Radiance of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits a set of artifacts

Genshin Impact

Guide to a set that increases HP, elemental explosion damage and elemental skill. Where to find a set, who to put it on and how to use it.

The Glow of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits the Artifact Set

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The Glow of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact is a set of 4-5⭐artifacts from the Sumeru Desert. The set bonus increases the HP and damage of the elemental skill along with elemental burst, but has certain trigger conditions. The full set is specific and has no analogues in the game.

In the guide, we will tell you in detail about who the Radiance of Vurukashi is suitable for, how to get the set and how to use it correctly.

Where to find the Radiance of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact

The Glow of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits the Artifact Set

The Glow of Vurukashi Artifact Pack can be obtained from the dungeon located in the Sea of ​​Flowers zone, a new location in the Sumeru Desert. The second set from the dungeon is the Dream of the Nymph.

The quality of the artifacts of the set is divided into 4⭐ and 5⭐ rarity.

  • 4⭐ parts of the set can be obtained from any level of the dungeon.


  • 5⭐ set pieces have a chance to drop from Molten Iron Fortress III and are guaranteed to drop on Molten Iron Fortress IV.

The unlocked levels of the dungeon depend on the adventure rank.

How the Radiance of Vurukashi works

The Radiance of Vurukashi set increases health. The full set passively increases the character's elemental skill and elemental explosion damage by 10%. If the carrier takes damage, then the bonus stacks up to a maximum of 50%, the time of each buff is counted separately. The effect is activated even “out of pocket”.

Set Bonuses

2 pieces: Increases health by 20%.

4 parts: Increases elemental skill and elemental explosion damage by 10%. When the carrier takes damage, even outside the battlefield, the bonus is increased by 80%. The effect stacks up to 5 times and lasts 5 seconds. Each stack has its own countdown time.

Keep in mind that 80% of the bonus is not a bonus to the outgoing damage, but to the very effect of increasing the damage of the E-shki and the ult. The set gives the maximum increase not in 80% and above, as it may seem, but in 50% maximum. The formula is calculated as follows: 10 + 10*0.8*(number of stacks) = 10/18/26/34/42/50%.


The drop of the main stats of artifacts is random, except for the feather and flower. All possible characteristics are listed below:

Flower of Life

The Glow of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits the Artifact Set< /p> Hvarna Spring Stamen


Radiance of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits the Artifact Set

Gem Feather

Attack Power
Sands of Time

The Glow of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits the Artifact Set

Ancient Decay

  • HP %
  • Defend %
  • Attack %
  • Energy Recovery %
Space Cup

Radiance of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who is suitable for an artifact set

Feast of unbridled fun

  • HP %< /li>
  • Defend %
  • Attack %
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Elemental or Physical Damage Bonus %
Crown of Insight

The Glow of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who is suitable for the Artifact Set

Heart of Hvarna's Radiance

  • HP %
  • Defense %
  • Attack %
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Crete. chance or damage %
  • Heal bonus %

Genshin Impact's Glow of Vurukashi

Half set of Vurukashi's Glow is suitable for all HP dependent characters. Good owners of the whole set will be those who are able to deal damage with both an elemental skill and an elemental explosion. The set is fully realized if the hero takes damage in battle almost constantly.


The Glow of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits the Artifact Set


Radiance of Vurukashi in Genshin Impact: where to get and who suits the Artifact Set

All abilities depend on HP, so the heroine's overall damage will increase noticeably. Daehya is the only one who reveals the out-of-pocket set bonus by taking damage on herself for the team and using the elemental skill of Fire Prison on the field. However, with all the pluses, if you don’t get Dehye’s energy recovery, the Emblem of Severed Fate can be more profitable, since with it HE is several tens of percent higher, which will allow you to use skills more often. There is an option to combine 2 Radiance of Vurukashi and 2 Burning Scarlet Witch.

The set can work on any character, but due to the requirement to constantly receive damage, even with a heal in the team, there is a threat of character death (with the exception of Dehya). Shields cannot compensate for this, since the set bonus only triggers when HP is lost. Elemental Explosion amplification is doubtful, since it is easier to put the Emblem of Severed Fate for this.

It is also worth considering that not all enemies are able to attack so often to quickly set up a set and maintain the effect. Therefore, in some battles, it is impossible to get a full buff in principle.

Characters with shields in their arsenal are more likely to need 2 pieces of a set than 4.

  • Layla, Tome, Dione, Bai Zhu and Zhong Li should choose 2+2 HP or Millileth's Fortitude, Ceremony of the Ancient Nobles.

Characters' healing abilities often scale with health, so 2 pieces work well for them set. However, even healers, depending on the role in the team, in most cases have alternative sets.

  • Yao Yao is a healer, and it is often better for her to choose the Deep Forest Memories set. It makes no sense to purposefully farm 2 parts of the set for her, but if the artifacts are already there and there is not enough healing, then you can give them to the heroine.
  • Kuki Shinobu in units with Dendro is better to take 2 pieces, combining with MS, if there is no full good set or lack of healing.
  • Kokomi can be put 2 + 2 HP. As a whole set, Heart of the Depths, Nymph's Dream for damage damage, or Naval Dye Clam for support will perform better.
  • Mika does not have special damage on her own and usually uses 2 pieces per HP in combination with sets to restore energy or increase efficiency treatment.

Almost all of the following characters cannot use a full set as they will not support a set of stacks, but their damage or buff depends on HP.

  • Nilu usually supports the unit with the Hydro status and is out of combat, so her presence on the battlefield as a dd is required for the entire set. Due to the mechanics of the buds, the heroine will take damage, but this will not give an advantage, since the main damage of the swordswoman does not come from the elemental explosion or elemental skill. Depending on whether you need to increase your own damage or play from reactions, it is more profitable to combine with 2 parts for Hydro damage or elemental mastery.
  • Kandakia. The strength of the spearwoman's buff depends on HP, so it's better to choose 2 pieces and put them with parts for HP or Hydro damage.
  • Ye Lan. Since the scales of the archer come from HP, you can put half a set, combining with artifacts for Hydro damage. However, it's better to replace it with a full set of Emblem of Severed Fate at the first opportunity.
  • Hu Tao can use 2 pieces if there is no good full set of Burning Scarlet Witch or others.

What artifacts to combine the Radiance of Vurukashi set with in Genshin Impact

First of all, half of the Radiance of Vurukashi set can be combined with Millelite's Fortitude to get a 40% increase in HP. Depending on the specific requirements, artifacts for elemental damage, MC, healing efficiency, energy recovery and elemental explosion damage work well with the set:

  • Memories of the dense forest;
  • Burning scarlet witch;
  • Heart of the Depths (Dream of a Nymph);
  • Lost in a Snowstorm;
  • Gilded Dreams (Wandering Ensemble, Flower of Paradise Lost);
  • < li>Sea Color Clam (Beloved Young Maiden);

  • Emblem of Severed Fate;
  • Ancient Nobility Ceremony

We hope our the guide helped to figure out who to put the Radiance of Vurukashi. If you still have questions about the characteristics of the set or how it works, write about it in the comments. Stay tuned for other articles on artifacts on our website.

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