Gribomechanus in Genshin Impact: How to defeat all Mechanicus

Genshin Impact

Mushroom Mechanicus Event Guide: How to Destroy All Mechanicus with Molds and Get Rewards.

Gribomehanikus in Genshin Impact: How to defeat all Mechanicus

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Mushroom Mechanicus in Genshin Impact is an event in update 3.5, during which the Traveler will have to meet again with the molders and their trainers, whom they met during the Taming Tournament. Take part in the new game that we have come up with for the next tournament and get nice rewards.

This guide will show you how to start an event and get all the rewards for completing it. The passage of the event will be regularly supplemented with new stages.


The Gribomechanicus event will become available for passage March 23 at 10:00 Moscow time (in the north of Europe), and will end on April 3 at 03:59 UTC.

How to start the Gribomechanicus event

To unlock access to For the Gribomechanicus event, there are a few important conditions that must be met:

  • Achieve Adventure Rank 30.
  • Complete the Archon quest “The Approach of a New Star”

Also, it is recommended that you complete the Archon quest “Akasha's Pulse and Kalpa's Flames” to get a sense of the story. However, this condition is not mandatory, so players can use the “Quickstart” button.

Gshin Mechanicus event guide in Genshin Impact

Gribomehanikus in Genshin Impact: how defeat all the Mechanicuses

In the event, you will meet again with the molders, with whom the trainers became friends in the Tamers Tournament. They will have to assemble a team and fight against the Mechanicus.

Mushroom Mechanicus in Genshin Impact: how to defeat all Mechanicus

Gribomehanikus in Genshin Impact: how defeat all Mechanicuses

The event consists of several stages, in each stage players need to control the molders in order for them to destroy the Mechanicuses. With Miraculous Agar, you can use molder skills. However, they need to be activated wisely as the Miraculous Agar is limited and accumulates over time, however Charms of Praiseallow you to restore it immediately. Destroy the Mechanicus and complete all the conditions of the stages to receive rewards.

Mushroom Mechanicus Walkthrough

Old Friends and a New Game

To start the event, you must complete and an introductory quest to it, which will appear as soon as the initial conditions are met. Travel to Sumeru, to Port Ormos to find your old acquaintances, Chania and Balfour, standing near the stall.

They inform Paimon and the Traveler that the Pearl of Wisdom is not finished yet, however they have come up with a new themed event for the tournament. For this event, molders must fight in the Mechanicus Theater.

Approach Balfour and talk to him to start a trial game of Gribomechanicus. After completing the round, return to the NPCs and talk to them to talk about your impressions of the game. Chania and Balfour will suggest visiting Bam Bam Hat and the rest of the Molds more often to chat with them.

Gribomehanikus in Genshin Impact: How to defeat all Mechanicus

Talk to molds, you can play with them, and also feed them with Wonderful Agar. This concludes the first quest.

The Promise of Parting

The next quest will open in a few real days. As soon as it becomes active, go to the Paimon menu and rewind the time between 8:00 and 12:00. After that, return to Chania and Balfour by following the quest marker.

They will ask the Traveler to share their impressions of the Gribomechanicus. Hania will announce that the testing phase of the game is over, so she leaves the city and leaves Gribomechanus on Balfour. Despite this, you can still play. At the end, the girl says that she will return in the future to meet the heroes.

The passage of the stages will be added on the morning of March 23. Bookmark the page to be among the first to receive a detailed guide.


Mushroom Mechanicus in Genshin Impact: How to defeat all Mechanicus

Completing all stages of the event will reward you with:

  • Gems Source x420.
  • Plague x300.000.
  • Hero XP x16.
  • Adventurer XP x4.
  • Weapon Ascension Materials: Iron amulet of forest dew x6, Favor of blooming oasis x6, Glimpses of burning power x6.
  • Holy oil x6.
  • Magic amplification ore x28.

< p>We hope that this guide has helped you to find out all the information you need about the Gribomechanicus event. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments. Read more Genshin Impact guides on our website.

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