SWGOH Data Anaylsis — The best characters for arena in the game (updated)

SWGOH Arena Meta Tips

SWGOH Arena Meta Summary in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: “The Attack of the Clones, but except the sergeant one we all were given when we were being bullied by a hut”

Some notable changes from the previous Meta are:

  1. Healers are further pushed out of the meta to borderline uselessness, as HP accounts for only a portion of survivability now, and there is no window to put an effective heal out to all 5
  2. AoE composition is also further pushed out of the meta, as overall increase in survivability was coupled with decrease in damage output
  3. Dedicated attackers are being replaced by tanky attackers, as their difference in damage output is smaller than the one in survivability, while powerhouse glass cannons like Leia and Rey are seeing even more usage, as their ability to snipe crucial roles is tide-turning
  4. Base attack utility and passive utility top every other ability combined, as battles prolong.
  5. The meta has become more diverse yet more uniform at the same time, as the squad compositions became more role-based: Tank, Taunt Dispel, Debuff Dispel/Immunity, Glass Cannon, RNG Leader(Phasma, Evasion Leader, or Rex)

#4 and #5 means that the meta become more RNG-centric: As base attacks don’t have cooldowns as resource, its utility is usually proc-based; and as each role becomes crucial, one RNG mishap like dispel being dodged or Yoda being stunned will completely change the outcome of the battle

Tier I: Uber

Characters that are way above average and are seeing high usage. Tier I characters shape the SWGOH Arena Meta.

Role Tier Stats Rating Tick/Turn Physical
First Turn Damage Utility Score Comments
CT-5555 “Fives” Attacker I 80 8.70 66934 6979 12.0 With one of the highest damage (thanks to assists), highest survivability, and highest off-turn presence in the game, Fives is the strongest character in the game numerically and imperically. He is probably worth 5 Ugnaughts.
Rey Attacker I 76 6.10 27387 13315 5.0 Fast, murderous and surprisingly hard to kill, Rey is the only character to still one-shot reliably.
CT-7567 “Rex” Supporter I 69 7.14 32829 3941 16.0 Rex subdues Fives, RG, and other lesser tanks, disciplines Fives, RG, Daka, and other lesser controllers, and “brother-in-arms” Leia and other lesser glass cannons. He is the get-out-of-jail-free card for every problem.
Royal Guard Supporter I 67 9.09 67323 1800 13.0 A defensive tanker with highly reliable stuns, taunts, and survivability, shaping the current meta game
Princess Leia Attacker I 72 6.10 28196 6915 5.0 Fast, deadly, and stealthed after her first turn, Leia’s only downsides are her RNG-dependency, and wasting valuable first turn to survive
Old Daka Supporter I 67 7.35 37786 2244 15.5 With 82% (if unresisted) to stun at least one enemy on base attack and 40% active revive and 10% passive revive, Old Daka is an incarnation of what the Arena is really about: RNG
Role Tier Stats Rating Tick/Turn Physical
First Turn Damage Utility Score Comments
Qui-Gon Jinn Attacker II 81 6.90 35762 9848 8.5 While QGJ is a solid character that has a lot to offer, his
Count Dooku Supporter II 53 6.21 29265 4233 8.0 While Dooku’s role outside his leadership is very limited, he is still one of the better and more popular leaders in the game, and for right reasons
Stormtrooper Han Supporter II 32 7.94 44652 3133 0.0 An offensive tanker that is less reliable than RG or Poe but more deadly when used on offense
Poe Dameron Supporter II 35 6.94 45613 3186 0.0 A balanced tanker that is the middle ground of RG and ST Han. His AoE Expose synergizes brilliantly with IG-88’s Passive and AoE
Grand Master Yoda Supporter II 63 6.37 28779 3113 21.0 A unique offensive supporter that lacks damage, reliability, and durability
Aayla Secura Attacker II 72 8.40 48474 5904 12.0 A lesser variant of Fives, but Fives is godly so Aayla is pretty decent too
Geonosian Soldier Attacker II 79 6.49 32151 9896 10.0 A deadly attacker with reliable Offense Up and Assists
First Order TIE Pilot Attacker II 75 7.81 34587 10076 5.0 A deadly attacker much slower than both Leia, Rey, and GS.
Plo Koon Supporter III 47 8.77 41587 3156 5.0 A somewhat useful Jedi that can only be viable in a Clone squad, but with QGJ’s lead, Plo will be the fastest turn meter booster in the game.


Role Tier Stats Rating Tick/Turn Physical
First Turn Damage Utility Score Comments
Poggle the Lesser Supporter II 31 6.94 38094 0.0 A solid enabler and the current leader of droid squads.
Ahsoka Tano Attacker II 66 7.25 31630 6406 2.0 A fast and threatening attacker that is not on par with Leia, Rey, and GS, but definitely above average in general.
Barriss Offee Supporter II 56 8.62 57708 1911 7.0 A unique healer with tide-turning equalization heals and health-buffing leadership.
IG-86 Sentinel Droid Attacker II 64 8.40 33740 10695 0.0 A critical-centered assist caller that is deadly in droid synergies.
Captain Phasma Supporter II 74 8.26 50196 3481 14.0 A solid enabler with high conditional damage, and one of the best leadership in the game.
IG-88 Attacker II 46 8.26 24471 5205 0.0 A mix of HK and Sid. Above average in droid squads but there is a lot do desire.

Tier III: Potential

Characters that are above average, but are not seeing enough usage. Tier III characters are often neglected due to being easily replacable with Tier I or II characters, or because they are hard to farm.

Role Tier Stats Rating Tick/Turn Physical
First Turn Damage Utility Score Comments
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) Supporter III 33 8.93 62093 2656 0.0 A genuinely bad character that was only redeemable with his crippling AoE ability block + offense down. Now Yoda stands in the way of him and his high ground.
Jedi Knight Anakin Attacker III 44 6.94 49388 3354 0.0 A fast, durable attacker with one of the best AoE attacks in the game. Highly viable in suicide squads, where he can replace RG.
Ima-Gun Di Attacker III 59 8.40 49293 5877 0.0 A durable and powerful attacker with a leadership that synergizes well with Aayla and Fisto. If you had them.
Hoth Rebel Scout Attacker III 66 6.99 33124 5165 10.0 One of the best attackers in the game that has to compete with QGJ, Poe, Daka, and Fives to be farmed, and QGJ, Rey, Leia, ,GS, and GM Yoda for a spot in Arena.
Kit Fisto Attacker III 49 8.33 54928 3931 0.0 A combination of Fives and Dooku. With the right synergy, he can perform better than the two, but is much harder to acquire.
Luminara Unduli Supporter II 48 8.47 34977 5145 4.0 An above-average attacker with tide-turning AoE heal that is single-handedly stopping AoE squads from becoming valid.
General Grievous Attacker III 57 10.31 28865 6268 12.0 An interesting attacker that requires entire squad to be built around him. His AoE healing immunity makes him highly viable in AoE squads.
Ewok Elder Supporter III 64 8.62 36432 2552 22.5 A lesser version of Daka that will (sadly) see more use with the addition of Chirpa.
Darth Vader Supporter III 86 8.26 59498 5281 20.0 A highly cooldown-dependent attacker with great burst damage and survivability, but terrible AI.
First Order Officer Attacker III 68 6.90 31025 5310 12.0 A fast, threatening attacker that can only perform at his full strength when led by Phasma.
Magmatrooper Attacker III 24 8.40 51783 2389 0.0 An above average AoE attacker with great potential, but is still too early to judge him.
Chief Chirpa Supporter III 46 9.09 31812 4180 8.0 An enabler that will perform great in Ewok squads, but an Ewok squad is more annoying than threatening.
Ewok Scout Attacker III 68 7.87 31259 6839 5.0 A critical-centered attacker that can deal damage and nothing else.
Tusken Shaman Supporter III 23 8.00 33608 2702 0.0 A powerful enabler that has some viability even outside Tusken synergies.
Tusken Raider Attacker III 70 8.26 57143 8563 0.0 A deadly assister that is overshadowed by the likes of QGJ, GS, and Fives.
Biggs Darklighter Attacker III 68 9.26 34753 12206 5.0 A living testimony that anyone who can call an assist is good, even when he is genuinely bad in every other way.
Greedo Attacker III 57 8.20 26257 5867 5.0 A high-powered attacker plagued with terrible AI and competition.
Resistance Pilot Attacker III 59 8.33 37393 5998 0.0 A lesser version of Rey, but almost anything is less than Rey.
Resistance Trooper Attacker III 63 7.46 34536 6556 0.0 An attacker that is definitely above average, but cannot find any synergy that works.
Luke Skywalker Attacker III 61 8.40 38215 6296 0.0 A lesser version of Aayla.
Dathcha Attacker III 47 7.63 27628 3685 8.0 An attacker just barely above average, and nothing special.
Clone Sergeant – Phase I Attacker III 44 9.90 32260 3879 12.0 Although this one has a decent kit, his lackluster stat prevents him from being useful outside Clone synergy.
Nute Gunray Attacker III 48 6.67 25085 4341 0.0 An attacker who has both damage and speed but outperformed by Rey, Leia, and GS.
Grand Moff Tarkin Supporter III 45 9.80 27949 4833 11.0 An Imperial variant of Old Ben that comes with speed leadership.
URoRRuR’R’R Supporter III 19 6.80 28062 2986 0.0 Will Tusken squad become a thing?

Tier IV: Mediocre

Characters that are average or below average. Tier IV characters may have viability if well-synergized, but face heavy competition from above tiers.

Role Tier Stats Rating Tick/Turn Physical
First Turn Damage Utility Score Comments
Darth Sidious Supporter II 52 6.21 26570 3905 10.5 A fast attacker with one of the best AoE attack, speed, “quite” reliable Healing Immunity, and survivability against the common Jedi.
Kylo Ren Attacker II 50 8.62 54601 4196 0.0 A durable and threatening attacker with high presence throughout the battle. His RNG reliance and mediocre speed are his flaws.
Nightsister Initiate Attacker IV 64 8.93 63163 6666 0.0 A Nightsister attacker that is punished with terrible speed just because she is Nightsister.
Asajj Ventress Supporter IV 54 10.20 32295 4306 13.0 A character that was most-buffed to perform just below average. She can only perform above-average after a first blood is drawn, and often, she would have contributed nothing to it, due to her Nightsister slowness (think it is a disease of sorts).
HK-47 Supporter IV 69 10.31 49628 3281 23.0 An above average leader of the droid squads that is now replaced due to his crippling speed.
Nightsister Acolyte Attacker IV 32 6.80 35987 2861 0.0 A Nightsister attacker that is actually fast, but can do absolutely nothing except being faster than her sisters.
Talia Supporter IV 36 9.17 34674 2655 3.5 A healer with interesting kit and Nightsister speed.
Teebo Supporter IV 38 8.47 56662 3904 0.0 An annoying attacker that will annoyingly see more usages with addition of yet another Ewok.
General Veers Supporter IV 56 8.00 30295 3438 13.0 An AoE controller that has sunk even before rising due to Yoda’s second coming.
Jedi Consular Supporter IV 41 8.40 33094 3159 4.5 The most average guy in the galaxy (but modeled better than Mace and QGJ combined)
Jawa Attacker IV 43 7.52 29626 4073 0.0 A lesser variant of Dathcha who himself is just barely above average
Mace Windu Attacker IV 42 9.01 39094 3487 3.0 A less-damaging, less-useful, less-hariy version of QGJ that looks equally bad.
Boba Fett Supporter IV 54 9.90 36520 3523 11.0 Probably only character that can revive 12 times in a row and still pose zero threat.
Eeth Koth Attacker IV 29 7.58 31381 2325 7.0 A horned variant of Lumi who can’t heal.
Cad Bane Attacker IV 49 9.35 26590 5297 5.0 A controller with unique utility, cool hat, high damage, and speed that makes him a lesser variant of Dooku.
Coruscant Underworld Police Supporter IV 41 9.43 26958 3413 11.0 An average AoE controller that is now useless thanks to Yoda.
Lando Calrissian Attacker IV 43 8.70 36684 4073 0.0 An intresting AoE attacker that probably requires the entire team to be built around him just to perform above average.
Admiral Ackbar Supporter IV 57 8.85 34027 3329 13.0 A combination of situational utility, terrible mechanic of granting random ally with 100% turn meter (which usually goes to someone with 100% turn meter), and low damage. Him being given speed leadership is the very reason Rebel squad is not valid as of now.
Savage Opress Attacker IV 51 8.55 52191 4250 0.0 A durable attacker that performs decently in tank squads, and abysmally in any other squads.
IG-100 MagnaGuard Supporter IV 46 11.49 59434 2932 4.0 A frustratingly bad droid that can do somethings, but be bad at them.
Darth Maul Attacker IV 45 10.64 22359 5027 9.5 An extremist’s version of Asajj who can wipe the enemy team when stars align, but stand doing nothing for 90% of the fights.
Snowtrooper Attacker IV 37 9.43 43618 3642 0.0 An average AoE attacker with terrible utility, and is replacable with anyone above Tier III who can use AoE attacks.
Lobot Supporter IV 29 9.26 29688 3189 3.0 A droid’s Ackbar who is even worse.


Tier V: For Fun Use Only

Characters that are way below average. Tier V characters are bad with or without synergies.

Role Tier Stats Rating Tick/Turn Physical
First Turn Damage Utility Score Comments
Jedi Knight Guardian Supporter V 27 11.76 52249 3249 0.0 Only Jedi to wield saberstaff and only Jedi to be on this tier.
Clone Wars Chewbacca Supporter V 65 9.43 63131 2605 13.0 If Chewie ever saves someone, always remeber that if you had someone else than Chewie, that saving wouldn’t have been needed.
First Order Stormtrooper Attacker V 50 8.62 66542 3066 18.0 They took Fives, replaced his BEST ability with Finn’s WORST ability.
Hoth Rebel Soldier Supporter V 67 10.20 53949 3013 17.5 An eccentric kit combined with one of the worst damage output and terrible speed.
Finn Attacker V 56 8.85 61055 3575 13.0 One of the worst characters in the game. Slow and unthreatening, his only merit is his stun, which even Eeth Koth can outperform.
Ugnaught Attacker V 27 7.69 31248 3031 0.0 Worse version of Jawa, who’s a worse version of Dathcha, who is just barely above average.
Stormtrooper Supporter V 20 8.85 32527 3463 0.0 Useless.
Mob Enforcer Supporter V 31 7.94 49436 2512 0.0 The worst character in the game.
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