Hero Wars — guide, tips for beginners, best heroes – tier list


Hero Wars game came out quite a long time ago. But so far there is no recipe for the perfect team that could be equally good in PVE and PVP. In this article I tried to find hero wars best team.

Guide — 18 best tips for beginners

  1. Don’t click “complete” on any daily quest that gives team xp (the XP symbol). You need to keep your team level as low as possible. Why?The difficulty of the tower is largely based on your team level, not the level of your heroes. So if you have a high team level, but your heroes are not as high, the tower will be more difficult. You want to clear the tower (all the way to level 50) every day. Keeping your team level low makes it easier to keep your heroes close to your team level so you can clear the tower easier. Clearing the tower is one of the best ways to accumulate the resources you need to level your heroes.Hero Wars — guide, tips for beginners, best heroes, tier list
  2. Arachne isn’t worth your resources, and most of your beginning heroes aren’t (exceptions: Astaroth, Galahad, Kiera)
  3. When it is time to select a guild, do so carefully. An active guild wants participating members and you want to be in an active guild.
  4. Even if you are f2p, spend a couple bucks to get to VIP 1 at least (maybe VIP 5). The ability to auto-raid is worth the small expenditure.
  5. Energy will refresh over time up to about 200. After that you can get free energy from daily quests by logging in at certain times or by completing certain other tasks. Or you can buy it with theatre tokens or gems.
  6. Once you hit 40 and are able to farm the tower (daily), stop accepting quest rewards that grant Team EXP. It can be very easy to drive your level cap up higher than you have resources to build on or catch up to. Having one Hero at lvl 65 while the rest of your team can only afford lvl 40 and blue gear isn’t helpful.
  7. When filling in a team for an Expedition (Airship), fill it in from the bottom of your champ list. The game will highlight the champs you can use to reach the expedition team lvl requirement, and shade out those that can’t help. Only select the lowest lvl highlighted hero each time and you will build the most efficient team possible to complete the expedition, potentially allowing you to complete more of them at once.
  8. Always buy the XP potions available in the Town Shop. Even if you think you have more XP potions than you will ever possibly need in this game…buy more. Remember the potions just raise a single champ’s XP, not your Team EXP. By slowing your team growth (as stated above), and stocking up on XP potions, you can completely max out lvl and gear on full teams of individual heroes before progressing up to the next team EXP level.
  9. Mobile: Put your phone on mute and “watch” Boxy’s stupid ads, as well as the Theater ads every day. Let it run, watch some TV or engage with other humans and when you remember the ad is probably over, just close it and yay you got stuff, on to the next one.
  10. Yes, it is worth the $1.29 to get VIP 1 just so you can hit “Raid” on missions you’ve already 3-star beaten. If you are playing this game past team lvl 30, skip buying your next hot beverage or soft drink and just buy it.
  11. Don’t buy the health or ability buffs in the tower. The others are much more valuable, save your points for those.
  12. Join an active guild. If you are not getting daily rewards (glyphs, summon orbs) leave and find a better one.
  13. Try to select a guild within your range. Joining a gold guild when you are level 30 is just going to get you expelled.
  14. Don’t invest in crappy heroes. Likewise, investing in heroes whose soul stones are difficult or impossible to get can be frustrating, but also very rewarding later in the game. Some crappy heroes: Artemis, Daredevil, Aurora, Judge, Mojo, Luther, Fox, Phobos, Lilith, Heidi, Dante, Astrid + Lucas, Chabba.

    Also crappy, but necessary early on: Thea. As soon as you get a better healer (Dorian and Martha are the best), stop investing resources into her. I have her at level 90 with all skills maxed, artifacts activated, and glyphs and she STILL totally sucks.

  15. Heroic chests are useless, don’t do it.I spend gems exclusively on gold through the wheel, and only during events where you are rewarded with additional resources for spending gems.
  16. Pick one or two campaign heroes to focus on and no more then that. Get everyone else that’s a campaign hero to three stars at least then just stop investing in the soulstones and focus on items. If an event for one of your main heroes comes try and get to them to 4.
  17. Try and progress the campaign until you’ve unlocked all the quests for the item you are currently farming. Should be easy smooth sailing until purples in which case stopping at the end of chapter 8 for ages is fine. All the items after that point are gold and you won’t be using those until like level 90 despite being able to unlock it at lvl 60 or so.
  18. Use gems during good events. I like spinning the wheel, getting extra campaign items and leveling up my titans. I made a mini guide that might be helpful for new players.

Video which hero to Level?

How to do Hero Wars Best Team

Basics of a team

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 Healer or no healer
  • 3-4 DPS The team is either focused on Magic Damage or Physical Damage – never mix those (exception can be a healer in a physical team).

What is a good Hero?

**Can you get them to 6 Stars or not?**

The answer to that is:

  1. Do their shards drop in mission? That means you need a lot of precious energy as drop chances are low. That energy you won’t have to upgrade items as you spend it farming shards.
  2. Do their shards drop in the Tower? Excellent it is very easy to farm and to max them, it just takes months.
  3. Do their shards drop in either Arena? Excellent it is very easy to farm and to max them, it just takes a lot of months.
  4. Do their shards drop in Guild War? You are screwed if you are in an inactive guild, other wise it takes month to forever based on: Do you win a war?
  5. Do their shards drop in the loot chest for 200 gems? Be rich or don’t even try.
  6. Do their shards drop in events? Excellent, thats easy, just save 30 Energy Potion so you can use 6000 Energy during the event.

**What skills/artifacts do they have?**

  • Skills*

    Some hero’s can stun, poison, blind, prepare combos etc. Based on the team you wish to build, it will matter

  • Artifacts*

    First artifact skill of the three will at 3 stars trigger each time you use that first hero skill and buff the entire team. 

    Possible effects are: Magic or Armor Penetration, Magical of Physical Attack, Armor, Critical Hit Chance, Dodge etc.

Tanks for best Team

A good tank is defined as: stays alive (high magical and physical armor + vampirism + dodge) and matches the buffs from your party. An excellent tank is defined by adding: he deals a lot of damage!


Hit Point Tank with avg. defenses but her first skills doubles her magic and physical armor. 

All skills are based on her Hit Points and has self regeneration but when she does that, your middle row will become the tanks which is risky. 

She also got a minor stun. Her artifact will increase team armor which is good. Whats bad is, she has no vampirism and no damage skills.

She can be in any type of party.


High armor, excellent damage skills and vampirism but no self heals besides that and no stun etc.. 

What makes him a great tank is he deals a lot of damage while healing from it and thus belongs in a physical damage party.


Below avg. armor but she gains dodge for her and the team and has a stun.

All her skills are magic damage based so she must be in a magic party buffing team.


Avg. armor, no damage skills but an team wide physical damage shield skill. Burns enemy energy and shares damage with the team can also resurrect himself or a team member once per fight.

Because he deals no damage, he is merely a nuisance in battle, his value comes from resurrection to be more annoying or to bring a valuable team member back to live.

His skills are magic attack based so a magic buffing team suits best.

Warriors for best team

You can use warrior classes as tanks like Ishmael but they will not have the defense or tanking skills such as actual tanks.

Healer for best

That is a tricky one. They come as team wide healer and or single target healer. Usually they do not deal damage but have some crowed control skills. They are all magic attack based.


She has 2 avg. heals (1 team wide, 1 single target), 1 silence skill and 1 speed team buff that is passive.

Her artifact gives Magic Armor which can be great.


She is a mage as well as healer.

While a mage she reduces enemy teams healing and turns that into magic damage.

While a healer she casts 3 heals, all strong and single target. Her artifact adds magic attack and she can block debuffs.


Officially a tank but if you ever fought her, you know she stands in the last row and casts crazy amount of party heals and buffs all the time.

One very OP healer with an artifact that adds armor.


Both are strong side healers for those close to them but otherwise damage dealers.


Is regarded as one of the best healers, but she is a chest hero so expensive to get and level up.

Damage Dealers/DPS

This is the section where you have to look for what can you max out, best to look for skill combos as these hero’s should define your entire team. As there are too many hero’s I will give you some ideas how to evaluate and in the comment section we can discuss who goes well with whom.

Kai + K’arkh

Kai is magic damage based and throws the enemies up.

K’arkh deals automatically damage to who ever is in the air but he is physical attack based. He can block attacks so can be an off tank.

Lars + Krista

Krista wets them, Lars electrocutes wet targets and both are magic attack based. They also stun a lot!

Orion + Helios

Orion for magic penetration and attacks the back row which is also the primary target for Helios.

Best Teams in the game

Team A — magic team

We use Orion + Helios for back row magic penetration attacks. That means we need 1 tank that benefits from magic: Aurora and if we have no healer, Ziri.

We now have 2 free slots, we can go for Lars + Krista to have a full magic party with stuns. All the mages do AOE so the squishy back row hero’s of our enemies are either stunned, in the air or dead.

Team B — physical team

The one trick pony will be K’arkh so we use Kai to trigger his skills.

We use a high damage tank like Galahad and add hero’s that add armor penetration and physical attack such as Fox and or Elmir for armor penetration, Ginger for AOE or Ishmael for crits.

Team C

Annoy the crap out of your foes by stacking 3 healers or 4 in a defense team with Galahad or Ziri.

You can play for a timeout which is a draw, which is a victory for you when defending. Great for Guild Wars and Arena, the added hatred of your foe will run down your throat like honey.

Important to know: 3000 Armor (magic or physical) reduces the respective damage by 50% / 9000 armor by 75% ALSO if armor penetration is above or equal to armor it will ignore armor.

Which means you want armor penetration at 2000 at least. Total Critical hit chance has to be above the hero’s main attribute (Strength or Intelligence or Agility) to work so the wiki stats.

HeroWars Tier List / Hero Ranking — Best Heroes 2020

I’ve yet to see an adequate late-game tier or ranking list so here’s my attempt at one. Explanations for Hero placement will be included and I welcome any suggestions or criticism.

S Tier – Absolutely useful/Necessary

  • Astaroth – Incredible tank, obtainable early-game and always a worthwhile investment
  • Jorgen – Great Support Character, Steals energy/prevents energy gain, Pairs well with the twins and other magic Heroes
  • Martha – Possibly the best healer in the game
  • Cleaver – Rare chest drop but powerful physical tank if you’re lucky enough to obtain him

A Tier – Powerful Synergy/Combinations

  • Orion+Helios+Dorian – Magic attack+Magic Pen with Vampirism (and additional healing/Damage) from Dorian
  • Lars+Krista – Classic magic combo, pairs well with Jorgen
  • K’arkh+Faceless – Very strong physical combo, K’arkh has massive damage output and faceless (ideally) copies his Ult
  • Nebula – Increases the attack of two adjacent heroes, great between K’arkh and Faceless, etc.
  • Maya – Respectable healer, Skills pull enemy heroes together and deal damage over time
  • Celeste – Versatile Hero, very strong healer or magic damage dealer. Great counter to other healers

A-/B+ Tier – Useful Support and Strong Tanks

  • Ziri + Ishmael – Ziri is difficult to obtain, and requires a strong second Hero for when she burrows. Ishmael requires significant investment to shine, but once invested the pair makes a strong physical tanking combination
  • Galahad – Solid physical tank, Obtained early game (Starter Character) and soul stones are easily farm-able
  • Rufus – Moderate tank generally speaking, but his Ult shuts down magic based teams. Great for counter-picking in the Grand Arena
  • Cornelius – Strong anti-magic Hero providing magic defense buffs and suppression of enemy magic attack
  • Andvari – Counters K’arkh/the twins, overall utility still being tested
  • Jhu/Satori – Very powerful if able to get their Ults off
  • [Honorable Mentions] – Jet/Kiera/Qing Mao – Require more testing/Unsure if replaced by stronger heroes at higher levels (Kiera and Qing Mao particularly)

B Tier – Potentially useful/niche counters

  • Aurora – Useful tank, new event skin may improve overall usefulness but often replaced at higher levels
  • Peppy – Magic user that pairs very well with Cleaver (provides stun/blinding/shielding)
  • Kiera – High Damage output, Not sure if replaced by other Heroes
  • Qing Mao – Good Physical attacker, potentially replaced at higher levels
  • Luther – Disrupts backrow, Often 5/Absolute star due to the event
  • Elmer – High power output, jumps to the backline and gains attack bonus with his Ult

C Tier – Strong mid-game but outperformed late-game

  • Ginger – Strong marksman but outperformed by other Heroes late-game
  • Astrid and Lucas – Good back-line tank but inconsistent
  • Arachne – Strong mid-game, Often 5/Absolute star due to the event but quickly drops off late-game
  • Kai – Has some synergy with K’arkh but sees very little play late-game
  • Thea – Solid healer, obtainable early game and easily farm-able soul stones but outperformed by nearly all other healers

C- Tier – lacking common use/utility

  • Markus/Lian/Chabba/Lilith/Judge

F Tier – Not worth investing

  • Fox/Mojo/Heidi/Daredevil/Phobos/Dark Star/Artemis/Dante
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Thank you! Great guide. I’m trying to figure out what I want my team to be. I thought I had settled on:
Astaroth, Jorgen, Orion, Dorian, Helios

But I was also thinking about using:
Galahad, Keira/Ishmael, Nebula, Peppy, Martha

Do you have any thoughts you can share about those options and the kinds of things I can think about for building one of these teams?


When was this written kinda important I think.


Not happy about the trick with keeping the overall level low for the tower. The problem with the tower is that you take hitpoints and energy to the next stage, so you might slowly run out of hitpoints when climbing the stages. This already gives the solution: Use a fair amount of healers in the tower. Martha, Celeste and/or Maya are a must. Try to obtain these heroes, for example by acquiring the 50 monthly soul stones. Astaroth is an absolutely great tank in the tower. His ability to resurrect a teammate will give you a big advantage when climbing… Read more »

Jais Ronne

I get confused as in the introduction Aurora is described as “crappy”, but in “Best Teams” she is mentioned as part of best magical team???? WTF😀

Jais Ronne

Would you prefer Matha 2 stars over Thea 4 stars as healer?

Jais Ronne

Soul stone hard to get for Martha


Hy I am confused a little bit, how to upgrade my team by getting new team member. I use Astaroth , Galahad, Jorgen, Celeste, Martha. All ot them are lvl60 with violet stats, 3 stars, ~maxed out skills, and some artifacts. The team is something about so-so damage, but op healing by martha and celeste, and defence by Astaroth and jorgen. (-> Team C with little B) The good thing about this team, that the team power is 54K only, but i beat teams with about 60K power in arena, and ~80lvl in capaign 😉 I found out, that astaroch… Read more »


Try putting keira instead of Galahad


all in all some great info .better than most i have seen and read hoping for updates in the future


So, I’m working a Keira-Qing Mao team with Astaroth, Thea, and Dark Star (all at Blue), but I’m wondering if I should switch my Astaroth for my Galahad. Galahad is also at Blue, but Astaroth is very useful on my team, but he’s Magic and my team is Physical. Suggestions?


Is this team good Asta, Keira or Karkh, martha, oliver (pet), lars, krista?


I don’t have most heroes so I still need some time to gather a good team I might need ziri

Last edited 1 year ago by Brain