Diablo IV class overview: who is better to play as

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Let's talk about the features, advantages and disadvantages of each class in the game.

Diablo IV class overview: which one to play as best

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Exit The beta of the legendary and anticipated game makes you wonder what is the strongest class in Diablo 4. In total, 5 different archetypes are presented in the cult Action/RPG, each of which has its own special visual and combat styles. In order to make a wise choice and not waste time on leveling unnecessary characters, it is important to understand what each of the playable classes in Diablo 4 is like.

In the guide, we will detail all the pros and cons of each of their character archetypes. Read on to find out the top classes in Diablo 4 and choose which one to play as.

What classes are available in Diablo IV

Diablo IV class overview: who is better to play as

Before starting the game, you have to decide which class to choose in Diablo 4. After the release, there are only five classes characters:

  • barbarian;
  • sorceress;
  • rogue;
  • druid;
  • necromancer.

In addition to the main five, the developers of the Diablo series usually add two new < strong>class

with subsequent additions. Each of the possible archetypes also has its own unique game mechanics. In the future, the seven classes may include an Amazon, a paladin, or a witcher.

Overview of classes in Diablo 4: gameplay, advantages and disadvantages of each

Overview of classes in Diablo IV: who is better to play as

Given the variety of character classes, the difference in game mechanics and the resources used, it is important to understand the features of each of them. Below is a brief overview of the classes in Diablo 4, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages of playing for the selected archetype.


Overview of classes in Diablo IV: better to play

  • Class type: melee, melee.
  • Used resource: rage.
  • Damage Type: Physical.

The Barbarian is a powerful melee warrior endowed with great strength and excellent health. This fighter unleashes menacing cries on the enemy, bursts into the thick of the battle, inflicts enormous damage, after which he can quickly leave the protracted battle. The barbarian gains rage during combat, and then uses it to cast abilities.

Thanks to the unique Arsenal System” mechanic, the barbarian can wield four weapons at the same time for all occasions: two one-handed and two two-handers. Switching between them happens automatically when using the corresponding abilities.

Haves a lot of damage thanks to devastating skills and boosted by buffs.All active skills depend on the resource of rage, which is quickly depleted outside of battle.
Berserk's unique buff allows you to deal 25% more damage and move 30% faster.Warcries and ultimate abilities have a long cooldown, which is more everything interferes in protracted battles.
Various skills increase mobility and make it possible to conduct the most dynamic battles.It is more difficult to dodge attacks of bosses using mainly melee attacks.
Some of the active abilities allow you to deal damage during movement time.In battle, you have to be completely alone, without the ability to summon pets.
Provocative screams and various bonuses to survival allow you to become an indestructible tank.< /td>At the beginning of the game, it is extremely weak due to poor rage generation, as well as the lack of basic combat abilities.
The arsenal system allows you to combine different weapons and adapt to the situation.

The gameplay of the barbarian is presented in detail on the video:

Sorceress (forty)

Overview of classes in Diablo IV: who is better to play

  • Class type: caster.
  • Resource used: mana.
  • Damage type: fire, ice, electric.

The sorceress has unlimited power over nature elements and with their help destroys its opponents. Sorka has excellent control over the enemy from a distance, and her defensive skills allow her to survive. The sorceress spends mana to use and combine her spells, which slowly regenerates over time.

Unique mechanics “Enchanting systemSorceress gives you the ability to turn two of your active abilities into strong passive skills. In this way, you can perfectly fine-tune your combat set of spells to suit your particular playstyle. For example, if you abandon the magic that causes the fall of the meteorite, then the sorcerer will lose control over the fire projectile, but it will begin to periodically fall on nearby enemies.

< td>You have to rely only on yourself in battles.

Benefits< /strong>Flaws
We have some of the best AoE skills with area damage in our arsenal.All spells cost mana, and wasting resources inefficiently can put you in a critical position.
Spells that allow you to control enemies, save in protracted and difficult battles.Limited choice of equipment and weapons.
Teleportation and other useful skills compensate for slowness and make it possible to leave in time from attacks.Due to low defense at close range, it will not survive for a long time under the onslaught of enemies.
Part of the magical potential allows you to absorb damage (magic shield) and remain unharmed, despite low health.< /td>Most bosses and minibosses are immune to crowd control and some debuffs.
You can use magic to destroy the enemy even while moving.

The gameplay of the sorceress is presented in detail in the video:

Rogue (assassin)

Diablo IV class overview: who is better to play as

  • Class type: melee, ranged.
  • Resource used: energy.
  • Damage type: physical, ice, shadow, poison.

< p>The Rogue is exceptionally agile and fast, and her combinations of ranged and melee attacks allow her to expertly destroy enemies. The presence of grenades and traps will diversify the gameplay and help in combat, and the speed of movement allows you to instantly respond to any change during the battle. To use skills, the rogue spends energy, which is slowly restored over time.

Using a unique mechanic “Specialization System» The rogue can change one of three specialties to adapt to any situation. One of the specializations allows you to get combo attacks that enhance individual skills, another gives bonuses in single-target battles, and the third affects the cooldown of abilities.


Great potential for high damage with a wide range of skills.Heavily dependent on positioning and accuracy, so bad tactics will lead to defeat.
Good mobility is provided by skills and movement speed, which allows you to overtake the enemy, as well as leave the fight in time.Due to a small supply of health and lack of defensive skills, you have to play a careful game .
Versatility due to the ability to equally effectively conduct both ranged and melee combat.Many abilities have a conditional effect that is reduced to zero if used unsuccessfully .
You can deal damage with four different types of damage.If you do not get combos, then combat effectiveness is minimized.
Traps help in battles.

The gameplay of the robber is detailed in the video:


< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/obzor-klassov-v-diablo-iv-za-kogo-luchshe-igrat-f728d35.jpg" alt="Overview of classes in Diablo IV : better to play" />

  • Class Type: Melee, Caster, Summoner, Werewolf
  • Used Resource: Spirit
  • Damage Type: Physical, Shock, Poison

< p>The druid is able to deal physical damage in melee, as well as destroy enemies at a distance with the help of magic. The main support is provided by the summoned companions, who automatically distract and attack opponents. The druid can shape-shift into a bear or wolf, allowing him to absorb more damage or deal more damage. The use of certain abilities consumes a resource of the spirit, which is restored at the time when it is not used.

The druid has a unique mechanic “Spiritual Animal System”, which enhances the character, depending on the selected spirit. In total, four spiritual beasts are available to choose from: each of them will grant the druid one of the buffs that can be replaced at any time. During the leveling process, you can get an additional fifth power-up from one of the four spirits.

BenefitsDisadvantages< /strong>
A versatile fighter, thanks to werewolf forms that can effectively tank or deal damage.You can't stay in one werewolf form all the time, so you have to constantly adjust to the timing.
Summoned companions provide constant support, distract the enemy and deal additional damage.For versatility, you have to pay with the fact that you can’t compete in damage with pure damage dealers and are inferior to the barbarian in terms of protection.
You can deal damage in melee combat, as well as kill enemies at distances using combat spells.Due to low mobility in combat, you have to take the form of a werewolf more often if you prefer more dynamic gameplay.

Details Druid gameplay is shown in the video:


Overview of classes in Diablo IV: better to play

  • Class type: caster, summoner, melee.
  • Resource used: essence, corpses.
  • Damage type: physical, magical.

The necromancer in battle relies mainly on summoning dead minions to distract the enemy and deal significant damage. In addition to summoning spells, there is a set of destructive spells that help to participate in the battle and provide support to minions. For basic magic, an essence is used as a resource that restores over time, and to summon skeletons, the remains of fallen opponents are needed.

The necromancer has his own unique mechanic called “Book of the Dead“. It allows for deep customization of the army of the dead, which makes it possible to use the summoned assistants as efficiently as possible. The Necromancer can not only control the specialization of each individual minion, but also sacrifice the ability to summon for the sake of a powerful personal buff.

< /tr>


Has a wide array of weapons and abilities.More vulnerable to enemies without his minions.
Great potential is realized through the many summoned assistants.Summoning is only possible if there are corpses nearby.
Fine-tuning through the Book of the Dead allows you to create the perfect army of the dead, corresponding to the selected combat style.Recklessly spending an essence resource will cause the outcome of the battle to depend on the remaining minions.
Constant battles guarantee an almost inexhaustible source of corpses as a resource.Maximum efficiency can only be achieved by skillful management of summoned creatures.

Details of the gameplay of the necromancer are presented in the video:

The best class in Diablo IV: who to play as

You can sum up the character archetypes and choose the best class in Diablo 4 for yourself, depending on your preference gameplay.

A tough tank is a self-sufficient character for solo players

Diablo IV class overview: who is better to play as

The Barbarian is capable of dealing massive damage and moving quickly across the battlefield. In addition, he can absorb a lot of damage, so he is a great tank. Given these features, the barbarian alone copes with any number of opponents, but his potential is best seen only in the middle of the game, after the initial leveling.

AOE DD with crowd control (suitable for beginners)

Overview of classes in Diablo IV: who is better to play

Sorceress has an impressive arsenal of elemental spells that are interesting to combine to destroy opponents. She has the best magic with area damage, but very vulnerable at close range. Properly leveling the skill tree can make a forty powerful killer, and ineffective combinations will lead to huge problems when killing bosses. If you play carefully and don't look for trouble, then beginners will be able to quickly close the main content.

Solo-target DD (for skilled players)

Diablo IV class overview: who is better to play as

Roguecan destroy the enemy both close and at a distance, and the skillful use of combo attacks will allow you to deal huge damage. Grenades and traps add variety to the gameplay, and high mobility gives her freedom of movement. The effectiveness depends on the tactics used, so the rogue reveals her maximum potential only in the hands of a professional.

Universal: damage and defense balance, call allies

Overview of classes in Diablo IV: which is better to play

Druid is able to take the form of animals, as well as summon wild animals to help. Thanks to a set of lethal spells, the ability to meet the enemy in close combat, and also absorb a lot of damage, he is the best universal fighter. Despite the pleasant features of the druid, many abilities have their limitations, which can prevent you from fully enjoying the gameplay.

Summoner (petovod) is the best choice for singles

Overview classes in Diablo IV: who is better to play

The Necromancer realizes his full potential through the army of the dead, so he is the best summoner. The arsenal has an impressive set of deadly spells, and deep customization through the Book of the Dead makes you feel like a real dark commander. The maximum effect can only be achieved by the art of strategy and competent management of minions, which at first can cause difficulties for beginners.

Given the variety of game mechanics and combat styles in Diablo 4, each gamer will be able to choose the ideal character class for himself.< /p>

We hope that with the help of the guide we managed to determine for ourselves the most powerful class in Diablo 4. If you have any questions, write in the comments and share your impressions.

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