Ash in Genshin Impact: where to find it in Fontaine

Genshin Impact

Where to get ash wood and what it can be used for.

Ash in Genshin Impact: where to find in Fontaine

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Ash in Genshin Impact – a special type of wood needed to create Fontaine style decor for the Serenity Teapot. There are few trees of this type in the open world, and the material from them is used for 5 pieces of furniture.

In this article we will tell you where you can find ash in the Hydro region, what it is needed for, and demonstrate a convenient farming route.

What Ash looks like on the ground

Ash in Genshin Impact: where found in Fontaine

Ash trees have faded yellow foliage. They grow mainly in damp lowlands and hills. In the Inventory, the wood looks like a log with a lot of yellow leaves on it.

Ash in Genshin Impact: where to find in Fontaine

Recovery time for Ash

The estimated recovery time for Ash is 8-12 hours. However, when cutting down trees in one location, the wood on them will be updated after collecting the resourcefrom 11 trees.

Where to find Ash in Genshin Impact on the Fontaine map

To get wood from an ash tree, take a character with a two-handed, one-handed or polearm weapon, then get as close to the desired tree as possible and make a normal attack to obtain the resource. You can also use the special tool Blessing of the Great Tree, which will allow you to quickly collect wood from nearby trees. Reach reputation level 3 in Sumeru to receive the item.

We recommend taking Arataki Itto into your squad, as his passive talent “Woodcutter” allows you to receive additional wood with a 25% chance.


Ash in Genshin Impact: where find in Fontaine

Ash in Genshin Impact: where to find it in Fontaine

As of version 4.0, there is only one place in Fontaine where you can get ash wood. The location is located in the Beryl District to the south of the Hydro Archon Statue: around the seething lake, with which the riddle is connected, 26 treesnecessary for farming grow.

There are a large number of trees at the point, which will allow you to collect ash wood infinitely. It is enough to move around in a circle and farm the resource, because the material will be restored every 11 trees.

Where to get Ash in the Serenity Kettle: Wood Conversion

Ash in Genshin Impact: where to find it in Fontaine

Ash in Genshin Impact: where found in Fontaine

In the Teapot of Serenity, the spirit of the teapot named Puffy, through conversion, you can get 50 pieces of material using various ores. To get 1 unit of Ash Wood, exchange one of the following items:

  • Iron Shard ×3;
  • White Iron Shard ×2;
  • Crystal Shard ×1;
  • piece of amethyst ×1;
  • condensing crystals ×1;
  • star silver ore ×1;
  • magic crystal fragment ×1.

To do this, talk to Puffy and select ” Make decor.” Then go to the “Wood Conversion” tab and start converting the resource.

Ash Decor

Using ash wood, you can make the following decorative items for the Teapot of Serenity:

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  • Abundance for the passage.
  • Melodic bench of the passage.
  • Principles of punctuality for the passage.
  • Floral decoration for the passage.
  • Flowers of the scents of the passage.
  • All the drawings can be found in amazing chests located in Fontaine.

    We hope our guide helped you find ash in Genshin Impact and learn how to farm a lot of resources at once. If anything remains unclear, ask questions in the comments. Read about all the wood and follow the Genshin Impact guides on our website.

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