Mobile Legends — How to escape Epic/Legend/Low Mythic Tiers

Mobile Legends — How to escape Epic/Legend/Low Mythic Tiers Guides

Hey there, i have been looking at some of these guides that have been recently published and had quite a few good tips but them being textbook points and everyone who’s ever wanted to get better knows them honestly also they aren’t that impressive/don’t go into depths so here’s a few tips that i have gathered after playing mobile legends for years!

Tips and Tricks

  1. You end up Dying a Lot: Lets say, the enemy mid you while you were somewhat extended (*note i said extended not overextended) or even if you weren’t lets say the enemy ends up doing a 4 man gank and you end up dead… lets say you have lapu top so he cant peel for you until he has his ult and you are playing support lets say angela; now you being an easy target gusion will focus you as hard as he can and lets say you end up dead maybe 2 or 3 more times..Buy Defensive Items; thing is sometimes enemy assassins/mages are too good and you just cannot help it! well the best thing to do in this case is to buy what i like to call Specialty Items that offer defensive as well as offensive stats. Want me to name a few? Thunder Belt, Cursed helmet, Immortality, Winter Truncheon, Bloodwings etc. are all such items that provide sustain as well as offense! now i don’t really know exactly the items that you would build for certain heroes but if you think hard there’s plenty items that can help you better instead of going full damage! tbh angela isnt the best example in this case but you guys get the point!
  2. When to initiate?: Lets say the enemy team is fed asf and you are playing support role maybe tank/fighter or any heroe with cc, generally any hero with cc should ideally be the one to initiate but incase if the enemy team is fed; you are gonna get shredded before your carries can do something, now its important to initiate, but when you are behind you Never Initiate Instead Peel for your carries, i often see tank mains just initiate blindly when your mm needs the peel, sometimes the enemy assassins are too good man so you cant always initiate, knowing when to peel and when to initiate is 1000x times more better than initiating all the time! Its good to initiate when you are ahead but if you are behind peel for your carries!
  3. Counter Building: this is kinda a common concept i.e building anti-lifesteal against heroes that can heal/lifesteal such as alucard/estes/belerick/ruby/angela/alice etc. building Magic PEN/Armor PEN when tanks have high a also counter building imo kinda differ’s for every hero, but let me give you an example suppose you are playing chou and enemy team managed to get their hands on kimmy in draft pick, now kimmy’s core items are gonna be BoD and ice queen wand given that he/she is a pro in this case to counter the slow and to counter the damage you can buy items that grant movement speed and armor Windtalker for movement speed, Thunder Belt to slow her down once you catch up, maybe dominance ice to reduce her speed di is an okay item its best against high crit heroes like lesley but you can use it if they have leo in their team, cursed helmet for magic res, courage bulwark works excellent against her, etc are such items that i would love to build against her so you guys get the idea i have only started counter building recently and it has improved my gameplay a lot and i kinda love it now another way to get better at counter building is to challenge yourself to a different build every game! heres some ss of what i like to counter build against some heroes.
  4. Being a One Trick Pony: Now there’s are a saying OTP are better at macro then Jack of all trades and i have to say this cant be more true; while learning a new hero you are gonna be focus on farming/not dying/executing combos etc but rather if you are playing your main you can focus on minimap/counter building/etc.. What i’m trying to say is that people are often gonna give you tips like have a better champ pool master at least 6 heroes and that’s a good common tip but if you are like me who suucks at every mm and will feed regardless of having a gold lead heres what i think you can do to overcome this obstacle; Inv People Who are Good At Certain Heroes what i mean is if you are mm main inv people who main tank/fighers that can peel for you instead of you picking tank and initiating all the god damn time when you should be peeling for the mm. You get the Idea Trioq/Duoq beats Soloq.
  5. How to play from Behind: What would you do when the enemy is ahead and is doing a 5 man push at mid? a million dollar question right? welp first off Stop Engaging SIMPLE! clear the waves as fast as possible at mid and split push the side lanes and gtfo of lanes before they can gank you; idc if you have to use your ult for it but fuucking do it if you are akai push the wave to turret and clean it ffs if you are claude focus the wave ffs.. Clear the mootherfukin wave; they cant push if there’s no wave SIMPLE MAN!…
  6. Objective Priority: now every noob knows turrets first but there are times when certain objectives are more important than others ofc the nexus and the inner turrets being the most important; here’s what my objective priority looks like: jungle<kills/wave<turtle<turret<lord<inhibitors<Nexus (*there are some cases where the priority takes a shift for eg. if you have wiped enemy team and have 20 seconds on respawn and if you guys can tank the inhibitors and end the game you should be ending and not going for the faking JUICY lord, although if you have a gold lead you can go for lord and end it but if you don’t have the lead and are behind or equal then you must fucking end it right away even if you have to tank the turrets.)
  7. Peel > Initiation: Again sometimes the enemy adc/mage have really good peel with them like saber/martis/ruby/chou and engaging at them is a death wish in those cases its better to peel for your squishes…

Master tier

Let’s start with Master, a lot of new player are in Master and a lot of them going to tilt and kind of mess around troll but mostly they are actually going to rage. In general, Master tier are very angry little. They are not too sure about heroes pros/cons or what they good at and what they could avoid either so they might know how to play heroes but not really sure exactly what they have to do to win with it them. If I take Miya as an example, player in Master mostly don’t know what their Ultimate is used for and kind of like not using it when they are in danger. They cannot regonize a situation where they can actually kill people or where they can escape from danger and let that opportunity goes away.

I personally think that there are two type of people in Master. First is player that know they aren’t very good at the game. Second is player that “know” it is his team’s fault they are hardstuck in Master. The one who denial are going to be ones who stay there for a longest but the one who accept it kind of move on from it will climb and they are going to fix the reasons that they are in Master. Also Master quite often do very dumb stuff without really realizing it so they cannot fix it. They just do thing without knowing why they are doing it. That’s really important, when you don’t know the “why” then you obviously can’t really fix things. General gameplay for Master is based on Earlygame more than anything else. When you get ahead, an enemy team is often going to rage and tilt because they don’t really know how to deal with it making the game becomes much easier.

I personally think that Master tier prioritize the kills way more than objectives. The mechanics aren’t amazing either. Neither is game knowledge or maybe just one of those is actually going to be lacking. The mechanics in Master tier more into the fight actually while the item and talent seem not important for them. If you really wanted to climb out of Master, make sure to create a heroes pool where you enjoy playing those heroes and keep playing them until you good at that heroes. Picking a strong earlygame heroes sure does help a lot because Master tier are likely win lane to win the game because people will give up easily in lower rank. Picking a lategame is a risk because people give up and they don’t understand that you have a good lategame or they actually don’t care and they gave up anyway. Winning a lane doesn’t need a lot of kills, what you need is to learn how to farm faster to get more gold from anyone else. Plus, Jungle side on rank Master are completely disaster, people who jungle going to get executed.

What you really need in order to climb is to make sure you have talent and build setup before the game actually starts. The biggest thing to keep into your mind is don’t make an excuses on bad plays, don’t look at your team’s mistake, don’t feed and troll the game. The only way to get out of Master is fixing your mistake and never look at your teammate’s fail.

Grandmaster tier

Let’s move on into Grandmaster. People in Grandmaster will likely tilt way more than raging. They feed more everytime they tilted. Feeding is something you have to overcome the most so this will come down to like lack of matchup knowledge, pushing without any vision. Basically every reason you could die is gonna happen in this tier unlike on higher rank where you can’t see mistake way more than lower rank. General gameplay in Grandmaster for a Midgame and Lategame is a mess. Nobody have an idea on what to do or what they should do in order to lead the game. The obvious thing they can do is push the turret or go for kills. But the game is easier when you have a lot more gold and focused more on the objectives.

What you really need to do in order to climb out of Grandmaster is create a heroes pool because this is became a lot more important now. You can win with whatever heroes you pick in Grandmaster, but it will hurt you more in Epic tier since the gap skill between Grandmaster and Epic is huge in my opinion. Another obvious thing I can see in this tier is people don’t really know how to trade damage where you going to do a short burst damage. But people in Grandmaster are likely going to all-in and rambo to you with all they had and going to die anyway. Another advices I can give to Grandmaster player is focus more on values you had on every kill you got. For example, when you got a kill, make sure to think like what can I take next at our fight? Every teamfight must have an clear objectives why you started the fight and what you could get after won the fight. People in higher rank will usually go for Turtle, Lord and Turret after every kill because your team is outnumbered enemies now.

Epic tier

When you reaches this rank, you can consider yourself good at the game because you might be good than an averages player now. What you can really focus more is to make sure you have more confidence in your decision so you don’t hesitate every time you wanted to do a decision making. When you are in Epic, you are actuall pretty good at the game and what you think you are going to do going to be the right play. You are going to face a lot of hard games in Epic though where people are still learning. Sometimes you cannot win and luck is going to come into this a bit more than other rank tier where it is harder to solo carry the team. General gameplay in Epic is a bit slow. People in Epic know what they should do but they are going to made an easier option like clear the wave or farm a bit more in the jungle rather than taking a Lord after won the teamfight. Mechanics in this tier is good but you are still going to see a bunch of talent and item fail as well even at this level. For example, some people just brought the item without knowing what the item actually does. Same goes for talent, people not really bother knowing those knowledge and going to forget anyway. Make sure to pick some optimal stuff now. People in this tier still learning and trying to figured out what their heroes could do and how many damage they can do. This is where punishing mistake comes in. Having a plan though is way more effective than normal so people hesitate tend to not do as much I guess. So you need to fix and move up. Create a good heroes pool where you can become enjoy and comfort with. Your jungling skill need to become in solid level because this is important when you are in Legend tier. You should avoid any risk or throw in the game. People usually will throw and take a dumb risk where they are going to try and make a 1v5 outplay where they died in a few seconds. People in this tier know a situation where you could take thing after won the fight, but do not overstay. When you overstay like trying to kill lord where you can’t actually kill, enemy will just come and counter your decision. Use it as your advantage!

Legend tier

This is rank where you can find a keyboard warrior more often. This is why you use ping to talk. Using words will normally make them angry. It sound very dumb but everybody in Legend have an ego problems. They will flame you and talk all the time in the chat to try tilt and make you angry. They wanted you to know that they are actually good at the game. Legend player itself is fine, but some people does have this kind of mindset where could ruin their gameplay. People in this tier desperate to get into Mythic as soon as possible. This is why people getting frustrated easily when losing in this rank making they rage and have high ego. Player in Legend are usually going to make a small error and ignore it anyway. You are going to spend a lot of time to climb out from this rank when you are first time. That is completely normal. Legend tier also the land where a lot of one-trick heroes trying to get Mythic. So this is good and bad. It is good because these guys should try hard when they are on their favorite heroes and bad when they are going to give up when they do not get their heroes. General gameplay in Legend is solid. Their mechanics are very good now. Their item and talent are sorted well. They are care more about team composition where you could do to have higher chance of winning the game. Shotcalling does help a lot in this rank because people actually going to listen and they know what the right play. You have to know how thing works like everything you are going to do and what the reason you are doing those decision making. If you do not have a reason in doing something then you should not really be doing.

The first thing you have to keep into the mind is to trade properly. This is important because you are going to be pressured quite hard and need to get used to it. Legend player are not react this very well because they are kind of like run away instead of fighting. Second thing is to swallow your pride because every people in this rank have a massive ego and it does get in the way. You really need to play what you good at aswell. Most people who get into the Mythic for the first time are usually one-trick pony and based on one role. This is why they should avoid playing multi heroes and random stuff that their mechanic on those heroes are still lacking unlike other heroes that they used to play with. This mean people in this rank do not really good at every heroes, they are only good at a few heroes that make them got into the Mythic. Laning phrase is important now because people will punish you more and you’ll eventually lose more gold and exp. Also, work more on midgame and lategame decision making. people in Legend tier still lacking of these macro and slow at reacting on these objectives they should really worked on. This is difference between Legend 5 and Legend 1.

Low Mythic tier

Mythic is a whole new different beast to Legend tier. There are a lot of one-trick heroes on this tier and they are only play one heroes on every single games, boosted player who get into Mythic *1 by boosting their account and people that don’t actually care about the game. Being a one-trick probably made you stick in low Mythic tier I think but it is actually a good thing because you are good at one heroes and you can compete. This is best way to climb the ladder but then they get bored and they play new stuff which is bad. The problem with that is they are not as good as players in general as like those around them. They just know their heroes extremely well but lacking at something. When they are playing new stuff, their level aren’t Mythic anymore and likely on Legend 4 or something. This does happen a lot in Mythic, they lose a ton because they are not playing heroes that got them into the Mythic. So, in order to get out of this tier and actually carry your team is play your best and play hard. Exploit those who don’t care, tilted and boosted or just one-trick pony. It is a dirty way to climb out of lower Mythic. But it sure make you felt better once you get out of these.

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