Auto Chess Mobile — Best Team Meta Compositions or Builds

Auto Chess Mobile — Best Team Meta Compositions or Builds

Lots of people have been asking for a list of current meta comps in my stream lately so I thought I would help out the community and make a list.

I tried to stick to the basics and make it easy to understand for all types of players.

Meta Comp List

6 Mage Dragons

  • Lvl 8: winter chiropteran, source, thunder spirit, flaming wizard, shining dragon, tortolla elder, dragon knight, pirate captain
  • Lvl 9,10: storm shaman, dark spirit, helicopter, tsunami stalker, devastator
  • Replacement 1: god of war 3*, swordsman 3*, or redaxe 3* for pirate captain (stronger)
  • Replacement 2: god of thunder for thunder spirit (stronger)
  • Replacement 3: venom for dragon knight (weaker)
  • Items: Mana for tortolla and shaman. Tank items for pirate captain. Attack items for dk.

God Mage

  • Lvl 8: god of war, grand herald, source, thunder spirit, shining dragon, desperate doctor, soul reaper, storm shaman
  • Lvl 9,10: siren, sand king, devastator, tsunami stalker, dark spirit
  • Replacement 1: god of thunder for shining dragon or thunder spirit (stronger)
  • Replacement 2: winter chiropteran for shining dragon or thunder spirit (weaker)
  • Items: Mana items for storm shaman, siren, god of thunder. Tank items for god of war.

6 Assassins

  • Lvl 8: soul breaker, abyssal crawler, water spirit, lord of sand, shadow crawler, shining assassin, razorclaw, warpwood sage
  • Lvl 9,10: siren, tsunami stalker, dark spirit, storm shaman, devastator, helicopter, god of thunder
  • Replacement 1: venom for soul breaker or water spirit (stronger at 2* but too expensive for 3*)
  • Replacement 2: siren for warpwood sage on lvl 8 if several mages in lobby
  • Items: Stack dps items and frantic masks on shadow crawler first. Leftover dps items go to abyssal crawler. A few tank items for shadow crawler and abyssal crawler is also good.

Glacial Knights

  • Lvl 8: hell knight, evil knight, lightblade knight, frost knight, defector, priest, desperate doctor, soul reaper
  • Lvl 9,10: dragon knight and argali (6 knights), siren and tsunami stalker (marine), egersis ranger and ghost prophet (4 undead), dark spirit and ghost prophet (4 warlock), storm shaman
  • Replacement 1: argali for lightblade knight (weaker)
  • Replacement 2: berserker for defector (stronger but more expensive)
  • Replacement 3: ghost prophet for soul reaper (stronger if you can 2* gp and have mana item)
  • Items: Stack dps items and frantic masks on lightblade knight. Leftover dps items and all tank items go on hell knight. Mana items for soul reaper, desperate doctor, storm shaman.

Beast Warrior

  • Lvl 8: tusk, werewolf, abyssal guard, pirate captain, doom, berserker, razorclaw, poisonous worm
  • Lvl 9,10: siren or tsunami stalker (marine), desperate doctor, ghost prophet, soul reaper, dark spirit
  • Replacement 1: swordsman 3* for pirate captain or doom (stronger)
  • Replacement 2: sand king for razorclaw (only as a placeholder until you find razorclaw)
  • Items: Stack dps items and frantic masks on berserker. Mana item for poisonous worm and siren. Tank items on abyssal guard if 3* or doom.

6 Feathered

  • Lvl 8: taboo witcher, whisper seer, warpwood sage, wind ranger, shining assassin, razorclaw
  • Hunter version: sniper and shining archer
  • Assassin version: sand king and shadow crawler
  • Lvl 9,10: siren, tsunami, dark spirit, devastator, ghost prophet, storm shaman, doom, helicopter
  • Items: Dps items and frantic masks on sniper or shadow crawler. Tank items on warpwood.

3 Hunter Warrior

  • Lvl 8: egersis ranger, sniper, siren, abyssal guard, doom, pirate captain, soul reaper, venomancer
  • Lvl 9,10: dark spirit, ghost prophet, razorclaw, devastator, tsunami stalker
  • Replacement 1: 3* swordsman, 3* redaxe, 3* tusk, 3* god of war, werewolf for doom or pcap
  • Replacement 2: ghost prophet or evil knight for soul reaper
  • Replacement 3: dark spirit or ghost prophet for venomancer (stronger)
  • Items: Dps items and frantic masks on sniper. Tank items on 3* abyssal guard or doom. Mana items on siren.

6 Goblins

  • Lvl 8: soul breaker, skybreaker, heaven bomber, ripper, venomancer, grand herald, grimtouch, soul reaper
  • Lvl 9,10: ghost prophet, dark spirit, siren and tsunami (marine), devastator, helicopter
  • Tip: Whenever you find devastator, you can immediately drop grand herald and grimtouch for better units and synergies.
  • Items: Tank items on skybreaker, ripper, venomancer. Mana items for heaven bomber, dark spirit, ghost prophet, siren.

Glacial Warriors

  • Lvl 8: defector, priest, desperate doctor, berserker, doom, abyssal guard, soul reaper, siren
  • Lvl 9,10: pirate captain, dark spirit, devastator, tsunami stalker, ghost prophet, helicopter, storm shaman, venomancer, razorclaw
  • Replacement 1: 3* swordsman for doom at lvl 8
  • Replacement 2: frost knight for defector (weaker)
  • Items: Dps items and frantic mask on berserker. Tank items on 3* abyssal guard or doom. Mana items on siren.


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