Instructor in Genshin Impact: where to get and who will suit

Genshin Impact

A set of elemental mastery artifacts. We'll tell you where to get it and who it's suitable for.

Genshin Impact Instructor: where to get it and who will fit

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Genshin Impact Instructor – a set of 3⭐ and 4⭐ artifacts, which is intended for characters who play through mastery of the elements and cause reactions. It is usually worn by supports in teams via MC, as the set is intended to increase this stat and the team's buff.

In the guide, we will tell you where you can get a set of Instructor artifacts and what characters it will suit.

Where to find Instructor artifacts in Genshin Impact

Instructor in Genshin Impact: where to get and who will suit

Genshin Impact Instructor : where to get it and for whom it will suit

This set cannot be farmed in a certain dungeon. It can only be obtained from world and weekly bosses, from which it drops with some chance:

  • Anemo, Electro, Geo, Pyro, Dendro hypostasis.
  • Pyro and Electro Fern .
  • Thunder Manifestation, Seteha's Boot, Matrix Algorithm, Feathered Mold, Ancient Geovishap, Magu Kenki, Golden Wolf Leader.

With a small chance, the Instructor can be dropped from elite enemies (Mitachurls, Abyss Mages, Hounds and Rift Puppies, and others) that are tracked through the Traveler's Handbook.

How the Instructor set works in Genshin Impact

The instructor improves the elemental mastery of the character on which the set is used. In addition, if the wearer causes an elemental reaction, then the rest of the heroes in the team receive elemental mastery.

Keep in mind that the buff on the MC of the entire team set does not work if the reaction is caused from the pocket(for example, Fischl's raven or Xing Qiu's ult). To strengthen the allies, the wearer of the set must enter the field, and, being an active character, close the elemental reaction.

Set Bonuses

2 pieces: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80

4 pieces: Invoking an elemental reaction increases mastery of the elements of all members of the squad by 120 units. within 8 seconds


The characteristics of each artifact drop out randomly, with the exception of a flower and a feather, which always have HP and attack power in the main stat.

Please note that the Instructor, being a 4⭐ set, only upgrades to level 16 and, accordingly, has weaker stats than pieces from 5⭐ sets.

ArtifactMain stats available
Flower of Life

Instructor in Genshin Impact: where to get and to whom good

Instructor's Brooch

Feather of Death

Genshin Impact Instructor : where to get it and who will suit

Instructor's Quill

Attack Power
Sands of Time

Instructor in Genshin Impact: where to get and who will suit

Instructor's pocket watch

  • HP%
  • Prot%
  • Attack Power%
  • Energy Regen%
  • Elemental Mastery
Space Cup

Instructor in Genshin Impact: where to get and who will suit

Instructor's Tea Mug

  • HP%
  • Protection%
  • Attack Power%
  • Elemental or Physical Damage Bonus%
  • Elemental Mastery
Crown of the Mind

Instructor in Genshin Impact: where to get and who will fit

Instructor cap

  • HP%
  • Defense%
  • Attack%
  • Heal Bonus%
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Crit.damage and crit.chance%

Who is Instructor for in Genshin Impact

The Instructor's Pack is great for supports who play on teams with those main damage dealers who need elemental mastery. Due to its rarity, this set cannot provide high stats and a lot of damage, so it is better to give it to characters that do not deal much damage.

  • Mona. He often plays in teams through reactions, so, in addition to increasing damage through Omen and distributing Hydro status, he can give an elemental mastery buff.
  • Xiang Ling. If only acting as a support that doesn't require a lot of damage, then Instructor is a good choice, as it can activate a buff when launching an ult.
  • Sucrose. Initially needed to build the skill of the elements of the allies, so if there are no good parts of the Emerald Shadow, then the Instructor will be a good option.
  • Kazuha. As with Sucrose, can wear this set until better pieces of Emerald Shadow are found.
  • Albedo. Increases MC with a passive talent, and this set will give him the opportunity to buff him even more. The set will fit him perfectly, for example, in a team under Hu Tao.
  • Zhong Li. If you are willing to sacrifice the strength of the shield, then Geo Archon will be a good carrier of this set, as he can activate the full set bonus with the activation of the skill and the ult.
  • Cookie Shinobu. A good set of MC Cookies in command from the Vegetation reaction.
  • Lisa. Can fit this character if she needs elemental mastery, and is also a support for another Electro-carry who plays through reactions.
  • Ember. Using this set is one of the key elements of her support build. If you supplement it with the Elegy of Doom, then the heroine turns into a very valuable ally.
  • Barbara. If she is on a team where she can activate an elemental reaction with an E-pat or a punch, then this set will strengthen the squad. However, it should be borne in mind that then the healing will become worse than with some 5⭐ set.
  • Diona. A good option for units with a Pyro carry, such as Klee. But the strength of the shield will sag, so it should only be used if there is a healer in the team.
  • Yao Yao. Despite the fact that her rabbit attacks at the moment when she is in her pocket, she must be on the field during the ult. It is at this moment that she will be able to implement the set well and distribute the buff.

What artifacts to combine the Instructor set with

In the early stages of the game, the Instructor set can be combined with other artifacts for damage dealers who need MS. For example, with Berserker, Exile, Warrior, Gambler and others.

At later ranks, the Instructor will be able to act as a temporary replacement for two parts on the MC until you can get better pieces.

Tip: when choosing artifacts from this set to combine with pieces from the 5⭐ sets, it is advisable to take a flower from the Instructor's set and not take a feather. The fact is that the main characteristic of the flower is health, and so it will not be able to negatively affect the level of the character’s attack power stat. However, if the damage of the damage dealer depends on HP, then on the contrary, it is worth taking a flower from the 5⭐ set, and a feather from the Instructor.

Several 4⭐ and 5⭐ combinations:

  • Gilded Dreams
  • Paradise Lost Flower
  • Wandering Ensemble
  • Memories of the Deep Forest
  • Emblem of Severed Fate
  • Voiceous Roar of Fury
  • Burning Scarlet Witch
  • Heart of the Deep .
  • Gladiator's End.
  • Cinnabar Afterlife
  • Echoes of Offering.
  • Shimenawa's Memories

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We hope this guide helped you understand how the Instructor set works and who can get it. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Check out other Genshin Impact guides on our website as well.

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