is equally effective on all weapons (except for blade) and should be utilized until your 2nd ASPD-Major skill.

There’s no such thing as being “over-leveled” in a game where RNG takes precedence over everything else. Higher, always the better. Weapon and Chest armor are the most important, the rest can be lower.

Of course, with enough practice, someone could potentially beat any chapter with much lower gear, but those are the exceptions. For the majority of players, this applies to you:

  • Ch. 5 : Levels +20 (Rare equipment) ☠️🗡️🌪️
  • Ch. 6 : Levels +25 (Boss ❤️ hugs. Oh, was that hint? 🤔) ☠️🗡️🌪️
  • Ch. 7 : Levels +40 (😈 Hell starts here… 😈) 🌪️🗡️
  • Ch. 8 : Levels +45 (Run circles around boss, let pets kill him. Oops, I gave it away..🙄) ☠️🗡️🌪️
  • Ch. 9 : Levels +50 (Very pretty ❄️, but a projectile nightmare 😵) 🗡️
  • Ch. 10 : Levels +55 (Need RN’Baby’Jesus👼 and HIGH dps to clear) ☠️
  • Ch. 11 : Levels +65 (Chuck Norris gave up on this level… ⚰️) ☠️

That’s all I got folks!

If you would like chapter-specific help, there are excellent guides out for that. For general advice, if you’re struggling on a stage — it always goes back to three things that you can improve on.

  1. Most important, RNG the right skills. You won’t clear a difficult level unless if lady luck is on your side. If you’re onto a bad rng start, just simply die and try again. Use your time wisely
  2. Your gear rarity or levels are too low. Keep farming the highest chapter you’re at or the one below it to raise your item level until you’re caught up to speed. (This could take weeks)
  3. You got the right gear and the right rng skills, but you’re still losing. My third and last tip, this means you haven’t developed the muscle memory required to predict and dodge the enemies specific to your Chapter. With enough repetition, you’ll eventually get the patterns down even if it seems impossible at first. Trust me :)

ArcherO Tier list v1.2

ArcherO Tier list v1.2 Archero

Casual Gem Farming Tips


As a F2P player, how many gems can we reasonably expect to amass on a regular basis? There are several ways to gather gems, so I wanted to capture what rate we could all expect to receive gems on a casual basis.

Assumptions / Considerations

  1. The scope is meant for the casual F2P player, although P2P will also benefit from this;
  2. Only gems were recorded as the intent was to measure rate of return on gems, not coins;
  3. The data captured was over ten days of playing. This amounts to a sample size 50 daily spins;
  4. Spin data was captured over varying chapters, assumption being chapter does not impact gem output; and
  5. You may very well receive more gems during this same period of time if you were to level up or complete different chapter milestones. This is variable by player so I did not record this data.


  • Spins —————— 50
  • Gems (Total) ——– 280
  • Gems per spin —— 5.6
  • Gems per day ——- 28


  1. Through very little investment, players can make approximately 200 gems each week;
  2. Players are unlikely to efficiently obtain enough gems for an obsidian chest on a weekly basis; and
  3. This can be achieved quickly at Chapter 7 by beating as many rooms as you can and repeating as each boss will provide a free spin (so long as you take damage and do not generate a devil’s deal).


Regardless of whether you are F2P or P2P, Casual or Serious, it is worthwhile opening the game each day to get your free spins in the hopes of obtaining gems. Using this method, you can get upwards of 3+ Golden chests for free on top of your daily chests throughout the week which will go a long way – especially for those F2P players grinding their way along.

I hope this puts this mechanic into perspective for some people and everyone makes the best use out of it.

Useful Tips and Tricks by WingzOfLove

  1. Defeat a boss without receiving damage will 100% trigger the evil angel. Choose wisely whether you want to bet your chance on evil angel in getting the rarer buff such as extra life, another multishot, walk over water or walk through walls.
  2. The ability walk through walls comes in handy when you can hide in walls while attacking the enemy. Therefore only enemy that can attack through walls can hurt you.
  3. Getting additional arrow such as multi shot & front arrow will reduce your individual arrow damage. While multi shot worth stacking, getting twice the front arrow buff decreases your damage per second to smaller monster (especially bow and knives users). However, getting extra arrow from diagonal arrow, side arrow, and rear arrow ability doesn’t reduce your arrow damage.
  4. Freeze effect have chance to reset monsters and bosses. The freezing effect varies individually. For bosses, some boss will stop it’s projectile while some boss will re-shoot again. Moving bosses will re-path or re-leap again. If you don’t want random unpredictable rhythms, avoid any buff that involves freeze effect. It is very important to avoid freeze and lightning stun effect when facing twin bosses.
  5. Hp boost have additional heal effect. If your hp is low and you are given a choice to heal hp or boost hp, go for the boost.
  6. When facing World 3 and World 6 final boss Dragon, standing at the 10 o’clock position give you the best chance to avoid it’s hardest projectile. Dragon breath
  7. The 4 x watching ads for free energy and 5 x special reward spin for gem has its own 24 hour count down. Don’t miss them.
  8. Obsidian chest gem requirement per open (300 by default) reduce by 20 each time you continuously draw it (max 3 times).
  9. Invincibility has a 10 seconds interval between every 2 seconds activation. You can strategize when to go berserk by knowing when its activation period. You can also increase chances of survivability when you entering a new room full of monster at the 8th seconds interval. Doing it right, you can always go full attack mode on the first 3 seconds, killing off the closest monster at beginning will give you better control of the new room. Additionally, if you have 2x diagonal arrow, you can utilize the 2 second invincibility chance and hug on bosses for extreme heavy damage. *Check this video out, excellent performance by player jeanzxc*

  10. Tornado is a boomerang weapon by default has it’s own “piercing shot” ability and will return to user upon hitting the wall. Taking the “piercing shot” ability doesn’t add any additional feature. However taking the “bouncing wall” ability will add additional bounce on wall before returning to the user. For example without “bouncing wall” ability, you throw your weapon to 2 o’clock, it will return to your character direction & with “bouncing wall” ability, you throw your weapon to 2 o’clock, it will bounce once to 11 o’clock only to returning back to you. Be extremely careful on picking “bouncing wall” ability, if you lack of attack power while throwing too many additional arrows, it will block your screen to see any incoming enemy attacks.
  11. Closing the app during game play and resuming the game will reset the floor map. For example if you enters floor 38 and realize it’s a very difficult maze for you, immediately closing the app, reopen it and resume the game will change into another maze. It’s especially useful for World 7. While the monster / boss will restart as new, your HP follows exactly when you force close the app.*credited to GodlyOneas*
  12. Using slower attack speed weapon such as scythe, you can tap the screen the moment you throw the projectile to reset the throwing animation, allowing a quicker attack speed. Click here for a video demonstration by Schmiddeh *credited to GodlyOneas & thatrandomuser2*
  13. “Smart” ability provides additional 50% exp gain from coins.
  14. Headshot can only be triggered by the very first shot from your own arrow, your pets shot, or receiving damage from the following ability: “Flying Sword” & “Explosion upon death”. Enemies damaged by holy/lightning arrow effect won’t nullify headshot.
  15. Fire and Poison effect does a small percentage damage based on your currently equipped weapon damage. It will not increase regardless of how many ability boost you taken later during the game. Poison effect will last until the enemy is dead. More details here. *credited to Nerdtendo*
  16. When you start having difficulties (bottleneck) on world 5 onward, farm scroll and credit via world 3. A full run on world 3 provides 2700-3300 credits and 2 6 -28 (average 14) scrolls. And I suggest to buy scrolls using credit (not gem) via Mysterious vendor whenever it appear. You won’t run out of credit don’t worry. *Credit to pizzaman0789 for correction*
  17. Do not rush through the next level before making sure all drops from enemies and bosses are absorbed or else it’s not collected. *credited to qwertiedota*
  18. HP boost provide 20% extra hp while Devil took 20% HP from you (percentage based on your start game max hp)
  19. Tornado and Knives share the same default damage. Tornado is slower in projectile but it can re-bounce and deal additional damage while Knives projectile is faster.
  20. “Extra life” ability gained from the Devil cannot be stacked. If you already claimed 1 and haven’t use it, do not claim again. *credited to LeMutique for discovering*
  21. Having difficulties against World 7? This post will help you to understand more.
  22. Taking twice multi-shot or extra life doesn’t gave you twice the ability from the ability exchange with The Devil.
  23. Spin the “special rewards” wheel at your current highest level world. There’s 6 rewards in this wheel, 1 x 20gem, 2 x 10 gem, 3 x credit amount that based on your world level.
  24. You can stack twice on Fire / Poison effect. First stack from fire / poison arrow or fire / poison orb or fire / poison swords or fire / poison flying sword. Second stack from the fire / poison aura from armour equipments. Means double fire / poison damage! *It haven’t been confirmed whether pet’s fire / poison can be stacked as well, if it does, triple fire / poison damage!*
  25. Bloodlust life steal can only be in effect from your own weapon/amour killing blow. Pet killing blow doesn’t provide recovery. *Credited to flakination for discovering*
  26. The plant boss/monster that looks like a worm which has the dig ability doesn’t deal collision damage. You can basically touch it without receiving damages.

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