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Hero Wars

Sebastian is an excellent Supporting Character. Sebastian earned his fame as soon as he was released, and he is still an integral part of many teams. His abilities are ideally suited to any pack, so he shows off his versatility. Still, Sebastian is an example of a balanced character. He has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Able to turn any team into a team with a cricket;
  2. Excellent at blocking Jorgen’s and Satori’s skills;
  3. Fastest energy gain in the game;
  4. Suitable for both physical and magical teams;
  5. Relevant at any stage of the game;
  6. Good support hero in Asgard.


  1. Blocks not all negative effects;
  2. Difficult to get and improve to the maximum star;
  3. Helios is a huge problem for Sebastian, as well as any character that deals a critshock if you have Kritopack.


Ode to Serenity

Removes all negative effects from your team and prevents negative effects from being placed on allies 15 times.

Fighting Song

Increases the Critical Hit Chance of all allies who have a Critical Hit Chance greater than zero by 5s.

Piercing Solo

Critical strikes against allies under the effects of Fighting Song deal extra net damage.

Public’s Favorite

Sebastian starts the battle with % energy.

Tips on the Sebastian

Skills Upgrade

Ode to Serenity – Must-have. This ability removes Satori marks, Jorgen’s Curse and many negative effects.

Fighting Song – Must be swung in a pack designed for critical strikes. This ability is not swung in magic packs.

Piercing Solo – Must be swung in a pack that is designed to deal critical blows. This ability is not swung in magic packs.

Public’s Favorite – It is recommended to swing this ability. Priority is given to the first ability, the fourth ability is pumped periodically if you have extra gold.


Since Sebastian needs survivability to take longer to remove negative effects, it is recommended to first swing the Basic Shape for Dexterity. Next is the Romantic Shape for Physical Attack. Last is the Dark Depths Glory for Armor.


1. Health

2. Dexterity

3. Physical Attack

4. Protection Against Magic

5. Critical Hit Chance

This is the last character to be swung when the main pack is pumped. It is not recommended to swing it at all if you have a magic team or many Helios on the server.


– If you have a magic tutu, Artifact does not swing. If you have a tutu designed to deal critical blows – Stardust is swung in priority.

– If you have a magic tutu, you don’t need to swing this artifact. If you have a tutu designed to deal critical blows – Stardom is swung after the first artifact.

– If you have a magic teamonly this artifact is swung. If you have a tutu specifically made for critical strikes, then the stardom is swung at this artifact last.


Sebastian is a well-balanced Support character. He can be used in magic packs to remove Negative effects or in physical packs, allowing his entire team to take critical hits. His second ability enhances the critical hit only for those characters who have such a parameter. For example, this ability won’t give critical hits to Elmir, since he doesn’t have a critical hit. But Sebastian’s artifact gives the whole team a Critical Hit Chance. Blow. If the artifact and the second ability trigger, Elmir starts hitting with Critical Strike. In addition, other characters, such as Ju, have artifacts for the Crystrike.

Sebastian has been great in physical packs with Keira, Jhu, and with other shooters. But his weakness is Helios. Helios is known to inflict sphere damage for every Crit Blow received by an ally. If you can pump up Sebastian, by all means pump him up. He will be a great addition to any pack. Recommended for beginners.

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