Dungeon Rush — not guide, but tips and some advices

Dungeon Rush — not guide, but tips and some advices Tips

Guild Skills Tips

In my experience, the Guild Skills for bonus ore is worthless. I can only remember 2-3 times where I ran out of ore, and one time was when I wanted to craft abunch of things for a second team for the 3v3 arena, and I didn’t have my auto farm set to breakdown items into ore. I had it selling them. I now have a few million ore, and recipes use at most a few hundred thousand. I will probably go back to selling it at some point soon. I really don’t need any more ore until I get champion level recipes from the next area to farm, and I’m prob not getting through that part of the campaign for a while.

Dungeon Rush — not guide, but tips and some advices

Very early in the game you should turn on the option in auto farming to break down items into Ore. Once you get all armor/weapon slots filled with ANYTHING, you should start breaking down everything that isn’t Epic or Legendary. Once Epic gear seems to stop being an upgrade, you can set those to break down, too.

The hand of Midas (Gold income) guild skill is iffy in my opinion. You will make the cost of the gold spent back pretty quickly, but it’s the cost of the guild coins. You get a 30% increase to your gold gained with 10/10 in the guild skill. I personally make about 50 million a day from raiding when I swap to the other guild on off days from Guild Wars. That’s 200 million in 4 days a week. If that’s what I made before guild skill, then I would be making 260 million a week. That’s a lot of extra rerolls. I used to be against this guild skill, but now I’m on the fence. I do have it myself. I skilled all of them when I didn’t really know what I was doing. Only being able to raid 4 days a week does make this quite a bit more relevant now in my mind.

Both of these guild skills will cost you about 4.5 million gold and 1525 guild coins to max out, each. That would be 3050 guild coins if you did both. That’s quite a few jades you would be missing out on instead. Jades are a grind you will work on until you stop playing the game. So any guild coins spent elsewhere will slow down your jade progress.

So I would definitely NOT invest into the Ore guild skill. The Gold guild skill I think may be worth it later on in the game. It’s definitely not worth it early as you won’t have enough of an income for it to be relevant.

Tavern Quests Tips #1

You apparently only see certain level quests a few times a day before not seeing them again until reset. It was stated that two star Epic quests only show 3 times a day. Three star Epic quests only show up 2 times a day. 3 one star Legendary quests per day. 2 two star Legendary quests per day. And finally, 1 three star Legendary quest per day. This doesnt mean that’s how many you can do per day. This is how many you will actually see in the Tavern per day. If one pops up, and you reroll it away, it will still count towards how many will show up that day.

Dungeon Rush — not guide, but tips and some advices

Legendary quests always include gems. They will also include 1-3 casino chips, or 1-2 summon scrolls. 2-3 star legendary quests have a very small chance of a Legendary Hero. Epic 2-3 star quests have a chance of a summon scroll, with 3 star quests having them most of the time. They will usually have gems, but can also have enchanting material once in a while.

The counter for Legendary Quests resets at 00:00 GMT. That’s the best time to start rerolling. If you’ve gone dry on good quests, it’s best to stop rerolling altogether until the Tavern resets.

Tavern Quest Tips #2

Depending on your VIP level, you should generally maximize scrolls and gems in the tavern. I have 8 quest slots, so I dont have to be as picky. Ill take nearly every legendary quest I come across. Sometimes I wont take 1 star quests if they only give 1 chip, and I have a lot of good quests I havent seen yet. Some epic 2 star quests can have gems and 2 chips, so they have a small possibility of being better than legendary 1star quests. But the best case scenario for myself would be all 6 legendary quests, then both 3 star epic quests with gems and scrolls as their rewards. But this doesnt always happen. Ill oten take epic 2 star quests.

Figure out what works best for you. It’s pretty hard to be able to get all of the scrolls and chips needed for monthly events. Most prioritize scrolls as the rewards are just better, and it gives you a better chance at upgrading champions. The mystery store is also a big deal during the 300 summon event, as you get 11k stones for the final reward. It has top notch legendaries in it for a limited time during the event. Last event had Lich King and Iceblink at 18k and 20k stones. So the 11k reward is a big deal in helping you upgrad. I try to sit around 30k stones, and then I’ll pass on the 300 event and blow all of my summons in the faction event. The rewards are harder to get, but the 2.5x rate on legendaries is a big deal when the only real reward in the summon event is the 11k stones. The only way to get Ring/Weapon/Neck is faction event. So unless you still need whatever gear is in the 300 event, look into trying this out. Sometimes I’ll blow a bunch of summons in the faction event if I have a light or dark in my bag, to see if I can get lucky and hit the other.

Gold Income

If your guild is like mine, they kill the boss before everyone gets a try on the boss. multiple hits on the boss. What we do, is allow guild members to leave the guild and join a small guild to take 3 hits on their boss. We have a few nearly defunct guilds with only 10 or so members left, so it’s no problem to hop in their guild if they’re set to auto join, and pop their boss a few times. Just make sure not to miss any Guild Wars for your own Guild. You dont want to miss out on any rewards if you can help it.

You can only have 3 guild leaves in a week. After that, you have to stay in the guild you are currently in for 7 days. If you need to leave and hit another guild’s raid boss multiple times in a week, have your guild kick you instead of leaving. This way you are only counted as leaving a guild when you leave the smaller guild to go back to yours. The kick idea is still untested. I just found out about 7day lock for leaving 3 times yesterday by personal experience. 

It’s easiest to leave your guild after the last day of the Guild Wars, and join a smaller guild, just staying there until the next Guild War. Then you can just leave the smaller guild. You’ll spend equal time in both guilds. This is what I currently do on my server. I have to stockpile as much gold as I can in the 3-4 days of raids in between Guild Wars, so I can try to refresh into good quest as much as Possible. I tend to start going dry on the last day of Guild Wars. 

Ive seen guilds be very against this, and I cant understand why. If your guild is at the point where you are killing the boss within the first raid, not everyone will get gold. And if you set a power cap for raids, then you run into the problem of people not earning enough gold to consistently reroll for the better rewards. All it affects is your guild rank, and guild ranks are meaningless. There’s always 1-2 guilds WAY ahead of every other guild on the server by the time you can kill Light Elemental that quickly. Everyone knows who the top guilds are, even if the rank doesnt show it. Since everyone knows, you dont need to hold that rank for recruiting purposes. If they dont know your guild by that point, they probably dont even know what they are doing in the game. Hell, my guild is often rank 3, and we hold about 90% of the top 20-30 pvp ranks. I think we have 9 of the top 10, too. So let guilds hop into dead guilds to get 3 hits in raids in between Guild Wars.

Event Tips

Casino Event

If you have VIP 4 for Crazy Gambling (10 spins for 8 chips), it only takes 600 Chips to earn all prizes. 640 chips at 8 chips per 10 rolls earns 800 rolls. You’ll earn 40 chips from rewards, which is 50 more rolls.

So you only need to save 600 chips to fully complete the Casino Event!

Faction Summon Event

Summoning Legendaries from Souls from your Bag counts for this. Whenever possible, hold on to one of each Faction to make the Event easier. This is easy to do with Chaos/Evil/Bastion/Forest, but Light/Shadow are harder to complete, as there are fewer Legendaries, and are far harder to come by as far as 10 Souls.

Legendaries summoned through Elemental Warding also count for this event.

I know it will be painful to stare at in your bag, but if you earn enough Stones to purchase a Warlord during the event that makes him purchasable for a short time, I would consider holding onto him in your bag. The rewards for summoning both a Light and Dark, and for summoning all 6 are pretty amazing, and are definitely worth the wait. This will also require a Dark, which can be purchasable in the same way as Warlord some weekends. Lich King is also seen once in a blue moon in the casino. If you reroll and get him there, I would most definitely leave it be to try and get him for the event rewards.

King’s Glory

Cross server PvP event. Unlike Trials, where you have to win 2 of the 3 matches, if your team wins, it moves on to fight the next team, the same way your team in Guild Wars fights until it loses. Last team standing wins. Since the first King’s Glory, it has become a weekly event.

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