The Top 10 iOS MMOs of 2022

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Here is my list for this years top MMOs of 2022: Odin: Valhalla Rising, Chimeraland, Moonlight Blade, Ni No Kuni, Aion 2, Chrono Odyssey, Rise Mobile, Tower of Fantasy, Ragnarok Origin, Blessed Mobile (I give my reasons for choosing each one, so if one of these confuses you, make sure to read the post before raging 😂)

Top 10 iOS MMO in 2022 

Odin: Valhalla Rising

The first and best MMO for 2022 is Odin: Valhalla Rising. Some of you have expressed your concern that this game is just going to be another autoplay mmo that has nothing new because of some rumors started after the gameplay trailer was released. And while it has been confirmed that the game will have some elements of autoplay, I am keeping this game at the top for 3 reasons. The first one is because the graphics in Odin: Valhalla Rising are unprecedented for mobile gaming. The landscapes are breathtaking, the characters are authentic and the skills are dynamic with fantastic choreography. The second reason I am keeping this game at the top of the list is because of the games’ commitment to it’s open world and your ability to travel through that world however you want. Being able to experience a world with my friends the way that we want to experience that world is a huge value to me and many other MMO players because without it, the game will struggle to feel immersive. And then the last reason I have kept this game at the top of the list is because after the game was released 6 months ago in only South Korea, it took over South Korea and has made 100s of millions of dollars in just one country. Guys, gamers don’t spend that kind of money unless they like the game. And statistically, games that are friendlier to f2p players make more money. That is not always true, but it is something to keep in mind. So I am not going to say “I told you so” from my previous predictions, but I am going to keep it at the top of this list.

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The second game on the list is Chimeraland. This game was released to the mobile phone yesterday and it is an incredible new addition to the gaming world. They advertise their game as “an open world game beyond imagination” which a lot of MMOs advertise that right? But then when you actually play them, you are kind of like “no, this is not really that open. Well, Chimeraland makes good on their advertising because the world is not only insanely huge, but you can do almost anything anywhere. Like one guy went to space and thought he was breaking the game and then saw resources that he could collect thus realizing, he wasn’t. This is, of course, a huge deal because a lot of mmo players are desperately looking for that sense of complete freedom which is why I put this game near the top of the list.

Moonlight Blade

The third game on the list is Moonlight Blade. This game is made by Tencent from the fictional realm of Wuxia. In Wuxia, martial arts and magic are commonplace. In the production of this game, Tencent used real life martial art specialists to help create the moves and techniques so that they could be as realistic as possible. But you can also jump off cliffs so they obviously pick and choose what parts they want to be realistic. The open world of this game is gigantic. Obviously not as big as Chimeraland, but it is quite a bit bigger than the world of Skyrim with over 15 types of landscapes and tons of unique challenges offered in each one. Tencent has not revealed the story yet specifically because they don’t want to ruin it which definitely intrigues me. So the whole game sounds like it is going to be amazing, but it seems like the story line and combat animations are going to be the most impressive and unique aspect of this game.

Ni No Kuni

The fourth game on the list is Ni No Kuni. Ni No Kuni is currently only available in 5 countries, but Netmarble has stated plans to release it globally before June of this year. Made with Unreal Engine 4, the game lets players choose between five classes and lets you try out each of those classes before you have to pick one. The PvE part of the game includes a co-op Kingdom Mode where players explore the game world with their familiar. And then the PvP part of the game involves a 6 versus 6 competitive mode where whichever team collects the most Higgledies, wins. Similar to Valhalla Rising,even though this game has only been out in a few countries, it has already made 100s of millions of dollars and this one has a perfect 5 star rating with over 70 thousand reviews. So this game is already a huge success and have no doubt that that success will only grow with its global release.

Aion 2

The fifth game on the list is Aion 2. This game is particularly intriguing to me due to the nature of how they are advertising the pvp in their game. Apparently pvp fights can shift midfight from land to air since all of the characters can fly and maybe even to the sea. This amount of freedom given to PvP for a mobile MMO is unprecedented and I think if they can pull it off well, it will attract a lot of serious players to this game. Now that being said, I am a little worried about how they will implement the flying mechanics to their game because I have yet to experience an MMO on the phone that is able to capture the feel of flying in a satisfying way. Nevertheless, I think their commitment to these new elements of gaming will pay off for them in the end.

Chrono Odyssey

The sixth game is Chrono Odyssey. Formerly known as “Project S”, Chrono Odyssey is a fantasy MMO in which players are members of a special organization called the “Idraiginn” whose purpose is to take down the 12 immortal gods of that world. This is another game produced in South Korean and sadly there is no gameplay available to us yet. The reason it is on this list is because the storyline and the graphics released so far are amazing. That coupled with the developers intent on making it a AAA game gives me quite a bit of confidence. And while NPIXEL is still a fairly new game company, their recent successes are giving them a lot of hype in South Korea right now.

Rise Mobile

The seventh game on the list is Rise Mobile. You can tell by just watching the trailer that the story is going to feel like a movie. And not just the story. The camera angles they choose while you are just walking around and exploring makes it have the movie feel. You can also tell by the trailer that the fighting mechanics are going to have some elements of dynamacy where at least every type of enemy fights different and then it also looks like some enemies will have enough different types of skills that we won’t be able to figure them out immediately which is cool.

Tower of Fantasy

The eighth game on the list is Tower of Fantasy. This game has some similarities to Genshin Impact with three important distinctions. First and most importantly Tower of Fantasy is actually an MMORPG. This is an extremely ambitious undertaking because if the game does have the same amount of action as Genshin, allowing other players in the same world will likely bog down the phone’s cpu which could lead to a lot of negative reviews. The second distinction is the game has a slightly more realistic artstyle. Kind of a halfway point between Genshin and your more typical MMO. And then lastly, Tower of Fantasy has a more modern theme with guns and lasers. So it is different enough to be its own thing, but similar enough that I think it will be very attractive to competitive mobile gamers.

Ragnarok Origin

The ninth game on the list is Ragnarok Origin. This game is a remake of a classic and would have been even higher on the list, but it kind of tanked at launch two month ago. As I read through the reviews, it seems like almost all of the negative issues are related to phone compatibility and a handful of bugs that seem to be fixable. So while getting a bad launch could kill the games momentum, a lot of great classics like this one have recovered from worse. The game features the classic Ragnarok open-world, cute high-quality anime-style graphics, customized character growth through unique build combinations, grouping with friends, mercenaries, tons of exploration, etc.

Blessed Mobile

The Last game on this list is Blessed Mobile. Now at first look, blessed mobile could be written off as a copy of Black Desert Mobile, but it seems like the fans of black desert mobile are not having a bad reaction to it. For many Black Desert players, Black Desert mobile was a bit of a let down at launch because of all the limitations regarding the ability to play with your friends. Choosing the wrong server would permanently prevent you from playing with your friend, but apparently even if you chose the correct server, you still had to rely on a dice roll to get the chance to play with your friend which was apparently not easy even if you were in the same room. So while no one is excited when a game company copies another one in style, some black desert players are interested in this game to see if they are able to fix some of the problems they found in Black Desert Mobile.

Project DX

Ok, so those are the top 10 mobile MMOs of 2022, but I do have 3 more honorable mentions for you. The first one is Project DX which is Nexon’s new Durango inspired game. Many of you have asked about Project DX after my video revealing the project last year so I wanted to address it. Yes. I am obviously excited about this project and I will be covering it, but I am 98% sure it will not be coming out this year. The game is still referred to by its project name and more than that, it has no trailer of any kind. The only reason we even know about the game is because we saw Nexon’s post about hiring developers earlier this year. So I would say the earliest we could expect that game would be 2023.

Albion and Runescape Mobile

The second honorable mention is Albion and Runescape Mobile. Many of you guys ask about these games. Yes. These games are amazing, but this video is not really about the best games of all time, but rather the hype of a game related to that specific year. Albion and Runescape are of course amazing games, but their hype is dying. Rather, they are more like staples of the mobile gaming world. Kind of like I am not going to talk about Minecraft every type I talk about the survival genre even though it is the most played of that genre.

Project Ragnarok

The third honorable mention is Project Ragnarok. I mentioned this game last year and I am still excited about it because it seems like the plan to add some really cool game mechanics into the game, but the more I learn about how games are released, I don’t think we will see this game until 2023 so that is why it is not on the list. Well, that’s it guys. If you do not see a game on here that you think should be on here, it is probably because I put it in a different genre like action RPGs, survival or something else. I am working on those videos as we speak and they will come out very soon. Alright guys, I will see you next time!

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