Epic Seven — Abyss Tower 101-110 Floors Guide


How to Pass Abyss Tower 101 – 110 Floors.

Abyss Tower 101-110 Guide

Floor 101

Time to dust off your Kiris. An Ideal comp would be Kiris as your main DPS + 3 characters to support her. Dizzy (Or Basar) with Iela Violin is also ideal to bring as her debuffs will keep your team alive.

Phase 1 is all about poisoning the Water-Powered Energia until its dead before it can go Berserk. It has some insane defensive stats so outright beating it to death isn’t recommended especially since you need to kill it before 7 turns. Just focus the Energia ad down and keep your team alive.

Phase 2 At 70% and 40% HP Furious cleanses debuffs & gives himself and his team 3x skill nullifiers. It is vital that you get rid of all the skill nullifiers (with AoE attacks) otherwise the fight can get out of hand very quickly. Miss debuff/attack down/Iela violin/Buff strips comes in handy here as Furious also has a mechanic where if he has a buff and is hit with an AoE skill he will counter attack. Single target attacks should always be on Furious as hitting the ads will increase his CR. Arky will also do good damage here. Strategy is to just strip all buffs + maintain poison on him.

Floor 102

Kiris will be your primary way of beating this floor (Or S Tene). CC is essential so bring units such as Tenebria, SC Wanda, Fire Lidica, Ravi etc. Lilias is also a nice unit to bring to cleanse off provokes, provoke herself & dual attacks. In general I do not recommend bringing in healers like Tam as non-attack skills will procc Celine’s counter attacks. Personally I brought in F Lidica for CR push + skill nullifier to help deal with Celine & reset CD to prevent Celine from dispelling her debuffs. Schuri can also help with his CR pushes, CR decrease + poisons.

Phase 1 Kiris poisons Captain Rikoris and the rest of your team focuses on locking down Cele Gigantes + Mascot Hazel. Every time Mascot Hazel gets hit with 5 Attacks Captain Rikoris will grant everyone skill nullifier which is crucial to keeping your team alive. So in general the only one hitting Captain Rikoris will be Kiris, make sure Cele Gigantes & Mascot Hazel are CC’d, and everyone else just hit Mascot Hazel to keep skill nullifiers up on your team. Try to go into Phase 2 with skill nullifier on your entire team.

Phase 2 Good bit of RNG to this fight but strategy here is to stack poison on Celine and CC down the two robots as they will make the fight incredibly difficult if they ever get a turn to move. If you do have to use Lilias provoke on one of the back two mobs make sure she is on Phase 3 so that she’ll hit Lilias. Celine’s S3 will dispell all debuffs so getting as many poisons on her & killing her before then is important. (Or just reset her S3 cd if you have F. lidica) S3’ing on Kiris is tricky as it will proc Celine’s counter attack. So make sure she is either on Phase 3 or you have skill nullifier available. Once Celine hits 40% HP the fight becomes difficult as she’ll cleanse any debuffs on the two robots in the back and buffs them. Ideally by the time she hits that thresh hold she’ll have a good amount of poison stacks on her already and you have souls to Arky spam her to death. Do make sure the Yellow robot never moves as he will cleanse all the poison on Celine.

Floor 103

Strong AoE units are needed here. A Vildred, Vildred, S Tene, etc. Bit of a DPS check as you’ll need the firepower to clear Phase 1. Fire Tenebria also highly recommended for her def break + CC. (Build your Fire Tenebria if you haven’t yet. She makes the rest of abyss a hell of a lot easier) Dizzy with Iela violin works out here too. F Kluri is also a good unit as she can strip Dingos’ buffs and provide def break. DDJ is recommended to bring on your DPS.

Phase 1 The never ending mice. The mice will respawn othermice. Any attacks that don’t hit multiple targets will push the mice up so try to avoid single target attacks. Do focus the “boss” mouse (the one on the top back row without an HP bar) as its healthier than the others and you do need to kill all of them together. CC will also prevent mice from reviving each other.

Phase 2 Focus the Cidd down first (Cidd can also be CC’d) and it’ll make the fight a lot easier. Non attack skills will grant Cidd a 50% evasion debuff so avoid that. Use souls whenever available as Dingo will remove souls. Make sure none of the units have any buffs on them as well. Once Blaze Dingo S3’s (Cidd should be dead by then) he’ll transform into Dingo and grant himself invincibility + some extra buffs. Strip those buffs and focus him down.

Floor 104

Recommend Fkluri for her strip + def break. Tama also very good here. Damage mitigation/cleansing helpful as well. (Someone like Lilias) DPS would highly recommend S. Tene. but DPS units like Luna, Sigret, Alexa work very well here too. Elena could also be brought in for her invincibility, heals, and to cleanse off burns. Diene, Luluca, Krau, A. Momo, Dizzy, all good options as well.

Phase 1 Focus down the floating thing with multiple faces then the two karate kid mobs and then kill the boss itself. Keep your team healthy etc. Overall just a grindy straight forward fight.

Phase 2 The boss here has a mechanic called Flame Curse where she’ll turn one of the mobs into a bomb if killed. All in all the boss is fairly squishy and the only real threat of phase 1 are the burns from the mobs. You can just ignore the mobs and focus on the priest. Once the high priest hits 50% HP (which shouldn’t be difficult at all) she’ll sacrifice the 3 mobs to summon Ranok the Walker. At this point you’ll want to def break Ranok (after high priest does her cleansing skill + speed buff) and focus Ranok down. Stripping speed buffs will give your team more time to kill the big dragon. You’ll either want to kill Ranok before it can S3 or be able to survive its S3 with enough damage mitigation or invincibility.

Floor 105

The units you bring will depend on how you want to tackle this floor. Keep in mind in phase 1 revivers are ideal to bring as the scorpion queen will most likely 1 shot your front row unit (unless it has enough HP to survive). It is also possible to just CC the scorpion queen and not bring a reviver (as your reviver will be useless in phase 2) but it will make phase 1 a lot more RNG reliant. I would highly recommend Fire Tenebria on Abyssal crown for her cc, def break, CR decrease + speed debuff. Def break is pretty much mandatory here so have that option in your team. For your DPS bring a strong single target units like S Tene on Kal’adra or some other unit on rage set. Yufine + Ravi are also viable options. Tamarinne can be an option here as she can strip the reflect buff off BBK before your DPS hits her, (and those extra attacks might be necessary) Iseria can also strip & def break here as well. This floor is a DPS check with a lot of RNG coming down to landing your Def break. Arky spam, DDJ + poison is unfortunately not an option here as BBK is immune.TL;DR strong dps unit / def break + speed down / reviver or heavy cc / support unit with dual attacks such as SC Ras/Tam

Phase 1 Overall this phase is relatively easy but time consuming which is where the majority of the time spent on 105 lie. The fight is straight forward. Kill the mobs and then focus down the scorpion queen. Have a reviver to bring back your front line whenever the scorpion queen S3’s or have enough CC on your team to keep her locked down and never take a turn.

Phase 2 The two mobs that spawn with BBK make it so that cheesing isn’t an option. Everyone here is immune to HP % damage + poison and Arky isn’t an option here. The fight is also on a timer as at the end of BBK’s 11th turn she’ll move very quickly and 1 shot your entire team. The yellow mob dispells debuffs & prevents any kind of extra turn/speed buff shenanigans and can’t take more than 25% of its HP in a single attack. The purple mob has Shadow Rose’s S3 and disables any passive skills on your team, or CD manipulation. Both of these mobs effects are only active if BBK is at 30% HP or more. Both of these mobs need to die but in general the Yellow one needs to die first.

BBK herself is an issue as any non attack skills will always provide her with a reflect buff that will kill your DPS is you hit her while its up. The lower her health the more attack, def + healing she’ll receive.

The main strategy is to def break the Yellow mob, focus it down so that it can’t cleanse off def breaks. Once its dead turn your attention on BBK, def break her and DPS her down. S Tene is the most viable option as you can soul burn her S1 and kill the purple mob. And then its all about keeping BBK def broken and killing her before she hits her 12th turn.

The second strategy is to ignore the mobs and focus BBK down. The idea is the provide multiple debuffs (as the yellow mob only cleanses 1 debuff). Ravi works out well here as her S3 will CC lock the two mobs in the back. Dizzy also a good option for this strategy in keeping your team alive while providing necessary debuffs. Then its just whittling down the BBK until its dead.

Floor 106

This gimmick of this floor requires you to bring units that can provide at least 2 buffs due to Luluca’s passive. Diene, Elena, Green Rin, Luluca, etc are recommended. Riolet works out well here too. Arby, S Tene, C dom, Charles, Yufine, etc are good options. I would also imagine Ervalen would be great on this floor as well. Cleansing def break is pretty important for this stage as well.

Phase 1 Focus down the other mobs before focusing down the boss. Keep your team healthy. Not a very difficult fight.

Phase 2 The mobs that spawn with Luluca are fairly annoying as they will inflict miss debuff & steal a buff & provide skill nullifier to the lowest health. However when one does it will grant your entire team a random 3 turn buff. So the strategy here is really dependent on the units you bring. For the most part the mobs can be ignored so you can focus on Luluca. The main issue with this floor is that your team needs to have atleast 2 buffs if you’re going to hit Luluca. If you don’t she’ll counter and most likely end your run. Theres also some other negative effects for ending your turn without 2 buffs such as losing souls & will taking more damage but if your unit doesn’t have two buffs up just hit one of the mobs. Luluca also self buffs herself with immunity making it difficult to def break unless you bring in F. Kluri or a strip. At 50% HP she’ll summon Rahel of the Dark who can be a bit of an issue as she’ll mess with your buffs and do some sizeable damage. Just keep a good number of buffs on your team & focus down Luluca until she’s dead. Arky will also do a sizeable chunk of damage.

Floor 107

CC is mandatory here. Fire Tene, Ravi, Schuri recommended to control the mobs. Ken with DDJ does great here as a DPS option but units like S Tene, Ravi, Bellona, will get the job done. Once again this floor has the annoying mechanic of not being able to use non attack skills in the second phase so Celestine is a great option here. Elena can keep your team nice and healthy during phase 1, DJ Basar & Maid Chloe can stun & heal your team. A tanky frontline unit with good sustain is recommended such as Ravi or SC Ras.

Phase 1 The Key to this stage is keeping the cannons on lock down and DPS’ing the Temple Guardian when his barrier isn’t up. The barrier can’t be dispelled so don’t waste your time trying to dispel it. There is a timing window to this as right before the Temple Guardian S3’s he’ll be vulnerable to be attacked so this is when you do your damage. His S3 will cleanse all debuffs on his team so be prepared to have CC ready for the cannons or damage mitigation such as Def buff or invincibility.

Phase 2 Make sure the mob that spawns with Pavel (Summer Angara) never takes a turn. If Summer Angara does take a turn it’ll ruin your run by either triggering a dual attack or cleansing debuffs + granting a random buff. Non attack skills will provide Pavel with a evasion debuff & CR push so try to avoid using non attack skills here. Try to keep speed debuff on both units as well as def break on Pavel and focus him down. Non single target attacks here will do decreased damage to Pavel so don’t S3 if you bring S Tene. (unless you have to in order to stun Summer Angara) Try to make sure Pavel doesn’t have any buffs as well as it’ll buff his S3. Once Pavel hits 50% Summer Angara will transform into Roozid and take a turn cleansing debuffs and providing them both with Speed + Attack buff. Keep Roozid on lock and continue beating on Pavel. Arky will do good damage here as well.

Floor 108

Green lots is very good here because Melissa’s curse mechanic is removed if you use 5 non-attack skills. Aux lots on spirits breath, A momo, Achates, are also great options. A Vildred is also someone you can bring to just ignore the curse mechanic and kill + res him if his HP is high enough. Gen Purg is a good tank to bring to boost up your teams CR. S Tene + Kiris are good options for poison but any dps unit on DDJ should be fine.

Phase 1 Just focus the back two wizards down first and build up as much souls as you can carry into the next fight.

Phase 2 Melissa will take the first turn and curse whoever has the highest HP on your team (HOWEVER I should note that for me for some reason she would 100% always target my F Kluri even though my A Momo had more HP than her.) The curse debuff means all damage Melissa would take the cursed unit will take instead as well as removing 10 souls each time the cursed unit takes a turn. The strategy here is to cleanse off the curse debuff by cycling your team to spam their non attack skills and then focus Melissa down. Melissa is weak to poison so poison is very effective here. The mob that spawns with her for the most part isn’t too much of a threat. Arky also will do a good amount of damage. The fight is cheese-able using S Tene S1 Spam, F kluri def break + Aux lots S2 spam.

Floor 109

This floor is all about dual attacks and using your souls. Tamarinne, Lilias, SC Ras, ML Angelica are recommended to bring. Iseria is also super handy for her Def break strip, SB S1, and CD reset. DPS unit should have DDJ. Commander Lorina / S Tene are good options here.

Phase 1 Focus the Yellow mob first and try to avoid avoid hitting the purple mob if it has counter up. Then focus down the purple mob, strip counter buff or keep your team healthy & alive. Bit of RNG here to this fight due to the counter buff. Try to use up your souls before heading into the next fight.

Phase 2 Throughout this fight make sure you always use your souls whenever available as ML Angelica will do things you don’t want her doing if you have souls available. Focus down the spooky wizard in the back first. Once he’s dead then your turn your focus on killing the mushrooms before they can S3. After all the mushrooms are dead you can focus down ML Angelica. At some point ML Angelica will have her S3 available. It is really important you don’t have more than 10 souls available to avoid any mushrooms spawning. If you don’t her S3 will only summon skele mobs instead of mushrooms which you can then ignore and continue focusing down ML Angelica. After you finish off her HP bar ML Angelica will stay alive and grant herself 5 skill nullifiers & immunity that cannot be dispelled. This is where your dual attacks come in as you must get rid of those skill nullifiers before she takes a turn otherwise she’ll wipe your entire team. Then you can just hit her and she’ll die.

Floor 110:

I’ll edit this as soon as I beat this floor.

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