TapTap Heroes — 6-9 Star Tier List Heroes

TapTap Heroes — 6-9 Star Tier List Heroes

The best heroes in mobile game TapTap Heroes for 6-9 star Tier. List of heroes for the 10 star Tier.

TapTap Heroes — 6-9 Star Tier List Heroes

6-9 Star Tier List Heroes


Heaven Wanderer Damage Reduction

Paired with healer, if timed right healing him after his revive is game changing. Overall kind of an inconsistent hero ( Before 10 star).


Heaven Assassin

Immune to stun, energy regen. Guaranteed stun is amazing.

Shudde M’ell

Undead Cleric Heal

High attack value that makes her heal scale really well. OP with silenced aoe auto attacks (Counters Energy Artifacts). Necessary at late game


Elves Clerc Silence

Very strong early. Huge Heals, decent damage, and has CC against the best class in the game. Best Elf hero


Alliance Warrior

2nd best Hero in the game

Monkey King

Hell Warrior Mark

Revive, reflect, good damage. Good hero in all game modes.


Hell Mage Petrify

Freya is the second fastest hero in the game and also boasts above average stats in every other category besides armor. Freya utilizes an AOE skill and basic attacks to PETRIFY enemies, leaving enemy heroes useless for up to 2 turns.


Horde Cleric Heal

Single Target Healer. With a high attack stat and 400% heal on lowest HP. Ryleh keeps herself alive. Ryleh is widely used for good reason, she is a tank.. Few downsides, like low speed and that she can only heal 1 person at a time,


Heaven Cleric Heal

AoE healing. AoE damage. Reflect. Self heal. True Damage. Please stop. Too many good skills.


Elves Wanderer Silence

She hits everyone and has great AoE with basic attacks. The real scary part here is the Silence. 50% chance for 2 turns. High Crit chance and Crit damage.


Horde Wanderer

Medusa is the premier Horde Wanderer. Here stats are all great. Being able to stack critical chance while reducing the enemies is great utility on top of her amazing dps. Do not ignore her counter, it has proven to do a lot of damage.


Alliance Cleric Speed Buff

Utility – no heal – cleric. Buffs allies / Debuffs enemies. Celestial Opposition skill is one of the best. Decent HP. While not a generally useful hero, on the right team he can be really good.

Nameless King

Heaven Warrior

Nameless King… their is no substitute for this hero. He is arguably the best hero in the game. Boasting the number 1 power score, his combination of survivability, attack, crit, and speed are unmatched.


Undead Mage Silence (Warriors)

He has huge attack numbers and it increases in fights. Bringing a nice silence, a lot of damage to everyone, and even death damage, Reaper is probably the best general damage dealer. Reaper makes up for his weak armor with a great death skill.


Horde Mage Poison

Scarlet’s stats are not great… but her skills have high percentages and work together very well. Her damage is surprisingly high, because she is damaging all enemies over time. Overall, Scarlet is a unique mage with low end stats but still viable


Hell Assassin

Blood Tooth

Horde Assassin

Huge attack #s, but relies on enemies dying to get going. Has potential, but needs to stay alive.


Undead Assassin Bleed

Bleed hero with self heal. Stacking bleeds may be powerful in Friend/Guild boss. Will need to stay alive long enough to benefit from attack increase in PvP.


Hell Wanderer

Needs ToTG, but with it. Can do insane damage from turn one.


Undead Cleric Petrify

Highest Attack. Can deal huge amounts out damage to enemy backlines and with an added chance to petrify, makes her first skill great. With each attack decreases dodge and with her increased hit, she is a nightmare for dodge reliant heroes


Undead Assassin Stun

Great for PvE. Lots of stacking damage and a 2 round stun just for fun. His attack stat is extremely high, which will make his stacking DoTs do insane damage against guild/friend bosses.


Undead Wanderer Stun

Consistently high stats in every category, he is not to be taken lightly. Gerald does not do the most damage… but he compensates. With a 50% chance CC to stun up to 4 people per main skill, he will frustrate many enemies.


Elves Wanderer Poison

Centaur has above average stats in every category, and brings a LOT of damage! Centaur needs crit, as it poisons the enemy which increases his damage tremendously. Top DPS


Elves Warrior Freeze

Versatile hero who can be a great tank or decent backliner. Really low attack stat, so he relies on CC to be worth using as a backliner. Works well with teams that can stay alive as long as him!


Horde Warrior Self Heal

The lower his health, the stronger he gets. Has a life steal mechanic so that he can stay at low health to do the most damage. Not good for PvE, but might be really strong in PvP.

Forest Healer

Elves Cleric Heal

Forest Healer is probably the elite team healer. gnoring the fact he brings little damage, he does the job of healing extremely well. Great healer (tip: focus on increasing his attack, as all his heals scale from it).

Saw Machine

Alliance Mage Silence (Clerics)

The Cleric Killer. The counter to best class in the game. On top of that, his other skills are great, giving more utility and attack.


Elves Warrior Armor Steal

Grand’s Armor steal is great. Permanent damage reduction (20%) is amazing. Solid tank for elves if you care more about skills/utility instead of straight stats


Alliance Mage Freeze

Reworked and defintely a lot stronger at 6 star


Alliance Mage Stun

This guy is all about stunning, and adds decent damage too. Paired with Gerald… A tier.


Alliance Assassin

A safer lone hero. More health, less attack, but cannot be dodged. Attacks the lowest health enemy, but brings no utility


Alliance Wanderer Bleed (Mages)

Fast! Stacks attack and dodge = good combo. Only attacks front line, makes mage bleed useless. Needs to survive to take advantage of high dodge chance and stacking attack.

Abyss Lord

Horde Warrior Armor Buff

Abyss Lord is tanky. 100% armor puts him above everyone else in armor when he reaches 30% health. This is the extra tanky version of minotaur but with less damage

Tiger King

Elves Warrior Self-Heal

Huge health pool and armor, with pretty decent speed too! His skills are average, but by reducing everyone’s armor break, he becomes very hard to kill with his high armor stat.


Alliance Mage

Tanky mage, who deals damage to the entire team. He has a ally and enemy death skill that makes him useful in almost every fight. Expect very high damage #s.


Horde Warrior Self-Heal

Minotaur has not only has the highest armor (by a lot!) in the game, but is also the premier warrior killer! He brings a lot of damage and can self heal (albiet its not much).


Undead Assassin Stun (Mages)

A mage’s worst nightmare. 80% chance to stun for 2 turns and an attack increase while below 50% hp.With a very high attack and speed stat. Against a team with multiple mages… A tier. Otherwise a solid hero.

Lone Hero

Alliance Assassin

Assassin poster child. High attack and speed; low health. All of his abilities do damage, so expect high dps. While there is nothing unique in his kit, he is reliable and fits the role of assassin perfectly.

Wolf Rider

Horde Warrior Stun
Damage Reduction

Wolf Rider is an average tank. All his skills compliment his role to soak up damage and provide CC. His next best ability is damage reduction, but the 35% health threshold is kind of low. Although, against the right teams, he can do a lot of damage!

Puppet Maid

Undead Assassin

Stacking CRIT Rate and Damage. With her crit damage boost and crit chance gain she looks like a great assassin on paper… but her health and armor are holding her back.

Sir Conrad

Alliance Warrior Silence
Damage Reduction

2nd tankiest alliance hero. Amazing silence skill (45% chance) . Damage reduction at 50% health with high threshold, lasting 4 turns. Primary skill focuses the lowest HP hero with big damage… counters assassins


Undead Cleric Heal

Forren brings EVERYTHING. He has a decent heal, damage, and utility. His freeze can win fights on its own. He keeps your backline alive and gains attack as he loses health. His biggest issue is he will waste heals on those who do not need healing.

Demon Fighter

Elves Assassin Poison

Her skill does decent damage, and her crit rate/damage is high. Targeting low health heroes is always great, but she does not bring enough damage to be considered a better option than other assassins.


Undead Mage Burn

This guy only burns. Low stats, low damage. Paired with Khalil, might move him up a tier. His Friend boss/guild boss damage is good, but requires team to be built around him to be used in PvP.

Cursed One

Undead Warrior

There are many heroes who stack stats. But Cursed One may be the most viable… He has great speed and health stats , backed up by skills with high percentages. He needs time to build up to 100% crit with 100% armor break.

King Lionheart

Alliance Warrior Stun

Tankiest alliance hero. Extremely high armor stat, which is increased by Battlecry. Counter to teams with crit and low armor break. Lowest attack stat in the game, but compensates with a decent stun. Great tank!


Elves Assassin

His main skill does a lot of damage, and hurts mages. His biggest strength is “Fighting Spirit”, when combined with his high speed stat, it is possible he stops a key backline hero from being able to use their skill.

Sword Master

Horde Wanderer Burn

Sword master does some serious damage over time.He seems to be a reliable damage dealer, but nothing special.


Alliance Cleric Heal

Heal Over Time. Huge heal numbers over 3 turns. Great for teams with squishy backliners. SLOW!!! Will activate skill late. Check 9 star tier list, with guild tech and artifact, she is one of the best healers in the game!


Undead Warrior Self heal

Highest Health. Wolnir is a simply hero with a simple job… tanking. He takes a lot of damage due to his low armor stat for a tank, but has ways to deal with it through self healing through every stage of the fight. When something attacks, Wolnir heal.

Heaven Judge

Heaven Mage Stun

Heaven Judge has average stats in every category besides attack, but the buffs for skill damage and true damage can add up very quickly. Heaven’s Judge stun does pair well with Gerald.

Dark Judge

Hell Cleric Energy Drain

Dark judge separates himself from many other characters based on his energy steal. Whether he is attacked or he is the one doing the attacking he gains an extra 30 energy.


Horde Mage Attack Buff

Khalil has potential to 1 shot entire teams. Unfortunately his defense is very low, with one of the lowest health and armor stats. Although, his death skill is very nice, giving his entire team A LOT of attack. (kind of like a budget ultima).


Elves Cleric Heal Over Time

Half healer/half damage dealer. Fits into teams that already have a strong healer and dps. Slowest character in the game, and squishy. “Forest Scholar” boosts skills a lot. Megaw is OK.


Elves Mage Self-Heal

Orphee has average stats at best but her last skill really helps her survive. The ability to heal everytime an enemy dies is amazing. Also her skill does damage to all backline enemies.

Eagle-eye Shaman

Horde Mage Anti Assassin
Attack Steal

His only real skill that stands out his his attack steal, which sounds very nice, but his base stats cannot be ignored. He ranks lowest in Power and Health.Do not invest in this hero.

( 3 assessment, average 4.67 from 5 )
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