Tales of Erin — Tips and Tricks. Guide for beginners

Tales of Erin — Tips and Tricks. Guide for beginners Tips

Tales of Erin — Tips and Tricks

What is gold used for?

  • Costume breakthrough
  • Discover Potential for characters
  • Resetting Skill Points
  • Massive battle where you farm for costumes (this one right here will be the most beneficial way to use your gold and you might ran out of gold from this)

Tales of Erin — Tips and Tricks. Guide for beginners

How to farm gold?

  • Doing your Daily will net 30,000 Gold.
  • Expeditions for gold
  • Darktide Ruins
  • Jade exchange, 1600 jades for 50,000 Gold.

How to level up my units fast?

Fruits of trials give a lot of exp, to use them you go to : Main menu -> Party -> Enhance character. There’s multiple ways to get them. Here are the most efficient one.

  • Trials ( Main menu -> Trials -> Enhancement material tab ) give you fruits (S) and (L).
  • You can get a limited amount of fruits (100) from the guild shop after every reset. To get guild coins to buy fruits in the guild shop, you need to run to join a guild and run the Azure Tower. From floor 1 to 200, every entries cost 5 stamina and give up to 10 coins. With 20 coins you can buy 2 fruits (L), which means 5 stamina gives you 1 fruit (L). Take note that you can also buy medium potion form the guild shop to have even more stamina to burn.

Tales of Erin — Tips and Tricks. Guide for beginners

Should I use a monoteam? (a party with units of the same element)

Currently, yes. As for now, monoteams are superior to rainbow teams. They are superior due to some of the characters buff being for one element and for costumes to give party buff for the same element, making possible to reach high values for a single element.

Why do I see a lot of people with a monolight team?

The monolight team a lot of people use is made of Tiamat 5* (soul costume available), Mirafuse 5* (event banner), Gilford 4* and Angelica 4*. This team is great but not better than any other mono element team that has multiple 5* units in it. The reason why so many people run this light team right now is because it’s really accessible with the previous Mirafuse banner giving Mirafuse pretty “easily” and the warrior/healer of the party being 4*. Once you pull those two 4*, you were set to get Tiamat with the summon coins and mirafuse from the event banner.

I’m new and already can’t beat this chapter fight, what to do?

It is really important to run trials to level up your units and costumes. To access Trials, you go to the Main menu -> Trials (a yellow rectangle). From there, you can farm materials to limit break your characters (increase their max level + skill points) and farm fruits of trials that will increase your characters level by using enhancement. You also gain some materials to enhance your costumes.

Where can I get good costumes?

  • Multi fights. It cost gold and depending on the fight level and your contribution, you may get rewarded with costumes.
  • Crafting. It cost low level limit break materials, gold and some time. The longer you have to wait for the craft, the better rank the costume will have.
  • Jade shop sells +% atk and +% hp costumes with a level 3 skill fro 2500 jades. These are not the best (max is level 4 skills) but really good early game and will help you a lot.

Where can I get more stargems?

You should take a look at the event tab and the achievement tab accessible from the main menu. You also get 30 stargems for every first completion of every chapter fights. There’s is also some gift codes you can use, they give multiple rewards including stargems:

  • TOE12345,
  • TOE55566,
  • TOE88888,
  • TOE54321,
  • TOE52000,
  • TOE99999,
  • FG3000YT,
  • KGTOE100,
  • TOECPX01 (halloween event),
  • TOECSC02,

To use them you click on the top left of your screen on “information” then on the bottom right you have a button “Gift Code”.

How to get Fate Spring Water (high level soul costume evolution)?

You can exchange your elemental crystals for Fate Spring Water in the Workshop. You farm those crystals from Massive Battle (Multiplayer), meaning you’ll need to farm each and every element boss.

How to reroll?

A : You can just make new accounts since it doesn’t require any emails or anything to register. You don’t have to uninstall/clear anything. Once you’re logged in an account and want to make a new one. You go to the Information tab in the corner and click on switch accounts. Once there, you just click on a Member login and click on register. Make a new account and then log in with it and then thats it.

How to get summon coins for the summon shop?

You get a big bunch from the first 8-day login event. You also get some from the ranking rewards at the end of every week and also 20 for each summon (200 for 10 * summon). A 5 star character costs 5000 coins and a 4 star unit cost about 1000. You’ll get all the 4 star eventually, I’d advise to save your coins for 5 stars characters only.

Help I am stuck at chapter 4.

There is no chapter 5 yet, if you completed chapter 4 you are done with the story mode (easy). Now you can attempt hard and extreme mode of chapter 1 to 4.

What are action points?

You’ll notice the action points on boss fights. Those little diamonds next to the HP meter. When they are all filled during berserk then the boss will unleash its ability. Reduce an action point removes one of the filled diamonds so delays the bosses skill.

Which character appears in the Round of Character? (RoC)

Current list of characters obtainable through RoC (Emblem Shop);

5 Stars

  • Hera
  • Renniscan
  • Mimiru
  • Yuna
  • Tiamat
  • Nicholas
  • Valla
  • Shaedu
  • Leona
  • Wu Lian
  • Mao
  • Garcia

4 Stars

  • All Water (except Sulasha)
  • All Fire
  • All Light
  • All Wind
  • All Dark

3 Stars

  • All characters
  • Only obtainable through RoC
  • Shaedu
  • Mimiru
  • Wu Lian
  • Leece
  • Darchess
  • Fremy

What costume should I put on my units?

There’s really a lot of different combination, if you wanna follow some guidelines here’s what I recommend:

  • Defensive warrior (e.g Gilford): 2 artifacts (hp) + 1 party buff (crit, hp or atk)
  • Offensive warrior: 2 swords (hp + atk) + 1 dagger (crit) OR 2 artifacts(hp) + 1 bow(atk)
  • Magician/Sharpshooter: 2 bows (atk)+ 1 dagger (crit). You can’t really argue with this one.
  • Therapist: 1 bow (atk) + 2 party buff (crit, hp or atk)

How to level up divinities fast?

The best way to level up divinities is to run chapter fights on the hardest difficulty you can. If you need materials to upgrade any soul costume, I would advise to farm them at the same time.

How to reach higher chance of skill upgrade on costumes?

Costumes with a higher skill level gives more % chance of upgrade. So a 4* costume with a level 3 skill could give 8% while a 4* costume with a level 4 skill would give 12%. It could be useful when a costume reaches skill level 9 and it becomes hard to have 100% chance of upgrade.

Should I pull on the event banner or do regular summons?

The first event banner pull is half priced. Event banner usually comes with an event that gives you rewards depending on how many 10 x draw you did. Also, it is not confirmed because they game won’t tell us their rate but event banner would have a 3% rate of getting a 5* character while normal summon pull would be at 2%. So as it is now, always pull on the event banner.

What are the materials required to evolve a soul spirit of ‘x’ character?

Click on the names to get to the lists (in japanese, but you can recognize with the images).

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