Hidden Achievements in Genshin Impact 3.6: How to Get All Achievements

Genshin Impact

List of all secret achievements in the Wonders of the World section of update 3.6: how to get each one.

Hidden achievements in Genshin Impact 3.6: how to get all achievements

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The hidden achievements in Genshin Impact 3.6 involve mastering the mechanics of the new betting companion Sorush and exploring additional locations in the Sumeru Desert. The area in the north of the region contains many world quests, for the passage of which you can also earn secret achievements. To get the rest, you will have to fulfill certain requirements, which can be difficult to guess on your own.

This article contains all the hidden achievements of update 3.6 and describes in detail the conditions for their opening. To find a specific achievement, click on the Ctrl+F keys (for PC), or use the search button in the menu in the upper right corner of the phone screen.

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List of Hidden Achievements in Genshin Impact 3.6: Wonders of the World Section

A total of 26 hidden achievements were added in patch 3.6. Below is a more detailed look at each achievement and the conditions for obtaining it.

Research achievements

  • Land of Light – Reach the Oasis of Vurukash.
  • Under the mist– disperse the purple haze that filled the swamp of Asipattravan. To do this, equip Sorush, deal with the entities from the filth and, after picking up the Nirodha fruits, dispel the fog.
  • Knock here – collect all five corybants.
  • Behold My Righteous Strike – Destroy the golem's core with the Ruin Cannon.
  • Plentiful Sea – Vitality has been restored in all parts of the Dewy Sea.
  • Path of Light – Complete all Spirit Bell Challenges.
  • Drum Dance – Complete all Drum Jumper Challenges.
  • Glow in the Muck – Use the power of Hvarna for the first time to destroy the gray shards. This can be done using the skill of the equipped Sorush.
  • From a handkerchief to a bird – make the first flight with Sorush.
  • Circling in the sky over Pari- Ozekom – Make Sorush fly for some time.
  • Whose descendant are you? What is your name? – Use Sorush to control the power of Hvarna for the first time.
  • Sorush, use the power– Throw the Nirodha fruit 15 times with Sorush to melt the crystals from the hardened sweet dew.
  • At such moments, words will be superfluous – When the Monstrous Baptist performs ancient chants, destroy all elemental rings to paralyze him.

World Quest Achievements

  • Rise from the darkness of the mountains – Accompany Mihir on her purifying pilgrimage.< /li>
  • Tree on the mountain– force Rashna to return to the oasis of Vurukash.
  • Records of Birds' Benefits – in front of Zurvan Sorush received the Two-horned Crown … Complete the quest from the chain «Hvarna of morality».< /li>
  • Abandon All Hope – Reach the end of the earthly realms.
  • Great Weaponsmith – Activate the large lifting mechanism in the underground carpentry shop.
  • li>

  • Trial of the Seven Valleys – the power of the great song of Hvarna under control.
  • Rope Through the Abyss – Complete the Rite of Passage and carve a path through the Dark Abyss…
  • Camel, Lion, and Child – Collect all Karuna Hearts from the Filthy, Corrupted Chamber.< /li>
  • Tirgan Festival – Clearing the skies of the whirlpool, Hvarna and Sweetdew spread their power across the land.
  • Wonderful Journey – Complete ” An artist on the loose.”
  • All Mysteries Solved – Complete Investigation of the Monuments.
  • Return of the Spirits – Complete “Glimmering flame.”
  • The Brave Don't Run – complete all the trials from Jarjar.

We hope this guide helped you get all the hidden achievements in update 3.6. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties, write about it in the comments. Read about all the achievements in the Wonders of the World section and follow the Genshin Impact guides on our website.

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