Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO’s Question & Answers, Tips

Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO's Question & Answers, Tips Tips

Witch or ranger for first character?

Ranger is an all round god at basically everything, 8/10 farming

Witch good overall but weaker than ranger, 10/10 farming so better later

Either classes works, Both are fun

What should I do at start of game?

Quest + manor, Do not fish, do not pass go, keep doing main quests 😀

Jewellery, What type should I wear?

At the start of the game aim for blues, | have a guide for this

Can we get more characters slots?

Yes there is a character slot for black pearls in the store

Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO's Question & Answers, Tips

How important are pets?

Extremely, #1 priority make sure to get a pet for 400 black pearls from store asap

There seems to be some confusion here, You need a level 4 black spirit (storyline progress) to buy it, If you don’t see it in the pet section scroll to the bottom of pets and it’s here (limit 1 per acc)

Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO's Question & Answers, Tips

What do pets do?

They pick up items on a timer so the more you have = more items picked up (limit of 3)
They also get faster at picking up items/provide more buffs as they get fused to higher tiers

My pet isn’t on my bar? Where is it?

You’re either in an area where pet bars don’t show or you don’t have it out
Click on the empty circles to get to pets and summon it

I see lots of cool outfits with stats, where do people get them?

Pre-registration rewards gave a lot of them. You can buy them with $$, in game market or
craft them.

Crafting guide is here

Should I roll all my coins on a yellow weapon?

No, You can’t wear purple till like lv 30s and can’t wear yellow items till 47+

Do I collect all knowledge while levelling?

No, When you enter a town check the list for these white books, If you see any go talk to NPC
for knowledge

Delphe Outpost

Do I do amity while levelling?
I wouldn’t suggest it, come back after lv 50+

Is there an open world pvp area?

Yes, Nightmare forces pvp at all times and can work together as a guild to fight

You can also enable pvp in almost any combat zone but this is optional

What class is the best tank/healer/dps?

There is no holy trinity system in this game, all classes fulfill all roles and don’t really support each other in the normal mmmorpg way

What is the current level cap?

Level 55

How to make silver at the start of the game?

This is a long explanation, | have 2 silver guides to help you early game with another
incoming soon.

What content is there at end game?

  • World bosses
  • Open World Pvp
  • Guild wars (1v 1 v 1)
  • Manor bosses
  • Gear farming (ofc)
  • 1 vs 1 arena
  • 3v3 arena
  • 10 man friend arena (bragging rights)

My node just opened and it has great rewards, how do I do it?

Stop right there, do not do node until you have a level 5 main base/25 villagers
After you’ve done that follow this guide

Fishing is really good in black desert online, should I do it here?

No, No and no. Fishing is counter productive in black desert mobile while the cap is level 55.
(this may change after level cap rise, It’s very slow to level in kr)

Should I catch horses day 1?

I’d wait till day 2 when you have a bit of silver then feel free to get more

Should I save coins till later in the game?

No, You may not be able to wear purple/yellow/orange straight away but it doesn’t prevent you
from pulling them

Should I stop upgrading my blue because its +10 already?

If you’re struggling through quest line/eating to many pots then upgrade, you can transfer xp
from blue to purple and up so don’t fear upgrading a piece of gear

I can’t find where to change horses?

You need to get it from the stable inside your manor (player owned base)

Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO's Question & Answers, Tips

I’m out of potions & pet food, where do i get more?

You obtain them in any town (npc’s have a symbol on list under mini map tab of a potion & cows head)

Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO's Question & Answers, Tips

What should I gather at the start of the game?

I heard you make a new character to run storyline, when I do I do this and why?

2 reasons:

  1. The idea is if you get stuck on a quest and can’t complete it (boss to strong for example) you
    create an alt of the same class then transfer all its gear through the box in the manor

    You then do the story again to obtain all the extra rewards to kick the bosses butt 🙂

  2. Second reason is you get a bunch of contribution which is used to hire workers so you can get

    1 or 2 gold/yellow dex workers for crafting

Where is World Boss? How do | get there?

If you have the following level requirements (Iv 40)

The symbol will highlight

Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO's Question & Answers, Tips

Click Go to Battle

Black Desert Mobile — Variety MMO's Question & Answers, Tips

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