Infinite Magicraid — FAQ & Tips for Newbies

Infinite Magicraid

Tips for every day in Infinite Magicraid

  • Buy 3-star, 4-Star and 5-Star dragon eggs from the market with gems. Yo u should also buy EXP potions and all the food you can (1, 2, 3 star Heroes)
  • Buy a regress potion from the resource shop with gems. It has a 30-day cooldown, and you will need them in the future. DO NOT USE REGRESS POTIONS TO A1 HEROES ETC! Save them for later use.
  • Arena and Advanced Arena events are something where it is worth using gems, so you can get more Mythic shards.
  • Keep your gems above 1100, so you can buy that 5-star dragon egg when it comes to market.
  • Do not buy shards with gems

What are wishes? 

Wishes are this game’s currency for pulling units. While not confirmed by the developers a lot of player save their blue wishes until 50 shards and purple wishes to 10 shards before pulling as it appears to increase your chances of getting an epic character. You can single pull if you want to as well.

What are dupes used for in this game? 

Multiple copies of a character are vital towards unlocking that specific unit’s exclusive weapon (EW). These weapons add not only stat increases but also heightened and new abilities to your character. This can take a character that is lackluster to amazing.

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How do I farm out more units? 

I personally refresh the shop up to around 50 gems per day to purchase more units and wishes (which summon units). Also make sure you star as many stages as you can for better idle rewards. You can also gain 24-hrs worth of idle farming for 50 gems x2 per day to speed up this process. Last but not least is using excess stamina in the story stages to gather units.

I have a lot of epic units what should I do with them? 

I personally only keep the ones I find useful or get multiple copies of. When you first start the game you want to focus on your main party and slowly expand afterwards. Some epics are useful like Holder, Liz, Magis, Mori, etc. While some I find just to be fodder like Feist, Lutz, Naya, Iguli. But this is based off my own personal teams so learn to pick fodder nat4s so you can speed up your progression and build the ones you sacrificed at a later point!

Does this game have any redeem codes? 

Those redeem code are used:

  • test111111
  • IM777

Which heroes should I level first? 

Like in most games focus on your damage per second (DPS) first and tanks if needed. After that you should focus on healers.

How do I gear X unit? 

While its fine to ask its important you read that character’s skills and what they represent. Example: Eden only has one move that does damage so you wouldn’t put her on a critical rate set nor damage set of any kind. Instead you would focus on survival and improving her other skills.

Are three stars useful? 

Due to Infinite Magicraid’s system no. These units are purely fodder as they lack skills, skillbooks, and exclusive weapons so build at your own discretion.

Hero Quality & Stars

Is X unit useful/good?

Often times if a character’s skill is low in damage it has secondary effects such as poison/hp burning/etc. If these percentages are high that character can still be useful. I do have a tierlist of characters as well but keep in mind its matter of opinion and can change at any time.

World boss gives me lower tier rewards than what I can hit! 

World boss reward system is unfortunately random so good luck.

Does a healing set increase leech on my character?

It doesn’t only emblems with healing effects and Leech gear will increase Leech.

When I put on multi-battle can I leave the game and will the game continue doing the multi-battles?

It does you can leave the app and the Multi-battles will keep running.

Does the Miracle event reset when it goes away?

It does not reset, it stays on the pull count where you stopped at.

How does the smart cast work and where is it?

Smart Casting allows you to change the priorities of skill casting in auto-battle modes.

It lets you choose what skill you prefer to use on each wave.

Where can you enable it you need to go to battle and on the top left there is an icon “Pre-set line up” 

When you press that you can edit the line-up and select the skills you prefer in auto-battle mode!

How valuable is a regression potion?

Very you can only get a few from the campaign and if you are out you need to spend 1000 diamonds so act with caution if you wanna use it!

Do I follow a tier list?

Tier lists are based on the creator’s thoughts, some people like a certain hero for a certain reason and maybe others don’t I wanna highlight to always look at it from your own perspective if a hero is bad or good, this goes with feeding your heroes also all we are trying to create is that you judge for yourself and make a decision based on that!

What Heroes should I feed?❓ 

To start off don’t ever feed legendary heroes even if they are not used, why is that? It’s because Legendary heroes are hard to get, and in the future, they might get buffed.

How about epics? I would take a look at the hero and form your own opinion!

How many emblems do I need for 2 trees?

You will need 14100 emblems to gather 2 trees 

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