Elixirs development in Genshin Impact: a guide on how to pass all the tests

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Event Guide Elixir Development: Trials of the Explosive Boiling Elixir. How to profitably use buffs and pick up teams.

Evolution of elixirs in Genshin Impact: a guide on how to pass all the challenges

Elixir Development in Genshin Impact: Trials of the Explosive Boiling Elixir is an event in Update 3.6, in which the Traveler will meet again with Hajanad, who is engaged in research. She will ask you to take part in her experiment to create elixirs again, testing their performance in battle. To do this, you need to defeat the enemies with three different teams, choosing and using power-ups wisely.

In the guide we will tell you how to start the event, make squads for 3 rounds and score 4000 points in the study. The event walkthrough will be updated with new stages and tips as it goes live.


Event Learn Elixir: Explosive Boiling Elixir Trials will open on April 13 at 12 :00 (UTC) on the Europe server, and April 24 will end at 05:59. There are 4 stages in the event, which open every 2 days.

How to start the Elixir Development event

To open access to the Elixir Development event, the following condition must be met:

  • Achieve adventure rank 20.

Also note that the event itself takes place in Sumeru, on the border with the Samiel (desert) wall, so it is worthwhile to open the territory of the Dendro region first.

Elixir Development Event Guide: Explosive Boiling Elixir Challenges in Genshin Impact

Evolving elixirs in Genshin Impact: a guide on how to pass all challenges

The main goal of the challenge is Defeat enemies and score the right amount of points to receive rewards. All trials are divided into three rounds, during which you can get acquainted with new enemies and elixirs.

Also, a separate team works for each round, which is selected at the stage of preparation for it, based on the characteristics of the level. Both your own and trial characters are available for battle, even if they have already been involved in the previous parts of the test. For example, the team that played in the first round can be used for the second and third.

Points depend on the time spent and enemies defeated, and are added up from all rounds. They are also accompanied by medal levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

How to use the explosive boiling device

Evolving elixirs in Genshin Impact: a guide on how to pass all challenges

The device automatically triggers every 20 seconds, giving characters from 1 to 4 effects. The choice of specific buffs is random, therefore, to win, it is important to orient yourself in time and use the abilities of those heroes who can realize the effect during the duration of the boost.

Elixir development walkthrough

Explosive boiling!

To start the challenge, you need to find an Academy student in southwest Sumeru, near Samiel Wall. After talking with her, the opportunity to participate in the study will be unlocked.

Detailed walkthrough will be added on April 13.

«Generous» budget

To complete the quest, you need to talk to the same girl, telling her about the results of the experiment.

A detailed walkthrough will be added on April 21.

Rewards for completing the event and quests Elixir development

For completing all stages of the battles, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Source Stones x420.
  • Mora x300.000.
  • Hero XP x18.
  • Instructions on «Wit» x3.
  • Instructions on «Integrity» x3.
  • Instructions on «Instructions» x3.

Completing quests will also give you:

  • Source Stones x60.
  • Mora x60.000.
  • < li>Hero XP x6.

In addition, you can get 1500 Battle Pass points for completing the «Defense and Offense» for 2000+ points.

We hope this guide has helped you find out all the information you need about the Elixir Development event. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments. Read more Genshin Impact guides on our website.

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