Diablo Immortal — tips for beginner


Those are Diablo Immortal tips for easy pexing on the beta until Hell 2 (as IN maybe this won’t be the same on a release or after patch incoming soon).

Diablo Immortal tips

Your Class

  • Always bet on your summons.
  • Do the first dungeon 5 times without collecting your battlepass points.
  • Most classes take a lot of benefit of ranking up weapons so do so soon (i did keep some characters with rank3 armor and rank 16 main weapon rank 11 off hand to hell2/Lassal).
  • Buy some stuff from the Rarities every day (the first ten of each category cost 15k gold).

Monstruous Essence

  • Do pick up as much Monstruous Essence as possible (100 a day if you have the time) it gives XP and loots.
  • If you have ten in stock go to the bestiary asap cause you won’t be able to loot another one.
  • A fast way to aquire is to kill 11 monsters of each type you can find on the map (each type should give you 2 Monstruous essences very fast, the small monsters, the big, all and all.).


  • Switch your legendaries when appropriate. (for bg, for group farming, etc). It does cost nothing.
  • If you overwrited a Legendary you don’t have in essence, when ready to replace you can REVERT the change, than give it to the essence guy to not loose a new power.


  • Always group up if you can (like events, etc) minimum group buff gives you normal gems that you’ll never see out of Lair alone (and anyway lair in H1 need two persons, 4 persons in Hell 2 and further).
  • If you receive a “ninja invite” try not to be piss, if people invite you they need you, usually if you refuse they won’t do it again.
  • If someone helps you killing some tough Orange don’t refuse the invite to share the loot that does NOT diminish what you’ll get.

Elder Rifts

  • Do NOT do Elder Rift with crest alone, try do them with people who also have crests so you all get a lot of Ashes. Same for Legendary crest.
  • Elder Rift isn’t as much interesting as running 4 person dungeon unless you’ve got the full differents set you farm/wants/need.

Challenge Rift

  • Do challenge Rift until 5 asap. Once the Helliquary quest is done go up to 10 to unlock iben fadh Sanctum then 28 asap.
  • Challenge rift net you hilts each weeks. SO push them up , up and awaaaaay. (also unlock stuff like better loots everywhere).

Legacy of Horadrim

All this is probably changing right now with the new patches

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  • In Iben Fadh sanctum you get 4 keys a day and a free chest.
  • Do not spend keys unless you have enough (44) to open the second rooms chests they give 9 of each for 8 keys.
  • Loot buff doesn’t give you more keys, it make the five drop sooner in the sanctum.
  • If you are shadow, with the blessing, you can get Three keys out of Elder Rift each days.
  • Once Iben Fadh Sanctum unlocked you need to kill (all can be done in the first day):
  1. The blood rose in Darkwood Hell 1+
  2. Martanos (in Zavain)
  3. Hydra and Golem in Library
  4. Zavain Nightmare (this one has a schedule)
  5. Lassal
  6. and some Luck on iben fadh chests

When your at this point random events doesn’t give you anything

  • If you need craft essence find pages in the library.
  • If you need craft material do find ancient relics in Tundra (tip: if it look like a yeti corpse clic on it).
  • If you need legendary Glowing Shard kill your shadow in Darkwood.
  • Do activities on a reroll to grab platinum and buy your shits nobody want at excessive price (and get robbed of your platinum on market fees).


  • Do BattleGround, DO your three BG a day. it gives a stuff. (and keys on rank up so DO win).

On platinum

  • The first 100 person can grab a legendary crest each day for 1600 platinum from the crest vendor.
  • Do not extract skillstone (400 platinum) out of stupid charm, people don’t want to buy from you something that give’em a 20% chance to be usefull for 1K platinum. Don’t forget you’ll be platinum robbed on market fee by publishers.


  • Past the 10 first point of paragon you should keep most points for when you’ll be P50 to spend much more in treasure hunter specialization (and XP Bonus).


  • Do your contracts, some doesn’t require a long time/dungeon, but the first three a weeks gives you a lot of marks, which level your shadow rank, which gives hilts.
  • Contracts gives a lot of mats too.
  • Level up as much as you can your shadow rank (path of blood and challenge rift should always been pushed further).
  • Do the shadow Assembly ! a lot of loots, really, for 5 minutes of your time, everyday.


  • Hilts are one most valuable ressource as you’ll be able to buy crest of them.
  • Do buy 2 crest a day, do buy the montly legendary crest. Do NOT spend 1600 hilts on legendary or r1 gem.
  • Buy the Keys every day if you can.
  • Do set up the hilt notification on the merchant limited time offer TAB and check up on random item if there is a crest available.
  • If you feel like you have too much hilt you can grab a few charms from him too, and some reforge stone if you really need one. (to make sure you have three same class bonus on your legendaries).


  • There’s a 7 Days sell cooldown on items you buy from market. Just saying.
  • Did i mention Fees are excessive (they are not in gold but in platinum).

These were tips for Diablo Immortal. With these tips you can pass the main campaign faster and know what to do and what not to do. And of course this article will make Diablo Immortal easier to play.

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