Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos — Unofficial General Tier List

Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos — Unofficial General Tier List

This tier list is for how good individual units are within a reasonable amount of synergy of available units. This list does not account for how good units are in their best case scenario because many units can be amazing in dedicated compositions and with infinite resources. If a unit is vastly better with other units, I will make a note of it in the individual unit review. I will be doing each category of unit sequentially, as this is not a formation composition guide. As a strong composition is better then taking all the S rank and A rank units you have and putting them in a list, even if it could do well.

Tier List of Heroes

I would not take this list as a hard separation of pure power either as unit balance as a whole, feels quite tight, and would not view A and B or even S tier units as radically different in tiers of power.(Outside of maybe Angel, which feels head and shoulders significantly better than any other unit in the Offense tree.)

I repeat – This list for individual unit power and utility through a reasonable selection of units and not optimal conditions. Of course if you disagree, please feel free to provide comments and criticisms.

Offensive Units


  • S – Angel,
  • A – Pitfiend, Bone Dragon, Psychic Elemental
  • B – Devil, Stone Gargoyle, Goblin, Fire Elemental, Naga
  • C – Pikeman
  • D – None

Tier S

Angel – Angel is the premier unit in the game for overall utility and damage. It can be reasonably slotted into *ANY* team and provide maximum utility. It’s resurrection skill is the single most powerful skill in the game, able to completely turn a battle around alone. It’s passive healing frequently gives it the highest healing done in any long fight. It also provides a stun on 3 units. It’s only downside is that it is made of paper. This unit, independently is vastly better than any other unit in the offensive selection.

Tier A

Pit Fiend – Pit Fiend is an excellent support unit. It provides armor debuff, a strong unit spawn, and healing. This unit does it all, and is a great early – midgame pick. It’s Orange skill being entirely support based

almost requires that you tailor your comp in a specific direction for maximum value, which is the only reason this unit is not S tier, but could easily be placed in there.

Bone Dragon – This unit provides a ton of supportive elements for shredding tanks and reducing enemy damage output with a low morale and silence. It falls in the A rank because it requires Lich’s orange skill to truly shine.

When enabled by Lich’s orange skill, Bone Dragon can easily become one of the most destructive units on the battlefield and will dominate any lane he is placed into.

Psychic Elemental – This unit is tentatively placed her as experience is still limited. It’s splash skill is stronger than most, as written it even works on 4 man units, which givens it insane output. It’s stun fires off frequently,

and is immune to being controlled. Seems like an overall excellent damage bot. This unit could be S tier in of itself, but as stated experience is limited.

Tier B

Devil – This unit is a pure damage bot. Against weaker opponents, he’s overpowered. Against stronger opponents, he is nearly worthless. His mechanic for teleportation, can end up with him being targeted by every ranged unit and caster unit in the enemies formation which will kill him very quickly even with his massive HP pool. If he can take out one enemy unit before dying, he can snowball very quickly and cause your team to run away with the game. If he can’t, you should have chosen another unit. By combing dwarf and efreeti you can significantly increase his durability which helps mitigate some of his weakness. It’s possible with scaling this unit gets better, but the extreme limitation on ranking up SSR’s make him quite limited. It’s possible that at the end game and with max investment, he might be one of the strongest units in the game with his unique targeting rules.

Stone Gargoyle – Highly underestimated unit for shredding defensive units. Stacking Slayer on it during its stone form is quite frightening..

Goblin – I might be over-rating this unit a bit, but Goblin does a lot of damage. Warstorm after a couple of skill points becomes very strong and actually increases it damage. Executioner amplifies this even further, making this unit an easy to rank up wrecking ball of carnage that passively does what Naga requires support to do.

Fire Elemental – I’m still up in the air with this unit. It’s scaling on +Fire damage seems quite strong, so a valid pick for Rakash or Luna. Individually, it’s damage feels good. Could go higher or lower with more experience.

Naga – I am potentially being a little harder on this unit then required, but I feel it requires specific heroes to truly shine. Under Catherine or Crag Hack buff stacking, it can be a formidable torrent of destruction.

Tier C

Pikeman – While the rating for this unit is the lowest in the offensive section, it actually has pretty good stats in all categories and with mirth can do impressive damage late game. I would say it’s A tier in any Roland comp but I would rather have any other unit if I wasn’t deep in castle.

Tier D


Conclusion: It’s hard to go wrong with a majority of offense units as the best benefit is the innate armor shredding that all of them use for destroying your opponents front line. Using the one that provides the best synergy for your desired composition is more important then pure power, outside of Angel which can make any formation better through it’s sheer utility.

Tune in next time for my favorite selection: The Defensive Units!


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