6 Low Battery Consumption Android Games to Consider

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One of the biggest downsides of mobile games is the fact that you have to sacrifice the device’s battery. It is no secret that battery drain is an issue faced not just by smartphone or tablet users, but also by laptop owners.

However, in the case of a laptop, you have a computer with a much more powerful battery than the one you find on mobile devices.

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Having to constantly have your smartphone or tablet plugged in for charging while playing mobile games does not sound like a good solution, right?

In such cases, users would rather look for games that are friendly to the battery. In other words, low battery consumption Android games.

Thankfully, there are quite a few available options on Google Store, and if you are looking for some suggestions, check below.


If you have some experience with mobile games, you are bound to know Edge. The game has had multiple iterations, and it would not be a stretch to call it a classic at this point.

Prepare to work on your memory skills to overcome the challenges and get the best possible time you can.


Those who are looking for more arcade-like games should not worry too much because the options are vast (at least as far as mobile gaming goes).

One of the standout titles is Forget-Me-Not. It is not a 3D game, something you want to avoid if you have battery concerns.

No, instead, Forget-Me-Not is a mash of multiple classics. The goal is to escape a maze while overcoming enemies and acquiring items that help you. Besides consuming only 10 percent of the battery in an hour on average, this game also offers replayability.

Little Alchemy

Puzzle games are a great mobile game genre if you wish to avoid potential battery-related issues on your smartphone or tablet.

Little Alchemy pretty much spoils what the game is about. Fans of creativity and crafting will find the game quite addicting. 

You start off with four elements and work your way to discover new items. As you make progress, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can discover. In addition to the entertainment factor, you will also get to learn something new, though do not take all the game’s information at face value because some ideas might be a bit far-fetched.

Dungeon Defense

Dungeon Defense is your typical RPG game with some tower defense mechanics. You build your army, upgrade characters, and try to beat waves of enemies. 

Building a party and customizing the game that way is also part of the fun. You might even find yourself spending too much time on that instead of enjoying the actual gameplay.

On the surface, Dungeon Defense might seem a bit simplistic, but there are quite a few variables that you need to consider while playing. It might sound a bit funny for a mobile game, but this one has plenty of in-depth guides, so if you need some help, do not hesitate and check available sources online.

A Good Snowman

Another mobile game that some consider a classic. Puzzle games seem to be all the rage with mobile players these days, and A Good Snowman is one of the best that you can find at the moment.

Like the name suggests, your goal is to create nice snowmen by solving various challenges and moving forward by overcoming increasing difficulties.

The size of this game is about 90MB for Android, which is not a lot considering how much storage modern smartphones have. And since the size and graphics are not too demanding, you can expect that A Good Snowman will not be a hindrance to your mobile device’s battery.


The minimalistic approach is more and more common, so it is not surprising to see the trend come to mobile games as well.

Traffix is a good example of how a mobile game does not have to be complicated or have intricate appearances to be enjoyable.

In Traffix, you roleplay as a traffic controller. The premise might not sound too exciting, which is understandable. However, as soon as you try the game and discover what it is like to be in charge of traffic in major cities, you will realize what is so great about Traffix.

If you get hooked, you will try to beat your high score. If nothing else, this mobile game is great for killing some time, and it will not put too much strain on the device’s battery.


All in all, this list of low battery consumption Android games should keep you occupied and leave you in a pretty good place as far as options go.

Of course, you can explore other options, but remember that most mobile games are pretty intensive and consume battery life sooner than you expect.

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