Auto Chess Mobile — Concept Guide for Beginners

Auto Chess Mobile — Concept Guide for Beginners Guides

This is not a specific guide but rather a concept guide of things you should know and things you shouldn’t do. If you want a specific guide like when to level, what comps are strong, how to play 6 assassins etc, comment below.

Early game: round 1 to 10

Goal: try to get a win streak or lose streak, and form your initial comp

Things to know

  1. Which units are strong
  2. Which units can stay in a final comp
  3. Which units are the core of a comp
  4. What final comps are viable
  5. Unit synergy

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t dice.
  2. Don’t decide what you want to build before the game start.
  3. Don’t level if you are in losing streak. You need 50 gold asap.
  4. Don’t save money if you can level in a winning streak, what you lost in interest you earn in winning streak.

Mid Game: round 11 to 20

Goal: Level up and team formation

Things to know

  1. When to level
  2. When to sell your 2 star goblins
  3. What comp you are going for this game, and alternatives.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t Dice before level 7. Epic rate is too low before that.
  2. Don’t go for a comp that 2+ other people are already going IF you have alternatives.
  3. Don’t keep your losing streak from round 4 after round 15. You need some health.
  4. Don’t lose your winning streak because of interest. Level at round 13 or 17 to keep winning
  5. Don’t level or dice after your winning streak stopped, now is the time for interest.
  6. Don’t go for team comps that has no late game.

Late game: round 20+

Goal: level up units to 2/3 stars and WIN

Things to know

  1. How to position against different comps
  2. How your opponents are positioning
  3. Which units needs 3 star
  4. Which units to add in level 9/10

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t try to 3 star a rare/epic/legendary card, with exceptions e.g. Shadowcrawler in 6 assassins. You will waste money and bench space
  2. Don’t die with 50 gold in hand. Either level or dice.
  3. Don’t level to 9/10 unless most of your units are 2 star and you have a good unit/synergy to add.
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