Dante – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Dante is a great shooter (meta hero now) with a number of virtues and support for the whole team. After the last change, Dante has taken his rightful place on the same level as the most popular heroes. With his huge damage and counterattack ability, he is capable of destroying teams with physical damage perfectly.

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SSS+ tier hero now!

  1. Very high damage from the first ability to several opponents at once;
  2. Possesses a dodge that gives his whole team;
  3. Reduces the main characteristic of the enemy heroes, thus the next 5 seconds of the enemy tank gets frequent critical hits;
  4. Excellent against Ju and other characters that deal physical damage from attacks;
  5. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  6. It’s possible to put him instead of the tank, thereby his first ability and the third will very often demolish the entire enemy team.


  1. It is at its best in Outland;
  2. Requires all spears to hit the same target in order to deal huge damage;
  3. Only relevant in mid to late game.


Weapon of Destiny

Dante throws four ghostly spears that fly at different targets, dealing physical damage to enemies and repelling them on impact.


Increases the Dodge of all all allies by 5s.


When dodging damage greater than 5% health, Dante creates a ghostly spear and throws it at the nearest enemy.

Shackles of Weakness

When hit by a ghostly spear of Weapon of Destiny or Vengeance, Dante reduces the target’s base stats by 5s.

Tips on the Dante

Skills Upgrade

Weapon of Destiny – A must-have. Basic ability that can knock back enemy heroes and deal a lot of damage.

Anticipation – Must cast if you have a dodge pack or if Dante is a tank. If you have other skill packs – If you have extra gold you should pump them up to increase your tank’s survivability.

Vengeance – Must cast if Dante is acting as a tank. Can be used with other options if you have extra gold.

Shackles of Weakness – Required.


It is recommended to start swinging the appearance from the Winter Skin for Physical Attack. But if you can’t get it from a winter special event yet, start with Solar Skin for Armor Piercing. Next swing the Basic Skin for Dexterity. After that it’s recommended to roll Romantic Skin for Dodge. Lastly, swing the Spring Skin for Health.

If in your team Dante stands instead of a tank to dodge (counterattack) the enemy’s back rows, then the recommendation on the guise is as follows:

  1. Romantic Appearance.
  2. Basic Look
  3. Winter Appearance
  4. Sunny Look
  5. Spring Appearance


The priority for character improvement is as follows:

If Dante is on your team as the primary damage shooter, then the character recommendation is as follows:

1. Physical attack

2. Armor penetration

3. Dexterity

4. Dodge

5. Armor

If Dante is in your team instead of a tank, then the recommendation for characters is as follows:

1. Dodge

2. Dexterity

3. Armour

4. Physical Attack

5. Armor penetration


– Always swings to 3 stars first.

  • If the pack is a dodge – Stardom is rolled first.
  • If Dante acts as a tank – Stardom is gained evenly with the second artifact.
  • If Dante is in a different pack – Stardom is finished after the third artifact.

– Depending on the stack:

  • If the pack is on a dodge – Stardom swings evenly with the 3rd Artifact after the first Artifact is pumped.
  • If Dante is a tank – Stardom Swings evenly with the first artifact.
  • If Dante is in another pack, Stardom is the last to be rolled.

– Depending on your stack

  • If the pack is a dodge – Stardom swings evenly with the 2nd Artifact, after the first one is pumped.
  • If Dante is a tank – Stardom is pumped last.
  • If Dante is not in the same pack – Stardewardess is pumped first.


Excellent character, which reveals its full potential at level 60 and highly. Able to give the whole team a dodge, which will ensure the survival of your tank. In Team with Aurora and Pet “Cain” he is able to resist most physical teams. His huge dodge allows him to act as a tank in some packs and deal huge damage in the process. In normal packs it loses some of its advantages, which is not recommended. In the Outlander, all four spears fly at the Spider, which causes her just huge damage. Very good shooter with a lot of advantages. Recommended for beginners.

Team options with Dante – Dante-pack

For start game

Mid & high game

Team with Dante

An excellent team, capable of handling any pack of enemies with the right approach. There are three basic types of teams with Dante, depending on where in the pack this hero occupies (first as a tank, second next to a tank, or behind other heroes)

The advantages of the team

  1. Versatile in relation to the enemy, which allows you to cope well with both magic and physics commands. However, Dantepak has an advantage against physical packs because of the dodge;
  2. Some Battles with Dantepak can last only 20-30 seconds (4 spears = 4 dead heroes);
  3. A lot of damage, it will be nice to see that kind of damage;
  4. A great choice for both the main team and as a second team for the Grand Arena.

The disadvantages of the team

  1. For Kritopack, it’s very hard to gather the right heroes (Jet/Martha/Dorian);
  2. Kritopack is countered by Helios, like all Kritopacks, even though it is the most interesting team;
  3. Vulnerable to control, since Dante will be the main character dealing damage;
  4. If Dante is a tank, you’ll need a dodge face.

General team tips

The first thing to decide when choosing a team is whether it will be a Kritopack, a dodge pack, or the classic Dantepack variations. Due to the high cost of the necessary resources, it is not possible to change the team variation without losing time/investment. Each option has its pros and cons, so you should choose your team thoughtfully. 99% of Dantepacks will only have one character doing damage, Dante. Very rarely can you add Yasmin to your team to trade her for Helios?

Accordingly, if Dante will stand as a tank – he is a priority for pumping (Symbols, Gift of the Elements, Glyphs). If there will be another tank in the team (almost always it will be Astaroth), then Dante will be second, after the tank on pumping priority.

Heroes to the team

Now let’s see who Dante interacts with best among the heroes:

  1. Jet – The best ally for Dante. Armor Reduction for enemy heroes, Critical Damage for Dante. It is with this character that Dante can kill heroes for his first ability.
  2. Nebula is the most popular support character. Like Jet – strengthens the hero by increasing his attack. In this case, using Dante’s ability under Nebula’s “ball” greatly increases his damage. Like Jet, Nebula has a dodge.
  3. Sebastian – In addition to protecting allies from negative effects (Reindeer Water Marks, Satori Fox Fire Marks), the character also increases the chance of critical damage. Tied with Jet, it turns any shooter into an assassin.
  4. Astaroth – If Dante isn’t a tank, Astaroth is. His resurrection more than once saves Dante’s life, allowing him to resurrect and kill a hero or two in return.
  5. Jorgen – The character himself is fine. If paired with Dante – keeps the enemy team from gaining energy from the massive damage of Dante’s ability. But his main potential is unleashed when Dante acts as a Tank. Then Jorgen’s Shield + Dante’s Dodge + Cain allow Dante to use his ability every 4-5 seconds.

All other characters are situational.


Cain is the best pet for Dantepak. 99% of packs are built with Cain as the main pet. Patronage goes to Dante.

Axel is rarely placed as the main pet. Mostly in teams with Martha. But in most cases, it will be Cain.


Dante and Astaroth

  1. Astaroth, Dante, Nebula, Jorgen, and Martha – are considered classic versions of Dantepak. Good in both defense and attack. In battles as a universal pack, shows excellent against both physical and mage teams. The cheapest version of Dantepak to assemble. Since Dante doesn’t have a critical hit on his own, Helios is no threat to such teams.
  2. Astaroth, Andvari, Dante, Nebula, Jet – A great option to fight against the K’arkh. Considered a classic Dantepak option if the server has a lot of K’arkh. In this team, Dante deals huge damage because of Nebula and Jet. Good for fighting the usual physic packs as well (Jupak, for example).
  3. Astaroth, Arachna, Dante, Nebula, Jet – the analog of the previous option. Worse against the K’arkh, but better against the regular physic packs because of Arachne’s control.
  4. Astaroth, Qing Mao, Dante, Sebastian/Nebula, Jet – Another variant of Kritopack with Dante against Psi teams. Qing Mao reduces armor to everyone in the front line (Which works great with Dante’s roll) for every hit.
  5. Astaroth, Dante, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha

Dante and Aurora

  1. Aurora, Dante, Nebula, Jorgen, and Martha is other great classic version of Dantepak. Aurora is the best tank against mag teams. The team with Dante will have a huge amount of dodge, which is great against physical damage + Cain will charge even faster. Unlike the classic team with Astaroth, the team with Aurora is not afraid of the Undead, which blocks Astaroth’s main feature – resurrection.
  2. Aurora, Qing Mao, Dante, Sebastian, Jet – this team also has a lot of stealth. The “highlight” of the pack is that there will be two main characters that deal damage: Qing Mao and Dante. In some fights, Qing Mao will even have more damage. A good Kritopack that is not easily defeated by physic packs. Like all Kritopackers, is afraid of Helios.
  3. Aurora, Qing Mao, Arachna, Dante, Jet

Dante as a tank

  1. Dante, Nebula, Jorgen, Dorian, Jet + Cain – Great team with a huge amount of damage and fast fights. Jorgen shuts down energy and gives Dante a shield. Dante Uses an ability every few seconds. Recommended Dante’s Evasion ability.
  2. Dante, Nebula, Jorgen, Jet, Martha + Cain – Alternate to the previous team’s defense.
  3. Dante, Nebula, Sebastian, Jorgen, Jet – more damage, less healing.

Dante + Undead

  1. Corvus, Dante, Morrigan, Sebastian, Jet – a lot of damage. Like all Crytopackers, suffers from Helios.
  2. Corvus, Dante, Morrigan, Sebastian, Dorian.
  3. Corvus, Qing Mao, Dante, Morrigan, Martha.
  4. Corvus, Elmir, Dante, Morrigan, Dorian.
  5. Corvus, Qing Mao, Dante, Morrigan, Jet.

Dante + Isaak

  1. Corvus, Dante, Morrigan, Isaak, Martha – A well-balanced team with Isaac that can handle both physical and mage teams just fine.
  2. Astaroth/Aurora, Dante, Isaak, Nebula, Martha – Analogous to the previous team
  3. Astaroth, Dante, Isaak, Sebastian, Dorian
  4. Astaroth, Elmir, Dante, Isaak, Martha/Dorian

Other variants

  1. Andvari, Dante, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha
  2. Andvari, Dante, Nebula, Helios, and Martha are a good defensive team.
  3. Astaroth, Dante, Nebula, Helios, Martha – analogous to the previous team
  4. Chubba, Dante, Nebula, Jorgen, Martha
  5. Chubba, Qing Mao, Dante, Sebastian, Jet.
  6. Elmir, Dante, Isaak, Dorian, Jet.


How do you beat Dante in Hero Wars?

So, how to beat Dante hero wars? I’ll name the heroes who are the best heroes against Dante: 

  • Dante, hope, and count on your Dante’s dodges
  • You can use him with Iris to preempt the dodges of a tanking Dante opponent),
  • Dorian, at the expense of the fact that when attacking the enemy, Dante knocks your heroes into a pile near Dante. At the expense of that, they will stand in an aura of vampirize from Dorian. 
  • Heidi, pay attention to 2 things: he hits with pure damage that is impossible to dodge, and his first target is the closest enemy (tanking Dante).
  • Helios, but he must have two magical attacks and enough health to withstand Dante’s onslaught.

Is Dante good in Hero Wars?

Dante is one of the best physical damages right now.

Best skin for Dante hero wars

The best skin for Dante is Winter Skin for Physical Attack, next the Solar Skin for Armor Piercing, next the Basic Skin for Dexter, and Romantic for Dodge. And lust for Health—Spring Skin.

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