Advice for hitting Mobile Legend for the first time solo – how to win solo

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How to win in Mobile Legend solo

  1. Less is more. Play less heroes, less roles, less games. Watch videos on YouTube before picking up a new hero/role or even playing vs AI. People tend to get tilted or pick up bad habits easily, so if you’re gonna start something new, start it with a goal and a plan.
  2. Watch your losing replays, figure what you done wrong or could’ve done better. Rank in general is a 1v9. The constant in every game you solo is you.
  3. Read everything. Your skills, items, every skill and passive of the top tier heroes on the tier list. Essentially do not go into any competitive game blindly, not just ML.
  4. Relates to #3, counter build your items/spells. With the knowledge you learned from reading, you should grasp some idea of what to build to counter each hero, item or spell.
  5. Be a meta player. Don’t bother playing sub optimal heroes, nothing below A tier. The tier list exists for a reason, and climbing with proper tools is always easier than sub optimal ones.
  6. Map awareness. This is probably the most important thing on this list. In MOBAs theres two skill sets you generally have to learn. Macro (map) and micro (hero). Learning to play according to the map generally surpasses micro skills.
  7. Properly adjust your Quick Chat and use your pings. It is vital to direct your team.
  8. Never surrender. In ML the tables turn very easily. It ain’t over til its over.
  9. Never tilt. If you find that you’re tilted, stop playing. Referring to #1, it is easy to make it a bad habit. Form good ones, in both games and in life.
  10. Climbing from Warrior to Grand Master will be quick once you’ve picked your set roles and your set heroes. During this time, practice good habits such as last hitting, jungling and rotations.
  11. Learn your role and hero in vs AI games. Preserve your win rate, keep it high, it is another tool you’ll need.
  12. Epic isn’t as bad as everyone says. Referring to #11, if you have above 50 games and 70%+ win rate on your main by the time you reach Epic, generally people will give you the role and hero you want to play, granted it doesn’t have a high ban rate.


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