How old is Gan Yu in Genshin Impact, how tall and when is his birthday

Genshin Impact

Let's name Geo Archon's chief secretary's age. How tall is Li Yue's Cryo Archer and when was she born.

How old is Gan Yu in Genshin Impact, how tall and when is his birthday

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Gan Yu — legendary archer with God's Eye Cryo in Genshin Impact. The general secretary of the Qixing organization, who was appointed to the position by the Lord of the Stone himself, has an unshakable sense of responsibility and great diligence, miraculously combining them with a gentle nature and calmness. As a person who also has the divine blood of the mythical qilin beast in her veins, she witnessed the rise and rise of Li Yue, and continues to serve the people of the region to this day.

The girl is very erudite and insanely modest, she prefers to do her job quietly but efficiently. However, human weaknesses are not alien to her, because of which Gan Yu can sometimes make mistakes, being nervous and worried like mere mortals. She is graceful and reticent, preferring to dine alone and likes to sleep after, but this is only a small part of what is known about her. Among other things, the players are also interested in the age of the secretary, as a representative of centenarians. In the article below, we will tell you when Gan Yu was born, how old she is and how tall she is.

Gan Yu's height in Genshin Impact

Since there is no data on the height of the characters in the game, users are trying to figure it out on their own, by calculating and comparing the height of surrounding objects in the world of Teyvat and calculating pixels. Based on the information received from dataminers, we can conclude that Gan Yu's height is ~158 cm. She is assigned an average female body model.

How old is Gan Yu in Genshin Impact, how tall and when is his birthday

The image shows Gan Yu in full height from all angles.

How old is Gan Yu

Being one of the creatures that is a hybrid of a human and an Adept, the qilin blood heiress looks much younger than her real years. From the lore of the game, it is known that the girl participated in the War of the Archons, fighting on the side of the Lord of the Stone. Three thousand years have passed since this event, which means that the age of Gan Yu — over 3000 years. However, the archer looks only 20-25 years old.

When is Gan Yu's birthday

How old is Gan Yu in Genshin Impact, how tall and when birthday

Celebrates Gan Yu's birthday on December 2ndHer zodiac sign is Sagittarius. This data is available to any player in the “About the character” section, even if the heroine is not on the account — just open the Paimon menu and go to the “Character Gallery”, then select Gan Yu in the list.

On his birthday, Secretary Qixing sends a letter to the Traveler, in which you can find not only the words from the birthday girl, but also some resources along with her signature dish — “Peace and Prosperity”. Don't forget to check your in-game email on December 2nd to pick up the message as it will only be available for 24 hours.

How old is Gan Yu in Genshin Impact, how tall and when is his birthday

We hope our article helped you find out the exact date of birth of Gan Yu, how old the archer is and how tall she is. Share your opinion about this character in comments, read the build for Gan Yu, as well as an article about the height and age of all Genshin Impact characters on the site.

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