SWGOH Data Anaylsis — The best characters for arena in the game (updated)

SWGOH Arena Meta Tips

SWGOH Arena Meta Summary in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: “The Attack of the Clones, but except the sergeant one we all were given when we were being bullied by a hut”

Some notable changes from the previous Meta are:

  1. Healers are further pushed out of the meta to borderline uselessness, as HP accounts for only a portion of survivability now, and there is no window to put an effective heal out to all 5
  2. AoE composition is also further pushed out of the meta, as overall increase in survivability was coupled with decrease in damage output
  3. Dedicated attackers are being replaced by tanky attackers, as their difference in damage output is smaller than the one in survivability, while powerhouse glass cannons like Leia and Rey are seeing even more usage, as their ability to snipe crucial roles is tide-turning
  4. Base attack utility and passive utility top every other ability combined, as battles prolong.
  5. The meta has become more diverse yet more uniform at the same time, as the squad compositions became more role-based: Tank, Taunt Dispel, Debuff Dispel/Immunity, Glass Cannon, RNG Leader(Phasma, Evasion Leader, or Rex)

#4 and #5 means that the meta become more RNG-centric: As base attacks don’t have cooldowns as resource, its utility is usually proc-based; and as each role becomes crucial, one RNG mishap like dispel being dodged or Yoda being stunned will completely change the outcome of the battle

Tier I: Uber

Characters that are way above average and are seeing high usage. Tier I characters shape the SWGOH Arena Meta.

RoleTierStats RatingTick/TurnPhysical
First Turn DamageUtility ScoreComments
CT-5555 “Fives”AttackerI808.7066934697912.0With one of the highest damage (thanks to assists), highest survivability, and highest off-turn presence in the game, Fives is the strongest character in the game numerically and imperically. He is probably worth 5 Ugnaughts.
ReyAttackerI766.1027387133155.0Fast, murderous and surprisingly hard to kill, Rey is the only character to still one-shot reliably.
CT-7567 “Rex”SupporterI697.1432829394116.0Rex subdues Fives, RG, and other lesser tanks, disciplines Fives, RG, Daka, and other lesser controllers, and “brother-in-arms” Leia and other lesser glass cannons. He is the get-out-of-jail-free card for every problem.
Royal GuardSupporterI679.0967323180013.0A defensive tanker with highly reliable stuns, taunts, and survivability, shaping the current meta game
Princess LeiaAttackerI726.102819669155.0Fast, deadly, and stealthed after her first turn, Leia’s only downsides are her RNG-dependency, and wasting valuable first turn to survive
Old DakaSupporterI677.3537786224415.5With 82% (if unresisted) to stun at least one enemy on base attack and 40% active revive and 10% passive revive, Old Daka is an incarnation of what the Arena is really about: RNG
RoleTierStats RatingTick/TurnPhysical
First Turn DamageUtility ScoreComments
Qui-Gon JinnAttackerII816.903576298488.5While QGJ is a solid character that has a lot to offer, his
Count DookuSupporterII536.212926542338.0While Dooku’s role outside his leadership is very limited, he is still one of the better and more popular leaders in the game, and for right reasons
Stormtrooper HanSupporterII327.944465231330.0An offensive tanker that is less reliable than RG or Poe but more deadly when used on offense
Poe DameronSupporterII356.944561331860.0A balanced tanker that is the middle ground of RG and ST Han. His AoE Expose synergizes brilliantly with IG-88’s Passive and AoE
Grand Master YodaSupporterII636.3728779311321.0A unique offensive supporter that lacks damage, reliability, and durability
Aayla SecuraAttackerII728.4048474590412.0A lesser variant of Fives, but Fives is godly so Aayla is pretty decent too
Geonosian SoldierAttackerII796.4932151989610.0A deadly attacker with reliable Offense Up and Assists
First Order TIE PilotAttackerII757.8134587100765.0A deadly attacker much slower than both Leia, Rey, and GS.
Plo KoonSupporterIII478.774158731565.0A somewhat useful Jedi that can only be viable in a Clone squad, but with QGJ’s lead, Plo will be the fastest turn meter booster in the game.


RoleTierStats RatingTick/TurnPhysical
First Turn DamageUtility ScoreComments
Poggle the LesserSupporterII316.94380940.0A solid enabler and the current leader of droid squads.
Ahsoka TanoAttackerII667.253163064062.0A fast and threatening attacker that is not on par with Leia, Rey, and GS, but definitely above average in general.
Barriss OffeeSupporterII568.625770819117.0A unique healer with tide-turning equalization heals and health-buffing leadership.
IG-86 Sentinel DroidAttackerII648.4033740106950.0A critical-centered assist caller that is deadly in droid synergies.
Captain PhasmaSupporterII748.2650196348114.0A solid enabler with high conditional damage, and one of the best leadership in the game.
IG-88AttackerII468.262447152050.0A mix of HK and Sid. Above average in droid squads but there is a lot do desire.

Tier III: Potential

Characters that are above average, but are not seeing enough usage. Tier III characters are often neglected due to being easily replacable with Tier I or II characters, or because they are hard to farm.

RoleTierStats RatingTick/TurnPhysical
First Turn DamageUtility ScoreComments
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)SupporterIII338.936209326560.0A genuinely bad character that was only redeemable with his crippling AoE ability block + offense down. Now Yoda stands in the way of him and his high ground.
Jedi Knight AnakinAttackerIII446.944938833540.0A fast, durable attacker with one of the best AoE attacks in the game. Highly viable in suicide squads, where he can replace RG.
Ima-Gun DiAttackerIII598.404929358770.0A durable and powerful attacker with a leadership that synergizes well with Aayla and Fisto. If you had them.
Hoth Rebel ScoutAttackerIII666.9933124516510.0One of the best attackers in the game that has to compete with QGJ, Poe, Daka, and Fives to be farmed, and QGJ, Rey, Leia, ,GS, and GM Yoda for a spot in Arena.
Kit FistoAttackerIII498.335492839310.0A combination of Fives and Dooku. With the right synergy, he can perform better than the two, but is much harder to acquire.
Luminara UnduliSupporterII488.473497751454.0An above-average attacker with tide-turning AoE heal that is single-handedly stopping AoE squads from becoming valid.
General GrievousAttackerIII5710.3128865626812.0An interesting attacker that requires entire squad to be built around him. His AoE healing immunity makes him highly viable in AoE squads.
Ewok ElderSupporterIII648.6236432255222.5A lesser version of Daka that will (sadly) see more use with the addition of Chirpa.
Darth VaderSupporterIII868.2659498528120.0A highly cooldown-dependent attacker with great burst damage and survivability, but terrible AI.
First Order OfficerAttackerIII686.9031025531012.0A fast, threatening attacker that can only perform at his full strength when led by Phasma.
MagmatrooperAttackerIII248.405178323890.0An above average AoE attacker with great potential, but is still too early to judge him.
Chief ChirpaSupporterIII469.093181241808.0An enabler that will perform great in Ewok squads, but an Ewok squad is more annoying than threatening.
Ewok ScoutAttackerIII687.873125968395.0A critical-centered attacker that can deal damage and nothing else.
Tusken ShamanSupporterIII238.003360827020.0A powerful enabler that has some viability even outside Tusken synergies.
Tusken RaiderAttackerIII708.265714385630.0A deadly assister that is overshadowed by the likes of QGJ, GS, and Fives.
Biggs DarklighterAttackerIII689.2634753122065.0A living testimony that anyone who can call an assist is good, even when he is genuinely bad in every other way.
GreedoAttackerIII578.202625758675.0A high-powered attacker plagued with terrible AI and competition.
Resistance PilotAttackerIII598.333739359980.0A lesser version of Rey, but almost anything is less than Rey.
Resistance TrooperAttackerIII637.463453665560.0An attacker that is definitely above average, but cannot find any synergy that works.
Luke SkywalkerAttackerIII618.403821562960.0A lesser version of Aayla.
DathchaAttackerIII477.632762836858.0An attacker just barely above average, and nothing special.
Clone Sergeant – Phase IAttackerIII449.9032260387912.0Although this one has a decent kit, his lackluster stat prevents him from being useful outside Clone synergy.
Nute GunrayAttackerIII486.672508543410.0An attacker who has both damage and speed but outperformed by Rey, Leia, and GS.
Grand Moff TarkinSupporterIII459.8027949483311.0An Imperial variant of Old Ben that comes with speed leadership.
URoRRuR’R’RSupporterIII196.802806229860.0Will Tusken squad become a thing?

Tier IV: Mediocre

Characters that are average or below average. Tier IV characters may have viability if well-synergized, but face heavy competition from above tiers.

RoleTierStats RatingTick/TurnPhysical
First Turn DamageUtility ScoreComments
Darth SidiousSupporterII526.2126570390510.5A fast attacker with one of the best AoE attack, speed, “quite” reliable Healing Immunity, and survivability against the common Jedi.
Kylo RenAttackerII508.625460141960.0A durable and threatening attacker with high presence throughout the battle. His RNG reliance and mediocre speed are his flaws.
Nightsister InitiateAttackerIV648.936316366660.0A Nightsister attacker that is punished with terrible speed just because she is Nightsister.
Asajj VentressSupporterIV5410.2032295430613.0A character that was most-buffed to perform just below average. She can only perform above-average after a first blood is drawn, and often, she would have contributed nothing to it, due to her Nightsister slowness (think it is a disease of sorts).
HK-47SupporterIV6910.3149628328123.0An above average leader of the droid squads that is now replaced due to his crippling speed.
Nightsister AcolyteAttackerIV326.803598728610.0A Nightsister attacker that is actually fast, but can do absolutely nothing except being faster than her sisters.
TaliaSupporterIV369.173467426553.5A healer with interesting kit and Nightsister speed.
TeeboSupporterIV388.475666239040.0An annoying attacker that will annoyingly see more usages with addition of yet another Ewok.
General VeersSupporterIV568.0030295343813.0An AoE controller that has sunk even before rising due to Yoda’s second coming.
Jedi ConsularSupporterIV418.403309431594.5The most average guy in the galaxy (but modeled better than Mace and QGJ combined)
JawaAttackerIV437.522962640730.0A lesser variant of Dathcha who himself is just barely above average
Mace WinduAttackerIV429.013909434873.0A less-damaging, less-useful, less-hariy version of QGJ that looks equally bad.
Boba FettSupporterIV549.9036520352311.0Probably only character that can revive 12 times in a row and still pose zero threat.
Eeth KothAttackerIV297.583138123257.0A horned variant of Lumi who can’t heal.
Cad BaneAttackerIV499.352659052975.0A controller with unique utility, cool hat, high damage, and speed that makes him a lesser variant of Dooku.
Coruscant Underworld PoliceSupporterIV419.4326958341311.0An average AoE controller that is now useless thanks to Yoda.
Lando CalrissianAttackerIV438.703668440730.0An intresting AoE attacker that probably requires the entire team to be built around him just to perform above average.
Admiral AckbarSupporterIV578.8534027332913.0A combination of situational utility, terrible mechanic of granting random ally with 100% turn meter (which usually goes to someone with 100% turn meter), and low damage. Him being given speed leadership is the very reason Rebel squad is not valid as of now.
Savage OpressAttackerIV518.555219142500.0A durable attacker that performs decently in tank squads, and abysmally in any other squads.
IG-100 MagnaGuardSupporterIV4611.495943429324.0A frustratingly bad droid that can do somethings, but be bad at them.
Darth MaulAttackerIV4510.642235950279.5An extremist’s version of Asajj who can wipe the enemy team when stars align, but stand doing nothing for 90% of the fights.
SnowtrooperAttackerIV379.434361836420.0An average AoE attacker with terrible utility, and is replacable with anyone above Tier III who can use AoE attacks.
LobotSupporterIV299.262968831893.0A droid’s Ackbar who is even worse.


Tier V: For Fun Use Only

Characters that are way below average. Tier V characters are bad with or without synergies.

RoleTierStats RatingTick/TurnPhysical
First Turn DamageUtility ScoreComments
Jedi Knight GuardianSupporterV2711.765224932490.0Only Jedi to wield saberstaff and only Jedi to be on this tier.
Clone Wars ChewbaccaSupporterV659.4363131260513.0If Chewie ever saves someone, always remeber that if you had someone else than Chewie, that saving wouldn’t have been needed.
First Order StormtrooperAttackerV508.6266542306618.0They took Fives, replaced his BEST ability with Finn’s WORST ability.
Hoth Rebel SoldierSupporterV6710.2053949301317.5An eccentric kit combined with one of the worst damage output and terrible speed.
FinnAttackerV568.8561055357513.0One of the worst characters in the game. Slow and unthreatening, his only merit is his stun, which even Eeth Koth can outperform.
UgnaughtAttackerV277.693124830310.0Worse version of Jawa, who’s a worse version of Dathcha, who is just barely above average.
Mob EnforcerSupporterV317.944943625120.0The worst character in the game.
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