Dante – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Dante is a great shooter with a number of virtues and support for the whole team. After the last change, Dante has taken his rightful place on the same level as the most popular heroes. With his huge damage and counterattack ability, he is capable of destroying teams with physical damage perfectly.

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SSS+ tier hero now!

  1. Very high damage from the first ability to several opponents at once;
  2. Possesses a dodge that gives his whole team;
  3. Reduces the main characteristic of the enemy heroes, thus the next 5 seconds of the enemy tank gets frequent critical hits;
  4. Excellent against Ju and other characters that deal physical damage from attacks;
  5. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  6. It’s possible to put him instead of the tank, thereby his first ability and the third will very often demolish the entire enemy team.


  1. It is at its best in Outland;
  2. Requires all spears to hit the same target in order to deal huge damage;
  3. Only relevant in mid to late game.


Dante - Hero Wars

Weapon of Destiny

Dante throws four ghostly spears that fly at different targets, dealing physical damage to enemies and repelling them on impact.

Dante - Hero Wars


Increases the Dodge of all all allies by 5s.

Dante - Hero Wars


When dodging damage greater than 5% health, Dante creates a ghostly spear and throws it at the nearest enemy.

Dante - Hero Wars

Shackles of Weakness

When hit by a ghostly spear of Weapon of Destiny or Vengeance, Dante reduces the target’s base stats by 5s.

Tips on the Dante

Skills Upgrade

Dante - Hero Wars

Weapon of Destiny – A must-have. Basic ability that can knock back enemy heroes and deal a lot of damage.

Dante - Hero Wars

Anticipation – Must cast if you have a dodge pack or if Dante is a tank. If you have other skill packs – If you have extra gold you should pump them up to increase your tank’s survivability.

Dante - Hero Wars

Vengeance – Must cast if Dante is acting as a tank. Can be used with other options if you have extra gold.

Dante - Hero Wars

Shackles of Weakness – Required.


It is recommended to start swinging the appearance from the Winter Shapeshifter Dante - Hero Wars for Physical Attack. But if you can’t get it from a winter special event yet, start with the Sunshine Glory Dante - Hero Wars for Armor Piercing. Next swing the Basic Shapeshifter Dante - Hero Wars for Dexterity. After that it’s recommended to roll Romantic Shape Dante - Hero Wars for Dodge. Lastly, swing the Spring Shape for Health.

If in your team Dante stands instead of a tank to dodge (counterattack) the enemy’s back rows, then the recommendation on the guise is as follows:

  1. Romantic Appearance.
  2. Basic Look
  3. Winter Appearance
  4. Sunny Look
  5. Spring Appearance


The priority for character improvement is as follows:

If Dante is on your team as the primary damage shooter, then the character recommendation is as follows:

1. Physical attack

Dante - Hero Wars

2. Armor penetration

Dante - Hero Wars

3. Dexterity

Dante - Hero Wars

4. Dodge

Dante - Hero Wars

5. Armor

Dante - Hero Wars

If Dante is in your team instead of a tank, then the recommendation for characters is as follows:

1. Dodge

Dante - Hero Wars

2. Dexterity

Dante - Hero Wars

3. Armour

Dante - Hero Wars

4. Physical Attack

Dante - Hero Wars

5. Armor penetration

Dante - Hero Wars


Dante - Hero Wars

– Always swings to 3 stars first.

  • If the pack is a dodge – Stardom is rolled first.
  • If Dante acts as a tank – Stardom is gained evenly with the second artifact.
  • If Dante is in a different pack – Stardom is finished after the third artifact.
Dante - Hero Wars

– Depending on the stack:

  • If the pack is on a dodge – Stardom swings evenly with the 3rd Artifact after the first Artifact is pumped.
  • If Dante is a tank – Stardom Swings evenly with the first artifact.
  • If Dante is in another pack, Stardom is the last to be rolled.
Dante - Hero Wars

– Depending on your stack

  • If the pack is a dodge – Stardom swings evenly with the 2nd Artifact, after the first one is pumped.
  • If Dante is a tank – Stardom is pumped last.
  • If Dante is not in the same pack – Stardewardess is pumped first.


Excellent character, which reveals its full potential at level 60 and highly. Able to give the whole team a dodge, which will ensure the survival of your tank. In Team with Aurora and Pet “Cain” he is able to resist most physical teams. His huge dodge allows him to act as a tank in some packs and deal huge damage in the process. In normal packs it loses some of its advantages, which is not recommended. In the Outlander, all four spears fly at the Spider, which causes her just huge damage. Very good shooter with a lot of advantages. Recommended for beginners.

Team options with Dante – Dante-pack

For start game

Dante - Hero Wars

Mid & high game

Dante - Hero Wars
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