Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway: How to Participate

Genshin Impact

We will tell you how to participate in the event with a large number of primogems and increase your chances of winning.

Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway: How to Participate

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Season 2 of the Trial of the Sacred Call of the Seven will give away 80,000 Gems source in the CCG in Genshin Impact. This is an official event from the developers, during which you must actively participate in in-game card duels. Enter the contest to win HoYoLAB avatar frames and Source Stones.

This article will show you how to register for Season 2 of the Sacred Call of the Seven Challenge and win the Duel Reward.

Genshin Impact 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway Dates

Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway: How to Participate

Event runs from 04/24/2023 to 5/21/2023. It is divided into four stages, and you can participate in each of them. Before the end of the event, complete the conditions of the draw by winning card duels and earning points.

Schedule of stages

Before starting card battles, check the schedule of each stage:

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  • First: 04/24/2023 – 04/30/2023.
  • Second: 05/01/2023 – 05/07/2023.
  • Third: 05/08/2023 – 05/14/2023.
  • Fourth: 05/15/2023 – 05/21/2023.
  • As soon as one of the stages is completed, the next one immediately begins. They are updated at 23:00 Moscow time. After each round, points are reset and recalculated.

    How to register for the draw

    To apply for the card contest, register through the official community site. To do this, follow the link to the post:

    >>> Participate in the second season of the Trial of the Sacred Call of the Seven <<<

    Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway: How to Participate

    Then do the following:

    1. Write a comment on the post about the event.
    2. In the profile on the HoYoLAB website, enter your UID in the game. To do this, in the “My Information” section, select “Information Management” – “Game Information Management” – “Genshin Impact”. Click on «Edit», check the box and enter the game UID there. It consists of 9 digits and does not match the HoYoLAB profile UID.

    Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway: How to Participate

    Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway: How to Participate

    You only need to register once to participate in all stages of the competition. There is no need to update a comment every week or write a new one.

    How the draw works

    Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Giveaway: How to Enter

    The total prize pool of 80,000 Source Stones is divided into 4 rounds. In each stage, 200 winners will be randomly selected with 30 points or more. They will each receive 100 Primogems.

    Dueling Rules in Holy Call of the Seven

    The event counts the first three card battles of the day that are played via matchmaking in co-op mode. Participants will earn points depending on the result of the duels. There is a special win, lose and pass system that affects scoring:

    • 1 win is worth 3 points;
    • 1 loss is worth 1 point;
    • passing (did not participate in the three daily duels) will deduct 1 point.


    Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stones: How to Participate

    Keep the following points in mind when scoring:

    • The game “day” is updated according to the game server at 23:00 UTC.
    • When one stage is completed, all points are reset. Start the next round with 0 points.
    • Points are calculated on the day when the card battle is completed. If you start a duel on one day and finish it on the next day, then the points will be counted on the next day.
    • Only those battles that you fight in cooperative mode through matchmaking are taken into account. If you play with an invited friend or NPC, you won't earn points.

    Raffle rules and tips for winning

    In order to increase your chance of winning and meet all conditions for rewards, please note the following information:

    • The list of winners of the first and second rounds will be published before 5/20/2023. The results of the third and fourth rounds will be summed up and posted within 14 days after the completion of these rounds. That is, until 28.05.2023 the results of the third stage will become known, and until 04.06.2023 — the fourth.
    • Until 21.06.2023< /strong>the winning participants will receive their rewards – avatar frames and primogems. This will be announced in the profile notifications on HoYoLAB, as well as messages will be sent by mail inside the game. In order not to miss all the updates and important information, enable reward notifications on HoYoLAB in your profile settings.

    Drawing 80,000 Source Stones in the Genshin Impact TCG: how to accept participation

    • Don't forget to enter the game UID in your personal information settings in order to accurately receive the reward. Unfortunately, there is no sign in the game that can be used to understand that participation in the contest is active. Therefore, the only guarantee of confidence is the correct registration.

    Also, to increase the chances of winning, try not to miss days and play three duels. Even a loss will bring 1 point, and only skipping all the fights will spoil the total score. Don't fight with friends, use random selection in co-op mode. It will unlock after reaching player level 4.

    Genshin Impact TCG 80,000 Source Stone Draw: How to Participate

    Build strong decks to win and get more variety in your unit formations. Learn the rules of the game of Holy Call of the Seven and be careful in duels.


    During the test, you can receive the following rewards:

    • 100 sourcestones for one stage of the event, if you are lucky to become a winner. A single player can win up to a maximum of 400 primogems in the entire event.
    • If you score at least 1 point in one of the rounds, you are guaranteed to receive a commemorative avatar with cards as a reward. It's used in your HoYoLAB profile.

    We hope this guide helped you understand how to register for the Genshin Impact Sacred Call of the Seven Challenge Season 2 and improve your chances of winning. Read all the information about the mode in the full guide to the TCG, as well as other guides on our website.

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